IBM patents granted on 02 May 2006

87 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,039,954 Method for enabling a network-addressable device to detect use of its identity by a spoofer
2 7,039,953 Hierarchical correlation of intrusion detection events
3 7,039,951 System and method for confidence based incremental access authentication
4 7,039,946 Piggy-backed key exchange protocol for providing secure, low-overhead browser connections when a client requests a server to propose a message encoding scheme
5 7,039,933 Enhanced TV broadcasting method and system using tags for incorporating local content into a program data stream
6 7,039,924 System and method of providing and relocating a portable storage canister in an automated data storage library
7 7,039,921 Methods and apparatus in a logging system for the tracking of tasks solely based on function for data analysis
8 7,039,906 Compiler for enabling multiple signed independent data elements per register
9 7,039,894 Method, system and program product for specifying and using dials having phased default values to configure a simulated or physical digital system
10 7,039,859 Generating visual editors from schema descriptions
11 7,039,832 Robust system reliability via systolic manufacturing level chip test operating real time on microprocessors/systems
12 7,039,820 Method for detecting and powering off unused I/O slots in a computer system
13 7,039,804 Method and system to integrate existing user and group definitions in a database server with heterogeneous application servers
14 7,039,803 Method for broadcast encryption and key revocation of stateless receivers
15 7,039,769 Direct addressed shared compressed memory system
16 7,039,768 Cache predictor for simultaneous multi-threaded processor system supporting multiple transactions
17 7,039,766 Prescheduling sequential data prefetches in a preexisting LRU cache
18 7,039,762 Parallel cache interleave accesses with address-sliced directories
19 7,039,760 Programming means for dynamic specifications of cache management preferences
20 7,039,741 Method and apparatus for implementing resilient connectivity in a serial attached SCSI (SAS) domain
21 7,039,726 Dual purpose media drive providing control path to shared robotic device in automated data storage library
22 7,039,714 Method of enabling an intermediary server to impersonate a client user’s identity to a plurality of authentication domains
23 7,039,709 Dynamically selection of most efficient transmission medium and route from a client browser
24 7,039,708 Apparatus and method for establishing communication in a computer network
25 7,039,701 Providing management functions in decentralized networks
26 7,039,693 Technique for validating a re-initialized channel-to-channel connection
27 7,039,692 Method and apparatus for maintaining profiles for terminals in a configurable data processing system
28 7,039,682 Extension of the BOOTP protocol towards automatic reconfiguration
29 7,039,680 Apparatus and method for timeout-free waiting for an ordered message in a clustered computing environment
30 7,039,677 Threaded text-based chat collaboration
31 7,039,676 Using video image analysis to automatically transmit gestures over a network in a chat or instant messaging session
32 7,039,657 Method, system, and program for accessing data from storage systems
33 7,039,651 System and method for executing a large object fetch query against a database
34 7,039,647 Drag and drop technique for building queries
35 7,039,646 Method and system for compressing varying-length columns during index high key generation
36 7,039,644 Problem determination method, system and program product
37 7,039,639 Optimization of system performance based on communication relationship
38 7,039,637 System and method for evaluating characters in an inputted search string against a character table bank comprising a predetermined number of columns that correspond to a plurality of pre-determined candidate character sets in order to provide enhanced full text search
39 7,039,625 International information search and delivery system providing search results personalized to a particular natural language
40 7,039,624 Method of representing data packages in compact form and of storing or transmitting the data packages
41 7,039,617 Currency and float ID tracking in an electronic purse
42 7,039,609 Auction system, auction server, user terminal, auction method, bidding method, storage media and program transmission apparatus
43 7,039,587 Speaker identification employing a confidence measure that uses statistical properties of N-best lists
44 7,039,585 Method and system for searching recorded speech and retrieving relevant segments
45 7,039,579 Monte Carlo method for natural language understanding and speech recognition language models
46 7,039,574 Naming and managing simulation model events
47 7,039,559 Methods and apparatus for performing adaptive and robust prediction
48 7,039,540 Apparatus, system, and method for testing an analog to digital converter
49 7,039,440 Wireless rechargeable money card
50 7,039,256 Efficient verification of recognition results
51 7,039,189 Stream continuity enforcement
52 7,039,052 Selective routing of multi-recipient communications
53 7,038,915 Apparatus, system, and method for arraying electrical devices in a cabinet
54 7,038,911 Push-pull dual fan fansink
55 7,038,891 Method and apparatus for providing precise control of magnetic coupling field in NiMn top spin valve heads and amplitude enhancement
56 7,038,889 Method and apparatus for enhanced dual spin valve giant magnetoresistance effects having second spin valve self-pinned composite layer
57 7,038,874 Tamper resistant write once recording of a data storage cartridge having rewritable media
58 7,038,803 Method and apparatus for affixing print banner labels to printed files
59 7,038,758 Liquid crystal cell, display device, and particular method of fabricating liquid crystal cell by dropping and capillary action
60 7,038,756 Fixing device, method of fixing substrate and apparatus and method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display panel using the same
61 7,038,553 Scalable computer system having surface-mounted capacitive couplers for intercommunication
62 7,038,522 System and method for redundant power supply connection
63 7,038,474 Laser-induced critical parameter analysis of CMOS devices
64 7,038,469 Method of determining localized electron tunneling in a capacitive structure
65 7,038,462 Method and apparatus for electrical commoning of circuits
66 7,038,421 Method and system for multiple servo motor control
67 7,038,392 Active-matrix light emitting display and method for obtaining threshold voltage compensation for same
68 7,038,319 Apparatus and method to reduce signal cross-talk
69 7,038,299 Selective synthesis of semiconducting carbon nanotubes
70 7,038,298 High f.sub.T and f.sub.max bipolar transistor and method of making same
71 7,038,277 Transferable device-containing layer for silicon-on-insulator applications
72 7,038,231 Non-planarized, self-aligned, non-volatile phase-change memory array and method of formation
73 7,038,204 Method for reducing proximity effects in electron beam lithography
74 7,037,834 Constant emissivity deposition member
75 7,037,824 Copper to aluminum interlayer interconnect using stud and via liner
76 7,037,819 Method of making a circuitized substrate
77 7,037,818 Apparatus and method for staircase raised source/drain structure
78 7,037,798 Bipolar transistor structure with self-aligned raised extrinsic base and methods
79 7,037,794 Raised STI process for multiple gate ox and sidewall protection on strained Si/SGOI structure with elevated source/drain
80 7,037,770 Method of manufacturing strained dislocation-free channels for CMOS
81 7,037,769 Thin film transistor and multilayer film structure and manufacturing method of same
82 7,037,753 Non-planar surface for semiconductor chips
83 7,037,744 Method for fabricating a self-aligned nanocolumnar airbridge and structure produced thereby
84 7,037,638 High sensitivity crosslinkable photoresist composition, based on soluble, film forming dendrimeric calix[4] arene compositions method and for use thereof
85 7,037,559 Immersion plating and plated structures
86 7,036,710 Method and structures for implementing impedance-controlled coupled noise suppressor for differential interface solder column array
87 7,036,709 Method and structure for implementing column attach coupled noise suppressor