Huawei patents granted on 31 March 2015

19 US patents granted on 31 March 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,996,704 Method and system for connecting clients with server
2 8,996,361 Method and device for determining a decoding mode of in-band signaling
3 8,996,360 Method and apparatus for generating journal
4 8,996,072 Method and apparatus for controlling light emitting elements in terminal device and terminal device
5 8,996,062 Working method of multi-mode terminal and multi-mode terminal
6 8,996,003 Method, terminal, and system for cell reselection
7 8,996,001 De-registration method, Home NodeB (HNB), and Home NodeB gateway (HNB GW)
8 8,995,962 Information notification method and wireless handheld device
9 8,995,831 Method and apparatus for processing optical signals
10 8,995,811 Insulation pressure-resistance cylinder body of submarine cable equipment, submarine cable equipment, and manufacturing method
11 8,995,463 Method, apparatus and system for obtaining key information during fast channel switching
12 8,995,419 Facilitating synchronization between a base station and a user equipment
13 8,995,399 Method, apparatus, and system for implementing user equipment handover
14 8,995,369 Method for feeding back channel state information, and method and device for obtaining channel state information
15 8,995,309 Radio frequency signal loopback method and outdoor unit
16 8,995,253 Method, apparatus and system for ring protection
17 8,995,250 Paging processing method and system, serving gateway
18 8,994,450 Doherty power amplifier, and method and device for improving power amplification efficiency of Doherty power amplifier
19 8,994,447 Voltage regulation method and corresponding HPM, chip, and chip system