IBM patents granted on 02 February 2016

358 US patents granted on 02 February 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,253,930 Method to route airflow through dynamically changing ducts
2 9,253,929 Cooling host module
3 9,253,923 Fabricating thermal transfer and coolant-cooled structures for cooling electronics card(s)
4 9,253,921 Coolant-conditioning unit with automated control of coolant flow valves
5 9,253,874 Printed circuit board having DC blocking dielectric waveguide vias
6 9,253,822 Phase change material variable capacitor
7 9,253,737 Decreasing battery power consumption in mobile communication devices
8 9,253,684 Avoiding redundant transmissions of data during multimedia mobile phone communications
9 9,253,683 Utilizing stored data to reduce packet data loss in a mobile data network with data breakout at the edge
10 9,253,644 Pushing secure notifications to mobile computing devices
11 9,253,618 Global mobility infrastructure for user devices
12 9,253,612 System and method of creating and providing SMS http tagging
13 9,253,610 Systems and methods of networking enhancements using location based services
14 9,253,443 Filtering video for video telephony and video conferencing
15 9,253,434 Method and apparatus for tagging media with identity of creator or scene
16 9,253,433 Method and apparatus for tagging media with identity of creator or scene
17 9,253,330 Automatically record and reschedule conference calls for playback based upon calendar invitations and presence monitoring
18 9,253,328 Unified communications using called party location
19 9,253,327 Unified communications using called party location
20 9,253,304 Voice communication management
21 9,253,279 Preemptive caching of data
22 9,253,278 Using entity tags (ETags) in a hierarchical HTTP proxy cache to reduce network traffic
23 9,253,275 Cognitive dynamic allocation in caching appliances
24 9,253,256 Automatic multipath iSCSI session establishment over an arbitrary network topology
25 9,253,253 Techniques for assigning user workloads to application servers
26 9,253,218 Interface for connecting a network element to a session initiation protocol application server
27 9,253,217 Authentication policy usage for authenticating a user
28 9,253,213 Query flow reconstruction in database activity monitoring systems
29 9,253,210 Policy-based dynamic information flow control on mobile devices
30 9,253,209 Policy-based dynamic information flow control on mobile devices
31 9,253,204 Generating accurate preemptive security device policy tuning recommendations
32 9,253,189 Generating weights for biometric tokens in probabilistic matching systems
33 9,253,179 Managing security restrictions on a resource in a defined environment
34 9,253,157 Dynamically defining rules for network access
35 9,253,156 Dynamically defining network access rules
36 9,253,151 Managing authentication requests when accessing networks
37 9,253,146 Preventing duplicate sources from clients served by a network address port translator
38 9,253,144 Client-driven load balancing of dynamic IP address allocation
39 9,253,138 Filtering message posts in a social network
40 9,253,132 Intelligently route message requests
41 9,253,129 Instant messaging with browser collaboration
42 9,253,128 Instant messaging with browser collaboration
43 9,253,125 Managing a messaging state across multiple clients
44 9,253,114 Pre-provisioning virtual machines in a networked computing environment
45 9,253,107 Data communications in a distributed computing environment
46 9,253,096 Bypassing congestion points in a converged enhanced ethernet fabric
47 9,253,077 Parallel top-K simple shortest paths discovery
48 9,253,076 Synchronization of load-balancing switches
49 9,253,070 Predicted outputs in a streaming environment
50 9,253,069 Method and system for testing configuration of environments
51 9,253,061 Tunnel health check mechanism in overlay network
52 9,253,059 Deploying an executable with historical performance data
53 9,253,058 Deploying an executable with historical performance data
54 9,253,057 Evaluation of performance of software applications
55 9,253,056 System to enhance performance, throughput and reliability of an existing cloud offering
56 9,253,055 Transparently enforcing policies in hadoop-style processing infrastructures
57 9,253,053 Transparently enforcing policies in hadoop-style processing infrastructures
58 9,253,048 Releasing computing infrastructure components in a networked computing environment
59 9,253,046 Controlling the state of duplexing of coupling facility structures
60 9,253,035 Reducing switch state size in flow-based networks
61 9,253,028 Software-defined networking tunneling extensions
