IBM patents granted on 01 September 2009

45 US patents granted on 01 September 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,584,476 Mechanism for reducing remote memory accesses to shared data in a multi-nodal computer system
2 7,584,470 Method and system for peer-to-peer software distribution with a package builder
3 7,584,459 Method for providing computing-environment control of a resource to be accessed by program code
4 7,584,453 Method for sharing source code over a network
5 7,584,436 Method, system, and program product for controlling a display on a data editing screen
6 7,584,394 System and method for pseudo-random test pattern memory allocation for processor design verification and validation
7 7,584,378 Reconfigurable FC-AL storage loops in a data storage system
8 7,584,369 Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling heat generation in a multi-core processor
9 7,584,352 Protection against denial of service attacks
10 7,584,345 System for using FPGA technology with a microprocessor for reconfigurable, instruction level hardware acceleration
11 7,584,336 Systems and methods for providing data modification operations in memory subsystems
12 7,584,335 Methods and arrangements for hybrid data storage
13 7,584,331 Data processing system and method for selectively updating an invalid coherency state in response to snooping a castout
14 7,584,329 Data processing system and method for efficient communication utilizing an Ig coherency state
15 7,584,325 Apparatus, system, and method for providing a RAID storage system in a processor blade enclosure
16 7,584,308 System for supporting partial cache line write operations to a memory module to reduce write data traffic on a memory channel
17 7,584,276 Adaptive orchestration of composite services
18 7,584,275 Network system, server, apparatus management method and program
19 7,584,274 Coordinating use of independent external resources within requesting grid environments
20 7,584,271 Method, system, and computer readable medium for delaying the configuration of a shared resource
21 7,584,269 Method for providing kiosk service offerings in a personal area network
22 7,584,266 Autonomous storage for backup, restore, and file access
23 7,584,258 Method and system for managing instant messaging status
24 7,584,226 System and method for peer-to-peer grid based autonomic and probabilistic on-demand backup and restore
25 7,584,200 Graphical database navigator with relation level control
26 7,584,187 System, detecting method and program
27 7,584,184 System of effectively searching text for keyword, and method thereof
28 7,584,178 Query condition building using predefined query objects
29 7,584,160 System and method for optimizing project subdivision using data and requirements focuses subject to multidimensional constraints
30 7,584,114 System and method for integrating projects events with personal calendar and scheduling clients
31 7,584,113 Method for simultaneously considering customer commit dates and customer request dates
32 7,584,077 Physical design characterization system
33 7,584,074 Diagnostic method and system
34 7,583,814 Protecting images with an image watermark
35 7,583,793 Message notification instant messaging
36 7,583,541 Asynchronous semiconductor memory
37 7,583,125 Methods and apparatus for pulse generation used in characterizing electronic fuses
38 7,583,116 High output resistance, wide swing charge pump
39 7,583,044 Servo system for a two-dimensional micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)-based scanner and method therefor
40 7,583,043 Apparatus, system, and method for controlling speed of a cooling fan
41 7,582,949 Semiconductor devices
42 7,582,534 Chemical doping of nano-components
43 7,582,516 CMOS devices with hybrid channel orientations, and methods for fabricating the same using faceted epitaxy
44 7,581,957 Multiplatform voice over IP learning deployment methodology
45 7,581,314 Method of forming noble metal contacts