IBM patents granted on 02 August 2011

140 US patents granted on 02 August 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,992,201 Dynamic network tunnel endpoint selection
2 7,992,200 Secure sharing of transport layer security session keys with trusted enforcement points
3 7,992,195 Efficient browser-based identity management providing personal control and anonymity
4 7,992,194 Methods and apparatus for identity and role management in communication networks
5 7,992,191 System and method for controlling a websphere portal without the requirement of having the administrator credential ID and password
6 7,992,155 Method and system to correlate and consolidate a plurality of events
7 7,992,150 Method and apparatus for awakening client threads in a multiprocessor data processing system
8 7,992,149 Virtual machine connection to a tangible network
9 7,992,148 Issuing syncpoints during execution of a batch application to minimize or eliminate periods of record unavailability due to batch related record locking
10 7,992,146 Method for detecting race conditions involving heap memory access
11 7,992,141 Method and apparatus for building executable computer programs using compiled program libraries
12 7,992,139 Method, system and program product for transforming a single language program into multiple language programs
13 7,992,136 Method and apparatus for automatic application profiling
14 7,992,127 Method and system of encapsulating web site transactions for computer-aided generation of web services
15 7,992,107 Spotlight cursor
16 7,992,094 Intelligence driven icons and cursors
17 7,992,090 Reciprocal link tracking
18 7,992,089 Visualization of meeting invitee status as a method of collaboration
19 7,992,088 Method and system for copy and paste technology for stylesheet editing
20 7,992,072 Management of redundancy in data arrays
21 7,992,059 System and method for testing a large memory area during processor design verification and validation
22 7,992,054 Automatic maintenance of a computing system in a steady state using correlation
23 7,992,053 System for detecting pattern of events occurred in information system
24 7,992,051 Method, apparatus, and computer program product in a processor for dynamically during runtime allocating memory for in-memory hardware tracing
25 7,992,047 Context sensitive detection of failing I/O devices
26 7,992,043 Software debugger for packets in a network on a chip
27 7,992,040 Root cause analysis by correlating symptoms with asynchronous changes
28 7,992,036 Apparatus, system, and method for volume-level restoration of cluster server data
29 7,992,033 System management infrastructure for corrective actions to servers with shared resources
30 7,992,031 Automated disaster recovery planning
31 7,992,030 Fall time accelerator circuit
32 7,992,023 Method and system for managing peripheral connection wakeup in a processing system supporting multiple virtual machines
33 7,992,022 Method and apparatus for setting computer-working-hours-based shutdown options
34 7,992,021 Power-managed server and method for managing power consumption
35 7,992,014 Administering power supplies in a data center
36 7,992,010 Secure database access through partial encryption
37 7,992,008 Systems and methods of securing resources through passwords
38 7,992,005 Providing pattern based user password access
39 7,992,001 Preventing execution of software without a dynamically generated key
40 7,991,996 Architecture and design for central authentication and authorization in an on-demand utility environment
41 7,991,981 Completion of asynchronous memory move in the presence of a barrier operation
42 7,991,979 Issuing load-dependent instructions in an issue queue in a processing unit of a data processing system
43 7,991,978 Network on chip with low latency, high bandwidth application messaging interconnects that abstract hardware inter-thread data communications into an architected state of a processor
44 7,991,972 Determining whether to use a full volume or repository for a logical copy backup space
45 7,991,962 System and method of using threads and thread-local storage
46 7,991,948 Optimizing execution of I/O requests for a disk drive in a computing system
47 7,991,914 Technique for addressing a cluster of network servers
48 7,991,892 Comparative efficiency decisions in print operations
49 7,991,877 Rogue router hunter
50 7,991,876 Management of monitoring sessions between monitoring clients and monitoring target server
51 7,991,857 Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer
52 7,991,851 Remote user substitution at ODBC/CLI level and stored procedure authorization
53 7,991,844 Method, system and computer program product for processing a plurality of electronic mail files
54 7,991,840 System and product for role-based tag management for collaborative services integrated within an SOA
55 7,991,839 Communication between host systems using a socket connection and shared memories
56 7,991,825 Method, system, and apparatus for supporting personal service
57 7,991,822 Propagation of updates for attributes of a storage object from an owner node of the storage object to other nodes
58 7,991,819 Binary coded decimal addition
59 7,991,816 Inverting data on result bus to prepare for instruction in the next cycle for high frequency execution units
60 7,991,811 Method and system for optimizing floating point conversion between different bases
61 7,991,802 Method and system for creation and reuse of concise business schemas using a canonical library
62 7,991,801 Real-time dynamic and synchronized captioning system and method for use in the streaming of multimedia data
63 7,991,799 Schema specific parser generation
64 7,991,796 System and program for implementing scrollable cursors in a distributed database system
65 7,991,793 System and method for utilizing generational file names for diagnostic data files
66 7,991,788 Abstract data model filters
67 7,991,786 Using intra-document indices to improve XQuery processing over XML streams
68 7,991,783 Apparatus, system, and method for supporting storage functions using an embedded database management system
69 7,991,782 Iterative data analysis enabled through query result abstraction
