IBM patents granted on 03 February 2009

218 US patents granted on 03 February 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,487,550 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for processing alerts and auditing in a publish/subscribe system
2 7,487,545 Probabilistic mechanism to determine level of security for a software package
3 7,487,543 Method and apparatus for the automatic determination of potentially worm-like behavior of a program
4 7,487,542 Intrusion detection using a network processor and a parallel pattern detection engine
5 7,487,537 Method and apparatus for pervasive authentication domains
6 7,487,526 Method for object retransmission without a continuous network connection in a digital media distributor system
7 7,487,506 Autonomous management of system throughput
8 7,487,504 Thread dispatch for multiprocessor computer systems
9 7,487,503 Scheduling threads in a multiprocessor computer
10 7,487,501 Distributed counter and centralized sensor in barrier wait synchronization
11 7,487,497 Method and system for auto parallelization of zero-trip loops through induction variable substitution
12 7,487,496 Computer program functional partitioning method for heterogeneous multi-processing systems
13 7,487,494 Approach to monitor application states for self-managing systems
14 7,487,487 Design structure for monitoring cross chip delay variation on a semiconductor device
15 7,487,484 Method, system and storage medium for determining circuit placement
16 7,487,481 Receiver circuit for on chip timing adjustment
17 7,487,480 Method for estimating aggregate leakage of transistors
18 7,487,477 Parametric-based semiconductor design
19 7,487,476 Method for computing the sensitivity of a VLSI design to both random and systematic defects using a critical area analysis tool
20 7,487,473 Enabling netlist for modeling of technology dependent BEOL process variation
21 7,487,472 Method, system and program product for synchronous communication between a public electronic environment and a private electronic environment
22 7,487,465 Application clippings
23 7,487,464 Enhanced visualization and selection of multi-layered elements in a containment hierarchy
24 7,487,461 System and method for issuing commands based on pen motions on a graphical keyboard
25 7,487,451 Creating a voice response grammar from a presentation grammar
26 7,487,443 Portal page view layout based on weights
27 7,487,440 Reusable voiceXML dialog components, subdialogs and beans
28 7,487,439 Method and apparatus for converting between data sets and XML documents
29 7,487,437 System and method in a data table for managing insertion operations in recursive scalable template instances
30 7,487,436 System and method in a data table managing deletion operations in recursive scalable template instances
31 7,487,425 Low cost symbol error correction coding and decoding
32 7,487,409 Apparatus, system, and method for accessing system information
33 7,487,408 Deferring error reporting for a storage device to align with staffing levels at a service center
34 7,487,407 Identification of root cause for a transaction response time problem in a distributed environment
35 7,487,406 Systems, methods, and media for managing software defects
36 7,487,403 Method for handling a device failure
37 7,487,397 Method for cache correction using functional tests translated to fuse repair
38 7,487,394 Recovering from abnormal interruption of a parity update operation in a disk array system
39 7,487,393 Template based parallel checkpointing in a massively parallel computer system
40 7,487,389 Method for achieving higher availability of computer PCI adapters
41 7,487,386 Method for increasing file system availability via block replication
42 7,487,377 Method and apparatus for fault tolerant time synchronization mechanism in a scaleable multi-processor computer
43 7,487,374 Dynamic power and clock-gating method and circuitry with sleep mode based on estimated time for receipt of next wake-up signal
44 7,487,361 Dynamic cache lookup based on dynamic data
45 7,487,359 Time stamping method employing a separate ticket and stub
46 7,487,353 System, method and program for protecting communication
47 7,487,347 Method and apparatus for allowing restarted programs to use old process identifications and thread identifications
48 7,487,342 Method and apparatus for starting up and maintaining of multiple networked computing systems
49 7,487,340 Local and global branch prediction information storage
50 7,487,334 Branch encoding before instruction cache write
51 7,487,330 Method and apparatus for transferring control in a computer system with dynamic compilation capability
52 7,487,329 Page replacement policy for systems having multiple page sizes
53 7,487,326 Method for managing metrics table per virtual port in a logically partitioned data processing system
