IBM patents granted on 01 April 2008

86 US patents granted on 01 April 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 D565,573 Blade filler blank for a computer server system
2 D565,560 Blade enclosure
3 7,353,532 Secure system and method for enforcement of privacy policy and protection of confidentiality
4 7,353,517 System and method for CPI load balancing in SMT processors
5 7,353,512 Mobile applications and content provisioning using web services technology
6 7,353,505 Tracing the execution path of a computer program
7 7,353,497 Method and system for providing an end-to-end business process for electronic supplier qualification and quality management
8 7,353,492 Method of IC fabrication, IC mask fabrication and program product therefor
9 7,353,486 Data processing in digital systems
10 7,353,478 System and method for text based placement engine for custom circuit design
11 7,353,477 Method of identifying paths with delays dominated by a particular factor
12 7,353,473 Modeling small mosfets using ensemble devices
13 7,353,472 System and method for testing pattern sensitive algorithms for semiconductor design
14 7,353,454 Web based device management and monitoring interface
15 7,353,452 System and method for hierarchical layout specialization
16 7,353,429 System and method using hardware buffers for processing microcode trace data
17 7,353,427 Method and apparatus for breakpoint analysis of computer programming code using unexpected code path conditions
18 7,353,423 System and method for improving the performance of operations requiring parity reads in a storage array system
19 7,353,410 Method, system and calibration technique for power measurement and management over multiple time frames
20 7,353,409 System and method to maintain data processing system operation in degraded system cooling condition
21 7,353,405 Method and systems for sharing network access capacities across internet service providers
22 7,353,398 Article, method, system and apparatus for decentralized creation, distribution, verification and transfer of valuable documents
23 7,353,387 Method and system for integrating encryption functionality into a database system
24 7,353,362 Multiprocessor subsystem in SoC with bridge between processor clusters interconnetion and SoC system bus
25 7,353,361 Page replacement policy for systems having multiple page sizes
26 7,353,359 Affinity-based clustering of vectors for partitioning the columns of a matrix
27 7,353,354 Application-based commit for local storage subsystems and remote storage subsystems
28 7,353,352 Backup technique for recording devices employing different storage forms
29 7,353,346 Read-copy-update (RCU) operations with reduced memory barrier usage
30 7,353,341 System and method for canceling write back operation during simultaneous snoop push or snoop kill operation in write back caches
31 7,353,318 Apparatus and method to assign addresses to plurality of information storage devices
32 7,353,308 Avoiding oscillation in self-synchronous bi-directional communication system
33 7,353,299 Method and apparatus for managing autonomous third party data transfers
34 7,353,285 Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining task prioritization and load balancing
35 7,353,268 Network system, server, web server, web page, data processing method, storage medium, and program transmission apparatus
36 7,353,255 System and apparatus for geographically distributed VoIP conference service with enhanced QoS
37 7,353,254 Collaborative chat system
38 7,353,235 Content filtering, ordering by relevance, and caching
39 7,353,219 Determining validity ranges of query plans based on suboptimality
40 7,353,218 Methods and apparatus for clustering evolving data streams through online and offline components
41 7,353,159 Method for parallel simulation on a single microprocessor using meta-models
42 7,353,156 Method of switching external models in an automated system-on-chip integrated circuit design verification system
43 7,353,155 System and method for automatic selection of transmission line macromodels
44 7,353,154 Customer controlled design of a communication system
45 7,353,131 Method and system for logic verification using mirror interface
46 7,353,130 Method and apparatus for implementing automatic-calibration of TDR probing system
47 7,353,128 Measurement system optimization
48 7,353,007 Digital transmission circuit and method providing selectable power consumption via multiple weighted drive slices
49 7,353,000 Receiver monitoring and alert system
50 7,352,918 Method and circuits for scaling images using neural networks
51 7,352,815 Data transceiver and method for equalizing the data eye of a differential input data signal
52 7,352,808 System and method for the dynamic resolution change for video encoding
53 7,352,802 System and method for controlling line driver power in digital subscriber line modems
54 7,352,755 Network interface card (NIC) with phase lock rise time control generating circuit
55 7,352,639 Method and apparatus for increasing yield in a memory circuit
56 7,352,609 Voltage controlled static random access memory
57 7,352,607 Non-volatile switching and memory devices using vertical nanotubes
58 7,352,579 Apparatus and system for cooling heat producing components
59 7,352,575 Dynamic air moving system
60 7,352,478 Assessment and optimization for metrology instrument
61 7,352,325 Phase shifting and combining architecture for phased arrays
62 7,352,297 Method and apparatus for efficient implementation of digital filter with thermometer-code-like output
63 7,352,252 Circuit and method to measure threshold voltage distributions in SRAM devices
64 7,352,211 Signal history controlled slew-rate transmission method and bus interface transmitter
65 7,352,200 Functional and stress testing of LGA devices
66 7,352,170 Exhaustive diagnosis of bridging defects in an integrated circuit including multiple nodes using test vectors and IDDQ measurements
67 7,352,066 Silicon based optical vias
68 7,352,064 Multiple layer resist scheme implementing etch recipe particular to each layer
69 7,352,034 Semiconductor structures integrating damascene-body FinFET’s and planar devices on a common substrate and methods for forming such semiconductor structures
70 7,352,030 Semiconductor devices with buried isolation regions
71 7,352,029 Electronically scannable multiplexing device
72 7,352,025 Semiconductor memory device with increased node capacitance
73 7,351,966 High-resolution optical channel for non-destructive navigation and processing of integrated circuits
74 7,351,917 Vents with signal image for signal return path
75 7,351,666 Layout and process to contact sub-lithographic structures
76 7,351,648 Methods for forming uniform lithographic features
77 7,351,639 Increasing an electrical resistance of a resistor by oxidation or nitridization
78 7,351,604 Microstructures
79 7,351,483 Magnetic tunnel junctions using amorphous materials as reference and free layers
80 7,351,360 Self orienting micro plates of thermally conducting material as component in thermal paste or adhesive
81 7,351,348 Evaporation control using coating
82 7,351,120 Adjustable impedance electrical connector
83 7,351,115 Method for modifying an electrical connector
84 7,350,716 Mechanism for ensuring authenticity of written and printed documents
85 7,350,704 Handheld electronic book reader with annotation and usage tracking capabilities
86 7,350,423 Real time usage monitor and method for detecting entrapped air