IBM patent applications published on 09 March 2006

34 US patent applications published on 09 March 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 20060053487 Front-end protocol for server protection
2 20060053478 System, method and computer program product for control of a service request
3 20060053421 Self-optimizable code
4 20060053419 Method and system for modifying installation software
5 20060053414 Generating sequence diagrams using call trees
6 20060053348 Dynamic frequency scaling sequence for multi-gigahertz microprocessors
7 20060053289 Peer-to-peer communications
8 20060053267 Scaling address space utilization in a multi-threaded, multi-processor computer
9 20060053214 Method and system of detecting a change in a server in a server system
10 20060053210 Method for using SNMP as an RPC mechanism for exporting the data structures of a remote library
11 20060053190 Construction of a folded leading zero anticipator
12 20060053163 Hierarchical space partitioning for scalable data dissemination in large-scale distributed interactive applications
13 20060053159 Exploiting metadata for performing structure-oriented operations on content-specific data representations
14 20060053126 Creating a program module or script from selected actions of an action history record
15 20060053123 Anomaly detection based on directional data
16 20060053106 Use of generated SQL for evaluation of decision point rules in a workflow system
17 20060053077 Digital content distribution using web broadcasting services
19 20060053064 Systems, methods, and media for providing photographic printing
20 20060052997 Automating identification of critical memory regions for pre-silicon operating systems
21 20060052965 Event driven testing method, system and program product
22 20060052889 Method and system for intelligent automated reticle management
23 20060051964 Method and system for etching a film stack
24 20060051961 Method and process for forming a self-aligned silicide contact
26 20060051157 Systems, methods, and media for backing up a computer system
27 20060050717 Reducing delays associated with port binding
28 20060050647 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for identifying selected applications utilizing a single existing available bit in frame headers
29 20060050581 Sense amplifier circuits and high speed latch circuits using gated diodes
30 20060050288 Method and apparatus for efficient processing of color conversion
31 20060050077 Programmable graphics processing engine
32 20060049850 Leakage sensing and keeper circuit for proper operation of a dynamic circuit
33 20060049443 Flip FERAM cell and method to form same
34 20060049139 Method and system for etching a gate stack