IBM patents granted on 02 November 2010

146 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,827,614 Automatically hiding sensitive information obtainable from a process table
2 7,827,613 System and method for supporting digital rights management in an enhanced Java.TM. 2 runtime environment
3 7,827,608 Data leak protection system, method and apparatus
4 7,827,598 Grouped access control list actions
5 7,827,596 Authenticating computed results in a public distributed computing environment
6 7,827,592 Implicit authentication to computer resources and error recovery
7 7,827,567 System and method for defining and dynamically invoking polymorphic call flows
8 7,827,544 Updating elements in a data storage facility using a predefined state machine, with parallel activation
9 7,827,541 Method and apparatus for profiling execution of code using multiple processors
10 7,827,538 Memory leak detection
11 7,827,533 Analytical server, program analysis network system, and program analysis method
12 7,827,522 Computer method and apparatus for implementing redefinition of model features
13 7,827,514 Efficient electromagnetic modeling of irregular metal planes
14 7,827,513 Buffer placement with respect to data flow direction and placement area geometry in hierarchical VLS designs
15 7,827,505 Alternate progress indicator displays
16 7,827,501 Interactive alert bubbles for alert management
17 7,827,492 System and method for presentation of room navigation
18 7,827,477 Editing a web site using a plurality of editing environments
19 7,827,451 Method, system and program product for establishing decimal floating point operands for facilitating testing of decimal floating point instructions
20 7,827,449 Non-inline transaction error correction
21 7,827,447 Sliding window mechanism for data capture and failure analysis
22 7,827,445 Fault injection in dynamic random access memory modules for performing built-in self-tests
23 7,827,443 Processor instruction retry recovery
24 7,827,435 Method for using a priority queue to perform job scheduling on a cluster based on node rank and performance
25 7,827,434 Method for managing a data storage system
26 7,827,428 System for providing a cluster-wide system clock in a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
27 7,827,391 Method and apparatus for single-stepping coherence events in a multiprocessor system under software control
28 7,827,389 Enhanced single threaded execution in a simultaneous multithreaded microprocessor
29 7,827,388 Apparatus for adjusting instruction thread priority in a multi-thread processor
30 7,827,385 Effecting a broadcast with an allreduce operation on a parallel computer
31 7,827,380 Method and apparatus for supporting shared library text replication across a fork system call
32 7,827,375 Defensive heap memory management
33 7,827,364 Multistage virtual memory paging system
34 7,827,354 Victim cache using direct intervention
35 7,827,353 Self healing memory
36 7,827,343 Method and apparatus for providing accelerator support in a bus protocol
37 7,827,329 Character interactive input/output
38 7,827,325 Device, system, and method of speculative packet transmission
39 7,827,321 Central processing unit measurement facility
40 7,827,318 User enrollment in an e-community
41 7,827,317 Apparatus for management of mixed protocol storage networks
42 7,827,315 Compression and abbreviation for fixed length messaging
43 7,827,299 Transitioning between historical and real time data streams in the processing of data change messages
44 7,827,288 Model autocompletion for composite services synchronization
45 7,827,283 System for managing and controlling storage access requirements
46 7,827,260 Apparatus, system, and method for configuring zone control of a network feature in a heterogeneous network
47 7,827,253 Methods, systems, and computer program products for dynamically annotating web pages passed via a messaging application
48 7,827,246 Dynamic domain based electronic mail signature lines
49 7,827,245 Methods and computer program products for securing display of message content
50 7,827,242 Method and system for providing a common collaboration framework accessible from within multiple applications
51 7,827,239 Dynamic media content for collaborators with client environment information in dynamic client contexts
52 7,827,238 Exchanging data using programmatic conversion to emulated HTML form data
53 7,827,234 Privacy entitlement protocols for secure data exchange, collection, monitoring and/or alerting
54 7,827,219 Method for encoding, traversing, manipulating and querying a tree
55 7,827,217 Method and system for a grid-enabled virtual machine with movable objects
56 7,827,213 Free space management
57 7,827,212 System and method for improved clearing of JAVA object’s variables
58 7,827,211 Method for maintaining a sample synopsis under arbitrary insertions and deletions
59 7,827,210 Memory efficient XML shredded with partial commit
60 7,827,206 System and method for managing changes to business rules
61 7,827,205 Bi-directional data mapping tool
62 7,827,200 Solution for managing serialization of EPC identifiers for use with RFID tags
63 7,827,197 Method for providing a pluggable custom data binding system
64 7,827,196 Evaluation of access control and filter conditions
65 7,827,187 Frequency partitioning: entropy compression with fixed size fields
66 7,827,185 Apparatus for managing outputs of applications
67 7,827,175 Framework reactive search facility
68 7,827,165 Providing a social network aware input dictionary
69 7,827,159 Automated data model extension through data crawler approach
70 7,827,135 Method and apparatus for relaxed transactional isolation in a client-server caching architecture
71 7,827,132 Peer based event conversion
72 7,827,104 Method and system for efficiently billing on-demand service exploitation in computer networks
73 7,827,061 Dynamic selection of outbound marketing events
74 7,827,059 System and method for rewarding a user’s interaction behavior with a computer system
75 7,827,050 Comprehensive goal management through the use of an integrated software application
