IBM patents granted on 01 March 2011

131 US patents granted on 01 March 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,900,258 Computer immune system and method for detecting unwanted code in a P-code or partially compiled native-code program executing within a virtual machine
2 7,900,213 Generic markup specified object descriptor for a modularized computing application
3 7,900,212 Pooling stateful session Enterprise Java Beans for reuse
4 7,900,211 Method and apparatus for data transfer across a network
5 7,900,210 Application connector parallelism in enterprise application integration systems
6 7,900,196 Method and apparatus for monitoring for conditions during execution of code
7 7,900,195 System for boundary trace with reproduction facility
8 7,900,192 Topological best match naming convention apparatus and method for use in testing graphical user interfaces
9 7,900,186 MVC (Model-View-Controller) based multi-modal authoring tool and development environment
10 7,900,182 Method and system for designing an electronic circuit
11 7,900,181 Systems, methods, and media for block-based assertion generation, qualification and analysis
12 7,900,178 Integrated circuit (IC) design method, system and program product
13 7,900,169 OPC model calibration process
14 7,900,167 Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor structure and method
15 7,900,160 System and method for illustrating a menu of insights associated with visualizations
16 7,900,147 System and method for enabling disconnected web access
17 7,900,133 Annotation structure type determination
18 7,900,112 System and method for digital logic testing
19 7,900,100 Uncorrectable error detection utilizing complementary test patterns
20 7,900,096 Freeing a serial bus hang condition by utilizing distributed hang timers
21 7,900,094 Method, system and computer program for facilitating the analysis of error messages
22 7,900,089 Method for creating error tolerant and adaptive graphical user interface test automation
23 7,900,087 Method and apparatus for correlating an out-of-range condition to a particular power connection
24 7,900,086 Accelerating test, debug and failure analysis of a multiprocessor device
25 7,900,079 Data capture window synchronizing method for generating data bit sequences and adjusting capture window on parallel data paths
26 7,900,071 Apparatus and method to manage power in a computing device
27 7,900,059 Sealing of data for applications
28 7,900,052 Confidential data sharing and anonymous entity resolution
29 7,900,046 System and method for establishing mutual trust on a per-deployment basis between two software modules
30 7,900,036 System and method for implementing boot/recovery on a data processing sysem
31 7,900,034 Booting software partition with network file system
32 7,900,027 Scalable link stack control method with full support for speculative operations
33 7,900,026 Target branch prediction using a plurality of tables
34 7,900,025 Floating point only SIMD instruction set architecture including compare, select, Boolean, and alignment operations
35 7,900,024 Handling data cache misses out-of-order for asynchronous pipelines
36 7,900,016 Full virtualization of resources across an IP interconnect
37 7,900,014 Memory request/grant daemons in virtual nodes for moving subdivided local memory space from VN to VN in nodes of a massively parallel computer system
38 7,900,011 Apparatus, system, and method for improving system performance in a large memory heap environment
39 7,900,008 Disk space allocation
40 7,900,004 Converting backup copies of objects created using a first backup program to backup copies created using a second backup program
41 7,900,003 System, method and computer program product for storing an information block
42 7,899,997 Systems and methods for implementing key-based transactional memory conflict detection
43 7,899,983 Buffered memory module supporting double the memory device data width in the same physical space as a conventional memory module
44 7,899,965 Managing message signaled interrupts
45 7,899,944 Open exchange limiting in an I/O processing system
46 7,899,940 Servicing commands
47 7,899,914 Transmitting information across firewalls
48 7,899,912 Pervasive, personal data interactivity over voice-grade circuit-switched cellular networks
49 7,899,897 System and program for dual agent processes and dual active server processes
50 7,899,895 Transfer of ownership of a storage object in response to an original owner node becoming available after a period of unavailability
51 7,899,894 Coordinated timing network configuration parameter update procedure
52 7,899,881 Multipath data retrieval from redundant array
53 7,899,874 Email system for sending messages to multiple groups
54 7,899,861 Method for declarative semantic expression of user intent to enable goal-driven stream processing
55 7,899,856 Hysteresis for mixed representation of Java BigDecimal objects
56 7,899,847 System and method for authoring new lightweight web applications using application traces on existing websites
57 7,899,843 Expanding the scope of an annotation to an entity level
58 7,899,836 Apparatus and method for providing a condition builder interface
59 7,899,831 Method and system for folder recommendation in a file operation
60 7,899,827 System and method for the indexing of organic chemical structures mined from text documents
61 7,899,822 Automatically linking documents with relevant structured information
62 7,899,812 System and method for interactive browsing
63 7,899,797 Package resolution mechanism for database systems