62 9,253,026 Software-defined networking disaster recovery
63 9,253,023 Network management system with a switchable flood revention mode pregarding fault events for a managed device
64 9,253,020 Web service interaction in a dynamically extensible business application
65 9,253,017 Management of a data network of a computing environment
66 9,253,016 Management of a data network of a computing environment
67 9,253,004 Apparatus and method for signal phase control in an integrated radio circuit
68 9,252,975 Computer-implemented method, tool, and program product for automatically replying to an instant message
69 9,252,965 Directed route load/store packets for distributed switch initialization
70 9,252,954 Efficient homomorphic encryption scheme for bilinear forms
71 9,252,953 Instruction for performing a pseudorandom number generate operation
72 9,252,949 Broadcast encryption based media key block security class-based signing
73 9,252,948 Broadcast encryption based media key block security class-based signing
74 9,252,944 Key wrapping for common cryptographic architecture (CCA) key token
75 9,252,922 System and method for improved error response in data mirroring
76 9,252,815 Extension of product codes with applications to tape and parallel channels
77 9,252,814 Combined group ECC protection and subgroup parity protection
78 9,252,805 Parallel huffman decoder
79 9,252,804 Re-aligning a compressed data array
80 9,252,794 Frequency calibration with real-time resistor trimming
81 9,252,788 Phase error detection in phase lock loop and delay lock loop devices
82 9,252,785 Clock recovery for a data receiving unit
83 9,252,745 Whitening filter configuration method, program, and system
84 9,252,733 Switchable filters and design structures
85 9,252,574 Method for inserting and removing cables
86 9,252,537 Retaining an electrical cable to a power strip
87 9,252,304 Solution processing of kesterite semiconductors
88 9,252,243 Gate structure integration scheme for fin field effect transistors
89 9,252,242 Semiconductor structure with deep trench thermal conduction
90 9,252,234 Partially-blocked well implant to improve diode ideality with SiGe anode
91 9,252,229 Inversion thickness reduction in high-k gate stacks formed by replacement gate processes
92 9,252,215 Constrained epitaxial source/drain regions on semiconductor-on-insulator finFET device
93 9,252,201 Method of forming back-end-of-line planar resistor
94 9,252,157 Method to form group III-V and Si/Ge FINFET on insulator and integrated circuit fabricated using the method
95 9,252,146 Work function adjustment by carbon implant in semiconductor devices including gate structure
96 9,252,145 Independent gate vertical FinFET structure
97 9,252,121 Thermal interface material on package
98 9,252,120 Copper post solder bumps on substrates
99 9,252,101 Packages for three-dimensional die stacks
100 9,252,100 Multiple-patterned semiconductor device channels
101 9,252,083 Semiconductor chip with power gating through silicon vias
102 9,252,072 Assembly including plural through wafer vias, method of cooling the assembly and method of fabricating the assembly
103 9,252,071 Assembly including plural through wafer vias, method of cooling the assembly and method of fabricating the assembly
104 9,252,053 Self-aligned contact structure
105 9,252,052 Dual shallow trench isolation liner for preventing electrical shorts
106 9,252,051 Method for top oxide rounding with protection of patterned features
107 9,252,050 Method to improve semiconductor surfaces and polishing
108 9,252,044 Shallow trench isolation for end fin variation control
109 9,252,029 Thermal interface material on package
110 9,252,018 High-k/metal gate transistor with L-shaped gate encapsulation layer
111 9,251,948 High efficiency on-chip 3D transformer structure
112 9,251,913 Infrastructure for performance based chip-to-chip stacking
113 9,251,909 Background threshold voltage shifting using base and delta threshold voltage shift values in flash memory
114 9,251,894 Accessing a resistive memory storage device
115 9,251,884 Non-volatile, piezoelectronic memory based on piezoresistive strain produced by piezoelectric remanence
116 9,251,869 Deep sleep wakeup of multi-bank memory
117 9,251,847 Damping structure for tape head system
118 9,251,843 Iterative data storage read channel architecture having dropout mitigation
119 9,251,840 Dynamically controlling tape velocity
120 9,251,838 Apparatus and method for controlling transportation of tape medium
121 9,251,828 Servo control
122 9,251,827 Servo pattern of a tape storage medium
123 9,251,821 Attenuation of a pitch mode for actuator assemblies having multiple degrees of freedom
