IBM patents granted on 02 June 2009

114 US patents granted on 02 June 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,543,330 Method and apparatus for governing the transfer of physiological and emotional user data
2 7,543,322 Method for enhanced event specific features on personal video recorders
3 7,543,305 Selective event registration
4 7,543,303 Use of multiple queues in coupling facility to provide zoning capability in a parallel sysplex environment
5 7,543,300 Interface for application components
6 7,543,299 Creating web services programs from other web services programs
7 7,543,297 Collaborative planning actions and recipes
8 7,543,296 Time based multi-tiered management of resource systems
9 7,543,295 Method for enhancing efficiency in mutual exclusion
10 7,543,289 Method for accessing and collaborating between servlets located on different Java virtual machines
11 7,543,252 Migration of integrated circuit layout for alternating phase shift masks
12 7,543,247 Efficient method of migrating Lotus Domino documents to a non-Domino web server, while preserving sections, using portable javascript
13 7,543,234 Stacking portlets in portal pages
14 7,543,232 Intelligent web based help system
15 7,543,231 Systems, methods and computer program products for printing a document with a portion of the document in color and a portion of the document in black and white
16 7,543,224 Architecture for managing research information
17 7,543,223 Accessibility to web images through multiple image resolutions
18 7,543,209 Characterizing jitter sensitivity of a serializer/deserializer circuit
19 7,543,204 Method, apparatus and computer program product for designing logic scan chains for matching gated portions of a clock tree
20 7,543,203 LSSD-compatible edge-triggered shift register latch
21 7,543,198 Test data reporting and analyzing using data array and related data analysis
22 7,543,189 Automated multilingual software testing method and apparatus
23 7,543,187 Method to dynamically filter active system state (live dump) data
24 7,543,182 Automated failover system for logical partitions
25 7,543,178 Low cost RAID with seamless disk failure recovery
26 7,543,161 Method and apparatus for tracking variable speed microprocessor performance caused by power management in a logically partitioned data processing system
27 7,543,159 Device and method with reduced information leakage
28 7,543,155 Method for developing a password based on biometric template
29 7,543,147 Method, system, and storage medium for creating a proof of possession confirmation for inclusion into an attribute certificate
30 7,543,139 Revocation of anonymous certificates, credentials, and access rights
31 7,543,126 Apparatus, system, and method for implementing protected virtual memory subcontexts
32 7,543,124 Method for preventing page replacement of unreferenced read-ahead file pages
33 7,543,123 Multistage virtual memory paging system
34 7,543,120 Processor and data processing system employing a variable store gather window
35 7,543,116 Data processing system, cache system and method for handling a flush operation in a data processing system having multiple coherency domains
36 7,543,109 System and method for caching data in a blade server complex
37 7,543,095 Managing input/output interruptions in non-dedicated interruption hardware environments
38 7,543,084 Method for destroying virtual resources in a logically partitioned data processing system
39 7,543,081 Use of N.sub.–Port ID virtualization to extend the virtualization capabilities of the FC-SB-3 protocol and other protocols
40 7,543,069 Dynamically updating session state affinity
41 7,543,066 Method and apparatus for maintaining session affinity across multiple server groups
42 7,543,062 Method of balancing communication load in a system based on determination of user-user affinity levels
43 7,543,058 Defining and implementing configuration standards for facilitating compliance testing in an environment
44 7,543,046 Method for managing cluster node-specific quorum roles
45 7,543,045 System and method for estimating the geographical location and proximity of network devices and their directly connected neighbors
46 7,543,042 Remote access method for accessing dynacache data
47 7,543,041 Pattern based web services using caching
48 7,543,038 Arrangement and method for impermanent connectivity
49 7,543,037 RDMA completion and retransmit system and method
50 7,543,033 Method for user-specified error correction in an instant messaging system
51 7,543,031 Publication to shared content sources using natural language electronic mail destination addresses and interest profiles registered by the shared content sources
52 7,543,016 Method, system and program product for automatically assigning electronic addresses to users
53 7,543,006 Flexible, efficient and scalable sampling
54 7,543,001 Storing object recovery information within the object
55 7,543,000 Method and system combining state replication and operational-replay synchronization
