IBM patents granted on 03 January 2017

228 US patents granted on 03 January 2017 and assigned to IBM

1 9,538,682 Strengthening electronic equipment
2 9,538,391 Sharing frequencies in an OFDM-based wireless communication system
3 9,538,335 Inferring device theft based on historical location data
4 9,538,327 Management of moving objects
5 9,538,090 Digital image capture under conditions of varying light intensity
6 9,537,970 Publisher-based message data caching in a publish-subscription environment
7 9,537,951 Management of network devices within a dispersed data storage network
8 9,537,948 Method and apparatus for chunk-level sharing-based open virtualization format (OVF) package distribution through dependency analysis
9 9,537,940 Exchange of information between processing servers
10 9,537,929 Summarizing portlet usage in a portal page
11 9,537,922 Partitioning digital media for consumption
12 9,537,914 Vehicle domain multi-level parallel buffering and context-based streaming data pre-processing system
13 9,537,912 Communication traffic management
14 9,537,911 Controlling conference calls
15 9,537,898 Shared security utility appliance for secure application and data processing
16 9,537,883 Process security validation
17 9,537,865 Access control using tokens and black lists
18 9,537,857 Distributed password verification
19 9,537,806 System for delegating the prioritization of incoming communications to trusted users
20 9,537,804 System for delegating the prioritization of incoming communications to trusted users
21 9,537,798 Ethernet link aggregation with shared physical ports
22 9,537,787 Dynamically balancing resource requirements for clients with unpredictable loads
23 9,537,784 Network-specific data downloading to a mobile device
24 9,537,766 Packet switching without look-up table for ethernet switches
25 9,537,758 Dynamic redirection of network traffic within a system under test
26 9,537,747 Publish/subscribe overlay network control system
27 9,537,743 Maximizing storage controller bandwidth utilization in heterogeneous storage area networks
28 9,537,740 Monitoring device usage
29 9,537,728 Minimizing service restart by optimally resizing service pools
30 9,537,727 Discrete, depleting chips for obtaining desired service level characteristics
31 9,537,720 Topology discovery for fault finding in virtual computing environments
32 9,537,707 System for self organization of an internet protocol television grid
33 9,537,658 Password-based authentication
34 9,537,652 Polymorphic encryption key allocation scheme
35 9,537,609 Storing a stream of data in a dispersed storage network
36 9,537,474 Transforming a phase-locked-loop generated chip clock signal to a local clock signal
37 9,537,237 System to improve an in-line memory module
38 9,537,224 Phased-array transceiver
39 9,537,199 Package structure having an integrated waveguide configured to communicate between first and second integrated circuit chips
40 9,537,090 Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy free layers with iron insertion and oxide interfaces for spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory
41 9,537,086 Linear magnetoresistive random access memory device with a self-aligned contact above MRAM nanowire
42 9,537,038 Solar cell made using a barrier layer between P-type and intrinsic layers
43 9,537,015 Localized fin width scaling using a hydrogen anneal
44 9,537,011 Partially dielectric isolated fin-shaped field effect transistor (FinFET)
45 9,536,990 Methods of forming replacement fins for a FinFET device using a targeted thickness for the patterned fin etch mask
46 9,536,988 Parasitic capacitance reduction
47 9,536,986 Enriched, high mobility strained fin having bottom dielectric isolation
48 9,536,982 Etch stop for airgap protection
49 9,536,981 Field effect transistor device spacers
50 9,536,979 FinFET with reduced capacitance
51 9,536,945 MOSFET with ultra low drain leakage
52 9,536,939 High density vertically integrated FEOL MIM capacitor
53 9,536,926 Magnetic tunnel junction based anti-fuses with cascoded transistors
54 9,536,925 Injection pillar definition for line MRAM by a self-aligned sidewall transfer
55 9,536,885 Hybrid FINFET/nanowire SRAM cell using selective germanium condensation
56 9,536,879 FinFET with constrained source-drain epitaxial region
57 9,536,877 Methods of forming different spacer structures on integrated circuit products having differing gate pitch dimensions and the resulting products
