IBM patents granted on 02 June 2015

125 US patents granted on 02 June 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,049,415 User-specified event-based remote triggering of a consumer digital video recording device
2 9,049,298 Service request routing using passive skill certification
3 9,049,293 Performing proximity based routing of a phone call
4 9,049,252 Efficient name management for named data networking in datacenter networks
5 9,049,214 Sharing memory among mobile devices
6 9,049,212 Method, system, and computer program product for prefetching sync data and for edge caching sync data on a cellular device
7 9,049,164 Dynamic message retrieval by subdividing a message queue into sub-queues
8 9,049,126 Transaction middleware based application level transaction instance tracking across a composite application
9 9,049,123 Determining policy follow-up action based on user-specified codes
10 9,049,112 Flow control for reliable message passing
11 9,049,079 Optimizing software configuration values using CMDB
12 9,049,070 Dynamic client/server session recovery in a heterogenous computer network
13 9,048,954 Optical interconnect using optical transmitter pre-distortion
14 9,048,809 Method of manufacturing switchable filters
15 9,048,664 Estimating loss rates of links in smart grids
16 9,048,365 Tunable light-emitting diode
17 9,048,363 Elemental semiconductor material contact for high indium content InGaN light emitting diodes
18 9,048,339 Deep trench capacitor
19 9,048,318 Dual material finFET on same substrate
20 9,048,296 Method to fabricate copper wiring structures and structures formed thereby
21 9,048,280 Vertical polysilicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor
22 9,048,262 Multi-fin finFETs with merged-fin source/drains and replacement gates
23 9,048,261 Fabrication of field-effect transistors with atomic layer doping
24 9,048,258 Narrow body field-effect transistor structures with free-standing extension regions
25 9,048,245 Method for shaping a laminate substrate
26 9,048,217 Middle of-line borderless contact structure and method of forming
27 9,048,216 Self aligned embedded gate carbon transistors
28 9,048,173 Dual phase gallium nitride material formation on (100) silicon
29 9,048,123 Interdigitated finFETs
30 9,048,108 Integrated circuit with on chip planar diode and CMOS devices
31 9,047,990 Determination of series resistance of an array of capacitive elements
32 9,047,988 Flash interface error injector
33 9,047,980 Sense amplifier for static random access memory with a pair of complementary data lines isolated from a corresponding pair of complementary bit lines
34 9,047,938 Phase change memory management
35 9,047,930 Single-ended low-swing power-savings mechanism with process compensation
36 9,047,918 Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
37 9,047,899 Servo pattern of a tape storage medium
38 9,047,897 Lateral tape motion signal conditioning
39 9,047,890 Inductor with non-uniform lamination thicknesses
40 9,047,879 High performance cartridge format
41 9,047,784 Automatic eBook reader augmentation
42 9,047,767 Traffic impact prediction for multiple event planning
43 9,047,742 Visual security for point of sale terminals
44 9,047,668 Location determination for an object using visual data
45 9,047,615 Defining marketing strategies through derived E-commerce patterns
46 9,047,588 E-mail protocol for instant message
47 9,047,577 Extensible support system for service offerings
48 9,047,572 Mode determination for multivariate time series data
49 9,047,569 Genetic optimization method and system
50 9,047,567 Utilizing failures in question and answer system responses to enhance the accuracy of question and answer systems
51 9,047,558 Probabilistic event networks based on distributed time-stamped data
52 9,047,521 Diagnosing a magnetic reader
53 9,047,488 Anonymizing sensitive identifying information based on relational context across a group
54 9,047,485 Integrated masking for viewing of data
55 9,047,481 Hierarchical multi-tenancy management of system resources in resource groups
56 9,047,472 Managing sensitive content
57 9,047,436 Computer-based modeling of integrated circuit congestion and wire distribution for products and services
58 9,047,423 Monte-Carlo planning using contextual information
59 9,047,408 Monitoring software execution
60 9,047,403 Debugger with previous version feature
61 9,047,402 Automatic calculation of orthogonal defect classification (ODC) fields
62 9,047,396 Method, system and computer product for rescheduling processing of set of work items based on historical trend of execution time
63 9,047,358 Synchronization of data between systems
64 9,047,344 Guaranteeing data and metadata referential integrity in content management archival solutions
65 9,047,343 Find regular expression instruction on substring of larger string
66 9,047,338 Managing drill-through targets