56 7,542,985 System and method for log retrieval priority
57 7,542,982 Message validation model
58 7,542,975 Computing frequent value statistics in a partitioned relational database
59 7,542,974 Apparatus and method to store, retrieve, and search both analog and digital data
60 7,542,970 System and method for selecting a sub-domain for a specified domain of the web
61 7,542,968 Attribute data management system
62 7,542,962 Information retrieval method for optimizing queries having maximum or minimum function aggregation predicates
63 7,542,960 Interpretable unsupervised decision trees
64 7,542,957 Rich Web application input validation
65 7,542,954 Data classification by kernel density shape interpolation of clusters
66 7,542,953 Data classification by kernel density shape interpolation of clusters
67 7,542,927 Product purchase system, product purchase method, a storage medium for storing a program for executing the product purchasing method, and a server used therefor
68 7,542,916 Queue busting through assignment of kiosks to users
69 7,542,911 Method for electronically maintaining medical information between patients and physicians
70 7,542,907 Biasing a speech recognizer based on prompt context
71 7,542,895 Front of screen, user interface, and national language support by downloading bitmaps from a PC to a companion device
72 7,542,862 Calibration of multi-metric sensitive delay measurement circuits
73 7,542,854 Method for discovering gene regulatory models and genetic networks using relational fuzzy models
74 7,542,655 Saving presented clips of a program
75 7,542,643 Coupling element alignment using waveguide fiducials
76 7,542,599 Reducing number of relatively unimportant shapes from a set of shapes
77 7,542,593 Offline signature verification using high pressure regions
78 7,542,588 System and method for assuring high resolution imaging of distinctive characteristics of a moving object
79 7,542,560 Guest services management service
80 7,542,419 Method and apparatus for managing aggregate bandwidth at a server
81 7,542,330 SRAM with asymmetrical pass gates
82 7,542,329 Virtual power rails for integrated circuits
83 7,542,306 Apparatus for directing power to a hot swapped circuit board
84 7,542,302 Minimizing thickness of deadfronted display assemblies
85 7,542,180 Scanner apparatus, adjusting jig for scanner and manufacturing method for scanner apparatus
86 7,542,136 Flipping stage arrangement for reduced wafer contamination cross section and improved measurement accuracy and throughput
87 7,542,044 Optimized specular highlight generation
88 7,542,026 Apparatus method and system for improved feedback of pointing device event processing
89 7,541,940 Proximity-based task alerts
90 7,541,925 Mapping system and method for determining optimal radio transponder placement
91 7,541,913 Method for tracking containers using a low-rate wireless personal area network system
92 7,541,881 Power supply noise insensitive charge pump, loop filter, VCO control, and VCO
93 7,541,855 CML delay cell with linear rail-to-rail tuning range and constant output swing
94 7,541,834 System and the methods of managing a set of programmable fuses on an integrated circuit
95 7,541,829 Method for correcting for asymmetry of threshold voltage shifts
96 7,541,679 Exposed pore sealing post patterning
97 7,541,629 Embedded insulating band for controlling short-channel effect and leakage reduction for DSB process
98 7,541,613 Methods for reducing within chip device parameter variations
99 7,541,609 Phase change memory cell having a sidewall contact
100 7,541,608 Memory device and method of manufacturing the device by simultaneously conditioning transition metal oxide layers in a plurality of memory cells
101 7,541,548 Nutrition intake tracker
102 7,541,290 Methods of forming mask patterns on semiconductor wafers that compensate for nonuniform center-to-edge etch rates during photolithographic processing
103 7,541,288 Methods of forming integrated circuit structures using insulator deposition and insulator gap filling techniques
104 7,541,277 Stress relaxation, selective nitride phase removal
105 7,541,272 Damascene patterning of barrier layer metal for C4 solder bumps
106 7,541,247 Guard ring structures for high voltage CMOS/low voltage CMOS technology using LDMOS (lateral double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor) device fabrication
107 7,541,203 Conductive adhesive for thinned silicon wafers with through silicon vias
108 7,541,134 Antireflective film-forming composition, method for manufacturing the same, and antireflective film and pattern formation method using the same
109 7,541,065 Method of forming film stack having under layer for preventing pinhole defects
110 7,540,757 Fail-safe lockout for blind mate card
111 7,540,509 Forced extension caster assembly
112 7,540,423 Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing presence detection using a scanner
113 7,540,419 Personal index of items in physical proximity to a user
114 7,540,082 Method for manufacturing printed wiring board