IBM patents granted on 02 December 2014

257 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,904,551 Control of access to files
2 8,904,547 Notification upon exposure to offensive behavioral patterns in collaboration
3 8,904,543 Discovery of application vulnerabilities involving multiple execution flows
4 8,904,533 Determining heavy distinct hitters in a data stream
5 8,904,529 Automated deployment of protection agents to devices connected to a computer network
6 8,904,517 System and method for contexually interpreting image sequences
7 8,904,508 System and method for real time secure image based key generation using partial polygons assembled into a master composite image
8 8,904,486 Method and system for autonomic security configuration
9 8,904,480 Social authentication of users
10 8,904,476 Retrospective policy safety net
11 8,904,428 Common purchase plan based advertisement
12 8,904,412 Dynamic performance data collection in large computer servers
13 8,904,411 Framework for system communication for handling data
14 8,904,404 Estimating migration costs for migrating logical partitions within a virtualized computing environment based on a migration cost history
15 8,904,403 Dynamic optimization of thread assignments for application workloads in parallel computing
16 8,904,398 Hierarchical task mapping
17 8,904,397 Staggering execution of scheduled tasks based on behavioral information
18 8,904,395 Scheduling events in a virtualized computing environment based on a cost of updating scheduling times or mapping resources to the event
19 8,904,394 System and method for controlling heat dissipation through service level agreement analysis by modifying scheduled processing jobs
20 8,904,393 Transaction aggregation to increase transaction processing throughput
21 8,904,392 Shared performance monitor in a multiprocessor system
22 8,904,391 Policy-based access control approach to staff activities of a business process
23 8,904,390 Interpreting I/O operation requests from pageable guests without host intervention
24 8,904,387 Storage manager for virtual machines with virtual storage
25 8,904,386 Running a plurality of instances of an application
26 8,904,382 Creating instances of cloud computing environments
27 8,904,379 Centrally controlled proximity based software installation
28 8,904,377 Reconfiguration of computer system to allow application installation
29 8,904,370 Optimization of meta-template instantiations
30 8,904,369 Method and system for automated process distribution
31 8,904,368 Instantiating a composite application for different target platforms
32 8,904,366 Use of vectorization instruction sets
33 8,904,361 Non-intrusive method for logging of internal events within an application process, and system implementing this method
34 8,904,360 Automated identification of redundant method calls
35 8,904,359 On-demand monitoring of memory usage
36 8,904,356 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with multi-member variable expansion
37 8,904,351 Maintenance of a subroutine repository for an application under test based on subroutine usage information
38 8,904,350 Maintenance of a subroutine repository for an application under test based on subroutine usage information
39 8,904,349 Selectively applying changes to a version of a component
40 8,904,340 Use of temporary optimized settings to reduce cycle time of automatically created spreadsheets
41 8,904,339 Method and system for modeling runtime behavior
42 8,904,329 Systems and methods for single cell product path delay analysis
43 8,904,327 Assisting in logic circuit design to place cells on an IC substrate and optimize wiring
44 8,904,322 Structure for stacked CMOS circuits
45 8,904,313 Gestural control for quantitative inputs
46 8,904,300 Managing and displaying schedule
47 8,904,293 Minimizing delays in web conference switches between presenters and applications
48 8,904,273 System and method of format specification
49 8,904,269 Creating accessible, translatable multimedia presentations
50 8,904,267 Retrieving slide show content from presentation documents
51 8,904,261 Data management in solid state storage devices
52 8,904,246 Variable acknowledge rate to reduce bus contention in presence of communication errors
53 8,904,240 Monitoring and resolving deadlocks, contention, runaway CPU and other virtual machine production issues
54 8,904,238 System and method for capturing logging information
55 8,904,236 High quality logic verification stress test generation using two-stage randomization
56 8,904,224 Providing replication and fail-over as a network service in data centers
57 8,904,213 Saving power by managing the state of inactive computing devices according to specific constraints
58 8,904,208 Run-time task-level dynamic energy management
59 8,904,204 Managing computing resources through aggregated core management
60 8,904,185 Presence sensing information security
61 8,904,178 System and method for secure remote access
62 8,904,174 System, method and computer program product for product license management
63 8,904,159 Methods and systems for enabling control to a hypervisor in a cloud computing environment