67 9,047,337 Database connectivity and database model integration within integrated development environment tool
68 9,047,336 Reputation based access control
69 9,047,331 Scalable row-store with consensus-based replication
70 9,047,325 Modularizing complex XML data for generation and extraction
71 9,047,304 Optimization of fingerprint-based deduplication
72 9,047,303 Systems, methods, and computer program products for secure multi-enterprise storage
73 9,047,298 File searching on mobile devices
74 9,047,266 Methods, systems and computer program products for processing cells in a spreadsheet
75 9,047,260 Model-based testing of a graphical user interface
76 9,047,239 Determining weight values for storage devices in a storage tier to use to select one of the storage devices to use as a target storage to which data from a source storage is migrated
77 9,047,233 Source cleaning cascaded volumes using write and background copy indicators
78 9,047,231 Apparatus system and method for deterministically transferring data by rebooting to a data transfer kernel
79 9,047,230 Techniques for improving the efficiency of mixed radix fast fourier transform
80 9,047,221 Virtual machines failover
81 9,047,199 Reducing penalties for cache accessing operations
82 9,047,190 Intrusion protection for a client blade
83 9,047,185 Inadvertent freed storage recovery
84 9,047,179 Level placement in solid-state memory
85 9,047,162 Dynamic software version selection
86 9,047,160 Designing and building virtual images using semantically rich composable software image bundles
87 9,047,159 Software installation
88 9,047,158 Using preprovisioned mutated templates
89 9,047,150 Fencing data transfers in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
90 9,047,149 Throttling message producers based on total heap usage of a messaging engine
91 9,047,144 System and method for providing Quality-of-Services in a multi-event processing environment
92 9,047,135 Qualitative assignment of resources to a logical partition in a multipartitioned computer system
93 9,047,132 Automatic management of configuration parameters and parameter management engine
94 9,047,130 Method, server and system for converging desktop application and web application
95 9,047,126 Continuous availability between sites at unlimited distances
96 9,047,125 Deterministic real time business application processing in a service-oriented architecture
97 9,047,123 Computing device for running computer program on video card selected based on video card preferences of the program
98 9,047,116 Context switch data prefetching in multithreaded computer
99 9,047,114 Method and system for analyzing parallelism of program code
100 9,047,111 Resource allocation in a virtualized computing environment
101 9,047,104 Internationalization technology, including associating a text string in a target computer program with an attribute of a user-interface element
102 9,047,096 Real-time temperature sensitive machine level code compilation and execution
103 9,047,091 Collective operation protocol selection in a parallel computer
104 9,047,079 Indicating disabled thread to other threads when contending instructions complete execution to ensure safe shared resource condition
105 9,047,078 Extract CPU time facility
106 9,047,077 Vectorization in an optimizing compiler
107 9,047,059 Controlling a voice site using non-standard haptic commands
108 9,047,057 Accessing additional memory space with multiple processors
109 9,047,045 Multi-directional display console for an electronic equipment cabinet
110 9,047,040 Method for running computer program on video card selected based on video card preferences of the program
111 9,047,015 Migrating thin-provisioned volumes in tiered storage architectures
112 9,047,010 Selective key distinction at system startup
113 9,046,982 Representing a graphical user interface using a topic tree structure
114 9,046,934 Controlling acceleration of mouse cursor movement based on screen segments and image features
115 9,046,928 Method and apparatus for improved text entry
116 9,046,926 System and method of dynamically generating a frequency pattern to realize the sense of touch in a computing device
117 9,046,914 Object transformation of arrays of formulas and values
118 9,046,788 Method for monitoring focus on an integrated wafer
119 9,046,739 Digital image capture under conditions of varying light intensity
120 9,046,738 Digital image capture under conditions of varying light intensity
121 9,046,511 Fabrication of tunneling junction for nanopore DNA sequencing
122 9,045,995 Electronics rack with liquid-coolant-driven, electricity-generating system
123 9,045,842 Electrochemical etching apparatus
124 9,045,674 High thermal conductance thermal interface materials based on nanostructured metallic network-polymer composites
125 9,044,855 Processing context information