IBM patents granted on 02 August 2016

112 US patents granted on 02 August 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,408,330 Apparatus to cool a computing device
2 9,407,815 Location aware photograph recommendation notification
3 9,407,766 Automated response system providing customized prompts based on user situation
4 9,407,715 Method and system for information exchange utilizing an asynchronous persistent store protocol
5 9,407,700 Intelligent discovery of network information from multiple information gathering agents
6 9,407,656 Determining a risk level for server health check processing
7 9,407,639 Validation of a location resource based on recipient access
8 9,407,627 Establishing and maintaining an improved single Sign-on (SSO) facility
9 9,407,596 Interactive splitting of entries in social collaboration environments
10 9,407,560 Software defined network-based load balancing for physical and virtual networks
11 9,407,541 Propagating a flow policy by control packet in a software defined network (SDN) based network
12 9,407,523 Increasing performance of a streaming application by running experimental permutations
13 9,407,292 Non-temporarily storing temporarily stored data in a dispersed storage network
14 9,407,247 Programmable delay circuit
15 9,406,872 Fabricating two-dimensional array of four-terminal thin film devices with surface-sensitive conductor layer
16 9,406,870 Multibit self-reference thermally assisted MRAM
17 9,406,817 Lead frame package for solar concentrators
18 9,406,767 POC process flow for conformal recess fill
19 9,406,751 Method for making strained semiconductor device and related methods
20 9,406,748 Perfectly shaped controlled nanowires
21 9,406,746 Work function metal fill for replacement gate fin field effect transistor process
22 9,406,740 Silicon process compatible trench magnetic device
23 9,406,683 Wet bottling process for small diameter deep trench capacitors
24 9,406,682 Method and structure for preventing epi merging in embedded dynamic random access memory
25 9,406,679 Integration of multiple threshold voltage devices for complementary metal oxide semiconductor using full metal gate
26 9,406,665 Integrated passive devices for finFET technologies
27 9,406,617 Structure and process for W contacts
28 9,406,568 Semiconductor structure containing low-resistance source and drain contacts
29 9,406,566 Integration of III-V compound materials on silicon
30 9,406,563 Integrated device with defined heat flow
31 9,406,561 Three dimensional integrated circuit integration using dielectric bonding first and through via formation last
32 9,406,560 Selective local metal cap layer formation for improved electromigration behavior
33 9,406,554 Diffusion barrier layer formation
34 9,406,548 Formation of isolation surrounding well implantation
35 9,406,530 Techniques for fabricating reduced-line-edge-roughness trenches for aspect ratio trapping
36 9,406,529 Formation of FinFET junction
37 9,406,506 Lattice matched aspect ratio trapping to reduce defects in III-V layer directly grown on silicon
38 9,406,375 Write address synchronization in 2 read/1write SRAM arrays
39 9,406,368 Dynamic temperature adjustments in spin transfer torque magnetoresistive random-access memory (STT-MRAM)
40 9,406,365 Underlayers for textured films of Heusler compounds
41 9,406,335 Monitoring of residual encrypted data to improve erase performance on a magnetic medium
42 9,406,334 Method of detecting tampering of data in tape drive, and file system
43 9,406,319 Electrically non-conductive magnetic shield laminate structure for contact recording sensor
44 9,406,246 Reorganizing display of a railway timetable diagram
45 9,406,047 Querying database clients utilizing email messages
46 9,406,038 GUI support for diagnosing and remediating problems that threaten on-time delivery of software and systems
47 9,406,025 Touch prediction for visual displays
48 9,406,024 System and method for color paint selection and acquisition
49 9,406,023 System recommendations based on incident analysis
50 9,406,021 Predictive and descriptive analysis on relations graphs with heterogeneous entities
51 9,406,015 Transform for a neurosynaptic core circuit
52 9,406,009 Method and apparatus to tag metal
53 9,405,981 Optimizing the detection of objects in images