64 8,904,153 Vector loads with multiple vector elements from a same cache line in a scattered load operation
65 8,904,151 Method and apparatus for the dynamic identification and merging of instructions for execution on a wide datapath
66 8,904,145 Adjusting memory allocation of a partition using compressed memory paging statistics
67 8,904,143 Obtaining additional data storage from another data storage system
68 8,904,139 Migrating virtual machines across sites
69 8,904,131 Automated migration to a new copy services target storage system to manage multiple relationships simultaneously while maintaining disaster recovery consistency
70 8,904,130 Performing a data write on a storage device
71 8,904,127 Performing a data write on a storage device
72 8,904,123 Transferring learning metadata between storage servers having clusters via copy services operations on a shared virtual logical unit that stores the learning metadata
73 8,904,122 Self-adjusting SCSI storage port queue
74 8,904,118 Mechanisms for efficient intra-die/intra-chip collective messaging
75 8,904,113 Virtual machine exclusive caching
76 8,904,106 Parallel block allocation for declustered logical disks
77 8,904,102 Process identifier-based cache information transfer
78 8,904,100 Process identifier-based cache data transfer
79 8,904,064 Managing an out-of-order asynchronous heterogeneous remote direct memory access (RDMA) message queue
80 8,904,058 Selecting direct memory access engines in an adaptor input/output (I/O) requests received at the adaptor
81 8,904,053 Input/output port rotation in a storage area network device
82 8,904,044 Adapting compression techniques over data based on context
83 8,904,037 Efficient data transfer within a virtual network
84 8,904,018 Browser start pages based on remote content
85 8,904,014 Content delivery mechanisms for multicast communication
86 8,904,006 In-flight block map for a clustered redirect-on-write filesystem
87 8,904,002 Reducing overhead in component interactions
88 8,903,996 Operating cloud computing services and cloud computing information system
89 8,903,993 Performance analysis using anonymous aggregated data
90 8,903,981 Method and system for achieving better efficiency in a client grid using node resource usage and tracking
91 8,903,968 Distributed computing environment
92 8,903,967 Out-of-band management of third party adapter configuration settings in a computing system
93 8,903,966 Re-programming programmable hardware devices without system downtime
94 8,903,961 Method and system for communication sessions
95 8,903,956 On-demand virtual storage capacity
96 8,903,953 Event media file discovery
97 8,903,949 Systems and methods of specifying service level criteria
98 8,903,926 Online social network handle type ahead enhancement
99 8,903,924 Aggregating data in electronic communications
100 8,903,923 Methods and apparatus for system monitoring
101 8,903,919 Dynamic integration of application input and output in an instant messaging/chat session
102 8,903,916 Method, system, and computer-readable medium to render repeatable data objects streamed over a network
103 8,903,915 Sharing virtual space in a virtual universe
104 8,903,911 Using text summaries of images to conduct bandwidth sensitive status updates
105 8,903,893 Diagnostic heartbeating in a distributed data processing environment
106 8,903,889 Method, system and article for mobile metadata software agent in a data-centric computing environment
107 8,903,887 Extracting web services from resources using a web services resources programming model
108 8,903,883 Apparatus, system, and method for pattern-based archiving of business events
109 8,903,882 Method and data processing unit for calculating at least one multiply-sum of two carry-less multiplications of two input operands, data processing program and computer program product
110 8,903,879 Processing Kalman filter
111 8,903,866 Handling out-of-sequence data in a streaming environment
112 8,903,865 Registration of CIM agent to management agent and system
113 8,903,847 Digital media voice tags in social networks
114 8,903,844 Providing effective interactive query suggestions without query logs
115 8,903,840 System and method for launching a specific program from a simple click on a string of characters
116 8,903,831 Rejecting rows when scanning a collision chain
117 8,903,824 Vertex-proximity query processing
118 8,903,814 Indexing timestamp with time zone value
119 8,903,813 Context-based electronic document search using a synthetic event
120 8,903,809 Contextual search history in collaborative archives
121 8,903,787 Intelligent resoluton of codes in a classification system
122 8,903,786 Intelligent resolution of codes in a classification system
123 8,903,785 Baselines over indexed, versioned data
124 8,903,781 Real-time selection of compression operations
125 8,903,780 Method for synchronization and management of system activities with locally installed applications
126 8,903,776 Caching socket connections while ensuring that there are file descriptors available for the applications
127 8,903,775 Using a heartbeat signal to maintain data consistency for writes to source storage copied to target storage
