IBM patents granted on 03 January 2006

70 US patents granted on 03 January 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 6,983,481 Apparatus and method for blocking television commercials with a content interrogation program
2 6,983,468 Automated interface generation for computer programs in different environments
3 6,983,461 Method and system for deadlock detection and avoidance
4 6,983,459 Incorporating register pressure into an inlining compiler
5 6,983,454 Extended “run to” function
6 6,983,453 Method and system for obtaining performance data from software compiled with or without trace hooks
7 6,983,451 Method of testing a computer program translated into a national language
8 6,983,448 Open framework for the definition of metadata
9 6,983,447 Efficient method router that supports multiple simultaneous object versions
10 6,983,435 Integrated design verification and design simplification system
11 6,983,432 Circuit and method for modeling I/O
12 6,983,424 Automatically scaling icons to fit a display area within a data processing system
13 6,983,407 Random pattern weight control by pseudo random bit pattern generator initialization
14 6,983,397 Method, system, and program for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
15 6,983,396 Apparatus for reducing the overhead of cache coherency processing on each primary controller and increasing the overall throughput of the system
16 6,983,387 Microprocessor chip simultaneous switching current reduction method and apparatus
17 6,983,371 Super-distribution of protected digital content
18 6,983,361 Apparatus and method for implementing switch instructions in an IA64 architecture
19 6,983,355 Virtualization of physical storage using size optimized hierarchical tables
20 6,983,352 System and method for point in time backups
21 6,983,351 System and method to guarantee overwrite of expired data in a virtual tape server
22 6,983,347 Dynamically managing saved processor soft states
23 6,983,334 Method and system of tracking missing packets in a multicast TFTP environment
24 6,983,324 Dynamic modification of cluster communication parameters in clustered computer system
25 6,983,318 Cache management method and system for storing dynamic contents
26 6,983,310 System and method for providing search capabilties on a wireless device
27 6,983,293 Mid-tier-based conflict resolution method and system usable for message synchronization and replication
28 6,983,291 Incremental maintenance of aggregated and join summary tables
29 6,983,284 Method to reduce input parameter interface error and inconsistency for servlets
30 6,983,279 Method and system for assisting a data processing system user in browsing a file system
31 6,983,275 Optimizing database query by generating, determining the type of derived predicate based on monotonicity of the column generating expression for each remaining inequality predicate in the list of unexamined predicates
32 6,983,273 Iconic representation of linked site characteristics
33 6,983,269 Apparatus for indirect directory searches and method therefor
34 6,983,265 Method to improve the data transfer rate between a computer and a neural network
35 6,983,264 Signal separation method and apparatus for restoring original signal from observed data
36 6,983,255 Television commerce payments
37 6,983,249 Systems and methods for voice synthesis
38 6,983,248 Methods and apparatus for recognized word registration in accordance with speech recognition
39 6,983,239 Method and apparatus for embedding grammars in a natural language understanding (NLU) statistical parser
40 6,983,216 Test automation method and tool with dynamic attributes and value sets integration
41 6,983,205 Compressing location data of moving objects
42 6,983,204 Mapping travel routes
43 6,983,200 Supplemental diagnostic and service resource planning for mobile systems
44 6,983,190 Method for optimizing material substitutions within a supply chain
45 6,983,097 Magneto-optical switching backplane for processor interconnection
46 6,983,056 Method and device for embedding and detecting watermarking information into a black and white binary document image
47 6,983,042 Business method for hybrid wireline wireless network service
48 6,982,991 Cell or fram assembly method and apparatus optimizing the moving of data
49 6,982,986 QoS scheduler and method for implementing quality of service anticipating the end of a chain of flows
50 6,982,958 Method for transmitting loopback cells through a switching node of an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network
51 6,982,956 System and method for controlling communications network traffic through phased discard strategy selection
52 6,982,954 Communications bus with redundant signal paths and method for compensating for signal path errors in a communications bus
53 6,982,897 Nondestructive read, two-switch, single-charge-storage device RAM devices
54 6,982,847 Method and apparatus for implementing autonomous variation of media dismount time in a robotic media library
55 6,982,846 Tamper resistant write once recording of a data storage cartridge having rewritable media
56 6,982,844 Optical aperture for data recording having transmission enhanced by surface plasmon resonance
57 6,982,684 Brightness compensating low power display device and controller
58 6,982,642 Security cloth design and assembly
59 6,982,625 Event-recorder for transmitting and storing electronic signature data
60 6,982,591 Method and circuit for compensating for tunneling current
61 6,982,493 Wedgebond pads having a nonplanar surface structure
62 6,982,460 Self-aligned gate MOSFET with separate gates
63 6,982,442 Structure and method for making heterojunction bipolar transistor having self-aligned silicon-germanium raised extrinsic base
64 6,982,387 Method and apparatus to establish circuit layers interconnections
65 6,982,240 Method for making a superconductor device
66 6,982,230 Deposition of hafnium oxide and/or zirconium oxide and fabrication of passivated electronic structures
67 6,982,227 Single and multilevel rework
68 6,982,196 Oxidation method for altering a film structure and CMOS transistor structure formed therewith
69 6,981,880 Non-oriented wire in elastomer electrical contact
70 6,981,879 Land grid array (LGA) interposer with adhesive-retained contacts and method of manufacture