IBM patents granted on 03 April 2007

55 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,200,840 Method and apparatus for enabling access to global data by a plurality of codes in an integrated executable for a heterogeneous architecture
2 7,200,839 Debugging transactions across multiple processors
3 7,200,829 I/O circuit power routing system and method
4 7,200,825 Methodology of quantification of transmission probability for minority carrier collection in a semiconductor chip
5 7,200,818 Systems and methods for messaging in a multi-frame Web application
6 7,200,773 Reproducing errors via inhibit switches
7 7,200,761 Method to use secure passwords in an unsecure program environment
8 7,200,754 Variable expiration of passwords
9 7,200,742 System and method for creating precise exceptions
10 7,200,722 Reducing inventory after media access in an automated data storage library
11 7,200,717 Processor, data processing system and method for synchronizing access to data in shared memory
12 7,200,704 Virtualization of an I/O adapter port using enablement and activation functions
13 7,200,696 System method structure in network processor that indicates last data buffer of frame packet by last flag bit that is either in first or second position
14 7,200,689 Cacheable DMA
15 7,200,688 System and method asynchronous DMA command completion notification by accessing register via attached processing unit to determine progress of DMA command
16 7,200,686 Method, apparatus, and program product for facilitating serialization of input/output requests to a logical volume allowing nonserialized input/output requests
17 7,200,684 Network data packet classification and demultiplexing
18 7,200,666 Live connection enhancement for data source interface
19 7,200,659 Log-in resource release system
20 7,200,657 Autonomic provisioning of network-accessible service behaviors within a federated grid infrastructure
21 7,200,652 Method and system for providing automatic notification of end of lease of computers and their locations
22 7,200,645 Running dynamic web pages off-line with a wizard
23 7,200,638 System and method for automatic population of instant messenger lists
24 7,200,635 Smart messenger
25 7,200,621 System to automate schema creation for table restore
26 7,200,620 High availability data replication of smart large objects
27 7,200,619 Method and process to optimize correlation of replicated with extracted data from disparate data sources
28 7,200,617 Program for managing external storage, recording medium, management device, and computing system
29 7,200,602 Data set comparison and net change processing
30 7,200,592 System for synchronizing of user’s affinity to knowledge
31 7,200,570 Multi-attribute auction methodology and system
32 7,200,566 Method and system for local wireless commerce
33 7,200,565 System and method for promoting the use of a selected software product having an adaptation module
34 7,200,555 Speech recognition correction for devices having limited or no display
35 7,200,522 Method, apparatus, and computer program product in a performance monitor for sampling all performance events generated by a processor
36 7,200,454 Method, system, and storage medium for integrating rework operations into an advanced planning process
37 7,200,400 Mobile to 802.11 voice multi-network roaming utilizing SIP signaling with SIP proxy or redirect server
38 7,200,257 Structure and methodology for fabrication and inspection of photomasks
39 7,200,215 Time based regulation of access to callees
40 7,200,118 Identifying faulty network components during a network exploration
41 7,200,108 Method and apparatus for recovery from faults in a loop network
42 7,200,064 Apparatus and method for providing a reprogrammable electrically programmable fuse
43 7,200,023 Dual-edged DIMM to support memory expansion
44 7,200,006 Compliant thermal interface for electronic equipment
45 7,200,005 Method and apparatus for generating electricity using recycled air from a computer server
46 7,199,992 ESD shorting block system and method for compression connector-type cables
47 7,199,725 Radio frequency identification aiding the visually impaired with synchronous sound skins
48 7,199,658 Circuits and methods for implementing power amplifiers for millimeter wave applications
49 7,199,450 Materials and method to seal vias in silicon substrates
50 7,199,309 Structure for repairing or modifying surface connections on circuit boards
51 7,198,995 Strained finFETs and method of manufacture
52 7,198,990 Method for making a FET channel
53 7,198,872 Light scattering EUVL mask
54 7,198,276 Adaptive electrostatic pin chuck
55 7,197,818 Method and structures for implementing customizable dielectric printed circuit card traces