IBM patents granted on 03 August 2010

133 US patents granted on 03 August 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,770,225 Method and apparatus for auditing network security
2 7,770,214 Apparatus, system, and method for establishing a reusable and reconfigurable model for fast and persistent connections in database drivers
3 7,770,208 Computer-implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for securing node port access in a switched-fabric storage area network
4 7,770,203 Method of integrating a security operations policy into a threat management vector
5 7,770,173 System for dynamic processor enablement
6 7,770,163 Method of efficiently performing precise profiling in a multi-threaded dynamic compilation environment
7 7,770,161 Post-register allocation profile directed instruction scheduling
8 7,770,157 System and method for improving virtual machine performance using an offline profile repository
9 7,770,155 Debugger apparatus and method for indicating time-correlated position of threads in a multi-threaded computer program
10 7,770,151 Automatic generation of solution deployment descriptors
11 7,770,150 Apparatus, system, and method for sharing and accessing data by scopes
12 7,770,140 Method and apparatus for evaluating integrated circuit design model performance using basic block vectors and fly-by vectors including microarchitecture dependent information
13 7,770,139 Design structure for a flexible multimode logic element for use in a configurable mixed-logic signal distribution path
14 7,770,133 System and method for handling unexpected focus change messages in a computing device
15 7,770,132 Displaying objects using group and object priority levels
16 7,770,108 Apparatus and method for enabling composite style sheet application to multi-part electronic documents
17 7,770,101 Maintaining screen and form state in portlets
18 7,770,098 Signal processing apparatus and method therefor
19 7,770,077 Using cache that is embedded in a memory hub to replace failed memory cells in a memory subsystem
20 7,770,075 Computer system for performing error monitoring of partitions
21 7,770,073 Apparatus, system, and method for responsive acquisition of remote debug data
22 7,770,067 Method for cache correction using functional tests translated to fuse repair
23 7,770,064 Recovery of application faults in a mirrored application environment
24 7,770,063 Simulation of failure recovery within clustered systems
25 7,770,054 Apparatus, system, and method to prevent queue stalling
26 7,770,048 Calculating and indicating a number of times a device is inserted into a slot
27 7,770,030 Content guard system for copy protection of recordable media
28 7,770,024 Security message authentication instruction
29 7,770,021 Authenticating software using protected master key
30 7,770,012 System and computer program product for secure authentication using digital certificates
31 7,770,011 Secure authentication using digital certificates with individual authentication data
32 7,770,000 Method and device for verifying the security of a computing platform
33 7,769,987 Single hot forward interconnect scheme for delayed execution pipelines
34 7,769,986 Method and apparatus for register renaming
35 7,769,985 Load address dependency mechanism system and method in a high frequency, low power processor system
36 7,769,984 Dual-issuance of microprocessor instructions using dual dependency matrices
37 7,769,976 Identifying code that wastes virtual memory
38 7,769,975 Method for configuring volumes in a storage system
39 7,769,960 Computer program product and a system for a priority scheme for transmitting blocks of data
40 7,769,953 Variable cache data retention system
41 7,769,919 Protecting computer memory from simultaneous direct memory access operations using active and inactive translation tables
42 7,769,899 Event decomposition using rule-based directives and computed keys
43 7,769,892 System and method for handling indirect routing of information between supernodes of a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
44 7,769,891 System and method for providing multiple redundant direct routes between supernodes of a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
45 7,769,884 Network route control
46 7,769,878 Tunneling IPv6 packets
47 7,769,876 Apparatus and method of using XML documents to perform network protocol simulation
48 7,769,871 Technique for sending bi-directional messages through uni-directional systems
49 7,769,861 Apparatus, system, and method for modeling for storage provisioning
50 7,769,858 Method for efficiently hashing packet keys into a firewall connection table
51 7,769,853 Method for automatic discovery of a transaction gateway daemon of specified type
52 7,769,850 System and method for analysis of communications networks
53 7,769,848 Method and systems for copying data components between nodes of a wireless sensor network
54 7,769,844 Peer protocol status query in clustered computer system
55 7,769,839 Method and structure for autoconfiguration of overlay networks by automatic selection of a network designated router
56 7,769,828 System for provisioning time sharing option (TSO) and interactive productivity system facility (ISPF) services in a network environment
57 7,769,822 Method for distributing file content from a selected target depot server in response to multiple client requests
58 7,769,817 Assisting the response to an electronic mail message
59 7,769,813 Email transmission terminal apparatus, email transmission method and email transmission program
60 7,769,807 Policy based auditing of workflows
61 7,769,787 Method and system for maintaining originality-related information about elements in an editable object
62 7,769,784 System for autonomically improving performance of Enterprise Java Beans through dynamic workload management
63 7,769,774 System and method for focused routing of content to dynamically determined groups of reviewers
64 7,769,769 Methods and transformations for transforming metadata model
