IBM patents granted on 01 April 2014

162 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,689,358 Dynamic mode nano-scale imaging and position control using deflection signal direct sampling of higher mode-actuated microcantilevers
2 8,689,329 Scoping scripts in a page
3 8,689,304 Multiple independent authentications for enhanced security
4 8,689,302 System, method and program for user authentication, and recording medium on which the program is recorded
5 8,689,295 Firewalls for providing security in HTTP networks and applications
6 8,689,266 Dynamic rebroadcast scheduling of videos
7 8,689,250 Crowd sourced, content aware smarter television systems
8 8,689,240 Transmitting operator message commands to a coupling facility
9 8,689,233 Distributed function execution for hybrid systems
10 8,689,230 Determination of running status of logical processor
11 8,689,229 Providing computational resources to applications based on accuracy of estimated execution times provided with the request for application execution
12 8,689,228 Identifying data communications algorithms of all other tasks in a single collective operation in a distributed processing system
13 8,689,223 Mechanisms to detect priority inversion
14 8,689,222 Controlling priority of multi-threaded hardware resources by system calls
15 8,689,221 Speculative thread execution and asynchronous conflict events
16 8,689,220 Job scheduling to balance energy consumption and schedule performance
17 8,689,219 Systems and method for dynamically throttling transactional workloads
18 8,689,211 Live migration of virtual machines in a computing environment
19 8,689,210 Service node, network, and method for pre-fetching for remote program installation
20 8,689,206 Isolating operating system in-memory modules using error injection
21 8,689,198 Compiling system and method for optimizing binary code
22 8,689,195 Identifying structured data types as requiring designated initializers
23 8,689,191 Correct refactoring of concurrent software
24 8,689,190 Counting instruction execution and data accesses
25 8,689,188 System and method for analyzing alternatives in test plans
26 8,689,180 Systems and methods for resource leak detection
27 8,689,176 Management of template versions
28 8,689,173 Detecting design patterns in models by utilizing transformation language
29 8,689,172 Mining sequential patterns in weighted directed graphs
30 8,689,171 System and method for managing resources using a compositional programming model
31 8,689,170 Changing the location of a buffer bay in a netlist
32 8,689,166 Modeling the total parasitic resistances of the source/drain regions of a multi-fin multi-gate field effect transistor
33 8,689,158 System and method for performing static timing analysis in the presence of correlations between asserted arrival times
34 8,689,152 Double-sided integrated circuit chips
35 8,689,151 Pitch-aware multi-patterning lithography
36 8,689,133 Managing a catalog display in an e-commerce system
37 8,689,114 Activity objectification for non-activity objects in an activity-centric collaboration
38 8,689,080 Preemptive memory repair based on multi-symbol, multi-scrub cycle analysis
39 8,689,066 Integrated circuit test optimization using adaptive test pattern sampling algorithm
40 8,689,059 System and method for handling system failure
41 8,689,055 Detecting device impairment through statistical monitoring
42 8,689,050 Restarting event and alert analysis after a shutdown in a distributed processing system
43 8,689,046 System and method for remote recovery with checkpoints and intention logs
44 8,689,027 Tiled memory power management
45 8,689,011 System and method for content protection
46 8,689,007 Integrity protection in data processing systems
47 8,688,988 Transaction auditing for data security devices
48 8,688,975 Certifying a virtual entity in a virtual universe
49 8,688,961 Managing migration of a prefetch stream from one processor core to another processor core
50 8,688,960 Managing migration of a prefetch stream from one processor core to another processor core
51 8,688,953 Method and apparatus for managing software controlled cache of translating the physical memory access of a virtual machine between different levels of translation entities
52 8,688,946 Selecting an auxiliary storage medium for writing data of real storage pages
53 8,688,938 Data copying
54 8,688,937 Method for optimizing cleaning of maps in flashcopy cascades containing incremental maps
55 8,688,936 Point-in-time copies in a cascade using maps and fdisks
56 8,688,923 Dynamic control of partition memory affinity in a shared memory partition data processing system
57 8,688,920 Computing system with guest code support of transactional memory
58 8,688,915 Weighted history allocation predictor algorithm in a hybrid cache
59 8,688,914 Promotion of partial data segments in flash cache
60 8,688,913 Management of partial data segments in dual cache systems
61 8,688,905 Multi-host concurrent writing to magnetic tape
62 8,688,900 Cache memory management in a flash cache architecture
63 8,688,897 Cache memory management in a flash cache architecture
64 8,688,889 Virtual USB key for blade server
65 8,688,887 Computer peripheral expansion apparatus
66 8,688,880 Centralized serialization of requests in a multiprocessor system
67 8,688,866 Generating recommendations for peripheral devices compatible with a processor and operating system of a computer
68 8,688,850 Method for inter-site data stream transfer in cooperative data stream processing
69 8,688,832 Load balancing for network server
70 8,688,831 Managing workload distribution among a plurality of compute nodes
71 8,688,819 Query optimization in a parallel computer system with multiple networks
72 8,688,818 Administering devices with domain state objects
73 8,688,783 Selection of real time collaboration tools
74 8,688,769 Selected alert delivery in a distributed processing system
75 8,688,754 Remembered set overhead reduction by deferred garbage collections of stable regions
76 8,688,753 Transformation of logical data objects for storage
77 8,688,743 Preserving and handling native data in hybrid object trees
78 8,688,733 Remote inventory manager
79 8,688,721 Query evaluation using ancestor information
80 8,688,692 High quantitative pattern searching using spatial indexing
