IBM patents granted on 01 June 2010

92 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,730,537 Method of operating an intrusion detection system
2 7,730,525 Method, system, and computer program product for limiting authorization of an executable action to an application session
3 7,730,466 System and method for manipulating source code in a text editor
4 7,730,463 Efficient generation of SIMD code in presence of multi-threading and other false sharing conditions and in machines having memory protection support
5 7,730,461 Software tool configured to generate test cases characterized by a linear range of integral values
6 7,730,457 System for detecting program phases with periodic call-stack sampling during garbage collection
7 7,730,454 Lotus notes to clearquest bridge
8 7,730,419 Communication between browser windows
9 7,730,409 Method and system for visualizing weblog social network communities
10 7,730,392 Electronic web sticky
11 7,730,390 Displaying text of video in browsers on a frame by frame basis
12 7,730,370 Apparatus and method for disk read checking
13 7,730,369 Method for performing memory diagnostics using a programmable diagnostic memory module
14 7,730,364 Systems and methods for predictive failure management
15 7,730,343 Optimization of port link recovery
16 7,730,290 Systems for executing load instructions that achieve sequential load consistency
17 7,730,288 Method and apparatus for multiple load instruction execution
18 7,730,283 Simple load and store disambiguation and scheduling at predecode
19 7,730,282 Method and apparatus for avoiding data dependency hazards in a microprocessor pipeline architecture using a multi-bit age vector
20 7,730,279 System for limiting the size of a local storage of a processor
21 7,730,271 Data security in an automated data storage library
22 7,730,269 Load management to reduce communication signaling latency in a virtual machine environment
23 7,730,267 Selecting storage clusters to use to access storage
24 7,730,260 Delete recycling of holographic data storage
25 7,730,214 Communication paths from an InfiniBand host
26 7,730,212 Message transformation selection tool
27 7,730,197 Server-based acquisition and usage of dynamic MAC addresses in a virtualized ethernet environment
28 7,730,185 Method, apparatus and computer program product for sharing resources
29 7,730,162 Interfacing objects and markup language messages
30 7,730,154 Method and system for fragment linking and fragment caching
31 7,730,128 Effortless registration with content providers and methods thereof
32 7,730,122 Authenticating a node requesting another node to perform work on behalf of yet another node
33 7,730,117 System and method for a floating point unit with feedback prior to normalization and rounding
34 7,730,098 Method for supporting ontology-related semantic queries in DBMSs with XML support
35 7,730,091 Systems, methods and computer products for database cluster modeling
36 7,730,088 Queriable hierarchical text data
37 7,730,085 Method and system for extracting and visualizing graph-structured relations from unstructured text
38 7,730,061 Fast-approximate TFIDF
39 7,730,059 Cube faceted data analysis
40 7,730,057 Computer data systems implemented using a virtual solution architecture
41 7,730,045 Monitoring usage of components in a database index
42 7,730,042 Method, system, and program for a policy based storage manager
43 7,730,035 Method, system and program product for managing a file system that includes an archive
44 7,730,020 Diagnosis of equipment failures using an integrated approach of case based reasoning and reliability analysis
45 7,730,013 System and method for searching dates efficiently in a collection of web documents
46 7,730,007 IT event data classifier configured to label messages if message identifiers map directly to classification categories or parse for feature extraction if message identifiers do not map directly to classification categories
47 7,730,005 Issue tracking system using a criteria rating matrix and workflow notification
48 7,730,001 Computer system program and method to characterize each of a plurality of objects used at runtime to determine a lowest cost property among a plurality of potential alternative properties for each of said objects minimizing total cost of interaction among components during program execution
49 7,730,000 Method of developing solutions for online convex optimization problems when a decision maker has knowledge of all past states and resulting cost functions for previous choices and attempts to make new choices resulting in minimal regret
50 7,729,951 Method, system, and computer program product for a dynamic virtual shopping area based on user preferences and history
51 7,729,933 Decision support activation and management in product life cycles using a context pyramid structure
52 7,729,920 Systems and methods for predicting consequences of misinterpretation of user commands in automated systems
53 7,729,916 Conversational computing via conversational virtual machine
54 7,729,897 Time multiplexed interface for emulator system
55 7,729,891 Probabilistic regression suites for functional verification
56 7,729,883 System to improve requirements, design manufacturing, and transportation in mass manufacturing industries through analysis of defect data
57 7,729,879 Apparatus and method to integrate hardware adapter diagnostics with a host OS diagnostics through signaling
58 7,729,877 Method and system for logic verification using mirror interface
59 7,729,710 Method and apparatus for filtering short message system spam
60 7,729,689 Mobile wireless device adaptation based on abstracted contectual situation of user using near-field communications and information collectors
61 7,729,496 Efficient key updates in encrypted database systems
62 7,729,421 Low latency video decoder with high-quality, variable scaling and minimal frame buffer memory
63 7,729,289 Method, system and computer program product for routing information across firewalls
64 7,729,270 Method for supporting on-demand performance
65 7,729,188 Method and circuit for implementing enhanced eFuse sense circuit
66 7,729,159 Apparatus for improved SRAM device performance through double gate topology
67 7,729,153 276-pin buffered memory module with enhanced fault tolerance
68 7,729,072 Open write-head-cable test method and detector
69 7,728,995 System and method for providing an indication of the proximity of a moveable device
70 7,728,774 Radio frequency (RF) integrated circuit (IC) packages having characteristics suitable for mass production
71 7,728,728 Method and systems for collecting user’s choices using RFIDs
72 7,728,687 Negative resistance oscillator with additional bias current injection
73 7,728,585 Systems for measuring magnetostriction in magnetoresistive elements
74 7,728,392 SRAM device structure including same band gap transistors having gate stacks with high-K dielectrics and same work function
75 7,728,372 Method and structure for creation of a metal insulator metal capacitor
76 7,728,371 SOI CMOS compatible multiplanar capacitor
77 7,728,364 Enhanced mobility CMOS transistors with a V-shaped channel with self-alignment to shallow trench isolation
78 7,728,362 Creating integrated circuit capacitance from gate array structures
79 7,728,089 Topcoat compositions and methods of use thereof
80 7,727,890 High aspect ratio electroplated metal feature and method
81 7,727,888 Interconnect structure and method for forming the same
82 7,727,887 Method for improved power distribution in a three dimensional vertical integrated circuit
83 7,727,848 Methods and semiconductor structures for latch-up suppression using a conductive region
84 7,727,825 Polyconductor line end formation and related mask
85 7,727,708 Method for fabricating dual damascene structures
86 7,727,505 Methods for separating carbon nanotubes by enhancing the density differential
87 7,727,059 Method and apparatus for acoustic noise reduction in a computer system having a vented door including a pivotable vented base and a pivotable outer door
88 7,726,895 Pen retention apparatus
89 7,726,385 Heat dissipation interface for semiconductor chip structures
90 7,726,016 Manufacturing method of printed circuit board
91 7,726,010 Method of forming a micro-electromechanical (MEMS) switch
92 7,726,008 Method of forming a magnetic-field sensor having magnetic nanoparticles