IBM patents granted on 01 May 2012

124 US patents granted on 01 May 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,171,559 Detecting a phishing entity in a virtual universe
2 8,171,558 Inter-program authentication using dynamically-generated public/private key pairs
3 8,171,533 Managing web single sign-on applications
4 8,171,530 Computer access security
5 8,171,501 Use of modes for computer cluster management
6 8,171,499 Apparatus, system, and method for object clone event notification
7 8,171,487 Method for processing work items of a workflow system
8 8,171,481 Method and system for scheduling jobs based on resource relationships
9 8,171,476 Wake-and-go mechanism with prioritization of threads
10 8,171,475 Intelligent retry method using remote shell
11 8,171,473 Method and apparatus for determining a service cluster topology based on static analysis
12 8,171,464 Efficient code generation using loop peeling for SIMD loop code with multile misaligned statements
13 8,171,460 System and method for user interface automation
14 8,171,458 Method for source-related risk detection and alert generation
15 8,171,457 Autonomic test case feedback using hardware assistance for data coverage
16 8,171,454 Method and apparatus for programming software components
17 8,171,451 Providing reports as web services
18 8,171,450 System and apparatus for graphically building business rule conditions
19 8,171,449 Generating sequence diagrams using call trees
20 8,171,448 Structure for a livelock resolution circuit
21 8,171,442 Method and system to at least partially isolate nets
22 8,171,438 Verification of a program partitioned according to the control flow information of the program
23 8,171,437 Automated convergence of ternary simulation by saturation of deep gates
24 8,171,435 Integrated circuit structure incorporating an inductor, an associated design method and an associated design system
25 8,171,428 System and method for implementing data navigation interface
26 8,171,426 Method for secondary selection highlighting
27 8,171,416 Confirmation system and method for instant messaging
28 8,171,415 Outage management portal leveraging back-end resources to create a role and user tailored front-end interface for coordinating outage responses
29 8,171,412 Context sensitive text recognition and marking from speech
30 8,171,408 Dynamic location generation within a virtual world
31 8,171,407 Rating virtual world merchandise by avatar visits
32 8,171,403 System and method for managing acronym expansions
33 8,171,399 Using an alternate user interface to a drag and drop interface for rearranging configurable web page components
34 8,171,395 Data reporting application programming interfaces in an XML parser generator for XML validation and deserialization
35 8,171,377 System to improve memory reliability and associated methods
36 8,171,348 Data consistency in long-running processes
37 8,171,339 Testing a virtualised storage system in response to disk exercising commands
38 8,171,325 Computing component and environment mobility
39 8,171,319 Managing processor power-performance states
40 8,171,298 Methods and apparatus for dynamic user authentication using customizable context-dependent interaction across multiple verification objects
41 8,171,295 Information processing apparatus, a server apparatus, a method of an information processing apparatus, a method of a server apparatus, and an apparatus executable process
42 8,171,282 Encryption data integrity check with dual parallel encryption engines
43 8,171,276 Minimal startup mode for performing multiple-reboot configuration
44 8,171,257 Determining an end of valid log in a log of write records using a next pointer and a far ahead pointer
45 8,171,236 Managing migration of a shared memory logical partition from a source system to a target system
46 8,171,230 PCI express address translation services invalidation synchronization with TCE invalidation
47 8,171,226 Method and apparatus for execution of a process
48 8,171,224 D-cache line use history based done bit based on successful prefetchable counter
49 8,171,220 Cache architecture with distributed state bits
50 8,171,164 Target routing by initiator
51 8,171,139 Hierarchical load balancing
52 8,171,132 Provisioning grid services to maintain service level agreements
53 8,171,130 Active probing for real-time diagnosis
54 8,171,122 Visualization of web services distributed management (WSDM) resources
55 8,171,116 Configuring processing entities according to their roles in a data processing system with a distributed architecture
56 8,171,106 Per file system usage of networks
57 8,171,104 Scheduling and searching meetings in a network environment
58 8,171,089 Privileged and restricted email processing to multiple recipients based on sender defined visibility settings
59 8,171,088 Facilitating correction of incorrect identities in propagated electronic communications
60 8,171,083 System for enhancing the transmission security of the e-mails in the internet network
