IBM patents granted on 01 September 2015

150 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,125,136 Location of unprotected access points through protected access points
2 9,125,062 Sharing frequencies in an OFDM-based wireless communication system
3 9,125,059 Password-free, token-based wireless access
4 9,125,045 Delayed data delivery options
5 9,125,032 Cache hits via a users speed, direction of movement, location, and band within a cellular network
6 9,124,725 Telephony services optimization through calling plan analysis
7 9,124,707 Conference multiplexing
8 9,124,705 Key code for a conference operation
9 9,124,657 Dynamic screen sharing for optimal performance
10 9,124,626 Firewall based botnet detection
11 9,124,624 Detecting vulnerabilities in web applications
12 9,124,619 Directing audited data traffic to specific repositories
13 9,124,609 Ensuring consistency over time of data gathered by distinct software applications
14 9,124,602 Method and apparatus for creating custom access control hierarchies
15 9,124,559 System and method for temporary obfuscation during collaborative communications
16 9,124,544 Detecting exceptions for collaborative object addressing
17 9,124,536 Managing data flows in overlay networks
18 9,124,527 Sliced routing table management
19 9,124,505 System detection method and apparatus and flow control method and device
20 9,124,469 System and method to initiate a presence driven peer to peer communications session on non-IMS and IMS networks
21 9,124,447 Interactive client computer communication
22 9,124,423 Iterative data secret-sharing transformation
23 9,124,418 Method and system for encryption of blocks of data
24 9,124,173 Slab inductor device providing efficient on-chip supply voltage conversion and regulation
25 9,123,842 Photoreceptor with improved blocking layer
26 9,123,838 Transparent conductive electrode for three dimensional photovoltaic device
27 9,123,826 Single crystal source-drain merged by polycrystalline material
28 9,123,726 Selective local metal cap layer formation for improved electromigration behavior
29 9,123,658 Grapho-epitaxy DSA process with dimension control of template pattern
30 9,123,654 Trilayer SIT process with transfer layer for FINFET patterning
31 9,123,585 Method to form group III-V and Si/Ge FINFET on insulator
32 9,123,569 Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor structure with III-V and silicon germanium transistors on insulator
33 9,123,492 Three-dimensional inter-chip contact through vertical displacement MEMS
34 9,123,454 Device for electrical characterization of molecules using CNT-nanoparticle-molecule-nanoparticle-CNT structure
35 9,123,439 SRAM write-assisted operation with V.sub.DD-to-V.sub.CS level shifting
36 9,123,421 Racetrack memory cells with a vertical nanowire storage element
37 9,123,354 Magnetic tape medium with magnetically encoded servo band bursts
38 9,123,241 Guided video feed selection in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
39 9,123,170 Representing characteristics of an animated object moving through a three-dimensional coordinate system
40 9,123,136 Real time processing of video frames
41 9,123,129 Multi-mode video event indexing
42 9,123,029 Delayed display of electronic messages
43 9,123,025 Detection and prevention of spam in tagging systems
44 9,123,020 Modeling, monitoring, and managing system dimensions for a service assurance system
45 9,123,004 Predicting an effect of events on assets
46 9,122,998 Catalog-based software license reconciliation
47 9,122,949 Summarizing salient events in unmanned aerial videos
48 9,122,928 Determining images having unidentifiable license plates
49 9,122,893 Trusted platform module switching
50 9,122,889 Managing access to class objects in a system utilizing a role-based access control framework
51 9,122,884 Accessing information during a teleconferencing event
52 9,122,875 Trusted platform module data harmonization during trusted server rendevous
53 9,122,867 Techniques for presenting password feedback to a computer system user
54 9,122,864 Method and apparatus for transitive program verification
55 9,122,863 Configuring identity federation configuration
56 9,122,848 Authentication of user interface elements in a web 2.0 environment
57 9,122,843 Software license reconciliation facility
58 9,122,840 Performing collective operations in a distributed processing system
59 9,122,823 Stacked multiple-input delay gates
60 9,122,805 Resilient mock object creation for unit testing
61 9,122,801 Test planning with order coverage requirements
62 9,122,796 Recreating timing issues during program debug
63 9,122,793 Distributed debugging of an application in a distributed computing environment
64 9,122,792 Step over operation for machine code function calls
65 9,122,791 Identifying a storage location for a storage address requested during debugging
66 9,122,790 Weighted code coverage tool
67 9,122,782 Apparatus and computer program product for adaptively determining response time distribution of transactional workloads
68 9,122,771 Graph similarity calculation system, method and program
69 9,122,763 Consistent web application presentation
70 9,122,751 Method of tagging instant messaging (IM) conversations for easy information sharing
71 9,122,750 Classifying objects
72 9,122,747 Method, computer system, and computer program for searching document data using search keyword
73 9,122,745 Interactive acquisition of remote services
74 9,122,743 Enhanced search query modification
75 9,122,742 Generating deportment and comportment cohorts
76 9,122,737 Method to control the temperature of a high powered computing component through a liquid cooled heatsink responsive to an increase in the thermal value
77 9,122,736 Calculating a thermal value to control the flow of liquid through the liquid cooled heatsink which is in thermal communication with the high powered computing component