124 9,251,811 Symbol timing recovery scheme for parallel recording channel systems
125 9,251,810 Methods and systems for utilizing sensor resistance for detecting damage to magnetoresistive sensors
126 9,251,805 Method for processing speech of particular speaker, electronic system for the same, and program for electronic system
127 9,251,784 Regularized feature space discrimination adaptation
128 9,251,688 Attachment detection
129 9,251,685 System and method for medical diagnosis using geospatial location data integrated with biomedical sensor information
130 9,251,545 Rights management for content aggregators
131 9,251,537 Customization of an e-commerce display for a social network platform
132 9,251,522 Pixel cluster transit monitoring for detecting click fraud
133 9,251,517 Optimizing service factors for computing resources in a networked computing environment
134 9,251,507 Reducing email message size
135 9,251,505 Network contact management
136 9,251,499 System, method, and apparatus for preservation of accessibility and serviceability information
137 9,251,497 Dynamic binding of process patterns in a method architecture
138 9,251,496 Light pulse object identification
139 9,251,491 Performance-aware enterprise components
140 9,251,490 Aggregating business analytics architecture and configurator
141 9,251,489 Node-pair process scope definition adaptation
142 9,251,484 Predicting likelihood of on-time product delivery, diagnosing issues that threaten delivery, and exploration of likely outcome of different solutions
143 9,251,477 Online registration and block tracking for travel wholesalers, agencies and hotels
144 9,251,476 Managing calendar conflicts
145 9,251,475 Selecting strangers for information spreading on a social network
146 9,251,474 Reward based ranker array for question answer system
147 9,251,469 Dynamic load balancing based on question difficulty
148 9,251,466 Driving an interactive decision service from a forward-chaining rule engine
149 9,251,462 Emotion script generating, experiencing, and emotion interaction
150 9,251,461 Interactive method to reduce the amount of tradeoff information required from decision makers in multi-attribute decision making under uncertainty
151 9,251,460 Guiding metaheuristic to search for best of worst
152 9,251,434 Techniques for spatial semantic attribute matching for location identification
153 9,251,433 Techniques for spatial semantic attribute matching for location identification
154 9,251,425 Object retrieval in video data using complementary detectors
155 9,251,386 Transceiver locking assembly
156 9,251,382 Mapping encrypted and decrypted data via key management system
157 9,251,376 Method and system to warn the user in the event of potential confidential document security violations
158 9,251,368 Provisioning transient-controlled secure environments for viewing sensitive data
159 9,251,357 Scalable precomputation system for host-opaque processing of encrypted databases
160 9,251,355 Field level database encryption using a transient key
161 9,251,352 Quantitative analysis of information leakage vulnerabilities
162 9,251,349 Virtual machine migration
163 9,251,345 Detecting malicious use of computer resources by tasks running on a computer system
164 9,251,339 Core dump privacy during application failure
165 9,251,338 Scalable, highly available, dynamically reconfigurable cryptographic provider with quality-of-service control built from commodity backend providers
166 9,251,337 Scalable, highly available, dynamically reconfigurable cryptographic provider with quality-of-service control built from commodity backend providers
167 9,251,330 Secure management of a smart card
168 9,251,328 User identification using multifaceted footprints
169 9,251,323 Secure access to a plurality of systems of a distributed computer system by entering passwords
170 9,251,318 System and method for the designation of items in a virtual universe
171 9,251,308 Simulation method, system, and program
172 9,251,304 Circuit design evaluation with compact multi-waveform representations
173 9,251,295 Data filtering using filter icons
174 9,251,294 Method and system for approximate string matching
175 9,251,293 Determining common table definitions in distributed databases
176 9,251,287 Automatic detection of item lists within a web page
177 9,251,286 Form attachment metadata generation
178 9,251,281 Web browsing using placemarks and contextual relationships in a data processing system
179 9,251,277 Mining trajectory for spatial temporal analytics
180 9,251,275 Data clustering and user modeling for next-best-action decisions
181 9,251,274 Grouping search results into a profile page
182 9,251,273 Delivering a filtered search result
