IBM patents granted on 02 April 2013

80 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,413,166 Multithreaded physics engine with impulse propagation
2 8,413,161 Work queue selection on a local processor within a multiple processor architecture
3 8,413,159 Classifying workload for a service
4 8,413,158 Processor thread load balancing manager
5 8,413,143 Dynamic network adapter queue pair allocation
6 8,413,141 Copying segments of virtual resource definition to create and deploy a virtual resource on a physical resource
7 8,413,134 Method, system and computer program for installing software products based on package introspection
8 8,413,130 System and method for self policing of authorized configuration by end points
9 8,413,127 Fine-grained software-directed data prefetching using integrated high-level and low-level code analysis optimizations
10 8,413,122 System and method for demonstrating the correctness of an execution trace in concurrent processing environments
11 8,413,112 Visualization of information using landmasses
12 8,413,105 Device, method and computer program product for managing a software development process
13 8,413,104 Changing the location of a buffer bay in a netlist
14 8,413,098 T-connections, methodology for designing T-connections, and compact modeling of T-connections
15 8,413,095 Statistical single library including on chip variation for rapid timing and power analysis
16 8,413,094 Structure, design structure and process for increasing magnitude of device threshold voltage for low power applications
17 8,413,091 Enhancing redundancy removal with early merging
18 8,413,084 Photomask throughput by reducing exposure shot count for non-critical elements
19 8,413,042 Referrer-based website personalization
20 8,413,004 Lengthening life of a limited life memory
21 8,412,993 Self-adjusting critical path timing of multi-core VLSI chip
22 8,412,980 Fault tolerant stability critical execution checking using redundant execution pipelines
23 8,412,974 Global synchronization of parallel processors using clock pulse width modulation
24 8,412,901 Making automated use of data volume copy service targets
25 8,412,891 Arbitrated access to memory shared by a processor and a data flow
26 8,412,890 Scalable performance-based volume allocation in large storage controller collections
27 8,412,888 Cache-based speculation of stores following synchronizing operations
28 8,412,868 Systems and methods for compressing files for storage and operation on compressed files
29 8,412,862 Direct memory access transfer efficiency
30 8,412,852 Guaranteeing a single copy of a shared assembly per process
31 8,412,830 Method and apparatus for improving SIP parse performance
32 8,412,815 Alert log activity thread integration
33 8,412,809 Method, apparatus and computer program product implementing multi-tenancy for network monitoring tools using virtualization technology
34 8,412,807 Dynamic HTTP load balancing
35 8,412,791 Apparatus and method for offloading application components to edge servers
36 8,412,783 Personal video recording with machine learning for messaging
37 8,412,782 Method and system to improve efficiency of email discussion within email clients
38 8,412,760 Dynamic range adjusting floating point execution unit
39 8,412,754 Virtual system administration environment for non-root user
40 8,412,751 Determining whether a Java object has been scan-missed by a garbage collector scan
41 8,412,746 Method and system for federated querying of data sources
42 8,412,734 Unifying hetrogenous data
43 8,412,732 Automatically generating a set of event processing rules for use in a complex event processing system
44 8,412,731 File management method and system
45 8,412,722 Upload manager for use in a pattern matching accelerator
46 8,412,721 Efficient data extraction by a remote application
47 8,412,712 Grouping methods for best-value determination from values for an attribute type of specific entity
48 8,412,700 Database query optimization using index carryover to subset an index
49 8,412,691 Maintenance and access of a linked list
50 8,412,661 Smart survey with progressive discovery
51 8,412,660 Multi-pairs shortest path finding method and system with sources selection
52 8,412,645 Automatic detection of undesirable users of an online communication resource based on content analytics
53 8,412,548 Linked decision nodes in a business process model
54 8,412,507 Testing the compliance of a design with the synchronization requirements of a memory model
55 8,412,496 Simulation system, method, and program
56 8,412,493 Multi-dimensional model generation for determining service performance
57 8,412,487 Self heating monitor for SiGe and SOI CMOS devices
58 8,411,953 Tagging images by determining a set of similar pre-tagged images and extracting prominent tags from that set
59 8,411,907 Device function modification method and system
60 8,411,719 3D optoelectronic packaging
61 8,411,444 Thermal interface material application for integrated circuit cooling
62 8,411,396 Preventing metal oxide varistor (MOV) from releasing smoke, smell, and/or sound
63 8,411,270 Monitoring stage alignment and related stage and calibration target
64 8,411,091 Image drawing system, image drawing server, image drawing method, and computer program
65 8,410,835 Leakage tolerant phase locked loop circuit device
66 8,410,816 Low-swing signaling scheme for data communication
67 8,410,559 Selectively self-assembling oxygen diffusion barrier
68 8,410,554 Method, structure and design structure for customizing history effects of SOI circuits
69 8,410,544 finFETs and methods of making same
70 8,410,534 Integrated circuit structures with silicon germanium film incorporated as local interconnect and/or contact
71 8,410,290 Cyclic carbonyl compounds with pendant carbonate groups, preparations thereof, and polymers therefrom
72 8,409,989 Structure and method to fabricate a body contact
73 8,409,980 Underfill flow guide structures and method of using same
74 8,409,974 Strained-silicon-on-insulator single-and double-gate MOSFET and method for forming the same
75 8,409,957 Graphene devices and silicon field effect transistors in 3D hybrid integrated circuits
76 8,409,904 Methods for forming anti-reflection structures for CMOS image sensors
77 8,409,882 Differential FET structures for electrical monitoring of overlay
78 8,409,867 Ultra low-power CMOS based bio-sensor circuit
79 8,408,448 Forming constant diameter spherical metal balls
80 8,408,262 Adaptive chuck for planar bonding between substrates