IBM patents granted on 02 July 2013

131 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,479,287 Method and apparatus for spam message detection
2 8,479,271 Hosting edge applications at the edge of a mobile data network
3 8,479,268 Securing asynchronous client server transactions
4 8,479,261 Implementing electronic chip identification (ECID) exchange for network security
5 8,479,220 Automatically correlating transaction events
6 8,479,219 Allocating space in message queue for heterogeneous messages
7 8,479,216 Method for decentralized load distribution in an event-driven system using localized migration between physically connected nodes and load exchange protocol preventing simultaneous migration of plurality of tasks to or from a same node
8 8,479,215 Decentralized load distribution to reduce power and/or cooling costs in an event-driven system
9 8,479,212 System and method for dynamic rescheduling of multiple varying resources with user social mapping
10 8,479,210 Evenly distributing workload and providing a predictable failover scenario in a data replication system
11 8,479,206 Workload scheduling method and system with improved planned job duration updating scheme
12 8,479,203 Reducing processing overhead and storage cost by batching task records and converting to audit records
13 8,479,202 Method and system for autonomic application program spawning in a computing environment
14 8,479,200 Virtualizing the execution of homogeneous parallel systems on heterogeneous multiprocessor platforms
15 8,479,199 Nested virtualization performance in a computer system
16 8,479,196 Nested virtualization performance in a computer system
17 8,479,184 General purpose emit for use in value profiling
18 8,479,182 Program, apparatus, and method of optimizing a java object
19 8,479,181 Interactive capacity planning
20 8,479,173 Efficient and self-balancing verification of multi-threaded microprocessors
21 8,479,172 Virtual machine testing
22 8,479,166 Detecting locking discipline violations on shared resources
23 8,479,165 System for testing operation of software
24 8,479,164 Automated test execution plan generation
25 8,479,162 Method and apparatus for locating memory leak in a program
26 8,479,160 Debugging client-side code
27 8,479,159 System and method for automatically determining relationships between software artifacts using multiple evidence sources
28 8,479,158 Business information warehouse toolkit and language for warehousing simplification and automation
29 8,479,152 Representing non-functional requirements (NFRS) in unified modeling language (UML)
30 8,479,148 Computer method and apparatus for model transformation reapply
31 8,479,136 Decoupling capacitor insertion using hypergraph connectivity analysis
32 8,479,131 Method of determining FET source/drain wire, contact, and diffusion resistances in the presence of multiple contacts
33 8,479,105 Managing graphical user interface objects in a computing environment
34 8,479,103 Visualization of real-time social data informatics
35 8,479,079 Integrated data and header protection for tape drives
36 8,479,070 Integrated circuit arrangement for test inputs
37 8,479,062 Program disturb error logging and correction for flash memory
38 8,479,056 Intelligent rolling upgrade for data storage systems
39 8,479,055 Detecting and optimizing false sharing
40 8,479,050 Identifying access states for variables
41 8,479,047 Predictive monitoring with wavelet analysis
42 8,479,044 Method for determining a state associated with a transaction
43 8,479,041 Disaster recovery failback
44 8,479,036 Disaster recovery replication throttling in deduplication systems
45 8,479,009 Wearable time-bracketed video authentication
46 8,478,996 Secure Kerberized access of encrypted file system
47 8,478,985 Determining whether to encrypt outbound traffic
48 8,478,968 Synchronizing commands and dependencies in an asynchronous command queue
49 8,478,966 Query sampling information instruction
50 8,478,965 Cascaded accelerator functions
51 8,478,961 Dynamic migration of virtual machines based on workload cache demand profiling
52 8,478,954 Prioritizing subgroups in a consistency group
53 8,478,945 Dynamic management of destage tasks in a storage controller
54 8,478,940 Controlling simulation of a microprocessor instruction fetch unit through manipulation of instruction addresses
55 8,478,933 Systems and methods for performing deduplicated data processing on tape
56 8,478,923 Interrupt suppression by processing just first interrupt of a same type
57 8,478,922 Controlling a rate at which adapter interruption requests are processed
58 8,478,920 Controlling data stream interruptions on a shared interface
59 8,478,915 Determining extended capability of a channel path
60 8,478,894 Web application response cloaking
61 8,478,889 Real-time mining and reduction of streamed data
62 8,478,881 System and method for transferring large amount of data in web service transaction
63 8,478,879 Optimizing it infrastructure configuration
64 8,478,878 Placement of virtual machines based on server cost and network cost
65 8,478,875 Method and apparatus for adaptive in-operator load shedding
66 8,478,874 System and method for composition of stream processing service environments
67 8,478,863 Method for providing parallel augmented functionality for a virtual environment