76 7,827,024 Low latency, high bandwidth data communications between compute nodes in a parallel computer
77 7,827,021 System for modeling LPAR behaviors in a simulation tool
78 7,827,020 Post initial microcode load co-simulation
79 7,827,019 Method for order selection in passive transmission line macromodels based on the lie criteria
80 7,827,018 Method and computer program for selecting circuit repairs using redundant elements with consideration of aging effects
81 7,826,914 System and method for tracking transports in a production process
82 7,826,745 Open fiber control and loss of light propagation in time division multiplexed inter-system channel link
83 7,826,714 Controlling movie subtitles and captions
84 7,826,667 Apparatus for monitor, storage and back editing, retrieving of digitally stored surveillance images
85 7,826,663 Real time analytics using hybrid histograms
86 7,826,654 Painting process color compensator
87 7,826,600 Method and procedure for compiling and caching VoiceXML documents in a voice XML interpreter
88 7,826,579 Method and apparatus for generating synchronization signals for synchronizing multiple chips in a system
89 7,826,486 Selective header field dispatch in a network processing system
90 7,826,476 Apparatus and method to reserve resources in communications system
91 7,826,451 Method of stateless group communication and repair of data packets transmission to nodes in a distribution tree
92 7,826,449 Article for improved network performance by avoiding IP-ID wrap-arounds causing data corruption on fast networks
93 7,826,445 Message formation and distribution in heterogeneous networks
94 7,826,434 Buffered crossbar switch
95 7,826,412 Systems, methods and computer products for providing a gradient driven mesh-network establishment
96 7,826,399 Structure for preventing starvation in a slotted ring data communications network
97 7,826,386 Facilitating the configuring of communications environments
98 7,826,380 Apparatus, system, and method for data tracking
99 7,826,379 All-to-all sequenced fault detection system
100 7,826,365 Method and apparatus for resource allocation for stream data processing
101 7,826,356 Method and system for controlling flow in an asymmetric communication channel
102 7,826,351 MMPP analysis of network traffic using a transition window
103 7,826,329 Multi-layered media aberration compensation apparatus, method, and system
104 7,826,288 Device threshold calibration through state dependent burn-in
105 7,826,285 Memory column redundancy scheme
106 7,826,251 High performance metal gate polygate 8 transistor SRAM cell with reduced variability
107 7,826,236 Apparatus, system, and method for a switching power supply with high efficiency near zero load conditions
108 7,826,228 Piston reset apparatus for a multichip module and method for resetting pistons in the same
109 7,826,215 Ducted air temperature sensor
110 7,826,188 Methods, design structures, and systems for current mode logic (CML) differential driver ESD protection circuitry
111 7,826,185 Structure and circuit technique for uniform triggering of multifinger semiconductor devices with tunable trigger voltage
112 7,826,045 Angular spectrum tailoring in solid immersion microscopy for circuit analysis
113 7,826,038 Method for adjusting lithographic mask flatness using thermally induced pellicle stress
114 7,825,890 Apparatus, system and method of providing auto-dimming and state transition signal functionality to telephone systems
115 7,825,771 System and method for measuring RFID signal strength within shielded locations
116 7,825,741 Frequency multipliers using multi-phase oscillation
117 7,825,693 Reduced duty cycle distortion using controlled body device
118 7,825,525 Layout and process to contact sub-lithographic structures
119 7,825,516 Formation of aligned capped metal lines and interconnections in multilevel semiconductor structures
120 7,825,511 Undercut-free BLM process for Pb-free and Pb-reduced C4
121 7,825,490 Electrical fuse having a cavity thereupon
122 7,825,486 Memory cell and memory device
123 7,825,479 Electrical antifuse having a multi-thickness dielectric layer
124 7,825,475 Mixed voltage tolerant input/output electrostatic discharge devices
125 7,825,469 Threshold voltage compensation for pixel design of CMOS image sensors
126 7,825,460 Vertical field effect transistor arrays and methods for fabrication thereof
127 7,825,441 Junction field effect transistor with a hyperabrupt junction
128 7,825,420 Method for forming slot via bitline for MRAM devices
129 7,825,416 Image sensor including spatially different active and dark pixel interconnect patterns
130 7,825,019 Structures and methods for reduction of parasitic capacitances in semiconductor integrated circuits
131 7,825,003 Method of doping field-effect-transistors (FETs) with reduced stress/strain relaxation and resulting FET devices
132 7,825,000 Method for integration of magnetic random access memories with improved lithographic alignment to magnetic tunnel junctions
133 7,824,989 Method for reducing overlap capacitance in field effect transistors
134 7,824,969 Finfet devices and methods for manufacturing the same
135 7,824,961 Stacked imager package
136 7,824,933 Method of determining n-well scattering effects on FETs
137 7,824,846 Tapered edge bead removal process for immersion lithography
138 7,824,845 Functionalized carbosilane polymers and photoresist compositions containing the same
139 7,824,568 Solution for forming polishing slurry, polishing slurry and related methods
140 7,823,795 Pattern based elaboration of hierarchical L3GO designs
141 7,823,774 Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for automatic verification of transactions made over an insecure network
142 7,823,770 Method and system for maintaining confidentiality of personal information during E-commerce transactions
143 7,823,700 User identification enabled elevator control method and system
144 7,823,452 Slip ring positive Z force liquid isolation fixture permitting zero net force on workpiece
145 7,823,283 Method of forming a land grid array interposer
146 7,823,278 Method for fabricating electrical contact buttons