58 9,536,853 Semiconductor device including built-in crack-arresting film structure
59 9,536,836 MIS (Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor) contact structures for semiconductor devices
60 9,536,832 Junctionless back end of the line via contact
61 9,536,809 Combination of TSV and back side wiring in 3D integration
62 9,536,795 Multiple threshold voltage trigate devices using 3D condensation
63 9,536,794 Techniques for dual dielectric thickness for a nanowire CMOS technology using oxygen growth
64 9,536,791 Stable multiple threshold voltage devices on replacement metal gate CMOS devices
65 9,536,788 Complementary SOI lateral bipolar transistors with backplate bias
66 9,536,780 Method and apparatus for single chamber treatment
67 9,536,779 Selective local metal cap layer formation for improved electromigration behavior
68 9,536,775 Aspect ratio for semiconductor on insulator
69 9,536,750 Method for fin formation with a self-aligned directed self-assembly process and cut-last scheme
70 9,536,744 Enabling large feature alignment marks with sidewall image transfer patterning
71 9,536,739 Self-cut sidewall image transfer process
72 9,536,736 Reducing substrate bowing caused by high percentage sige layers
73 9,536,733 Hydrogen-free silicon-based deposited dielectric films for nano device fabrication
74 9,536,732 Low temperature fabrication of lateral thin film varistor
75 9,536,731 Wet clean process for removing C.sub.xH.sub.yF.sub.z etch residue
76 9,536,608 Content addressable memory device
77 9,536,604 Impedance matching system for DDR memory
78 9,536,600 Simultaneous multi-page commands for non-volatile memories
79 9,536,561 Writing dummy indices on a tape medium partition
80 9,536,558 Erasing recorded data by utilizing read head and write head
81 9,536,518 Unsupervised training method, training apparatus, and training program for an N-gram language model based upon recognition reliability
82 9,536,505 Automatic tuning floating bridge for electric stringed instruments
83 9,536,504 Automatic tuning floating bridge for electric stringed instruments
84 9,536,444 Evaluating expert opinions in a question and answer system
85 9,536,443 Evaluating expert opinions in a question and answer system
86 9,536,332 Display of graphical representations of legends in virtualized data formats
87 9,536,328 Method to optimize the visualization of a map’s projection based on data and tasks
88 9,536,281 Image scaling for images including low resolution text
89 9,536,230 Managing calendaring events
90 9,536,229 Out-of-office notification mechanism for email clients
91 9,536,225 Aggregating business analytics architecture and configurator
92 9,536,214 Weather-driven multi-category infrastructure impact forecasting
93 9,536,212 Web browser-based business process management engine
94 9,536,204 Cohort half life forecasting combination from a confident jury
95 9,536,203 Method for solving linear programs
96 9,536,200 Sentiment analysis of data logs
97 9,536,198 Non-technical loss detection and localization
98 9,536,196 Goal-oriented process generation
99 9,536,195 Goal-oriented process generation
100 9,536,194 Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications
101 9,536,193 Mining biological networks to explain and rank hypotheses
102 9,536,192 Solving vehicle routing problems using evolutionary computing techniques
103 9,536,179 Scene understanding using a neurosynaptic system
104 9,536,176 Environmental-based location monitoring
105 9,536,144 Automatic image classification
106 9,536,119 Network cable tracking system
107 9,536,109 Method and system for administering a secure data repository
108 9,536,108 Method and apparatus for generating privacy profiles
109 9,536,104 Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
110 9,536,095 System for booting and dumping a confidential image on a trusted computer system
111 9,536,092 Method, system, and program product for remotely attesting to a state of a computer system
112 9,536,085 Data management of potentially malicious content
113 9,536,082 Isolated program execution environment
114 9,536,050 Influence filtering in graphical models
115 9,536,043 Using RNAi imaging data for gene interaction network construction
116 9,536,042 Using RNAi imaging data for gene interaction network construction