54 9,405,963 Facial image bucketing with expectation maximization and facial coordinates
55 9,405,933 Secure access to running client application features from a browser application
56 9,405,916 Automatic correction of security downgraders
57 9,405,893 Biometric authentication
58 9,405,890 Easy login on wearable device and wearable device applications
59 9,405,866 Automating a microarchitecture design exploration environment
60 9,405,858 On-the-fly encoding method for efficient grouping and aggregation
61 9,405,824 Categorizing content
62 9,405,817 Method for rebalancing data partitions
63 9,405,788 Mass delete restriction in a database
64 9,405,785 Online propagation of data updates
65 9,405,762 Reducing decompression latency in a compression storage system
66 9,405,748 Probabilistically finding the connected components of an undirected graph
67 9,405,743 Dynamic modeling of geospatial words in social media
68 9,405,712 On-chip traffic prioritization in memory
69 9,405,711 On-chip traffic prioritization in memory
70 9,405,704 Establishing a point-in-time copy relationship between source logical addresses and target logical addresses
71 9,405,677 Dynamic tuning of internal parameters for solid-state disk based on workload access patterns
72 9,405,669 Recovery from cache and NVS out of sync
73 9,405,661 Resource-constrained test automation
74 9,405,628 Data migration using multi-storage volume swap
75 9,405,625 Optimizing and enhancing performance for parity based storage
76 9,405,609 Storing data in accordance with a performance threshold
77 9,405,607 Memory controller utilizing an error coding dispersal function
78 9,405,598 Retrospective event processing pattern language and execution model extension
79 9,405,589 System and method of optimization of in-memory data grid placement
80 9,405,585 Management of heterogeneous workloads
81 9,405,582 Dynamic parallel distributed job configuration in a shared-resource environment
82 9,405,581 Resource allocation/de-allocation and activation/deactivation
83 9,405,579 Seamless extension of local computing power
84 9,405,577 Realizing jumps in an executing process instance
85 9,405,576 Flow topology of computer transactions
86 9,405,572 Optimized resource allocation and management in a virtualized computing environment
87 9,405,553 Processing element management in a streaming data system
88 9,405,550 Methods for the transmission of accelerator commands and corresponding command structure to remote hardware accelerator engines over an interconnect link
89 9,405,548 Prioritizing instructions based on the number of delay cycles
90 9,405,543 Run-time instrumentation indirect sampling by address
91 9,405,541 Run-time instrumentation indirect sampling by address
92 9,405,536 Floating point execution unit for calculating packed sum of absolute differences
93 9,405,535 Floating point execution unit for calculating packed sum of absolute differences
94 9,405,529 Designing and cross-configuring software
95 9,405,517 Strength reduction compiler optimizations for operations with unknown strides
96 9,405,516 Recursive expression simplification
97 9,405,509 Parallel computation of a remainder by division of a sequence of bytes
98 9,405,472 Tracking ownership of memory in a data processing system through use of a memory monitor
99 9,405,469 Secure reservation mode for logical unit numbers and persistent reservations
100 9,405,436 Standardized visual indicators in electronic media
101 9,405,399 Touch prediction for visual displays
102 9,405,390 Object selection for computer display screen
103 9,405,346 Managing access to data on a client device during low-power state
104 9,405,315 Delayed execution of program code on multiple processors
105 9,405,311 Bias-temperature induced damage mitigation circuit
106 9,404,969 Method and apparatus for efficient hierarchical chip testing and diagnostics with support for partially bad dies
107 9,404,953 Structures and methods for monitoring dielectric reliability with through-silicon vias
108 9,404,757 Verifying a road network of a map
109 9,404,065 Renewable self-healing capsule system
110 9,403,945 High-performance, filler-reinforced, recyclable composite materials
111 9,402,576 Electronic communication warning and modification
112 9,402,427 Self-contained thermal distribution and regulation device for cold weather apparel