IBM patent applications published on 29 June 2006

52 US patent applications published on 29 June 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 20060143713 Rapid virus scan using file signature created during file write
2 20060143708 System and method for detecting keyboard logging
3 20060143656 Program display and selecting apparatus, digital broadcast receiver and digital broadcast receiving system
4 20060143612 Deskside device-based suspend/resume process
5 20060143601 Runtime optimizing applications for a target system from within a deployment server
6 20060143582 Generating testcases based on numbers of testcases previously generated
7 20060143580 Method and system for quick screen switching in a multi-monitor environment
8 20060143564 Automated spell analysis
9 20060143558 Integration and presentation of current and historic versions of document and annotations thereon
10 20060143533 Apparatus and system for testing of software
11 20060143532 Cost management of software application portfolio
12 20060143516 System for on demand task optimization
13 20060143512 Checkpoint/resume/restart safe methods in a data processing system to establish, to restore and to release shared memory regions
14 20060143464 Automatic enforcement of obligations according to a data-handling policy
15 20060143452 Verifying the ownership of an owner’s authority in terms of product and service
16 20060143403 Early coherency indication for return data in shared memory architecture
17 20060143349 Bus arbitration system
18 20060143308 Effortless association between services in a communication system and methods thereof
19 20060143296 Service offering for the delivery of information with continuing improvement
20 20060143279 Source-of-leakage detectable e-mail address forming, sending and detection
21 20060143278 Method and system for distributing e-mail messages to recipients
22 20060143277 Method and system for distributing e-mail messages to recipients
23 20060143262 Fast client boot in blade environment
24 20060143247 Trusted access by an extendible framework method, system, article of manufacture, and computer program product
25 20060143229 Method and system for dynamic creation of service flows
26 20060143213 Duplicating database contents
27 20060143186 Method for determining participation in a distributed transaction
28 20060143182 Web template processing utilizing dynamic rules defined by data structure language
29 20060143176 System and method for measuring image similarity based on semantic meaning
30 20060143171 System and method for processing a text search query in a collection of documents
31 20060143167 System and method for providing access to data with user defined table functions
32 20060143164 Database system, method, program for the database system, and a method for updating an indexing tables in a database system
33 20060143156 Framework to allow one CMP EJB to connect to multiple data sources
34 20060143150 Messaging system and method of operation thereof
35 20060143146 Dynamic configuration files
36 20060143127 Service offering for the delivery of information to the right receivers at the right time
37 20060143081 Method and system for managing customer network value
38 20060143031 Method and system for dynamic creation of web services
39 20060140388 Processing messages of agents
40 20060140370 Monitoring resource usage in a network
41 20060140357 Graphical tool for creating a call routing application
42 20060140188 Self-healing link sequence counts within a circular buffer
43 20060140122 Link retry per virtual channel
44 20060139336 Method to validate the identity of a user of a mobile computer and mobile computer
45 20060139335 Assembly and device for a display having a perimeter touch guard seal
46 20060139295 System and method for controlling the operation of a cholesteric display
47 20060139159 Wireless system to detect presence of child in a baby car seat
48 20060138653 RFIC chip, and position recognition system and security system using the same
49 20060138651 Native incorporation of RF ID technology for the tracking of electronic circuitry
50 20060138603 Deposition of hafnium oxide and/or zirconium oxide and fabrication of passivated electronic structures
52 20060137890 Apparatus and methods for unshielded twisted wire pair radiated emission suppression