117 9,536,039 Optical proximity correction (OPC) accounting for critical dimension (CD) variation from inter-level effects
118 9,536,037 Circuit placement with electro-migration mitigation
119 9,536,030 Optimization of integrated circuit physical design
120 9,536,026 Calculating circuit-level leakage using three dimensional technology computer aided design and a reduced number of transistors
121 9,536,024 Methods for static checking of asynchronous clock domain crossings
122 9,535,997 Managing search-engine-optimization content in web pages
123 9,535,980 NLP duration and duration range comparison methodology using similarity weighting
124 9,535,979 Multifaceted search
125 9,535,978 Semantic mapping of topic map meta-models identifying assets and events to include weights
126 9,535,958 Device data personalization
127 9,535,957 Electronic file management based on user affinity
128 9,535,952 Dynamic selection of optimal grouping sequence at runtime for grouping sets, rollup and cube operations in SQL query processing
129 9,535,951 Entity integration using high-level scripting languages
130 9,535,950 Method and apparatus for optimizing the evaluation of semantic web queries
131 9,535,949 Dynamic rules to optimize common information model queries
132 9,535,947 Offloading projection of fixed and variable length database columns
133 9,535,946 System method, and computer readable media for identifying a user-initiated log file record in a log file
134 9,535,940 Intra-block partitioning for database management
135 9,535,939 Intra-block partitioning for database management
136 9,535,937 Geometric array data structure
137 9,535,934 Schema lifecycle manager
138 9,535,923 Hierarchical data compression and computation
139 9,535,922 Disk image introspection for storage systems
140 9,535,921 Automatic media naming using facial recognization and/or voice based identification of people within the named media content
141 9,535,918 Dynamically mapping zones
142 9,535,910 Corpus generation based upon document attributes
143 9,535,905 Statistical process control and analytics for translation supply chain operational management
144 9,535,903 Scoring unfielded personal names without prior parsing
145 9,535,901 Automatic semantic rating and abstraction of literature
146 9,535,900 Context based document analysis
147 9,535,899 Automatic semantic rating and abstraction of literature
148 9,535,898 Natural language question expansion and extraction
149 9,535,894 Automated correction of natural language processing systems
150 9,535,890 Flexible control in resizing of visual displays
151 9,535,886 Dynamic highlighting of repetitions in electronic documents
152 9,535,885 Dynamically customizing a digital publication
153 9,535,859 Sharing message-signaled interrupts between peripheral component interconnect (PCI) I/O devices
154 9,535,856 Data access to a storage tier on a client in a multi-tiered storage system
155 9,535,854 Building an undo log for in-memory blocks of data
156 9,535,853 Building an undo log for in-memory blocks of data
157 9,535,846 Using a decrementer interrupt to start long-running hardware operations before the end of a shared processor dispatch cycle
158 9,535,840 Parallel destaging with replicated cache pinning
159 9,535,824 Payload generation for computer software testing
160 9,535,822 User interface area coverage
161 9,535,819 Identifying the lines of code that caused the error as identified in the stack trace in a source code version that generated the stack trace that does not reside on the user’s computing device
162 9,535,787 Dynamic cache row fail accumulation due to catastrophic failure
163 9,535,784 Self monitoring and self repairing ECC
164 9,535,783 Firmware dump collection from primary system dump device adapter
165 9,535,780 Varying logging depth based on user defined policies
166 9,535,778 Reestablishing synchronization in a memory system
167 9,535,774 Methods, apparatus and system for notification of predictable memory failure
168 9,535,766 Method and system for application profiling for purposes of defining resource requirements
169 9,535,763 System and method for runtime grouping of processing elements in streaming applications
170 9,535,758 Managing data distribution to networked client computing devices
171 9,535,751 Resource selection advisor mechanism
172 9,535,746 Honoring hardware entitlement of a hardware thread
