IBM patents granted on 02 October 2007

59 US patents granted on 02 October 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 D552,086 Media center home control system
2 7,278,167 Data communications system, terminal, and program
3 7,278,162 Use of a programmable network processor to observe a flow of packets
4 7,278,161 Protecting a data processing system from attack by a vandal who uses a vulnerability scanner
5 7,278,160 Presentation of correlated events as situation classes
6 7,278,157 Efficient transmission of IP data using multichannel SOCKS server proxy
7 7,278,156 System and method for enforcing security service level agreements
8 7,278,141 System and method for adding priority change value corresponding with a lock to a thread during lock processing
9 7,278,138 Computer program conversion and compilation
10 7,278,134 Three dimensional framework for information technology solutions
11 7,278,127 Overlapping shape design rule error prevention
12 7,278,116 Mode switching for ad hoc checkbox selection
13 7,278,109 System and method for dynamic uploading of user interface generation logic
14 7,278,107 Method, system and program product for managing windows in a network-based collaborative meeting
15 7,278,100 Translating a non-unicode string stored in a constant into unicode, and storing the unicode into the constant
16 7,278,083 Method and system for optimized instruction fetch to protect against soft and hard errors
17 7,278,063 Method and system for performing a hardware trace
18 7,278,057 Automated hang detection in Java thread dumps
19 7,278,056 Methods, systems, and media for management of functional verification
20 7,278,053 Self healing storage system
21 7,278,050 Storage system having redundancy block, and controller, control method, program, and storage medium for storage system
22 7,278,049 Method, system, and program for recovery from a failure in an asynchronous data copying system
23 7,278,016 Encryption/decryption of stored data using non-accessible, unique encryption key
24 7,278,014 System and method for simulating hardware interrupts
25 7,278,011 Completion table configured to track a larger number of outstanding instructions without increasing the size of the completion table
26 7,277,997 Data consistency for mirroring updatable source data storage
27 7,277,991 Method, system, and program for prefetching data into cache
28 7,277,988 System, method and storage medium for providing data caching and data compression in a memory subsystem
29 7,277,985 Method, system and program product for storing downloadable content on a plurality of enterprise storage system (ESS) cells
30 7,277,984 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for scheduling storage requests
31 7,277,982 DRAM access command queuing structure
32 7,277,974 Data communication method and apparatus utilizing credit-based data transfer protocol and credit loss detection mechanism
33 7,277,968 Managing sets of input/output communications subadapters of an input/output subsystem
34 7,277,931 Representing, configuring, administering, monitoring, and/or modeling connections using catalogs and matrixes
35 7,277,926 Business method and user interface for representing business analysis information side-by-side with product pages of an online store
36 7,277,908 Numeric processor, a numeric processing method, and a data processing apparatus or computer program incorporating a numeric processing mechanism
37 7,277,904 Method and system for managing intellectual property aspects of software code
38 7,277,893 System and method of flexible data reduction for arbitrary applications
39 7,277,873 Method for discovering undeclared and fuzzy rules in databases
40 7,277,870 Digital content distribution using web broadcasting services
41 7,277,826 Apparatus and method for detecting and forecasting resource bottlenecks
42 7,277,809 Radio frequency identification tag based speedometer calibration
43 7,277,805 Jitter measurements for repetitive clock signals
44 7,277,768 Method for production design and operations scheduling for plate design in the steel industry
45 7,277,283 Cooling apparatus, cooled electronic module and methods of fabrication thereof employing an integrated coolant inlet and outlet manifold
46 7,277,016 System and method for disabling RFID tags
47 7,276,932 Power-gating cell for virtual power rail control
48 7,276,919 High density integral test probe
49 7,276,796 Formation of oxidation-resistant seed layer for interconnect applications
50 7,276,787 Silicon chip carrier with conductive through-vias and method for fabricating same
51 7,276,775 Intrinsic dual gate oxide MOSFET using a damascene gate process
52 7,276,768 Semiconductor structures for latch-up suppression and methods of forming such semiconductor structures
53 7,276,751 Trench metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors integrated with middle-of-line metal contacts, and method of fabricating same
54 7,276,748 Body potential imager cell
55 7,276,450 Etching processes using C.sub.4F.sub.8 for silicon dioxide and CF.sub.4 for titanium nitride
56 7,276,384 Magnetic tunnel junctions with improved tunneling magneto-resistance
57 7,276,327 Silicon-containing compositions for spin-on arc/hardmask materials
58 7,276,316 Common second level frame exposure methods for making embedded attenuated phase shift masks
59 7,276,296 Immersion plating and plated structures