61 8,171,075 Generating hints for more optimal processing of requests for information within an environment in which resources are abstracted using a model
62 8,171,069 Streaming digital data filter
63 8,171,068 Generating unique pseudorandom numbers
64 8,171,067 Implementing an ephemeral file system backed by a NFS server
65 8,171,058 One click creation of linkages between master data records
66 8,171,053 Dynamic workflow documentation system
67 8,171,052 Information search system, method and program
68 8,171,047 Query execution and optimization utilizing a combining network in a parallel computer system
69 8,171,040 Method and system for navigation of a data structure
70 8,171,039 String pattern analysis
71 8,171,023 De-serializing data objects on demand
72 8,171,014 Apparatus, system, and method for executing a distributed spatial data query
73 8,171,001 Using a data mining algorithm to generate rules used to validate a selected region of a predicted column
74 8,171,000 Mounted filesystem integrity checking and salvage
75 8,170,999 Online incremental deferred integrity processing and maintenance of rolled in and rolled out data
76 8,170,992 Method and system for batch processing form data
77 8,170,989 Method and system for document management and exchange
78 8,170,973 Satisfying rules through a configuration of list processing methods
79 8,170,948 Client account and information management system and method
80 8,170,878 Method and apparatus for automatically converting voice
81 8,170,872 Incorporating user emotion in a chat transcript
82 8,170,864 Method and apparatus for capturing graphic user interface resource of an application
83 8,170,863 System, method and program product for portlet-based translation of web content
84 8,170,857 In-situ design method and system for improved memory yield
85 8,170,845 Method and apparatus for automatic performance modeling with load dependent service times and overheads
86 8,170,580 Geo-boundary triggered messaging and schedule system and method of use
87 8,170,530 Managing wireless devices using access control
88 8,170,276 Object detection system based on a pool of adaptive features
89 8,170,270 Universal reader
90 8,170,192 Personalized conference call system and method
91 8,170,157 Low jitter communication system
92 8,170,038 Two-layer switch apparatus to avoid first layer inter-switch link data traffic in steering packets through bump-in-the-wire service applications
93 8,170,024 Implementing pointer and stake model for frame alteration code in a network processor
94 8,169,900 Increasing link capacity via traffic distribution over multiple Wi-Fi access points
95 8,169,882 High density data storage medium, method and device
96 8,169,820 Use of symmetric resistive memory material as a diode to drive symmetric or asymmetric resistive memory
97 8,169,760 Signal and power supply integrated ESD protection device
98 8,169,736 Method and apparatus to position a head module comprising servo elements and a plurality of data elements
99 8,169,447 Automatic color display conversion
100 8,169,439 Scalar precision float implementation on the “W” lane of vector unit
101 8,169,321 Radio frequency-enabled electromigration fuse
102 8,169,303 Method and system using RFID tags for initiation of selected business processes
103 8,169,077 Dielectric interconnect structures and methods for forming the same
104 8,169,055 Chip guard ring including a through-substrate via
105 8,169,050 BEOL wiring structures that include an on-chip inductor and an on-chip capacitor, and design structures for a radiofrequency integrated circuit
106 8,169,031 Continuous metal semiconductor alloy via for interconnects
107 8,169,026 Stress-induced CMOS device
108 8,169,025 Strained CMOS device, circuit and method of fabrication
109 8,169,024 Method of forming extremely thin semiconductor on insulator (ETSOI) device without ion implantation
110 8,169,007 Asymmetric junction field effect transistor
111 8,168,971 Pseudomorphic Si/SiGe/Si body device with embedded SiGe source/drain
112 8,168,691 Vinyl ether resist formulations for imprint lithography and processes of use
113 8,168,542 Methods of forming tubular objects
114 8,168,507 Structure and method of forming enhanced array device isolation for implanted plate EDRAM
115 8,168,503 Method for forming an SOI schottky source/drain device to control encroachment and delamination of silicide
116 8,168,500 Double gate depletion mode MOSFET
117 8,168,489 High performance stress-enhanced MOSFETS using Si:C and SiGe epitaxial source/drain and method of manufacture
118 8,168,474 Self-dicing chips using through silicon vias
119 8,168,451 Optical inspection methods
120 8,168,449 Template-registered diblock copolymer mask for MRAM device formation
121 8,168,366 Low activation energy photoresist composition and process for its use
122 8,168,109 Stabilizers for vinyl ether resist formulations for imprint lithography
123 8,167,431 Universal stereographic trigger peripheral for electronic equipment
124 8,166,651 Through wafer vias with dishing correction methods