54 7,487,322 Article of manufacture and system for storage pool space allocation across multiple locations
55 7,487,320 Apparatus and system for dynamically allocating main memory among a plurality of applications
56 7,487,319 Resource allocation unit queue
57 7,487,318 Managing write-to-read turnarounds in an early read after write memory system
58 7,487,312 Apparatus, system, and method for copy protection
59 7,487,307 Method, apparatus and program product for managing memory in a virtual computing system
60 7,487,297 Dynamically adjusting a pre-fetch distance to enable just-in-time prefetching within a processing system
61 7,487,291 Methods for restricted update sharing of removable media in a media library
62 7,487,288 Dynamic loading of virtual volume data in a virtual tape server
63 7,487,285 Using out-of-band signaling to provide communication between storage controllers in a computer storage system
64 7,487,279 Achieving both locking fairness and locking performance with spin locks
65 7,487,277 Apparatus, system, and method for overriding resource controller lock ownership
66 7,487,276 Bus arbitration system
67 7,487,272 Using queue specific variable(s) to efficiently delete expired items in an ordered queue without necessarily checking each queued item’s expiry time
68 7,487,269 Apparatus, system, and method of connection grouping for multipath lock facility connection paths
69 7,487,267 Method and apparatus for managing dependencies between split transaction queues
70 7,487,260 Method and system for content similarity-based message routing and subscription matching
71 7,487,258 Arbitration in a computing utility system
72 7,487,247 Systems, methods and computer program products for improving placement performance of message transforms by exploiting aggressive replication
73 7,487,242 Method and apparatus for server load sharing based on foreign port distribution
74 7,487,239 Composite resource models
75 7,487,234 Context conflict resolution and automatic context source maintenance
76 7,487,231 Managing configuration of computer systems on a computer network
77 7,487,222 System management architecture for multi-node computer system
78 7,487,220 Delivering instant messages to the intended user
79 7,487,219 Virtual storage device from multiple online accounts
80 7,487,216 System and method for managing display of a multiple message electronic mail thread
81 7,487,215 Method and system for distributing a nested electronic communication to a plurality of recipients
82 7,487,209 Delivering dynamic media content for collaborators to purposeful devices
83 7,487,208 Differential dynamic content delivery to alternate display device locations
84 7,487,206 Method for providing load diffusion in data stream correlations
85 7,487,197 Data processing apparatus incorporating a numeric processing mechanism
86 7,487,195 Method and structure for producing high performance linear algebra routines using composite blocking based on L1 cache size
87 7,487,192 Method for maintaining data in a distributed computing environment for processing transaction requests
88 7,487,191 Method and system for model-based replication of data
89 7,487,184 Method, system, and computer program product for improved round robin for time series data
90 7,487,183 Grouped filter rules for workflow application update notifications
91 7,487,179 Method and program product for automating the submission of multiple server tasks for updating a database
92 7,487,178 System and method for providing an object to support data structures in worm storage
93 7,487,174 Method for storing text annotations with associated type information in a structured data store
94 7,487,173 Self-generation of a data warehouse from an enterprise data model of an EAI/BPI infrastructure
95 7,487,172 Three-dimensional data structure for storing data of multiple domains and the management thereof
96 7,487,171 System and method for managing a hierarchy of databases
97 7,487,169 Method for finding the longest common subsequences between files with applications to differential compression
98 7,487,167 Apparatus for dynamic classification of data in evolving data stream
99 7,487,160 Method for determining participation in a distributed transaction
100 7,487,159 Method implementing scrollable cursors in a distributed database system
101 7,487,158 Method for the establishment and maintenance of collaborative communication associations based on multiple contextual criteria
102 7,487,153 Locker manager for managing access to shared resources
103 7,487,152 Method for efficiently locking resources of a global data repository
104 7,487,150 Method for matching pattern-based data
105 7,487,143 Method for nested categorization using factorization
106 7,487,142 Methods and apparatus for specifying and processing descriptive queries for data sources