183 9,251,270 Grouping search results into a profile page
184 9,251,269 Accounting for authorship in a web log search engine
185 9,251,266 Assisting users in searching for tagged content based on historical usage patterns
186 9,251,259 Harmonizing webpage information
187 9,251,257 Deleting a file on reading of the file
188 9,251,246 Conformed dimensional and context-based data gravity wells
189 9,251,245 Generating mappings between a plurality of taxonomies
190 9,251,241 Self provisioning and applying role-based security to teamspaces in content repositories
191 9,251,237 User-specific synthetic context object matching
192 9,251,236 Document synchronization solution
193 9,251,233 Merging an out of synchronization indicator and a change recording indicator in response to a failure in consistency group formation
194 9,251,231 Merging an out of synchronization indicator and a change recording indicator in response to a failure in consistency group formation
195 9,251,230 Exchanging locations of an out of synchronization indicator and a change recording indicator via pointers
196 9,251,227 Intelligently provisioning cloud information services
197 9,251,226 Data integration using automated data processing based on target metadata
198 9,251,222 Abstracted dynamic report definition generation for use within information technology infrastructure
199 9,251,219 Tunable hardware sort engine for performing composite sorting algorithms
200 9,251,218 Tunable hardware sort engine for performing composite sorting algorithms
201 9,251,213 Estimating error propagation for database optimizers
202 9,251,209 Autonomic caching for in memory data grid query processing
203 9,251,208 Information theory based result merging for searching hierarchical entities across heterogeneous data sources
204 9,251,205 Streaming delay patterns in a streaming environment
205 9,251,187 Metadata-driven version management service in pervasive environment
206 9,251,184 Processing of destructive schema changes in database management systems
207 9,251,183 Managing tenant-specific data sets in a multi-tenant environment
208 9,251,182 Supplementing structured information about entities with information from unstructured data sources
209 9,251,181 Dynamic map template discovery and map creation
210 9,251,180 Supplementing structured information about entities with information from unstructured data sources
211 9,251,179 Managing record location lookup caching in a relational database
212 9,251,165 End to end automation of application deployment
213 9,251,158 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
214 9,251,154 Priority based reliability mechanism for archived data
215 9,251,146 Altering relevancy of a document and/or a search query
216 9,251,145 Content management
217 9,251,143 Converting data into natural language form
218 9,251,140 Determining similarity of unfielded names using feature assignments
219 9,251,137 Method of text type-ahead
220 9,251,136 Document tagging and retrieval using entity specifiers
221 9,251,135 Correcting N-gram probabilities by page view information
222 9,251,133 Approximate named-entity extraction
223 9,251,132 Method and apparatus for tagging a document
224 9,251,128 Replacing a designated character string, or styling within the designated scope of tagged edited content in a document
225 9,251,127 Managing locally initiated electronic mail attached documents
226 9,251,125 Managing text in documents based on a log of research corresponding to the text
227 9,251,118 Scheduling computation processes including all-to-all communications (A2A) for pipelined parallel processing among plurality of processor nodes constituting network of n-dimensional space
228 9,251,116 Direct interthread communication dataport pack/unpack and load/save
229 9,251,111 Command rate configuration in data processing system
230 9,251,108 Managing access to shared buffer resources
231 9,251,106 Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues
232 9,251,104 Automatically changing application priority as a function of a number of people proximate to a peripheral device
233 9,251,101 Bitmap locking using a nodal lock
234 9,251,100 Bitmap locking using a nodal lock
235 9,251,093 Managing the translation look-aside buffer (TLB) of an emulated machine
236 9,251,092 Hybrid address translation
237 9,251,091 Translation look-aside table management
238 9,251,089 System supporting multiple partitions with differing translation formats
239 9,251,085 Performing a clear operation absent host intervention
240 9,251,082 Sending data of read requests to a client in a networked client-server architecture
241 9,251,080 Managing processor thread access to cache memory using lock attributes