173 9,535,740 Implementing dynamic adjustment of resources allocated to SRIOV remote direct memory access adapter (RDMA) virtual functions based on usage patterns
174 9,535,738 Migrating virtual machines based on relative priority of virtual machine in the context of a target hypervisor environment
175 9,535,735 Adaptive virtual machine request approver
176 9,535,734 Managing stream components based on virtual machine performance adjustments
177 9,535,731 Dynamic security sandboxing based on intruder intent
178 9,535,729 Live application mobility from one operating system level to an updated operating system level and applying overlay files to the updated operating system
179 9,535,728 Scalable policy management in an edge virtual bridging (EVB) environment
180 9,535,723 Methods and apparatuses for generating desktop cloud instances based upon mobile device user file selections
181 9,535,720 System for capturing and replaying screen gestures
182 9,535,718 Apparatus, system, and method for collecting metrics from a non-monolithic website
183 9,535,717 Apparatus, system, and computer readable medium for booting a server from a shared storage system
184 9,535,707 Processing element management in a streaming data system
185 9,535,696 Instruction to cancel outstanding cache prefetches
186 9,535,694 Vector processing in an active memory device
187 9,535,691 Tracking changes within Javascript object notation
188 9,535,690 Configuration management of engineering artifacts with automatic identification of related change sets based on type system
189 9,535,687 Audited builds based upon separate class dependency records
190 9,535,686 Dynamic library replacement
191 9,535,679 Dynamically optimizing applications within a deployment server
192 9,535,677 Software discovery in an environment with heterogeneous machine groups
193 9,535,673 Reducing compilation time using profile-directed feedback
194 9,535,670 Extensible context based user interface simplification
195 9,535,659 Checksum adder
196 9,535,656 Pipelined modular reduction and division
197 9,535,626 Methods and computer program products of selecting a new redundancy scheme for data relocation
198 9,535,618 Tape backup and restore in a disk storage environment with intelligent data placement
199 9,535,617 Marking a flashcopy backup for collapse without breaking a flashcopy chain
200 9,535,616 Scheduling transfer of data
201 9,535,612 Selecting a primary storage device
202 9,535,610 Optimizing peer-to-peer remote copy (PPRC) transfers for partial write operations using a modified sectors bitmap
203 9,535,609 Automatically managing the storage of a virtual machine
204 9,535,608 Memory access request for a memory protocol
205 9,535,591 Information browsing on an electronic device
206 9,535,579 Keyword-based user interface in electronic device
207 9,535,564 Visualization of runtime resource policy attachments and applied policy details
208 9,535,498 Transparent display field of view region determination
209 9,535,495 Interacting with a display positioning system
210 9,535,486 Energy efficient optimization in multicore processors under quality of service (QoS)/performance constraints
211 9,535,450 Synchronization of data streams with associated metadata streams using smallest sum of absolute differences between time indices of data events and metadata events
212 9,535,434 Managing hot water storage and delivery
213 9,535,113 Diversified exerciser and accelerator
214 9,534,979 Method and apparatus of estimating wave velocity of negative pressure wave in a fluid transportation pipeline
215 9,534,967 Calibrating thermal behavior of electronics
216 9,534,917 Unmanned aerial vehicle navigation assistance
217 9,534,915 Dynamic attraction inference in route recommendations
218 9,534,914 Cognitive needs-based trip planning
219 9,534,905 Indoor location vehicle delivery
220 9,534,901 Access route optimization for harvestable resources
221 9,534,253 Base-by-base ratcheting of DNA/RNA in a Y-shaped nanochannel
222 9,534,086 Methods of forming poly(aryl ether sulfone)s and articles therefrom
223 9,534,084 High molecular weight polythioaminals from a single monomer
224 9,534,068 Tulipalin A-based hydroxyl-functionalized polymers, and engineered materials prepared therefrom
225 9,532,733 Use of a support device
226 9,532,515 Irrigation system
227 9,532,514 Irrigation system and method
228 9,532,513 Irrigation system and method