65 7,769,768 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for visualization and management of data organization within a data processing system
66 7,769,747 Method and apparatus for generating a service data object based service pattern for an enterprise Java beans model
67 7,769,735 System, service, and method for characterizing a business intelligence workload for sizing a new database system hardware configuration
68 7,769,734 Managing long-lived resource locks in a multi-system mail infrastructure
69 7,769,733 System and computer program products to improve indexing of multidimensional databases
70 7,769,732 Apparatus and method for streamlining index updates in a shared-nothing architecture
71 7,769,731 Using file backup software to generate an alert when a file modification policy is violated
72 7,769,725 File profiling to minimize fragmentation
73 7,769,719 File system dump/restore by node numbering
74 7,769,715 Synchronization of access permissions in a database network
75 7,769,706 Method and system for obtaining a combination of faulty parts from a dispersed parts tree
76 7,769,691 Systems and methods for configurable entitlement management
77 7,769,690 Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
78 7,769,682 Financial transaction analysis using directed graphs
79 7,769,627 Assessing survey presentations
80 7,769,623 Method and system for conducting online marketing research in a controlled manner
81 7,769,616 Computer-implemented method, system and program product for quoting a business service
82 7,769,611 System and method for automating travel agent operations
83 7,769,583 Quantizing feature vectors in decision-making applications
84 7,769,578 Machine translation system, method and program
85 7,769,577 Hardware accelerator with a single partition for latches and combinational logic
86 7,769,566 Methods for utilizing human perceptual systems for processing event log data
87 7,769,134 Measuring strain of epitaxial films using micro x-ray diffraction for in-line metrology
88 7,769,057 High speed serial link output stage having self adaptation for various impairments
89 7,769,039 System configured for complex determination of a user’s busy state and for assigning an organic “do not disturb” filter
90 7,769,025 Load balancing in data networks
91 7,769,018 Establishing two or more simultaneous channels of communication with a user
92 7,769,003 Data packet switch and method of operating same
93 7,768,947 Maintaining communication continuity
94 7,768,944 Technique for defining and dynamically enabling service level requirements in a service oriented architecture
95 7,768,907 System and method for improved Ethernet load balancing
96 7,768,906 Method and apparatus for managing a loop network
97 7,768,851 Apparatus for implementing SRAM cell write performance evaluation
98 7,768,848 On-chip characterization of noise-margins for memory arrays
99 7,768,816 SRAM cell design to improve stability
100 7,768,815 Optoelectronic memory devices
101 7,768,814 Method and apparatus for measuring statistics of dram parameters with minimum perturbation to cell layout and environment
102 7,768,809 Wall nucleation propagation for racetrack memory
103 7,768,762 Design structure for an on-chip high frequency electro-static discharge device
104 7,768,683 Apparatus and method to align the elements of a holographic information data storage system
105 7,768,514 Simultaneous view and point navigation
106 7,768,501 Method and system for touch screen keyboard and display space sharing
107 7,768,325 Circuit and design structure for synchronizing multiple digital signals
108 7,768,315 Multiplexor with leakage power regulator
109 7,768,222 Automated control of rotational velocity of an air-moving device of an electronics rack responsive to an event
110 7,768,130 BEOL interconnect structures with simultaneous high-k and low-k dielectric regions
111 7,768,121 Apparatus and methods for cooling semiconductor integrated circuit package structures
112 7,768,055 Passive components in the back end of integrated circuits
113 7,768,041 Multiple conduction state devices having differently stressed liners
114 7,768,006 Field effect structure and method including spacer shaped metal gate with asymmetric source and drain regions
115 7,768,005 Physically highly secure multi-chip assembly
116 7,767,962 Method for SEM measurement of features using magnetically filtered low loss electron microscopy
117 7,767,866 Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
118 7,767,587 Method of forming an interconnection structure in a organosilicate glass having a porous layer with higher carbon content located between two lower carbon content non-porous layers
119 7,767,579 Protection of SiGe during etch and clean operations
120 7,767,546 Low cost fabrication of double box back gate silicon-on-insulator wafers with built-in shallow trench isolation in back gate layer
121 7,767,541 Methods for forming germanium-on-insulator semiconductor structures using a porous layer and semiconductor structures formed by these methods
122 7,767,539 Method of fabricating patterned SOI devices and the resulting device structures
123 7,767,537 Simplified method of fabricating isolated and merged trench capacitors
124 7,767,503 Hybrid SOI/bulk semiconductor transistors
125 7,767,385 Method for lithography for optimizing process conditions
126 7,767,099 Sub-lithographic interconnect patterning using self-assembling polymers
127 7,766,993 Dumbbell-like nanoparticles and a process of forming the same
128 7,766,684 Connector actuation mechanism
129 7,766,587 Small radius end mill tool
130 7,766,236 Method for reading data using multi-format magnetic head
131 7,765,852 Air flow nozzle for air flow meter
132 7,765,693 Electrically connecting two substrates using a resilient wire bundle captured in an aperture of an interposer by a retention member
133 7,765,673 Method for improving power distribution current measurement on printed circuit boards