Huawei patents granted on 31 January 2017

19 US patents granted on 31 January 2017 and assigned to Huawei

1 D777,699 Mobile phone
2 9,560,674 Virtual busy-tone for full-duplex wireless networks
3 9,560,658 Method for transmission of backhaul data in wireless 238communication systems
4 9,560,599 Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power of user equipment in carrier aggregation scenario
5 9,560,570 Method for determining cell handover and base station
6 9,560,565 Connection handover method based on near field communication, and corresponding apparatus
7 9,560,555 Method and device for accessing and obtaining user equipment context and user equipment identity
8 9,560,547 System for implementing multiple radio access networks (RANs) convergence and method thereof
9 9,560,536 Method and device for reporting cell information and adjusting cell mobility parameter
10 9,560,492 Method for allocating identification, method for paging group, and communication device
11 9,560,486 Method for identifying motion status of mobile terminal, and mobile terminal
12 9,560,427 Scalable silicon photonic switching architectures for optical networks
13 9,560,360 Decoding a picture based on a reference picture set on an electronic device
14 9,560,175 Method for obtaining internet protocol header replacement mapping and network node
15 9,559,980 Inter-domain SDN traffic engineering
16 9,559,760 Method, device, and system for transmitting channel information
17 9,559,759 System and method for massive MIMO communication
18 9,557,927 Data processing device and data processing method
19 9,557,493 Optical fiber joint, optical fiber adapter and optical fiber connector