107 7,487,140 Method for executing a query having multiple distinct key columns
108 7,487,139 Method and system for filtering a table
109 7,487,137 Apparatus, system, and method for java bean delta generation
110 7,487,132 Method for filtering content using neural networks
111 7,487,128 Updating usage conditions in lieu of download digital rights management protected content
112 7,487,116 Consumer representation rendering with selected merchandise
113 7,487,110 Automotive information communication exchange system, method, and program product
114 7,487,109 Method and apparatus for optimizing a security database for a self-service checkout system
115 7,487,107 Method, system, and computer program for determining ranges of potential purchasing amounts, indexed according to latest cycle and recency frequency, by combining re-purchasing ratios and purchasing amounts
116 7,487,099 Method, system, and storage medium for resolving transport errors relating to automated material handling system transaction
117 7,487,096 Method to automatically enable closed captioning when a speaker has a heavy accent
118 7,487,092 Interactive debugging and tuning method for CTTS voice building
119 7,487,090 Service for providing speaker voice metrics
120 7,487,085 Method and system of building a grammar rule with baseforms generated dynamically from user utterances
121 7,487,084 Apparatus, program storage device and method for testing speech recognition in the mobile environment of a vehicle
122 7,487,082 Apparatus for developing a transfer dictionary used in transfer-based machine translation system
123 7,487,079 Enterprise service delivery technical architecture
124 7,487,072 Method and system for querying multimedia data where adjusting the conversion of the current portion of the multimedia data signal based on the comparing at least one set of confidence values to the threshold
125 7,487,065 Executing an overall quantity of data processing within an overall processing period
126 7,487,054 Automated dynamic metrology sampling system and method for process control
127 7,487,017 Systems and methods for generating pattern keys for use in navigation systems to predict user destinations
128 7,487,012 Methods for thermal management of three-dimensional integrated circuits
129 7,487,008 Virtualization of data storage library addresses
130 7,486,971 Method and apparatus for managing ring tones in a mobile device
131 7,486,930 Method and apparatus for preconditioning mobile devices for network and other operations
132 7,486,889 Transceiver test module employing an optical wrap
133 7,486,868 Light-emitting fibers intertwined in grass related to a player’s or game object’s position
134 7,486,849 Optical switch
135 7,486,847 Chip carrier package with optical vias
136 7,486,845 Waveguide polarization beam splitters and method of fabricating a waveguide wire-grid polarization beam splitter
137 7,486,833 System and program product for error recovery while decoding cached compressed data
138 7,486,810 On-type biometrics fingerprint soft keyboard
139 7,486,785 Method for customer recognition and management
140 7,486,784 Bill payment service
141 7,486,783 Bill payment system and method
142 7,486,779 Origin device based callee identification
143 7,486,697 Method for negotiating link protocols for link aggregations
144 7,486,691 Method, logic arrangement and program for assigning a primary trunk
145 7,486,687 Method and allocation device for allocating pending requests for data packet transmission at a number of inputs to a number of outputs of a packet switching device in successive time slots
146 7,486,683 Algorithm and system for selecting acknowledgments from an array of collapsed VOQ’s
147 7,486,619 Multidimensional switch network
148 7,486,586 Voltage controlled static random access memory
149 7,486,585 Securing an integrated circuit
150 7,486,525 Temporary chip attach carrier
151 7,486,516 Mounting a heat sink in thermal contact with an electronic component
152 7,486,514 Cooling apparatus with discrete cold plates disposed between a module enclosure and electronics components to be cooled
153 7,486,513 Method and apparatus for cooling an equipment enclosure through closed-loop liquid-assisted air cooling in combination with direct liquid cooling
154 7,486,512 Apparatus for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack by mixing cooler air flow with re-circulating air flow in a re-circulation region
155 7,486,511 Passive rear door for controlled hot air exhaust
156 7,486,507 Server control panel system
157 7,486,476 Magnetic data system having a shield biasing circuit with resistor coupled between the shield and substrate
158 7,486,475 Magnetic data system having bias circuit with bias resistor
159 7,486,369 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
160 7,486,301 Edit tool for line vector data
161 7,486,292 Graph data visualization and graphics preparation
