IBM patents granted on 03 January 2012

89 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,091,138 Method and apparatus for controlling the presentation of confidential content
2 8,091,127 Heuristic malware detection
3 8,091,092 Locally providing globally consistent information to communications layers
4 8,091,091 Apparatus for facilitating transactions between thin-clients and message format service (MFS)-based information management systems (IMS) applications
5 8,091,089 Apparatus, system, and method for dynamically allocating and adjusting meta-data repository resources for handling concurrent I/O requests to a meta-data repository
6 8,091,085 Installation of updated software for server components
7 8,091,079 Implementing shadow versioning to improve data dependence analysis for instruction scheduling
8 8,091,078 Dynamically partitioning processing across a plurality of heterogeneous processors
9 8,091,076 Dynamic native binding
10 8,091,075 Method and apparatus for breakpoint analysis of computer programming code using unexpected code path conditions
11 8,091,073 Scaling instruction intervals to identify collection points for representative instruction traces
12 8,091,068 User configurable language independent code assist method, system, article of manufacture, and computer program product
13 8,091,066 Automated multi-platform build and test environment for software application development
14 8,091,059 Method for diffusion based cell placement migration
15 8,091,050 Modeling system-level effects of soft errors
16 8,091,044 Filtering the display of files in graphical interfaces
17 8,091,041 Identifying grouped toolbar icons
18 8,091,035 System and method for sharing data
19 8,091,034 Tiered web conference
20 8,091,022 Online learning monitor
21 8,091,019 Supporting variable data structures and constant data structures in a hardware-based extensible markup language (XML) post processing engine (PPE)
22 8,090,997 Run-time fault resolution from development-time fault and fault resolution path identification
23 8,090,994 System, method, and computer readable media for identifying a log file record in a log file
24 8,090,978 Protection of data on failing storage devices
25 8,090,976 Error correction for digital systems
26 8,090,933 Methods computer program products and systems for unifying program event recording for branches and stores in the same dataflow
27 8,090,929 Generating clock signals for coupled ASIC chips in processor interface with X and Y logic operable in functional and scanning modes
28 8,090,917 Managing storage and migration of backup data
29 8,090,911 Selecting a target number of pages for allocation to a partition
30 8,090,907 Method for migration of synchronous remote copy service to a virtualization appliance
31 8,090,883 Method, system and computer program product for enhanced shared store buffer management scheme with limited resources for optimized performance
32 8,090,871 Determining a remote management processor’s IP address
33 8,090,853 Data access control
34 8,090,851 Method and system for problem determination in distributed enterprise applications
35 8,090,841 Method of doing business over a network by transmission and retransmission of digital information on a network during time slots
36 8,090,823 Providing low-level hardware access to in-band and out-of-band firmware
37 8,090,777 Method and system for managing instant messaging interruptions
38 8,090,775 Time limited collaborative community role delegation policy
39 8,090,769 Dynamically generating web contents
40 8,090,762 Efficient super cluster implementation for solving connected problems in a distributed environment
41 8,090,760 Communicating in a computing system
42 8,090,759 System for preserving message order
43 8,090,756 Method and apparatus for generating trigonometric results
44 8,090,750 Prompting of an end user with commands
45 8,090,739 Utilization of logical fields with conditional modifiers in abstract queries
46 8,090,737 User dictionary term criteria conditions
47 8,090,735 Statement generation using statement patterns
48 8,090,711 Normalizing records
49 8,090,710 Index maintenance in a multi-node database
50 8,090,704 Database retrieval with a non-unique key on a parallel computer system
51 8,090,702 Analyzing web site traffic
52 8,090,701 Apparatus and system for communicating with multiple data stores
53 8,090,700 Method for updating databases
54 8,090,697 Mechanism for executing nested transactions in an execution environment supporting flat transactions only
55 8,090,688 Indicating review activity of a document in a content management system
56 8,090,687 Just-in-time publishing via a publish/subscribe messaging system having message publishing controls
57 8,090,671 Dynamic performance modeling of computer application services using a serial parallel queueing network (SPQN) modeler
58 8,090,658 System and method of member unique names
59 8,090,571 Method and system for building and contracting a linguistic dictionary
60 8,090,504 Feedback loop system for passenger safety
61 8,090,480 Consumer electronic usage monitoring and management
62 8,090,476 System and method to control data center air handling systems
63 8,090,207 Adaptive compression quality
64 8,090,105 Broadcast encryption with dual tree sizes
65 8,089,987 Synchronizing in-memory caches while being updated by a high rate data stream
66 8,089,967 Modification of a switching table of an internet protocol switch
67 8,089,889 Adapter port configuration
68 8,089,833 Storage device and operating method therefor
69 8,089,813 Controllable voltage reference driver for a memory system
70 8,089,727 Managing data storage media and multiple cartridge memories of a data storage cartridge
71 8,089,722 In situ radio frequency shield for a magnetic linear recording media head
72 8,089,481 Updating frame divisions based on ray tracing image processing system performance
73 8,089,469 Electronic device with intelligent keyboard illumination
74 8,089,296 On-chip measurement of signals
75 8,089,285 Implementing tamper resistant integrated circuit chips
76 8,089,160 IC interconnect for high current
77 8,089,157 Contact metallurgy structure
78 8,089,133 Optical assemblies for transmitting and manipulating optical beams
79 8,089,126 Method and structures for improving substrate loss and linearity in SOI substrates
80 8,089,105 Fuse link structures using film stress for programming and methods of manufacture
81 8,089,006 High performance resonant element
82 8,088,873 Topcoat composition
83 8,088,690 CMP method
84 8,088,663 SRAM cell having a rectangular combined active area planar pass gate and planar pull-down NFETS
85 8,088,656 Fabricating ESD devices using MOSFET and LDMOS
86 8,088,004 System and method for implementing environmentally-sensitive simulations on a data processing system
87 8,087,951 Dual force single point actuation integrated load mechanism for securing a computer processor to a socket
88 8,087,823 Method for monitoring thermal control
89 8,087,566 Techniques for arranging solder balls and forming bumps