IBM patents granted on 02 January 2007

25 US patents granted on 02 January 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,159,242 Secure IPsec tunnels with a background system accessible via a gateway implementing NAT
2 7,159,216 Method and apparatus for dispatching tasks in a non-uniform memory access (NUMA) computer system
3 7,159,150 Distributed storage system capable of restoring data in case of a storage failure
4 7,159,145 Built-in self test system and method
5 7,159,140 Method to transfer information between data storage devices
6 7,159,122 Message digest instructions
7 7,159,108 Anonymous peer-to-peer networking
8 7,159,095 Method of efficiently handling multiple page sizes in an effective to real address translation (ERAT) table
9 7,159,033 Router search system, router search method and router search program
10 7,159,005 Methods, systems and computer program products for restartable multiplexed file transfers
11 7,158,996 Method, system, and program for managing database operations with respect to a database table
12 7,158,969 Iterative data analysis process via query result augmentation and result data feedback
13 7,158,962 System and method for automatically linking items with multiple attributes to multiple levels of folders within a content management system
14 7,158,948 Method and apparatus for encoding transactions for goods and services using an e-receipt
15 7,158,925 Facilitating simulation of a model within a distributed environment
16 7,158,924 Dynamic loading of C-API HDL model instrumentation
17 7,158,892 Genomic messaging system
18 7,158,889 Gene finding using ordered sets
19 7,158,620 Telecommunications system for minimizing fees paid to telecommunications service providers by selecting the optimum provider for each telephone call from a group of available providers based upon tracked measurements of different sets of conditions determining providers’ fees
20 7,158,618 Apparatus and method for recording URL together with voice message in a browser equipped telephone
21 7,157,954 Semiconductor type two phase locked loop filter
22 7,157,373 Sidewall sealing of porous dielectric materials
23 7,157,341 Gate stacks
24 7,157,328 Selective etching to increase trench surface area
25 7,156,309 Smart book