IBM patents granted on 02 December 2008

100 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,461,383 Method and apparatus for efficient performance monitoring of a large number of simultaneous events
2 7,461,379 Inter process communications in a distributed CP and NP environment
3 7,461,368 Adding code commentary to source code during software debugging
4 7,461,364 Methods and readable media for using relative positioning in structures with dynamic ranges
5 7,461,354 System and method for consolidating associated buttons into easily accessible groups
6 7,461,342 Graphical user interface (GUI) script generation and documentation
7 7,461,337 Exception markup documents
8 7,461,303 Monitoring VRM-induced memory errors
9 7,461,291 Arbitration method and system for redundant controllers, with output interlock and automatic switching capabilities
10 7,461,287 Elastic interface de-skew mechanism
11 7,461,274 Method for maximizing server utilization in a resource constrained environment
12 7,461,268 E-fuses for storing security version data
13 7,461,256 Generating watermark signals
14 7,461,241 Concurrent physical processor reassignment method
15 7,461,239 Apparatus and method for handling data cache misses out-of-order for asynchronous pipelines
16 7,461,238 Simple load and store disambiguation and scheduling at predecode
17 7,461,231 Autonomically adjusting one or more computer program configuration settings when resources in a logical partition change
18 7,461,221 Apparatus, system, and program for automatic backup of related data
19 7,461,220 Free item distribution among multiple free lists during garbage collection for more efficient object allocation
20 7,461,217 Arrangement and method for update of configuration cache data
21 7,461,209 Transient cache storage with discard function for disposable data
22 7,461,205 Performing useful computations while waiting for a line in a system with a software implemented cache
23 7,461,202 Method and apparatus using hard disk drive for enhanced non-volatile caching
24 7,461,166 Autonomic service routing using observed resource requirement for self-optimization
25 7,461,162 Usage consciousness in HTTP/HTML for reducing unused data flow across a network
26 7,461,152 Apparatus and method for sharing a shared resource across logical partitions or systems
27 7,461,151 System and method enabling future messaging directives based on past participation via a history monitor
28 7,461,150 Technique for sending TCP messages through HTTP systems
29 7,461,149 Ordering provisioning request execution based on service level agreement and customer entitlement
30 7,461,143 Administering devices including allowed action lists
31 7,461,131 Use of virtual targets for preparing and servicing requests for server-free data transfer operations
32 7,461,127 Method for determining user uniqueness in e-mail campaigns
33 7,461,125 Enterprise system having a smart distance among artifacts, and apparatus and method for providing the smart distance among the artifacts
34 7,461,117 Floating point unit with fused multiply add and method for calculating a result with a floating point unit
35 7,461,110 Redundancy-free circuits for zero counters
36 7,461,102 Method for performing scheduled backups of a backup node associated with a plurality of agent nodes
37 7,461,101 Method for reducing data loss and unavailability by integrating multiple levels of a storage hierarchy
38 7,461,100 Method for fast reverse restore
39 7,461,089 Method and system for creating profiling indices
40 7,461,075 Method for updating XML schema registry using schema pass by value with message
41 7,461,068 Method for returning a data item to a requestor
42 7,461,066 Techniques for sharing persistently stored query results between multiple users
43 7,461,065 Method and system for utilizing shared numeric locks
44 7,461,062 Just-in-time publishing via a publish/subscribe messaging system using a subscribe-event model
45 7,461,060 Generalized partition pruning in a database system
46 7,461,052 Abstract query plan
47 7,461,050 Methods of cost estimation using partially applied predicates
48 7,461,044 It resource event situation classification and semantics
49 7,461,039 Canonical model to normalize disparate persistent data sources
50 7,461,036 Method for controlling risk in a computer security artificial neural network expert system
51 7,461,034 Technique for classification of small collections of high-value entities
52 7,461,014 Method and apparatus for bidding on broadcast service requests and offers from nearby devices
53 7,461,001 Speech-to-speech generation system and method
54 7,461,000 System and methods for conducting an interactive dialog via a speech-based user interface
55 7,460,989 Method and apparatus for modeling multiple concurrently dispatched instruction streams in super scalar CPU with a sequential language
56 7,460,986 System DC Analysis Methodology
57 7,460,978 Method, system, and computer program product for rack position determination using acoustics
58 7,460,932 Support of deep power savings mode and partial good in a thermal management system
59 7,460,883 Kids cell phone button that calls the closest parent or relative
60 7,460,872 Method and application for automatic tracking of mobile devices for computer network processor systems
61 7,460,666 Combinational circuit, encryption circuit, method for constructing the same and program
62 7,460,602 Method for performing high speed serial link output stage having self adaptation for various impairments
63 7,460,558 System and method for connection capacity reassignment in a multi-tier data processing system network
64 7,460,556 Autonomic adjustment of connection keep-alives
65 7,460,540 Path controller, path control method, and program therefor
66 7,460,538 Communication control apparatus and method for searching an internet protocol address
67 7,460,423 Hierarchical 2T-DRAM with self-timed sensing
68 7,460,422 Determining history state of data based on state of partially depleted silicon-on-insulator
69 7,460,420 Semiconductor storage device
70 7,460,389 Write operations for phase-change-material memory
71 7,460,387 eDRAM hierarchical differential sense amp
72 7,460,332 Tape roller guide with integral recording head
73 7,460,122 Method for graphical display of CPU utilization
74 7,460,033 Method for creating an in-memory physical dictionary for data compression
75 7,460,003 Electronic fuse with conformal fuse element formed over a freestanding dielectric spacer
76 7,459,981 Circuits and methods for implementing transformer-coupled amplifiers at millimeter wave frequencies
77 7,459,958 Circuits to reduce threshold voltage tolerance and skew in multi-threshold voltage applications
78 7,459,950 Pulsed local clock buffer (LCB) characterization ring oscillator
79 7,459,940 Local clock buffer (LCB) with asymmetric inductive peaking
80 7,459,936 Fast/slow state machine latch
81 7,459,913 Methods for the determination of film continuity and growth modes in thin dielectric films
82 7,459,785 Electrical interconnection structure formation
83 7,459,752 Ultra thin body fully-depleted SOI MOSFETs
84 7,459,743 Dual port gain cell with side and top gated read transistor
85 7,459,389 Method of forming a semiconductor device having air gaps and the structure so formed
86 7,459,388 Methods of forming dual-damascene interconnect structures using adhesion layers having high internal compressive stresses
87 7,459,384 Preventing cavitation in high aspect ratio dielectric regions of semiconductor device
88 7,459,382 Field effect device with reduced thickness gate
89 7,459,367 Method of forming a vertical P-N junction device
90 7,459,360 Method of forming pixel sensor cell having reduced pinning layer barrier potential
91 7,459,266 Phase-change memory cell and method of fabricating the phase-change memory cell
92 7,459,183 Method of forming low-K interlevel dielectric layers and structures
93 7,459,112 Method of fabrication for a thermal spreader using thermal conduits
94 7,459,013 Chemical and particulate filters containing chemically modified carbon nanotube structures
95 7,458,842 Connector ejector lever with a light pipe and method of manufacture
96 7,458,817 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
97 7,458,733 Compact optical transceivers including thermal distributing and electromagnetic shielding systems and methods therefor
98 7,458,413 Semiconductor chip heat transfer device
99 7,458,145 Methods and arrangements for hardware casing media to store data
100 7,458,144 Remote connector system