IBM patents granted on 03 February 2015

189 US patents granted on 03 February 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,950,011 Targeted sequencing of biomolecules by pulling through a liquid-liquid interface with an atomic force microscope
2 8,950,008 Undiscoverable physical chip identification
3 8,949,996 Transforming unit tests for security testing
4 8,949,995 Certifying server side web applications against security vulnerabilities
5 8,949,994 Detecting persistent vulnerabilities in web applications
6 8,949,992 Detecting persistent vulnerabilities in web applications
7 8,949,991 Testing web services that are accessible via service oriented architecture (SOA) interceptors
8 8,949,985 Application testing system and method
9 8,949,933 Centralized management of technical records across an enterprise
10 8,949,868 Methods, systems and computer program products for dynamic linkage
11 8,949,862 Rate of operation progress reporting
12 8,949,856 Merging result from a parser in a network processor with result from an external coprocessor
13 8,949,854 System and method for accessing really simple syndication (RSS) enabled content using session initiation protocol (SIP) signaling
14 8,949,848 Reducing usage of resource utilized by a virtual machine whose resource utilization is adversely affecting neighboring virtual machines
15 8,949,837 Assist thread for injecting cache memory in a microprocessor
16 8,949,836 Transferring architected state between cores
17 8,949,831 Dynamic virtual machine domain configuration and virtual machine relocation management
18 8,949,830 Emulating a data center network on a single physical host with support for virtual machine mobility
19 8,949,828 Single point, scalable data synchronization for management of a virtual input/output server cluster
20 8,949,822 System, method and program product to manage installation of programs
21 8,949,819 Rationalizing functions to identify re-usable services
22 8,949,814 Providing a software upgrade risk map for a deployed customer system
23 8,949,812 System and method for updating hard-coded dependencies
24 8,949,810 Method for high-performance data stream processing
25 8,949,809 Automatic pipeline parallelization of sequential code
26 8,949,804 Limiting execution of software programs
27 8,949,803 Limiting execution of software programs
28 8,949,801 Failure recovery for stream processing applications
29 8,949,800 Time-based trace facility
30 8,949,799 Program log record optimization
31 8,949,798 Framework for conditionally executing code in an application using conditions in the framework and in the application
32 8,949,797 Optimizing performance of integrity monitoring
33 8,949,795 Generating test cases for covering enterprise rules and predicates
34 8,949,790 Debugging visual and embedded programs
35 8,949,787 Locating isolation points in an application under multi-tenant environment
36 8,949,783 Method and system for lazy data serialization in computer communications
37 8,949,773 Deriving process models from natural language use case models
38 8,949,766 Detecting corresponding paths in combinationally equivalent circuit designs
39 8,949,765 Modeling multi-patterning variability with statistical timing
40 8,949,762 Computer-based modeling of integrated circuit congestion and wire distribution for products and services
41 8,949,761 Techniques for routing signal wires in an integrated circuit design
42 8,949,755 Analyzing sparse wiring areas of an integrated circuit design
43 8,949,746 Providing access for blind users on kiosks
44 8,949,740 Selecting menu for an object in a graphical user interface (GUI) environment
45 8,949,729 Enhanced copy and paste between applications
46 8,949,721 Personalization of web content
47 8,949,709 Instructing web clients to ignore scripts in specified portions of web pages
48 8,949,694 Address error detection
49 8,949,685 Soft error protection in individual memory devices
50 8,949,676 Real-time event storm detection in a cloud environment
51 8,949,671 Fault detection, diagnosis, and prevention for complex computing systems
52 8,949,659 Scheduling workloads based on detected hardware errors
53 8,949,647 Thermal relationships based workload planning
54 8,949,629 Predicting battery power usage
55 8,949,579 Ineffective prefetch determination and latency optimization
56 8,949,577 Performing a deterministic reduction operation in a parallel computer
57 8,949,575 Reversing processing order in half-pumped SIMD execution units to achieve K cycle issue-to-issue latency
58 8,949,569 Enhanced direct memory access
59 8,949,566 Locking access to data storage shared by a plurality of compute nodes
60 8,949,558 Cost-aware replication of intermediate data in dataflows
61 8,949,556 Cloud management of device memory based on geographical location
62 8,949,543 Filtering obsolete read requests in networked client-server architecture
63 8,949,540 Lateral castout (LCO) of victim cache line in data-invalid state