162 7,486,289 Recognition model generation and structured mesh generation system and method
163 7,486,208 High-rate RLL encoding
164 7,486,196 Using audio to detect changes to the performance of an application
165 7,486,180 Method and system for updating status of data storage subsystem components
166 7,486,177 System and method for performing interventions in cars using communicated automotive information
167 7,486,176 Method, system, and computer program product for determining and reporting tailgating incidents
168 7,486,145 Circuits and methods for implementing sub-integer-N frequency dividers using phase rotators
169 7,486,127 Transistor switch with integral body connection to prevent latchup
170 7,486,123 Set/reset latch with minimum single event upset
171 7,486,120 Delay ratio adjusting circuit, delayed pulse generation circuit, and pulse width modulation pulse signal generation device
172 7,486,114 Signal detector with calibration circuit arrangement
173 7,486,108 Charge recycling power gate
174 7,486,107 Method for extending lifetime reliability of digital logic devices through reversal of aging mechanisms
175 7,486,100 Active matrix panel inspection device and inspection method
176 7,486,098 Integrated circuit testing method using well bias modification
177 7,486,097 Proximity sensitive defect monitor
178 7,486,096 Method and apparatus for testing to determine minimum operating voltages in electronic devices
179 7,485,965 Through via in ultra high resistivity wafer and related methods
180 7,485,964 Dielectric material
181 7,485,944 Programmable electronic fuse
182 7,485,910 Simplified vertical array device DRAM/eDRAM integration: method and structure
183 7,485,891 Multi-bit phase change memory cell and multi-bit phase change memory including the same, method of forming a multi-bit phase change memory, and method of programming a multi-bit phase change memory
184 7,485,859 Charged beam apparatus and method that provide charged beam aerial dimensional map
185 7,485,813 Stacked hole formed patterns for shielding through an aperture
186 7,485,809 System and method for implementing a cable system
187 7,485,690 Sacrificial film-forming composition, patterning process, sacrificial film and removal method
188 7,485,582 Hardmask for improved reliability of silicon based dielectrics
189 7,485,573 Process of making a semiconductor device using multiple antireflective materials
190 7,485,572 Method for improved formation of cobalt silicide contacts in semiconductor devices
191 7,485,567 Microelectronic circuit structure with layered low dielectric constant regions and method of forming same
192 7,485,564 Undercut-free BLM process for Pb-free and Pb-reduced C4
193 7,485,540 Integrated BEOL thin film resistor
194 7,485,539 Strained semiconductor-on-insulator (sSOI) by a simox method
195 7,485,537 Method of fabricating a vertical bipolar transistor with a majority carrier accumulation layer as a subcollector for SOI BiCMOS with reduced buried oxide thickness
196 7,485,525 Method of manufacturing a multiple port memory having a plurality of parallel connected trench capacitors in a cell
197 7,485,524 MOSFETs comprising source/drain regions with slanted upper surfaces, and method for fabricating the same
198 7,485,521 Self-aligned dual stressed layers for NFET and PFET
199 7,485,520 Method of manufacturing a body-contacted finfet
200 7,485,519 After gate fabrication of field effect transistor having tensile and compressive regions
201 7,485,518 Strained Si MOSFET on tensile-strained SiGe-on-insulator (SGOI)
202 7,485,516 Method of ion implantation of nitrogen into semiconductor substrate prior to oxidation for offset spacer formation
203 7,485,510 Field effect device including inverted V shaped channel region and method for fabrication thereof
204 7,485,508 Two-sided semiconductor-on-insulator structures and methods of manufacturing the same
205 7,485,506 Hybrid substrate technology for high-mobility planar and multiple-gate MOSFETS
206 7,485,487 Phase change memory cell with electrode
207 7,485,341 Nonlithographic method to produce masks by selective reaction, articles produced, and composition for same
208 7,485,210 Sputtering target fixture
209 7,484,991 Panel-mount USB locking latch
210 7,484,966 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
211 7,484,896 Connector assembly with integrated electromagnetic shield
212 7,484,886 Bolometric on-chip temperature sensor
213 7,484,682 Operating a tape drive during and after a transition to a stand-by mode
214 7,484,657 On-demand physically secure data storage
215 7,484,656 Apparatus, system, and method for correlating a cost of media service to advertising exposure
216 7,484,451 Bionic body armor
217 7,484,423 Integrated carbon nanotube sensors
218 7,484,293 Semiconductor package and manufacturing method therefor