242 9,251,079 Managing processor thread access to cache memory using lock attributes
243 9,251,078 Acquiring remote shared variable directory information in a parallel computer
244 9,251,076 Epoch-based recovery for coherent attached processor proxy
245 9,251,075 Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
246 9,251,074 Enabling hardware transactional memory to work more efficiently with readers that can tolerate stale data
247 9,251,054 Implementing enhanced reliability of systems utilizing dual port DRAM
248 9,251,050 Apparatus and method for resource alerts
249 9,251,048 Memory page management
250 9,251,045 Control flow error localization
251 9,251,044 Automating responses to expressions from an executing computer program
252 9,251,043 Managed runtime enabling condition percolation
253 9,251,042 Managed runtime enabling condition percolation
254 9,251,040 Remote debugging in a cloud computing environment
255 9,251,038 Registration-based remote debug watch and modify
256 9,251,028 Managing code instrumentation in a production computer program
257 9,251,023 Implementing automated memory address recording in constrained random test generation for verification of processor hardware designs
258 9,251,022 System level architecture verification for transaction execution in a multi-processing environment
259 9,251,018 Enhanced recovery of highly available computing systems
260 9,251,017 Handling failed cluster members when replicating a database between clusters
261 9,251,014 Redundant transactions for detection of timing sensitive errors
262 9,251,010 Caching backed-up data locally until successful replication
263 9,251,008 Client object replication between a first backup server and a second backup server
264 9,250,991 Efficient reduction of read disturb errors
265 9,250,989 Expander to control multipaths in a storage network
266 9,250,988 Virtualization-based environments for problem resolution
267 9,250,987 Administering incomplete data communications messages in a parallel computer
268 9,250,985 Dynamic user interface aggregation through smart eventing with non-instantiated content
269 9,250,982 Automatically deriving a command for starting a program in an operating system of a computer
270 9,250,981 Automatically deriving a command for starting a program in an operating system of a computer
271 9,250,980 System, method, program, and code generation unit
272 9,250,979 Asynchronous grace-period primitives for user-space applications
273 9,250,978 Asynchronous grace-period primitives for user-space applications
274 9,250,977 Tiered locking of resources
275 9,250,976 Tiered locking of resources
276 9,250,975 Elastic and scalable publish/subscribe service
277 9,250,972 Orchestrated peer-to-peer server provisioning
278 9,250,965 Resource allocation for migration within a multi-tiered system
279 9,250,964 Concurrent computing with reduced locking requirements for shared data
280 9,250,962 Optimizing energy use in a data center by workload scheduling and management
281 9,250,960 Planning execution of tasks with dependency resolution
282 9,250,951 Techniques for attesting data processing systems
283 9,250,950 Conditionally updating shared variable directory (SVD) information in a parallel computer
284 9,250,949 Establishing a group of endpoints to support collective operations without specifying unique identifiers for any endpoints
285 9,250,948 Establishing a group of endpoints in a parallel computer
286 9,250,947 Determining placement fitness for partitions under a hypervisor
287 9,250,944 Selection of virtual machines from pools of pre-provisioned virtual machines in a networked computing environment
288 9,250,942 Hardware emulation using on-the-fly virtualization
289 9,250,939 Information processing device, profile target determining program, and method
290 9,250,936 Enhanced array class
291 9,250,921 Selection of a primary microprocessor for initialization of a multiprocessor system
292 9,250,920 Initializing processor cores in a multiprocessor system
293 9,250,917 Auto-cloudifying applications via runtime modifications
294 9,250,916 Chaining between exposed vector pipelines
295 9,250,915 Operand fetching control as a function of branch confidence
296 9,250,913 Collision-based alternate hashing
297 9,250,912 Fast index tree for accelerated branch prediction
298 9,250,909 Fast index tree for accelerated branch prediction
299 9,250,904 Modify and execute sequential instruction facility and instructions therefor
300 9,250,902 Determining the status of run-time-instrumentation controls
301 9,250,899 Method and apparatus for spatial register partitioning with a multi-bit cell register file
302 9,250,896 Automated shutdown methodology for a tiered system
