IBM patents granted on 03 April 2012

50 US patents granted on 03 April 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,151,317 Method and system for policy-based initiation of federation management
2 8,151,281 Method and system of mapping at least one web service to at least one OSGi service
3 8,151,265 Apparatus for and method for real-time optimization of virtual machine input/output performance
4 8,151,240 Effective gate length circuit modeling based on concurrent length and mobility analysis
5 8,151,230 Blended model interpolation
6 8,151,214 System and method for color coding list items
7 8,151,213 System, method and program product for tabular data with dynamic visual cells
8 8,151,206 Modifying an order of processing of a task performed on a plurality of objects
9 8,151,191 Managing objectionable material in 3D immersive virtual worlds
10 8,151,177 Methods and arrangements for partial word stores in networking adapters
11 8,151,143 Method and apparatus of partitioned memory dump in a software system
12 8,151,092 Control signal memoization in a multiple instruction issue microprocessor
13 8,151,091 Data processing method and system based on pipeline
14 8,151,085 Method for address translation in virtual machines
15 8,151,083 Dynamic address translation with frame management
16 8,151,067 Memory sharing mechanism based on priority elevation
17 8,151,051 Redundant solid state disk system via interconnect cards
18 8,151,042 Method and system for providing identification tags in a memory system having indeterminate data response times
19 8,151,003 System and method for routing data by a server
20 8,150,997 Technique for efficient data transfer within a virtual network
21 8,150,984 Enhanced data security through file access control of processes in a data processing system
22 8,150,958 Methods, systems and computer program products for disseminating status information to users of computer resources
23 8,150,910 Service providing device, program, method, and system
24 8,150,884 System and computer program product for nested categorization using factorization
25 8,150,855 Performing an efficient implicit join of multiple mixed-type records
26 8,150,852 Converter, server system, conversion method and program
27 8,150,843 Generating search results based on user feedback
28 8,150,838 Method and system for a metadata driven query
29 8,150,823 Private searching on a public search engine
30 8,150,818 Method and system for storing structured documents in their native format in a database
31 8,150,813 Using relationships in candidate discovery
32 8,150,812 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for data replication
33 8,150,806 Idempotent storage replication management
34 8,150,785 Multi-modal green computing fusion using problem analytics
35 8,150,729 Method, system and program product for displaying advertising content on a music player
36 8,150,717 Automated risk assessments using a contextual data model that correlates physical and logical assets
37 8,150,672 Structure for improved logic simulation using a negative unknown boolean state
38 8,150,665 Requirements management and modeling in complex systems integration
39 8,150,611 System and methods for providing predictive traffic information
40 8,150,156 Automated processing of paper forms using remotely-stored templates
41 8,149,979 Method and apparatus for handling of clock information in serial link ports
42 8,149,830 Efficient light-weight multicasting communication protocol
43 8,149,586 Keying mechanism for connector damage prevention
44 8,149,241 Arrangements for controlling activities of an avatar
45 8,149,035 Multi-output PLL output shift
46 8,149,014 I/O driver for integrated circuit with output impedance control
47 8,148,953 Apparatus and method for recycling and reusing charge in an electronic circuit
48 8,148,255 Techniques for forming solder bump interconnects
49 8,148,221 Double anneal with improved reliability for dual contact etch stop liner scheme
50 8,146,816 Multi-modal one-dimensional barcodes