IBM patents granted on 01 March 2016

172 US patents granted on 01 March 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,277,677 Cooling an electronic device using a thermally conductive loop
2 9,277,601 Operating an appliance based on cooking instructions embedded in an RFID product tag
3 9,277,490 System and method of locating wireless connection among a plurality of wireless connections
4 9,277,351 Wireless transmission duration and location-based services
5 9,277,344 Multi-dimensional audio transformations and crossfading
6 9,277,250 Network based video analytics through an application program interface (API) with metric triggered notifications
7 9,277,180 Dynamic facial feature substitution for video conferencing
8 9,277,030 Stream processing using a client-server architecture
9 9,277,024 Suppressing content of a social network
10 9,277,020 Real life to digital life event correlation
11 9,277,011 Processing an unsuccessful write request in a dispersed storage network
12 9,277,003 Automated cloud workload management in a map-reduce environment
13 9,277,002 Physical resource management
14 9,277,001 Determining location of hardware components in a cloud computing environment based on hardware components self-locating other hardware components
15 9,276,998 Transfer of files with arrays of strings in soap messages
16 9,276,953 Method and apparatus to detect and block unauthorized MAC address by virtual machine aware network switches
17 9,276,944 Generalized certificate use in policy-based secure messaging environments
18 9,276,943 Authorizing a change within a computer system
19 9,276,939 Managing user access to query results
20 9,276,932 Federated identity mapping using delegated authorization
21 9,276,912 Dispersed storage network with slice refresh and methods for use therewith
22 9,276,899 Workload balancing between nodes in a cluster as required by allocations of IP addresses within a cluster
23 9,276,893 Determining states of a threaded communication
24 9,276,889 Using distance from a forum posting as criteria to selectively convey email notifications or not
25 9,276,885 System and method for managing files to be attached to or detached from an electronic mail
26 9,276,881 Extended out of office message processing
27 9,276,879 Memory transfer optimization of network adapter data placement when performing header-data split operations
28 9,276,869 Dynamically selecting an identity provider for a single sign-on request
29 9,276,865 Method and system for I/O driven rate adaptation
30 9,276,843 Virtual link aggregation extension (vLAG+) enabled in a trill-based fabric network
31 9,276,829 Transparently tracking provenance information in distributed data systems
32 9,276,760 Directed route load/store packets for distributed switch initialization
33 9,276,759 Monitoring of computer network resources having service level objectives
34 9,276,742 Unified storage and management of cryptographic keys and certificates
35 9,276,580 Time division multiplexed limited switch dynamic logic
36 9,276,579 Nano-electro-mechanical-switch adiabatic dynamic logic circuits
37 9,276,578 Nano-electro-mechanical-switch adiabatic dynamic logic circuits
38 9,276,563 Clock buffers with pulse drive capability for power efficiency
39 9,276,524 High frequency oscillator circuit
40 9,276,208 Phase change memory cell with heat shield
41 9,276,196 Ferromagnetic device providing high domain wall velocities
42 9,276,013 Integrated formation of Si and SiGe fins
43 9,275,997 Structure and method of latchup robustness with placement of through wafer via within CMOS circuitry
44 9,275,952 Ultrathin superlattice of MnO/Mn/MnN and other metal oxide/metal/metal nitride liners and caps for copper low dielectric constant interconnects
45 9,275,908 Semiconductor device including gate channel having adjusted threshold voltage
46 9,275,901 Semiconductor device having reduced contact resistance
47 9,275,879 Multi-chip module with rework capability
48 9,275,874 Methods for fabricating integrated circuits using chemical mechanical planarization to recess metal
49 9,275,867 Method for improving quality of spalled material layers
50 9,275,866 Gas cluster reactor for anisotropic film growth
51 9,275,796 Processes for in-situ annealing of TMR sensors
52 9,275,750 Reduction of read disturb errors
53 9,275,744 Method of restoring a flash memory in an integrated circuit chip package by addition of heat and an electric field
54 9,275,735 Array organization and architecture to perform range-match operations with content addressable memory (CAM) circuits
55 9,275,678 Primary storage media with associated secondary storage media for efficient data management
56 9,275,636 Automatic accuracy estimation for audio transcriptions
57 9,275,547 Prediction of free parking spaces in a parking area
58 9,275,546 System and method for minimizing the time to park a vehicle
59 9,275,462 Efficient visual surface finding
60 9,275,457 Real-time subject-driven functional connectivity analysis
61 9,275,425 Balancing provenance and accuracy tradeoffs in data modeling
62 9,275,424 Controlled resources based on good behavior
63 9,275,422 Distributed k-core view materialization and maintenance for graphs
64 9,275,372 Controlling active and passive participation in a thread of conversation
65 9,275,371 Keeping track of a detached e-mail attachment
66 9,275,355 Business process model analyzer and runtime selector
67 9,275,332 Systems, methods, and computer program products for expediting expertise
68 9,275,331 Document classification system with user-defined rules
69 9,275,330 Multi-compartment neurons with neural cores
70 9,275,246 System and method for static detection and categorization of information-flow downgraders
71 9,275,243 Communication between key manager and storage subsystem kernel via management console
72 9,275,234 Protecting data on a mobile device
73 9,275,227 Policy driven administration of mobile applications
74 9,275,220 Multiple input based passwords
75 9,275,219 Unauthorized account access lockout reduction
76 9,275,217 ID usage tracker
77 9,275,214 Authentication method and system
78 9,275,213 Method and system for securing the entry of data to a device
79 9,275,206 Managing sensitive information
80 9,275,201 Execution-based license discovery and optimization
81 9,275,168 Hardware projection of fixed and variable length columns of database tables