303 9,250,895 Establishing subsystem boundaries based on call flow graph topology
304 9,250,892 Self-diagnosing systems using matrix barcodes
305 9,250,889 Assigning severity to a software update
306 9,250,888 Migration package for updating multiple software products
307 9,250,886 Optimizing provisioning workflows in cloud computing
308 9,250,881 Selection of an entry point of a function having multiple entry points
309 9,250,880 Method for obtaining execution frequency information on execution paths in control flow graph, and computer and computer program for obtaining the information
310 9,250,879 Strength reduction compiler optimizations
311 9,250,876 Building reusable function summaries for frequently visited methods to optimize data-flow analysis
312 9,250,875 Table of contents pointer value save and restore placeholder positioning
313 9,250,870 Automated creation of shim programs and interfaces
314 9,250,865 Selective speculative class-based optimization
315 9,250,864 Relationship management for data modeling in an integrated development environment
316 9,250,860 Automatically preventing large block writes from starving small block writes in a storage device
317 9,250,858 Dual-buffer serialization and consumption of variable-length data records produced by multiple parallel threads
318 9,250,857 Optimization of native buffer accesses in Java applications on hybrid systems
319 9,250,852 Screen output system that prevents the display of selected information
320 9,250,825 Cluster families for cluster selection and cooperative replication
321 9,250,821 Recovering data in a logical object utilizing an inferred recovery list
322 9,250,818 Transferring learning metadata between storage servers having clusters via copy services operations on a shared virtual logical unit that stores the learning metadata
323 9,250,816 Adaptive reference tuning for endurance enhancement of non-volatile memories
324 9,250,815 DRAM controller for variable refresh operation timing
325 9,250,812 Leveraging a hybrid infrastructure for dynamic memory allocation and persistent file storage
326 9,250,810 Priority based depopulation of storage ranks
327 9,250,808 Data storage and moving of relatively infrequently accessed data among storage of different types
328 9,250,792 Method, apparatus and computer program to designate content retrieval on an interactive display
329 9,250,784 Event visualization and control
330 9,250,776 Maximizing information consumption in embedded experience apps/pop-ups and newsfeed/activity streams
331 9,250,773 Accessible chart navigation using object neighborhood
332 9,250,760 Customizing a dashboard responsive to usage activity
333 9,250,738 Method and system for assigning the position of a touchpad device
334 9,250,702 Facilitating search for items in 3D simulations
335 9,250,680 Method and apparatus for power-efficiency management in a virtualized cluster system
336 9,250,668 Decoupled power and performance allocation in a multiprocessing system
337 9,250,667 Early detection of overheating devices
338 9,250,666 Scalable data collection for system management
339 9,250,663 System and method for dynamically modeling data center partitions
340 9,250,655 Changing a display mode for a graphical user interface
341 9,250,645 Circuit design for balanced logic stress
342 9,250,636 Coolant and ambient temperature control for chillerless liquid cooled data centers
343 9,250,535 Source, target and mask optimization by incorporating countour based assessments and integration over process variations
344 9,250,529 Photoresist compositions and methods of use in high index immersion lithography
345 9,250,436 Transparency adjusting apparatus and display device having the same
346 9,250,393 Ferrule of multilayer waveguide connector
347 9,250,389 Graphene plasmonic communication link
348 9,250,289 System for electrical testing and manufacturing of a 3-D chip stack and method
349 9,250,254 Biosample cartridge with radial slots for storing biosample carriers and using in automated data storage systems
350 9,250,220 System for preventing undue bending of cables
351 9,250,207 Controlled translocation of macromolecules employing a funnel nanopore structure and a gel
352 9,250,206 Controlled translocation of macromolecules employing a funnel nanopore structure and a gel
353 9,250,204 Graphene sensor
354 9,250,192 Plated through hole void detection in printed circuit boards by detecting a pH-sensitive component
355 9,250,087 Identification of mobile device location
356 9,250,024 Pump-enhanced, sub-cooling of immersion-cooling fluid
357 9,249,937 Water outlet control system using sound variation
358 9,249,015 Mold for forming complex 3D MEMS components