128 8,903,769 Adaptive edge processing of application data
129 8,903,768 Method and system for synchronization and management of system activities with locally installed applications
130 8,903,765 Machine change history tracking process for ERP applications
131 8,903,764 Enhanced reliability in deduplication technology over storage clouds
132 8,903,763 Method, system, and program product for transferring document attributes
133 8,903,762 Modeling data exchange in a data flow of an extract, transform, and load (ETL) process
134 8,903,760 Method and system for information workflows
135 8,903,755 Implementing meta rules on an executable rule engine
136 8,903,754 Programmatically identifying branding within assets
137 8,903,748 Systems and methods for large-scale randomized optimization for problems with decomposable loss functions
138 8,903,743 Cryptographic prescription system
139 8,903,726 Voice entry of sensitive information
140 8,903,715 High bandwidth parsing of data encoding languages
141 8,903,710 Synchro translation verification test for software applications
142 8,903,707 Predicting pronouns of dropped pronoun style languages for natural language translation
143 8,903,702 Generating specifications for expression language expressions and tag libraries
144 8,903,700 Concretization of abstracted traces
145 8,903,697 Solutions for modeling spatially correlated variations in an integrated circuit
146 8,903,691 Linking graphical user interface testing tools and human performance modeling to enable usability assessment
147 8,903,690 Linking graphical user interface testing tools and human performance modeling to enable usability assessment
148 8,903,559 Energy grid device commissioning
149 8,903,557 Managing waste water discharge of a computing system
150 8,903,556 Managing waste water discharge of a computing system
151 8,903,551 Sensor-swarm environmental event detection
152 8,903,539 Efficient distribution and selection of storage media in a storage medium library
153 8,903,538 Efficient movement of storage media in a storage media library
154 8,903,531 Characterizing laminate shape
155 8,903,363 Determining an availability status of a contact being called
156 8,903,360 Mobile device validation
157 8,903,219 Auditing video analytics through essence generation
158 8,903,210 Vertical bend waveguide coupler for photonics applications
159 8,903,198 Image ranking based on attribute correlation
160 8,903,180 Security screening image analysis simplification through object pattern identification
161 8,903,179 Adjusting application properties
162 8,903,178 Adjusting application properties
163 8,903,096 Security key distribution in a cluster
164 8,903,090 Securely classifying data
165 8,903,083 Fast evaluation of many polynomials with small coefficients on the same point
166 8,903,052 Voice print tagging of interactive voice response sessions
167 8,902,899 Input buffered switching device including bypass logic
168 8,902,896 Packet switching without look-up table for ethernet switches
169 8,902,892 Collective network routing
170 8,902,890 Memory saving packet modification
171 8,902,886 Canonicalization of network protocol headers
172 8,902,792 Forming a convex polygon of mobile sensors
173 8,902,790 Method and apparatus for operating a network mapping tool to perform host discovery
174 8,902,759 TRILL shortest path first implementation
175 8,902,755 Discovering network topology from routing information
176 8,902,750 Translating between an ethernet protocol and a converged enhanced ethernet protocol
177 8,902,694 Integrity check of measured signal trace data
178 8,902,690 Decoding scheme for bipolar-based diode three-dimensional memory requiring unipolar programming
179 8,902,683 Memory access alignment in a double data rate (`DDR`) system
180 8,902,681 Setting a reference voltage in a memory controller trained to a memory device
181 8,902,679 Memory array with on and off-state wordline voltages having different temperature coefficients
182 8,902,626 Pinning magnetic domain walls in a magnetic domain shift register memory device
183 8,902,611 Integrated circuit retention mechanism with retractable cover
184 8,902,605 Adapter for plated through hole mounting of surface mount component
185 8,902,537 High density timing based servo format
186 8,902,532 Write avoidance areas around bad blocks on a hard disk drive platter
187 8,902,531 Dynamically controlling tape velocity
188 8,902,528 Quasi-statically tilted head having dilated transducer pitch
189 8,902,252 Digital image selection in a surface computing device
190 8,902,183 Display devices and methods for detecting user-intended touch input
191 8,902,156 Intelligent real-time display selection in a multi-display computer system
192 8,902,090 Compressing and decompressing signal data
193 8,902,087 Data decompression utilizing pre-expanded dictionaries during decompression
194 8,901,959 Hybrid IO cell for wirebond and C4 applications
195 8,901,946 Identifying a signal on a printed circuit board under test
196 8,901,897 Operating a DC-DC converter
197 8,901,744 Hybrid copper interconnect structure and method of fabricating same
198 8,901,741 Interconnect structures with engineered dielectrics with nanocolumnar porosity