78 9,122,734 Transparent data service suitable for modifying data storage capabilities in applications
79 9,122,733 Generation of electronic pedigree
80 9,122,730 Free-text search for integrating management of applications
81 9,122,726 Tuple routing in a streaming application
82 9,122,725 Tuple routing in a streaming application
83 9,122,715 Detecting changes in end-user transaction performance and availability caused by changes in transaction server configuration
84 9,122,696 Sharing electronic file metadata in a networked computing environment
85 9,122,691 System and method for remote file search integrated with network installable file system
86 9,122,685 Operating cloud computing and cloud computing information system
87 9,122,676 License reconciliation with multiple license types and restrictions
88 9,122,673 Domain specific natural language normalization
89 9,122,664 Method for automatically creating transforms
90 9,122,663 Utilizing reference/ID linking in XML wrapper code generation
91 9,122,658 Webpage display system leveraging OSGi
92 9,122,657 Webpage display system leveraging OSGI
93 9,122,655 Pre-translation testing of bi-directional language display
94 9,122,653 Migrating virtual machines across sites
95 9,122,649 Handling cross-platform system call with shared page cache in hybrid system
96 9,122,642 Hybrid data backup in a networked computing environment
97 9,122,640 Handling of data transfer in a LAN-free environment
98 9,122,634 Use of test protection instruction in computing environments that support pageable guests
99 9,122,617 Pseudo cache memory in a multi-core processor (MCP)
100 9,122,608 Frequency determination across an interface of a data processing system
101 9,122,604 External settings that reconfigure the error handling behavior of a distributed PCIe switch
102 9,122,584 File system for maintaining data version in solid state memory
103 9,122,582 File system for maintaining data versions in solid state memory
104 9,122,581 Data versioning in solid state memory
105 9,122,576 Fuzzy counters for NVS to reduce lock contention
106 9,122,574 Chaining move specification blocks
107 9,122,573 Using extended asynchronous data mover indirect data address words
108 9,122,572 Evaluating service degradation risk for a service provided by data processing resources
109 9,122,561 Program integration that accommodates restrictions on merge-locations
110 9,122,559 Extensible dependency management framework and method
111 9,122,548 Clipboard for processing received data content
112 9,122,540 Transformation of computer programs and eliminating errors
113 9,122,534 Secure application partitioning enablement
114 9,122,531 Resource configuration for a network data processing system
115 9,122,527 Resource allocation for migration within a multi-tiered system
116 9,122,525 Environment based node selection for work scheduling in a parallel computing system
117 9,122,517 Fused multiply-adder with booth-encoding
118 9,122,514 Administering message acknowledgements in a parallel computer
119 9,122,513 Method and apparatus for efficient execution of concurrent processes on a multithreaded message passing system
120 9,122,512 Real time measurement of I/O interrupt delay times by hypervisor for hot spot analysis
121 9,122,511 Using preprovisioned mutated templates
122 9,122,510 Querying and managing computing resources in a networked computing environment
123 9,122,509 Co-location of virtual machines with nested virtualization
124 9,122,508 Real time measurement of I/O interrupt delay times by hypervisor by selectively starting and/or stopping corresponding LPARs
125 9,122,499 Real time examination of conditions of physical machines using augmented reality in smarter data center
126 9,122,497 Validating translations of externalized content for inclusion in an application
127 9,122,496 Integrated help system using linked data for distributed systems
128 9,122,484 Method and apparatus for mashing up web applications
129 9,122,477 Execution of a perform frame management function instruction
130 9,122,465 Programmable microcode unit for mapping plural instances of an instruction in plural concurrently executed instruction streams to plural microcode sequences in plural memory partitions
131 9,122,425 Apparatus and method for writing data to recording medium
132 9,122,422 Representing models in systems development lifecycle (SDLC) tools using a network of internet resources
133 9,122,413 Implementing hardware auto device operations initiator
134 9,122,408 Mirror copies of solid state drives using portions of hard disk drives
135 9,122,404 Adaptive reference tuning for endurance enhancement of non-volatile memories
136 9,122,402 Increasing efficiency of block-level processes using data relocation awareness
137 9,122,400 Managing data set volume table of contents
138 9,122,398 Generalized storage allocation for multiple architectures
139 9,122,380 Updating assets rendered in a virtual world environment based on detected user interactions in another world
140 9,122,353 Kind of multi-touch input device
141 9,122,343 Facilitating operation of controls displayed in a display surface independently of the size of the display surface
142 9,122,333 Detecting and handling unintentional touching of a touch screen
143 9,122,328 Detecting and handling unintentional touching of a touch screen
144 9,122,028 High-precision passive alignment of optical components with optical waveguides using a common adapter
145 9,122,027 High-precision passive alignment of optical components with optical waveguides using a common adapter
146 9,121,108 Methods and apparatuses for positioning nano-objects with aspect ratios
147 9,120,899 Preparation of functional polysulfones
148 9,120,897 Preparation of thioether polymers
149 9,120,667 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and related actuator bumps, methods of manufacture and design structures
150 9,119,875 Matrix incorporated fluorescent porous and non-porous silica particles for medical imaging