64 7,899,787 Object-oriented system and method using shadowing object for approval control
65 7,899,763 System, method and computer program product for evaluating a storage policy based on simulation
66 7,899,762 Apparatus, method, and computer program product providing improved identification of suspect entries in transaction data
67 7,899,754 Enablement of system features with improved feature key
68 7,899,752 Method and system for preventing skipping playback of a special content section of a digital media stream
69 7,899,748 Server wallet provider portal
70 7,899,697 Application of brokering methods to security characteristics
71 7,899,696 Application of brokering methods to recoverability characteristics
72 7,899,695 Method, computer system and computer program for determining a risk/reward model
73 7,899,665 Methods and systems for detecting the alphabetic order used by different languages
74 7,899,663 Providing memory consistency in an emulated processing environment
75 7,899,625 Method and system for robust classification strategy for cancer detection from mass spectrometry data
76 7,899,614 Providing route alternatives based on radio strength
77 7,899,566 Factory level and tool level advanced process control systems integration implementation
78 7,899,470 Transmitting an assignment through wireless transmission
79 7,899,456 Method for faster mobility handoff of a mobile node
80 7,899,325 Protecting secret data entry from infrared and audio eavesdropping
81 7,899,210 System and method for enhancing security applications
82 7,899,189 Apparatus, system, and method for transparent end-to-end security of storage data in a client-server environment
83 7,899,179 Method for monitoring off-schedule software agents
84 7,899,082 Periodic broadcast and location of evolving media content with application to seminar and stroke media
85 7,899,069 Priority based bandwidth allocation within real-time and non-real-time traffic streams
86 7,899,050 Low latency multicast for infiniband.RTM. host channel adapters
87 7,899,017 Switching between two communication modes in a WLAN
88 7,898,993 Efficiency and resiliency enhancements for transition states in ad hoc networks
89 7,898,924 Apparatus, system, and method for calibrating a holographic storage device
90 7,898,894 Static random access memory (SRAM) cells
91 7,898,843 Methods and apparatus for read/write control and bit selection with false read suppression in an SRAM
92 7,898,763 Servo pattern architecture to uncouple position error determination from linear position information
93 7,898,760 Magnetic spacing and tape characteristic compensation system and method
94 7,898,736 Hybrid optical/electronic structures fabricated by a common molding process
95 7,898,538 Method and system for estimating screen refresh rates of computing units participating in an internet-based collaboration
96 7,898,442 On-line data compression analysis and regulation
97 7,898,382 Key fob and system for indicating the lock status of a door lock
98 7,898,286 Critical path redundant logic for mitigation of hardware across chip variation
99 7,898,285 Optimal local supply voltage determination circuit
100 7,898,249 Reorientation of magnetic layers and structures having reoriented magnetic layers
101 7,898,117 Modular racks and methods of use
102 7,898,106 DC UPS configured as intrinsic power transfer switch
103 7,898,087 Integrated chip carrier with compliant interconnects
104 7,898,078 Power connector/decoupler integrated in a heat sink
105 7,898,076 Structure and methods of processing for solder thermal interface materials for chip cooling
106 7,898,065 Structure and method for device-specific fill for improved anneal uniformity
107 7,898,063 Through substrate annular via including plug filler
108 7,898,061 Structure for performance improvement in vertical bipolar transistors
109 7,898,049 Touching microlens structure for a pixel sensor and method of fabrication
110 7,898,045 Passive electrically testable acceleration and voltage measurement devices
111 7,898,021 Semiconductor fin based nonvolatile memory device and method for fabrication thereof
112 7,898,014 Semiconductor device structures with self-aligned doped regions and methods for forming such semiconductor device structures
113 7,898,003 Hybrid strained orientated substrates and devices
114 7,897,960 Self-aligned nanotube field effect transistor
115 7,897,957 Non-volatile resistance switching memory
116 7,897,940 Removable liners for charged particle beam systems
117 7,897,939 Removable liners for charged particle beam systems
118 7,897,879 Ceramic substrate grid structure for the creation of virtual coax arrangement
119 7,897,878 Compliant penetrating packaging interconnect
120 7,897,872 Spirally wound electrical cable for enhanced magnetic field cancellation and controlled impedance
121 7,897,480 Preparation of high quality strained-semiconductor directly-on-insulator substrates
122 7,897,473 Method of manufacturing a dual contact trench capacitor
123 7,897,468 Device having self-aligned double gate formed by backside engineering, and device having super-steep retrograded island
124 7,897,444 Strained semiconductor-on-insulator (sSOI) by a simox method
125 7,897,434 Methods of fabricating solar cell chips
126 7,897,428 Three-dimensional integrated circuits and techniques for fabrication thereof
127 7,897,411 Non-volatile resistance switching memory
128 7,897,059 High tin solder etching solution
129 7,896,611 Heat transfer device in a rotating structure
130 7,895,879 Sample holder for holding samples at pre-determined angles
131 7,895,785 Detachable tag for labeling electronics systems