64 8,949,539 Conditional load and store in a shared memory
65 8,949,536 Prefetching source tracks for destaging updated tracks in a copy relationship
66 8,949,530 Dynamic index selection in a hardware cache
67 8,949,529 Customizing function behavior based on cache and scheduling parameters of a memory argument
68 8,949,528 Writing of data of a first block size in a raid array that stores and mirrors data in a second block size
69 8,949,524 Saving log data using a disk system as primary cache and a tape library as secondary cache
70 8,949,499 Using a PCI standard hot plug controller to modify the hierarchy of a distributed switch
71 8,949,472 Data affinity based scheme for mapping connections to CPUs in I/O adapter
72 8,949,468 Method and system for time synchronization among systems using parallel sysplex links
73 8,949,453 Data communications in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
74 8,949,445 Optimizing electronic communication channels
75 8,949,432 Identity management
76 8,949,430 Clustered computer environment partition resolution
77 8,949,428 Virtual machine load balancing
78 8,949,427 Administering medical digital images with intelligent analytic execution of workflows
79 8,949,423 Autonomically co-locating first and second components on a select server
80 8,949,420 Content pre-fetching and preparation
81 8,949,418 Firewall event reduction for rule use counting
82 8,949,415 Activity-based virtual machine availability in a networked computing environment
83 8,949,406 Method and system for communication between a client system and a server system
84 8,949,390 Management of service quality information in web services
85 8,949,387 Best practices analysis of zones and components in a network
86 8,949,375 Data processing of media file types supported by client devices
87 8,949,354 Propagation of message having time-based information
88 8,949,350 Tracking desktop application referrals to content distributed over a network
89 8,949,348 Controlling message delivery in publish/subscribe messaging
90 8,949,345 Method, system and computer program for managing collaborative working sessions
91 8,949,332 Redirecting messages in a publish/subscribe messaging system
92 8,949,328 Performing collective operations in a distributed processing system
93 8,949,311 Dynamic, non-intrusive personalization of web services
94 8,949,309 Message handling method, for mobile agent in a distributed computer environment
95 8,949,296 Method for controlling file request access
96 8,949,292 Interoperability format translation and transformation between IFC architectural design file and simulation file formats
97 8,949,286 Dynamic record management for systems utilizing virtual storage access method (VSAM) data sets with a corresponding VSAM control block structure
98 8,949,280 Web service discovery via data abstraction model with input assistance
99 8,949,222 Changing the compression level of query plans
100 8,949,219 Content management system that retrieves data from an external data source and creates one or more objects in the repository
101 8,949,216 Determining characteristic parameters for web pages
102 8,949,204 Efficient development of a rule-based system using crowd-sourcing
103 8,949,202 Technique for controlling access to data
104 8,949,192 Technique of controlling access to database
105 8,949,188 Efficient backup and restore of a cluster aware virtual input/output server (VIOS) within a VIOS cluster
106 8,949,183 Continuous and asynchronous replication of a consistent dataset
107 8,949,182 Continuous and asynchronous replication of a consistent dataset
108 8,949,172 System and method for efficient allocation of resources in virtualized desktop environments
109 8,949,166 Creating and processing a data rule for data quality
110 8,949,160 Systems and methods for generating wind power scenarios for wind-power-integrated stochastic unit commitment problems
111 8,949,149 Attribute based inventory usage and stocking
112 8,949,140 Method and system for dynamic software reconfiguration triggered by component- or system- initiated events
113 8,949,108 Document processing, template generation and concept library generation method and apparatus
114 8,949,106 Just in time compiler in spatially aware emulation of a guest computer instruction set
115 8,949,104 Monitoring enterprise performance
116 8,949,101 Hardware execution driven application level derating calculation for soft error rate analysis
117 8,949,086 Accurate determination of particle positioned on free surface in particle method
118 8,949,040 Methods and apparatus for managing corrosion in buildings
119 8,948,893 Audio media mood visualization method and system
120 8,948,738 Generating alerts based on predicted wireless connection losses
121 8,948,551 Reducing loss at intersection in optical waveguides
122 8,948,548 Polarization diverse demultiplexing
123 8,948,454 Boosting object detection performance in videos