68 8,478,847 Blocking a selected port prior to installation of an application
69 8,478,845 End-to-end provisioning of storage clouds
70 8,478,838 System and method for using a same program on a local system and a remote system
71 8,478,834 Low latency, high bandwidth data communications between compute nodes in a parallel computer
72 8,478,832 Checking destination email addresses against historical address information
73 8,478,831 System, method and program to limit rate of transferring messages from suspected spammers
74 8,478,810 Message hub apparatus, program product, and method
75 8,478,803 Management of logical statements in a distributed database environment
76 8,478,785 Measuring node proximity on graphs with side information
77 8,478,783 Ordering content in social networking applications
78 8,478,753 Prioritizing search for non-exact matching service description in service oriented architecture (SOA) service registry system with advanced search capability
79 8,478,741 Autonomic refresh of a materialized query table in a computer database
80 8,478,738 Object deallocation system and method
81 8,478,736 Pattern matching accelerator
82 8,478,733 Substitute function in projection list
83 8,478,732 Database aliasing in information access system
84 8,478,730 Scalable deduplication system with small blocks
85 8,478,713 Row-level security in a relational database management system
86 8,478,705 Portable data management using rule definitions
87 8,478,633 Method and apparatus of on demand business activity management using business performance management loops
88 8,478,631 Market segmentation analyses in virtual universes
89 8,478,629 System and method for collaborative management of enterprise risk
90 8,478,627 Method for reducing risk associated with a task
91 8,478,624 Quality of records containing service data
92 8,478,623 Automated derivation, design and execution of industry-specific information environment
93 8,478,618 Compensation data prediction
94 8,478,615 Meta data model for managing work products and deliverables
95 8,478,603 Method and system for monitoring and reporting to an operator greenhouse gas emission from a vehicle
96 8,478,598 Apparatus, system, and method for voice chat transcription
97 8,478,594 Systems and methods for automatically determining culture-based behavior in customer service interactions
98 8,478,588 Run-time simulation environment for voiceXML applications that simulates and automates user interaction
99 8,478,574 Tracking array data contents across three-valued read and write operations
100 8,478,048 Optimization of human activity determination from video
101 8,477,946 Method and apparatus for protecting encryption keys in a logically partitioned computer system environment
102 8,477,921 Managing participation in a teleconference by monitoring for use of an unrelated term used by a participant
103 8,477,896 Structure for window comparator circuit for clock data recovery from bipolar RZ data
104 8,477,833 Circuits and methods for DFE with reduced area and power consumption
105 8,477,787 Method for routing of messages within a data network
106 8,477,440 Tape recorder and tape recording that increases empty tape area without loss of necessary data
107 8,476,988 Structure, structure and method for providing an on-chip variable delay transmission line with fixed characteristic impedance
108 8,476,966 On-die voltage regulation using p-FET header devices with a feedback control loop
109 8,476,953 3D integrated circuit stack-wide synchronization circuit
110 8,476,945 Phase profile generator
111 8,476,773 Electrical interconnect structure
112 8,476,771 Configuration of connections in a 3D stack of integrated circuits
113 8,476,762 Ni plating of a BLM edge for Pb-free C4 undercut control
114 8,476,758 Airgap-containing interconnect structure with patternable low-k material and method of fabricating
115 8,476,753 Process for enhanced 3D integration and structures generated using the same
116 8,476,743 C-rich carbon boron nitride dielectric films for use in electronic devices
117 8,476,717 Semiconductor transistors having reduced distances between gate electrode regions
118 8,476,716 Band edge engineered Vt offset device
119 8,476,706 CMOS having a SiC/SiGe alloy stack
120 8,476,683 On-chip radiation dosimeter
121 8,476,674 Gate conductor with a diffusion barrier
122 8,476,617 Graphene-containing semiconductor structures and devices on a silicon carbide substrate having a defined miscut angle
123 8,476,530 Self-aligned nano-scale device with parallel plate electrodes
124 8,476,428 Method of preparing cyclic carbonates, cyclic carbamates, cyclic ureas, cyclic thiocarbonates, cyclic thiocarbamates, and cyclic dithiocarbonates
125 8,476,168 Non-conformal hardmask deposition for through silicon etch
126 8,476,160 Sublithographic patterning employing image transfer of a controllably damaged dielectric sidewall
127 8,476,152 N-type carrier enhancement in semiconductors
128 8,476,139 High performance MOSFET
129 8,476,112 Optimized semiconductor packaging in a three-dimensional stack
130 8,476,099 Methods for improved adhesion of protective layers of imager microlens structures by forming an interfacial region
131 8,475,667 Method of patterning photosensitive material on a substrate containing a latent acid generator