IBM patent applications published on 26 January 2006

83 US patent applications published on 26 January 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 20060021041 Storage conversion for anti-virus speed-up
2 20060021040 Apparatus, method and program to detect and control deleterious code (virus) in computer network
3 20060021033 Method to enhance platform firmware security for logical partition data processing systems by dynamic restriction of available external interfaces
4 20060021032 Secure storage tracking for anti-virus speed-up
5 20060021023 Real-time voting based authorization in an autonomic workflow process using an electronic messaging system
6 20060021019 Method and system for federated provisioning
7 20060021018 Method and system for enabling trust infrastructure support for federated user lifecycle management
8 20060021017 Method and system for establishing federation relationships through imported configuration files
9 20060021016 Method and apparatus for tracking security attributes along invocation chain using secure propagation token
10 20060021011 Identity access management system
11 20060021010 Federated identity brokering
12 20060021004 Method and system for externalized HTTP authentication
13 20060020984 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for improving video-on-demand content delivery in regional networks
14 20060020967 Dynamic selection and interposition of multimedia files in real-time communications
15 20060020948 Real-time multi-modal business transformation interaction
16 20060020946 Method and apparatus for data-aware hardware arithmetic
17 20060020944 Method, system and program products for managing logical processors of a computing environment
18 20060020943 Apparatus and method for updating I/O capability of a logically-partitioned computer system
19 20060020939 Exception handling in the processing of proposal requests in a grid computing environment
20 20060020928 Translation of comments in code
21 20060020919 Method for testing converted source code
22 20060020914 Method and system for enabling a server application to be executed in the same virtual machine as a client application using direct object oriented programming method calls
23 20060020911 Managing long-lived resource locks in a multi-system mail infrastructure
24 20060020902 Interactive graphical user interfaces for computer display systems with simplified implementation for exposing completely hidden windows
25 20060020895 Method to employ multiple, alternative presentations within a single presentation
26 20060020889 Editing repeating calendar events
27 20060020854 Method and apparatus for high-speed network adapter failover
28 20060020842 Timer management for reducing power consumption and workload in computers
29 20060020813 Dynamic cache lookup based on dynamic data
30 20060020810 System and method for software load authentication
31 20060020801 Adaptive management method with workflow control
32 20060020778 Programmable memory initialization system and method
33 20060020763 Application-based commit for local storage subsystems and remote storage subsystems
34 20060020760 Method, system, and program for storing sensor data in autonomic systems
35 20060020759 Method of updating cache state information where stores only read the cache state information upon entering the queue
36 20060020749 Reading a storage medium
37 20060020740 Multi-node architecture with daisy chain communication link configurable to operate in unidirectional and bidirectional modes
38 20060020738 Method and apparatus for supporting shared library text replication across a fork system call
39 20060020714 System, apparatus and method of displaying images based on image content
40 20060020697 System and method for presenting chat QoS indication to user
41 20060020693 Data optimization
42 20060020681 Modification and importation of live web pages
43 20060020679 Method and system for pluggability of federation protocol runtimes for federated user lifecycle management
44 20060020676 System and method for presenting a chat user name with multiple user service names
45 20060020674 Providing archiving of individual mail content while maintaining a single copy mail store
46 20060020668 System and method for duplicate e-mail content detection and automatic doclink conversion
47 20060020665 Method, apparatus, and program product for efficiently distributing and remotely managing meeting presentations
48 20060020658 Saving information related to a concluding electronic conversation
49 20060020657 Extracting web services from resources using a web services resource programming model
50 20060020634 Method, system and program for recording changes made to a database
51 20060020615 Method of automatically including parenthetical information from set databases while creating a document
52 20060020605 System and method for gradually bringing rolled in data online with incremental deferred integrity processing
53 20060020600 Multi-field classification dynamic rule updates
54 20060020599 Method, system and program product for verifying access to a data object
55 20060020588 Constructing and maintaining a personalized category tree, displaying documents by category and personalized categorization system
56 20060020584 Method of retrieving records from a database
57 20060020582 Method and system for processing abstract derived entities defined in a data abstraction model
58 20060020581 Query conditions-based security
59 20060020580 Method and system for providing aggregate data access
60 20060020463 Method and system for identifying and correcting accent-induced speech recognition difficulties
61 20060020462 System and method of speech recognition for non-native speakers of a language
62 20060020445 Differential dynamic delivery of content historically likely to be viewed
63 20060020443 Pulse waveform timing in EinsTLT templates
64 20060020357 System, graphical user interface (GUI), method and program product for configuring an assembly line
65 20060019609 Method and apparatus to transfer data and detect weak signals
69 20060019412 Method to selectively correct critical dimension errors in the semiconductor industry
70 20060018630 Retrospective television viewing
71 20060018447 Message notification instant messaging
72 20060018315 Method and apparatus for providing fragmentation at a transport level along a tranmission path
73 20060018262 Method, system and program for automatically detecting distributed port scans in computer networks
74 20060018141 Apparatus and method for power savings in high-performance CAM structures
75 20060018070 Diode chip for ESD/EOS protection for multiple element device
76 20060017971 Information processing system, information processing unit, control method, program and a recording medium
77 20060017729 Method to improve photorealistic 3D rendering of dynamic viewing angle by embedding shading results into the model surface representation
78 20060017690 Apparatus and method for motion detection in three dimensions
79 20060017542 Short range wireless RFguest pager system with removable memory providing displayed ancillary information for making waiting in line more tolerable and productive
80 20060017169 Electroplated interconnection structures on integrated circuit chips
81 20060017066 Methods of base formation in a BiCMOS process
82 20060016861 Damascene patterning of barrier layer metal for C4 solder bumps
83 20060016482 Device for preventing backflow in a cooling system