82 9,275,149 Utilizing social network relevancy as a factor in ranking search results
83 9,275,144 System and method for metadata search
84 9,275,135 Annotating entities using cross-document signals
85 9,275,123 Replicating a source storage system
86 9,275,115 Correlating corpus/corpora value from answered questions
87 9,275,111 Minimizing result set size when converting from asymmetric to symmetric requests
88 9,275,103 Optimization of JOIN queries for related data
89 9,275,102 System load query governor
90 9,275,095 Compressing a multi-version database
91 9,275,089 Managing reusable artifacts using placeholders
92 9,275,088 Managing versions of artifacts stored across disparate tools
93 9,275,087 Managing versions of artifacts stored across disparate tools
94 9,275,072 Hierarchical multi-tenancy management of system resources in resource groups
95 9,275,070 Contactless IC memory on removeable media
96 9,275,068 De-duplication deployment planning
97 9,275,066 Media file replacement
98 9,275,064 Caching of deep structures for efficient parsing
99 9,275,037 Managing comments relating to work items
100 9,275,036 System and method for adaptive spell checking
101 9,275,029 Automated form layout based upon usage patterns
102 9,275,020 Tracking changes among similar documents
103 9,275,012 Multi-way number partitioning using weakest link optimality
104 9,275,007 Identifying logical planes formed of compute nodes of a subcommunicator in a parallel computer
105 9,274,989 Impersonating SCSI ports through an intermediate proxy
106 9,274,977 Storing data integrity information utilizing dispersed storage
107 9,274,975 Management of partial data segments in dual cache systems
108 9,274,972 Handling cross-platform system call with a shared page cache in a hybrid computing system
109 9,274,971 Low latency data exchange
110 9,274,968 False power failure alert impact mitigation
111 9,274,965 Prefetching data
112 9,274,963 Cache replacement for shared memory caches
113 9,274,957 Monitoring a value in storage without repeated storage access
114 9,274,949 Tracking data updates during memory migration
115 9,274,946 Pre-leak detection scan to identify non-pointer data to be excluded from a leak detection scan
116 9,274,945 Processing unit reclaiming requests in a solid state memory device
117 9,274,944 Wear leveling
118 9,274,934 System and method for creating change-resilient scripts
119 9,274,933 Pretest setup planning
120 9,274,931 Inserting implicit sequence points into computer program code to support debug operations
121 9,274,929 Constraint derivation in context following for use with object code insertion
122 9,274,927 Pattern oriented data collection and analysis
123 9,274,922 Low-level checking of context-dependent expected results
124 9,274,921 System and method for managing code displacement
125 9,274,918 Prediction of impact of workload migration
126 9,274,916 Unit attention processing in proxy and owner storage systems
127 9,274,908 Resolving write conflicts in a dispersed storage network
128 9,274,890 Distributed storage network memory access based on memory state
129 9,274,882 Page retirement in a NAND flash memory system
130 9,274,876 Diagnostic data set component
131 9,274,866 Programming non-volatile memory using a relaxed dwell time
132 9,274,864 Accessing large amounts of data in a dispersed storage network
133 9,274,857 Method and system for detecting work completion in loosely coupled components
134 9,274,856 Improving processor performance for instruction sequences that include barrier instructions
135 9,274,854 Contamination based workload management
136 9,274,853 Utilizing multiple memory pools during mobility operations
137 9,274,850 Predictive and dynamic resource provisioning with tenancy matching of health metrics in cloud systems
138 9,274,848 Optimizing cloud service delivery within a cloud computing environment
139 9,274,840 Dynamic memory management with thread local storage usage
140 9,274,837 Assigning levels of pools of resources to a super process having sub-processes
141 9,274,836 Scheduling parallel data tasks
142 9,274,835 Data shuffling in a non-uniform memory access device
143 9,274,829 Handling interrupt actions for inter-thread communication
144 9,274,820 Specifying user defined or translator definitions to use to interpret mnemonics in a computer program
145 9,274,818 Reliable and scalable image transfer for data centers with low connectivity using redundancy detection
146 9,274,800 Dynamic evaluation and adaption of hardware hash functions
147 9,274,797 Computer processor with instruction for execution based on available instruction sets
148 9,274,791 Verification of a vector execution unit design
149 9,274,782 Automated computer application update analysis
150 9,274,778 Software signature discovery
151 9,274,769 Table of contents pointer value save and restore placeholder positioning
152 9,274,751 Fused booth encoder multiplexer
153 9,274,719 Snapshot management in hierarchical storage infrastructure
154 9,274,711 Skewing expected wearout times of memory devices
155 9,274,679 Care label method for a self service dashboard construction
156 9,274,676 Controlling three-dimensional views of selected portions of content
157 9,274,671 Managing a user interface for an application program
158 9,274,598 System and method for selecting and activating a target object using a combination of eye gaze and key presses
159 9,274,540 Recharging of battery electric vehicles on a smart electrical grid system
160 9,274,299 Modular optical backplane and enclosure
161 9,274,293 Arrangement of photonic chip and optical adaptor for coupling optical signals
162 9,274,289 Fabricating an optical assembly
163 9,274,288 Connector for multilayered optical waveguide
164 9,274,173 Selective test pattern processor
165 9,274,172 Selective test pattern processor
166 9,274,171 Customer-transparent logic redundancy for improved yield
167 9,274,155 Cancellation of secondary reverse reflections in a very-fast transmission line pulse system
168 9,273,906 Modular pumping unit(s) facilitating cooling of electronic system(s)
169 9,273,415 Methods for preparing carbon hybrid materials
170 9,273,004 Selective placement of carbon nanotubes via coulombic attraction of oppositely charged carbon nanotubes and self-assembled monolayers
171 9,272,233 Nano-filter and method of forming same, and method of filtration
172 9,271,498 Antimicrobial PHT coatings