IBM patents granted on 02 March 2010

82 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,673,318 Channel merging method for VOD system
2 7,673,307 Managing transactions in a messaging system
3 7,673,292 Auto conversion of tests between different functional testing tools
4 7,673,284 Method and system for versioning codes based on relative alignment for single instruction multiple data units
5 7,673,283 Method and system for improved modeling language profile
6 7,673,282 Enterprise information unification
7 7,673,279 Iterative method for refining integrated circuit layout using compass optical proximity correction (OPC)
8 7,673,261 Systematic compliance checking of a process
9 7,673,249 User customization of character sets of menu items
10 7,673,248 Combining calendar entries with map views
11 7,673,243 Apparatus and method for a web browser to select a home page upon activation based on a scheduler or network connection
12 7,673,204 Method using non-linear compression to generate a set of test vectors for use in scan testing an integrated circuit
13 7,673,195 Circuits and methods for characterizing device variation in electronic memory circuits
14 7,673,189 Technique for mapping goal violations to anamolies within a system
15 7,673,183 Identifying temporal ambiguity in an aggregated log stream
16 7,673,182 Method and apparatus for obtaining stack traceback data for multiple computing nodes of a massively parallel computer system
17 7,673,176 Apparatus and method to locate a failed device in a data storage system
18 7,673,175 Computer configuration tracking system able to restore a previous configuration
19 7,673,173 System and program for transmitting input/output requests from a first controller to a second controller
20 7,673,172 Method, system, and program for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
21 7,673,167 RAID array data member copy offload in high density packaging
22 7,673,160 System and method of power management for computer processor systems
23 7,673,158 Instruction set with thermal opcode for high-performance microprocessor, microprocessor, and method therefor
24 7,673,142 Efficient method for providing secure remote access
25 7,673,137 System and method for the managed security control of processes on a computer system
26 7,673,132 Multi-tiered boot list
27 7,673,114 Dynamically improving memory affinity of logical partitions
28 7,673,108 Methods and systems for distributed caching in presence of updates and in accordance with holding times
29 7,673,093 Computer system having daisy chained memory chips
30 7,673,086 Retrieving lock attention data using an attention connection path selected from a group of attention connection paths associated with a host
31 7,673,078 Communicating configuration information over standard interconnect link
32 7,673,071 Apparatus, system, and method for generating a name for a system of devices
33 7,673,052 Policy algorithm for selection of compatible systems for virtual server mobility
34 7,673,011 Configuring compute nodes of a parallel computer in an operational group into a plurality of independent non-overlapping collective networks
35 7,673,006 Collaborative email with delegable authorities
36 7,672,999 Transmitting common and unique information selectively to different recipients
37 7,672,997 Speaker annotation objects in a presentation graphics application
38 7,672,964 Method and system for dynamically initializing a view for a streaming data base system
39 7,672,956 Method and system for providing a search index for an electronic messaging system based on message threads
40 7,672,954 Method and apparatus for configuring a plurality of server systems into groups that are each separately accessible by client applications
41 7,672,946 Information processor, database search system and access rights analysis method thereof
42 7,672,936 Security model using security domains in a security model applied to abstract database
43 7,672,891 Software application portfolio management for a client
44 7,672,882 Apparatus, methods and computer programs for metering and accounting for services accessed over a network
45 7,672,875 Presenting an alternative product package offer from a web vendor
46 7,672,845 Method and system for keyword detection using voice-recognition
47 7,672,791 Method of performing three-dimensional molecular superposition and similarity searches in databases of flexible molecules
48 7,672,788 Disulphide bond connectivity in protein
49 7,672,754 Balancing of data tape cartridges in tape libraries with pass-through mechanism
50 7,672,560 Coupling device for use in optical waveguides
51 7,672,440 Single point of contact personal communication system
52 7,672,264 Method of pausing keep-alive messages and roaming for virtual private networks on handheld devices to save battery power
53 7,672,247 Evaluating data processing system health using an I/O device
54 7,672,188 System for blocking multiple memory read port activation
55 7,672,185 Method and apparatus to monitor circuit variation effects on electrically programmable fuses
56 7,672,105 Production of limited lifetime devices achieved through E-fuses
57 7,671,762 System and method for transceiving motor vehicle data
58 7,671,743 Detecting a departure of an RFID tag from an area
59 7,671,678 Serial link output stage differential amplifier and method
60 7,671,666 Methods to reduce threshold voltage tolerance and skew in multi-threshold voltage applications
61 7,671,604 Nanoscale fault isolation and measurement system
62 7,671,591 Method and system for comparing micro-electronic devices using magnetic resonance imaging
63 7,671,470 Enhanced mechanical strength via contacts
64 7,671,444 Empty vias for electromigration during electronic-fuse re-programming
65 7,671,442 Air-gap insulated interconnections
66 7,671,423 Resistor ballasted transistors
67 7,671,421 CMOS structure and method for fabrication thereof using multiple crystallographic orientations and gate materials
68 7,671,413 SOI device with reduced junction capacitance
69 7,671,394 Embedded trench capacitor having a high-k node dielectric and a metallic inner electrode
70 7,671,362 Test structure for determining optimal seed and liner layer thicknesses for dual damascene processing
71 7,671,273 Method and apparatus for facilitating signal transmission using differential transmission lines
72 7,670,943 Enhanced mechanical strength via contacts
73 7,670,927 Double-sided integrated circuit chips
74 7,670,921 Structure and method for self aligned vertical plate capacitor
75 7,670,901 Method of fabricating a bottle trench and a bottle trench capacitor
76 7,670,896 Method and structure for reducing floating body effects in MOSFET devices
77 7,670,889 Structure and method for fabrication JFET in CMOS
78 7,670,584 Inorganic metal chalcogen cluster precursors and methods for forming colloidal metal chalcogenide nanoparticles using the same
79 7,670,497 Oxidant and passivant composition and method for use in treating a microelectronic structure
80 7,670,437 Mask and substrate alignment for solder bump process
81 7,669,748 Conductive bonding material fill techniques
82 7,669,476 Sensing a paper roll ultrasonically