124 8,948,353 Call connection system and method
125 8,948,020 Detecting and isolating dropped or out-of-order packets in communication networks
126 8,948,004 Fault tolerant communication in a trill network
127 8,948,003 Fault tolerant communication in a TRILL network
128 8,947,927 Gated diode memory cells
129 8,947,926 Semiconductor stack incorporating phase change material
130 8,947,917 Thermal spin torque transfer magnetoresistive random access memory
131 8,947,915 Thermal spin torqure transfer magnetoresistive random access memory
132 8,947,873 Immersion-cooled and conduction-cooled electronic system
133 8,947,848 Smarter health conscious electroshock device with medical implant detection
134 8,947,829 Tape head system with controllable electrostatic elements
135 8,947,821 Detecting a servo pattern using a data channel in a magnetic tape drive
136 8,947,536 Automatic failover video coverage of digital video sensing and recording devices
137 8,947,439 Process data presentation based on process regions
138 8,947,433 Spatiotemporal visualization of sensor data
139 8,947,431 Method and system for providing scene data of virtual world
140 8,947,288 Analog-digital converter
141 8,947,272 Decoding encoded data
142 8,947,234 Transient state information display in an RFID tag
143 8,947,160 On-chip millimeter wave Lange coupler
144 8,946,908 Dual-metal self-aligned wires and vias
145 8,946,866 Microelectronic substrate having removable edge extension element
146 8,946,861 Bipolar device having a monocrystalline semiconductor intrinsic base to extrinsic base link-up region
147 8,946,853 Diffusion sidewall for a semiconductor structure
148 8,946,844 Integration of a titania layer in an anti-reflective coating
149 8,946,802 Method of eDRAM DT strap formation in FinFET device structure
150 8,946,801 Field effect transistors (FETs) and methods of manufacture
151 8,946,799 Silicon controlled rectifier with stress-enhanced adjustable trigger voltage
152 8,946,793 Integrated circuits having replacement gate structures and methods for fabricating the same
153 8,946,792 Dummy fin formation by gas cluster ion beam
154 8,946,791 Finfet with reduced parasitic capacitance
155 8,946,782 Method for keyhole repair in replacement metal gate integration through the use of a printable dielectric
156 8,946,766 Bi-directional silicon controlled rectifier structure
157 8,946,731 OLED display with spalled semiconductor driving circuitry and other integrated functions
158 8,946,721 Structure and method for using high-K material as an etch stop layer in dual stress layer process
159 8,946,680 TFET with nanowire source
160 8,946,666 Ge-Rich GST-212 phase change memory materials
161 8,946,630 Automatic filtering of SEM images
162 8,946,371 Photo-patternable dielectric materials curable to porous dielectric materials, formulations, precursors and methods of use thereof
163 8,946,081 Method for cleaning semiconductor substrate
164 8,946,073 Phase change memory cell with large electrode contact area
165 8,946,068 Patterned doping of semiconductor substrates using photosensitive monolayers
166 8,946,064 Transistor with buried silicon germanium for improved proximity control and optimized recess shape
167 8,946,063 Semiconductor device having SSOI substrate with relaxed tensile stress
168 8,946,054 Crack control for substrate separation
169 8,946,049 Replacement gate structures and methods of manufacturing
170 8,946,045 Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor with deep trench (DT) structure and method in a silicon-on-insulator (SOI)
171 8,946,040 SOI lateral bipolar transistor having multi-sided base contact and methods for making same
172 8,946,033 Merged fin finFET with (100) sidewall surfaces and method of making same
173 8,946,028 Merged FinFETs and method of manufacturing the same
174 8,946,027 Replacement-gate FinFET structure and process
175 8,946,013 Lateral diffusion field effect transistor with drain region self-aligned to gate electrode
176 8,946,010 Three dimensional FET devices having different device widths
177 8,946,009 Low extension resistance III-V compound fin field effect transistor
178 8,946,007 Inverted thin channel mosfet with self-aligned expanded source/drain
179 8,946,006 Replacement gate MOSFET with raised source and drain
180 8,945,995 Copper post solder bumps on substrates
181 8,945,956 Metrology test structures in test dies
182 8,945,955 Method of changing reflectance or resistance of a region in an optoelectronic memory device
183 8,945,808 Self-topcoating resist for photolithography
184 8,945,513 Star polymer nanoshells and methods of preparation thereof
185 8,945,503 Methods for making doped and undoped copper chalcopyrite nanoparticles and thin films thereof
186 8,945,404 Self-formed nanometer channel at wafer scale
187 8,944,604 Three dimensional image projector with dual light modulators
188 8,944,306 Forming metal preforms and metal balls
189 8,944,151 Method and apparatus for chip cooling