81 8,688,691 Relevancy ranking of search results in a network based upon a user’s computer-related activities
82 8,688,686 SQL queries for simple network management protocol management information base tables
83 8,688,682 Query expression evaluation using sample based projected selectivity
84 8,688,680 System and method for preferred services in nomadic environments
85 8,688,662 Copy on access to locked objects
86 8,688,661 Transactional processing
87 8,688,658 Management of time-variant data schemas in data warehouses
88 8,688,655 Network analysis
89 8,688,654 Data compression algorithm selection and tiering
90 8,688,652 Increased in-line deduplication efficiency
91 8,688,646 Speculative execution in a real-time data environment
92 8,688,635 Data set connection manager having a plurality of data sets to represent one data set
93 8,688,634 Asynchronous peer-to-peer data replication
94 8,688,626 Software tool for generating technical business data requirements
95 8,688,609 Transforming a list of purchase types based on a configurable rule
96 8,688,608 Verifying correctness of regular expression transformations that use a post-processor
97 8,688,606 Smarter business intelligence systems
98 8,688,605 Incremental context accumulating systems with information co-location for high performance and real-time decisioning systems
99 8,688,599 Transportation problem solving device, transportation problem solving method, and program and recording medium therefor
100 8,688,591 Anonymous separation of duties with credentials
101 8,688,549 Methods and apparatus for complementing user entries associated with events of interest through context
102 8,688,501 Method and system enabling dynamic composition of heterogenous risk models
103 8,688,498 Workflow system and method with skip function
104 8,688,489 Autonomously rescheduling appointments
105 8,688,486 System, method and program for setting wage for call center personnel
106 8,688,432 Method, apparatus and full-system simulator for speeding MMU simulation
107 8,688,420 Efficient evaluation of network robustness with a graph
108 8,688,394 Data center power conversion efficiency management
109 8,688,372 Conveyance mode aware navigation device
110 8,688,365 Method and system for detection of motor vehicle movement to avoid collisions
111 8,688,314 Tuning parameter of kalman filter in a wheel inspection
112 8,688,309 Active and stateful hyperspectral vehicle evaluation
113 8,688,181 Superconductive compounds having high transition temperature, and methods for their use and preparation
114 8,688,090 Data session preferences
115 8,687,941 Automatic static video summarization
116 8,687,916 Correcting page curl in scanned books
117 8,687,784 Determining local time in a location of a telephone
118 8,687,649 Message forwarding toward a source end node in a converged network environment
119 8,687,500 UPD-based soft phone state monitoring for CTI applications
120 8,687,473 Overwrite control for data in tape recording apparatus
121 8,687,445 Self-repair integrated circuit and repair method
122 8,687,415 Domain wall motion in perpendicularly magnetized wires having artificial antiferromagnetically coupled multilayers with engineered interfaces
123 8,687,398 Sense scheme for phase change material content addressable memory
124 8,687,367 Rotatable latch for compressing thermal interface material between a heat generating electrical component and a cooling electrical component
125 8,687,364 Directly connected heat exchanger tube section and coolant-cooled structure
126 8,687,324 Tape drive head with jointly optimized shield-to-shield gap and sensor width
127 8,687,315 Data storage system using a media mobility unit (MMU), the MMU, and methods of use thereof
128 8,687,314 Methods for fast center calibration of a tape drive for a flangeless tape path
129 8,687,305 Error recovery procedure (ERP) using estimated best setting in first run
130 8,687,170 Asymmetric complementary dipole illuminator
131 8,687,065 Virtual fence
132 8,686,884 Testing of digital to analog converters in serial interfaces
133 8,686,881 Efficient estimation of data compression ratios
134 8,686,782 Structure for a frequency adaptive level shifter circuit
135 8,686,776 Phase rotator based on voltage referencing
136 8,686,764 Edge selection techniques for correcting clock duty cycle
137 8,686,749 Thermal interface material, test structure and method of use
138 8,686,559 Semiconductor chip stacking for redundancy and yield improvement
139 8,686,522 Semiconductor trench inductors and transformers
140 8,686,520 Spin-torque magnetoresistive structures
141 8,686,514 Multiple threshold voltages in field effect transistor devices
142 8,686,508 Structures, methods and applications for electrical pulse anneal processes
143 8,686,506 High performance devices and high density devices on single chip
144 8,686,478 Methods of forming and programming an electronically programmable resistor
145 8,686,391 Pore phase change material cell fabricated from recessed pillar
146 8,685,858 Formation of metal nanospheres and microspheres
147 8,685,850 System and method of plating conductive gate contacts on metal gates for self-aligned contact interconnections
148 8,685,847 Semiconductor device having localized extremely thin silicon on insulator channel region
149 8,685,845 Epitaxial growth of silicon doped with carbon and phosphorus using hydrogen carrier gas
150 8,685,844 Sub-10 nm graphene nanoribbon lattices
151 8,685,833 Stress reduction means for warp control of substrates through clamping
152 8,685,823 Nanowire field effect transistor device
153 8,685,818 Method of forming a shallow trench isolation embedded polysilicon resistor
154 8,685,817 Metal gate structures for CMOS transistor devices having reduced parasitic capacitance
155 8,685,809 Semiconductor structures having improved contact resistance
156 8,685,806 Silicon-on-insulator substrate with built-in substrate junction
157 8,685,804 Enhancement of charge carrier mobility in transistors
158 8,685,785 Planar phase-change memory cell with parallel electrical paths
159 8,685,778 Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures
160 8,685,760 Contact resistance test structure and method suitable for three-dimensional integrated circuits
161 8,684,757 Memory module connector with air deflection system
162 8,683,762 Data center flooring arrangements