199 8,901,738 Method of manufacturing an enhanced electromigration performance hetero-junction bipolar transistor
200 8,901,713 Extremely thin semiconductor-on-insulator with back gate contact
201 8,901,711 Horizontal metal-insulator-metal capacitor
202 8,901,710 Interdigitated capacitors with a zero quadratic voltage coefficient of capacitance or zero linear temperature coefficient of capacitance
203 8,901,706 Thermally stable high-K tetragonal HFO.sub.2 layer within high aspect ratio deep trenches
204 8,901,695 High efficiency solar cells fabricated by inexpensive PECVD
205 8,901,689 Graphene photodetector
206 8,901,685 Magnetic materials having superparamagnetic particles
207 8,901,680 Graphene pressure sensors
208 8,901,676 Lateral extended drain metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (LEDMOSFET) having a high drain-to-body breakdown voltage (Vb), a method of forming an LEDMOSFET, and a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) incorporating a complementary pair of LEDMOSFETs
209 8,901,674 Scaling of metal gate with aluminum containing metal layer for threshold voltage shift
210 8,901,672 Transistor having all-around source/drain metal contact channel stressor and method to fabricate same
211 8,901,670 Semiconductor device including multiple metal semiconductor alloy region and a gate structure covered by a continuous encapsulating layer
212 8,901,667 High performance non-planar semiconductor devices with metal filled inter-fin gaps
213 8,901,664 High-K/metal gate CMOS finFET with improved pFET threshold voltage
214 8,901,662 CMOS structures and methods for improving yield
215 8,901,659 Tapered nanowire structure with reduced off current
216 8,901,655 Diode structure for gate all around silicon nanowire technologies
217 8,901,654 Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) field effect transistor with buried epitaxial active regions
218 8,901,626 Self-aligned contacts for field effect transistor devices
219 8,901,621 Nanochannel process and structure for bio-detection
220 8,901,619 Asymmetric FinFET devices
221 8,901,616 Gate stack including a high-K gate dielectric that is optimized for low voltage applications
222 8,901,576 Silicon photonics wafer using standard silicon-on-insulator processes through substrate removal or transfer
223 8,901,566 High performance stress-enhanced MOSFETs using Si:C and SiGe epitaxial source/drain and method of manufacture
224 8,901,529 Memory array with self-aligned epitaxially grown memory elements and annular FET
225 8,901,414 Photovoltaic cells with copper grid
226 8,901,410 Generating power from heat produced by an electronic system
227 8,901,006 ARC residue-free etching
228 8,901,005 Method for simultaneously forming features of different depths in a semiconductor substrate
229 8,900,990 System and method of combining damascenes and subtract metal etch for advanced back end of line interconnections
230 8,900,988 Method for forming self-aligned airgap interconnect structures
231 8,900,978 Methods for making a semiconductor device with shaped source and drain recesses and related devices
232 8,900,975 Nanopore sensor device
233 8,900,973 Method to enable compressively strained pFET channel in a FinFET structure by implant and thermal diffusion
234 8,900,964 Inductors and wiring structures fabricated with limited wiring material
235 8,900,961 Selective deposition of germanium spacers on nitride
236 8,900,959 Non-replacement gate nanomesh field effect transistor with pad regions
237 8,900,954 Blanket short channel roll-up implant with non-angled long channel compensating implant through patterned opening
238 8,900,952 Gate stack including a high-k gate dielectric that is optimized for low voltage applications
239 8,900,951 Gate-all-around nanowire MOSFET and method of formation
240 8,900,936 FinFET device having reduce capacitance, access resistance, and contact resistance
241 8,900,935 Deposition on a nanowire using atomic layer deposition
242 8,900,934 FinFET devices containing merged epitaxial Fin-containing contact regions
243 8,900,927 Multichip electronic packages and methods of manufacture
244 8,900,918 Graphene channel-based devices and methods for fabrication thereof
245 8,900,885 Wafer bonding misalignment reduction
246 8,900,802 Positive tone organic solvent developed chemically amplified resist
247 8,900,730 Method of fabricating graded media
248 8,900,538 Doped, passivated graphene nanomesh, method of making the doped, passivated graphene nanomesh, and semiconductor device including the doped, passivated graphene nanomesh
249 8,900,503 Method of forming an overmolded dual in-line memory module cooling structure
250 8,900,491 Flame retardant filler
251 8,900,040 System and method to redirect and/or reduce airflow using actuators
252 8,900,008 Universal press-fit connection for printed circuit boards
253 8,900,004 Slim line mechanism
254 8,899,343 Replacing contiguous breakpoints with control words
255 8,899,060 Methods and apparatus for cooling electronics
256 8,899,052 Thermoelectric-enhanced, refrigeration cooling of an electronic component
257 8,898,881 Robotic safety stop for automated storage library