70 7,991,771 Adaptive evaluation of text search queries with blackbox scoring functions
71 7,991,767 Method for providing a shared search index in a peer to peer network
72 7,991,763 Database query optimization utilizing remote statistics collection
73 7,991,760 Constructing a domain-specific ontology by mining the web
74 7,991,758 System and method for performing a search operation within a sequential access data storage subsystem
75 7,991,756 Adding low-latency updateable metadata to a text index
76 7,991,755 Dynamically ranking nodes and labels in a hyperlinked database
77 7,991,753 Lock acquisition among nodes of divided cluster
78 7,991,752 Managing and coordinating savepoint functionality in a distributed database system
79 7,991,745 Database log capture that publishes transactions to multiple targets to handle unavailable targets by separating the publishing of subscriptions and subsequently recombining the publishing
80 7,991,744 Method and system for dynamically collecting data for checkpoint tuning and reduce recovery time
81 7,991,742 System for detecting migration differences of a customized database schema
82 7,991,741 System and method for synchronizing data record with web document in a content management system
83 7,991,739 Real time backup system for computer users
84 7,991,736 Article of manufacture and system for autonomic data caching and copying on a storage area network aware file system using copy services
85 7,991,721 Differential availability determination and notification
86 7,991,669 Method and system for enterprise portfolio management based on component business model
87 7,991,665 Managing incentives for electric vehicle charging transactions
88 7,991,659 Accounting data retrieval method and system
89 7,991,657 Efficient retrieval of return assemblies for optimized parts fulfillment
90 7,991,643 Request type grid computing
91 7,991,639 Determining readiness of an organization to utilize an information technology asset
92 7,991,619 System and method using blind change detection for audio segmentation
93 7,991,574 Techniques for filtering systematic differences from wafer evaluation parameters
94 7,991,563 Sequence pattern descriptors for transmembrane structural details
95 7,991,193 Automated learning for people counting systems
96 7,991,128 Mirroring of conversation stubs
97 7,991,127 Method and apparatus for negotiated message delivery
98 7,990,980 Modeling non-deterministic priority queues for efficient model checking
99 7,990,926 Conversion of voice-over-IP media control messaging into mobile control channel signaling using a voice-over IP gateway
100 7,990,924 Delayed mobile node registration with home agent
101 7,990,869 Method for monitoring data congestion in a computer network with multiple nodes and method for controlling data transmission in the computer network
102 7,990,805 System and method for implementing non-lethal chemical warfare against rampage shooters
103 7,990,768 Setting memory controller driver to memory device termination value in a communication bus
104 7,990,757 Method of operating a memory circuit using memory cells with independent-gate controlled access devices
105 7,990,711 Double-face heat removal of vertically integrated chip-stacks utilizing combined symmetric silicon carrier fluid cavity and micro-channel cold plate
106 7,990,709 Apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack
107 7,990,659 Magnetic head with protective films
108 7,990,649 Method and apparatus to set a wrap angle of a read/write head
109 7,990,644 Apparatus and method to decode linear position information encoded in a sequential information storage medium
110 7,990,400 Method for displaying images on display screen
111 7,990,387 Method and apparatus for spawning projected avatars in a virtual universe
112 7,990,290 Efficient rateless distributed compression of non-binary sources
113 7,990,158 Measurement arrangement for determining the characteristic line parameters by measuring scattering parameters
114 7,989,968 Method and apparatus for measurement and control of photomask to substrate alignment
115 7,989,922 Highly tunable metal-on-semiconductor trench varactor
116 7,989,918 Implementing tamper evident and resistant detection through modulation of capacitance
117 7,989,902 Scavenging metal stack for a high-k gate dielectric
118 7,989,900 Semiconductor structure including gate electrode having laterally variable work function
119 7,989,893 SOI body contact using E-DRAM technology
120 7,989,865 Deep trench capacitor for SOI CMOS devices for soft error immunity
121 7,989,796 Nonvolatile memory cell with concentric phase change material formed around a pillar arrangement
122 7,989,358 Prevention of backside cracks in semiconductor chips or wafers using backside film or backside wet etch
123 7,989,357 Method of patterning semiconductor structure and structure thereof
124 7,989,337 Implementing vertical airgap structures between chip metal layers
125 7,989,312 Double-sided integrated circuit chips
126 7,989,306 Method of forming alternating regions of Si and SiGe or SiGeC on a buried oxide layer on a substrate
127 7,989,302 Methods of forming a hyper-abrupt P-N junction and design structures for an integrated circuit
128 7,989,298 Transistor having V-shaped embedded stressor
129 7,989,297 Asymmetric epitaxy and application thereof
130 7,989,291 Anisotropic stress generation by stress-generating liners having a sublithographic width
131 7,989,282 Structure and method for latchup improvement using through wafer via latchup guard ring
132 7,989,233 Semiconductor nanowire with built-in stress
133 7,989,229 Tactile surface inspection during device fabrication or assembly
134 7,989,224 Sidewall coating for non-uniform spin momentum-transfer magnetic tunnel junction current flow
135 7,989,222 Method of making integrated circuit chip utilizing oriented carbon nanotube conductive layers
136 7,989,026 Method of use of epoxy-containing cycloaliphatic acrylic polymers as orientation control layers for block copolymer thin films
137 7,988,045 Portable device-based shopping checkout
138 7,987,591 Method of forming silicon chicklet pedestal
139 7,987,587 Method of forming solid vias in a printed circuit board
140 7,987,584 Article extraction / insertion tool and assembly