IBM patents granted on 03 July 2012

170 US patents granted on 03 July 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,214,906 System, method and program product to determine security risk of an application
2 8,214,903 Analysis of scripts
3 8,214,897 System and method for usage-based misinformation detection and response
4 8,214,891 Using multi-touch gestures to protect sensitive content using a completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart (CAPTCHA)
5 8,214,882 Server discovery, spawning collector threads to collect information from servers, and reporting information
6 8,214,857 Generating a combined video stream from multiple input video streams
7 8,214,845 Context switching in a network on chip by thread saving and restoring pointers to memory arrays containing valid message data
8 8,214,843 Framework for distribution of computer workloads based on real-time energy costs
9 8,214,842 Visualization-centric performance-based volume allocation
10 8,214,841 Calculating and communicating level of carbon offsetting required to compensate for performing a computing task
11 8,214,840 Optimization with unknown objective function
12 8,214,832 Techniques for implementing separation of duties using prime numbers
13 8,214,831 Runtime dependence-aware scheduling using assist thread
14 8,214,829 Techniques for placing applications in heterogeneous virtualized systems while minimizing power and migration cost
15 8,214,826 Optimized targeting in a large scale system
16 8,214,817 Detecting change in program behavior for adaptive code optimization
17 8,214,816 Compiler implemented software cache in which non-aliased explicitly fetched data are excluded
18 8,214,815 Reducing the run-time cost of invoking a server page
19 8,214,814 Sharing compiler optimizations in a multi-node system
20 8,214,811 Instantiating an interface or abstract class in application code
21 8,214,810 Method of compiling source code, compiler, computer system, and computer program product
22 8,214,809 Grid-enabled ANT compatible with both stand-alone and grid-based computing systems
23 8,214,808 System and method for speculative thread assist in a heterogeneous processing environment
24 8,214,807 Code path tracking
25 8,214,806 Iterative, non-uniform profiling method for automatically refining performance bottleneck regions in scientific code
26 8,214,805 Method and system for graphical user interface testing
27 8,214,803 Program testing method and testing device
28 8,214,801 Applying persistence to selected attributes of static and dynamic operating system components
29 8,214,798 Automatic calculation of orthogonal defect classification (ODC) fields
30 8,214,794 Populating information contained in java annotations into existing EMF models
31 8,214,792 System for implementing business transformation in an enterprise
32 8,214,779 Making a discrete spatial correlation continuous
33 8,214,777 On-chip leakage current modeling and measurement circuit
34 8,214,770 Multilayer OPC for design aware manufacturing
35 8,214,763 Auto-positioning a context menu on a GUI
36 8,214,753 Logic for designing portlet views
37 8,214,751 Dynamic spawning of focal point objects within a virtual universe system
38 8,214,750 Collapsing areas of a region in a virtual universe to conserve computing resources
39 8,214,749 Method and system for sensing and reporting detailed activity information regarding current and recent instant messaging sessions of remote users
40 8,214,748 Meeting agenda management
41 8,214,745 Methods, systems and computer program products for assisted browser navigation
42 8,214,743 Data management techniques
43 8,214,742 Method of rapidly creating visual aids for presentation without technical knowledge
44 8,214,735 Structured document processor
45 8,214,734 Credibility of text analysis engine performance evaluation by rating reference content
46 8,214,732 Table column spanning
47 8,214,731 Independently refreshing portlet content in a portal view
48 8,214,724 Transmitting data with variable unit for playback
49 8,214,718 Erasure flagging system and method for errors-and-erasures decoding in storage devices
50 8,214,699 Circuit structure and method for digital integrated circuit performance screening
51 8,214,693 Damaged software system detection
52 8,214,687 Disaster recovery based on journaling events prioritization in information technology environments
53 8,214,684 Incomplete write protection for disk array
54 8,214,673 Power saving method for computer system
55 8,214,671 Managing dependencies among objects of a system for energy conservation
56 8,214,663 Using power proxies combined with on-chip actuators to meet a defined power target
57 8,214,661 Using a control policy to implement power saving features
58 8,214,660 Structure for an apparatus for monitoring and controlling heat generation in a multi-core processor
59 8,214,658 Enhanced thermal management for improved module reliability
60 8,214,657 Resistance sensing for defeating microchip exploitation
61 8,214,651 Radio frequency identification (RFID) based authentication system and methodology
62 8,214,642 System and method for distribution of credentials
63 8,214,633 Implementing a diagnostic or correction boot image over a network connection
64 8,214,623 Extending operations of an application in a data processing system
65 8,214,622 Facilitating management of storage of a pageable mode virtual environment absent intervention of a host of the environment
66 8,214,609 Data transference to virtual memory
67 8,214,604 Mechanisms to order global shared memory operations
68 8,214,603 Method and apparatus for handling multiple memory requests within a multiprocessor system
69 8,214,600 Data processing system and method for efficient coherency communication utilizing coherency domains
70 8,214,592 Dynamic runtime modification of array layout for offset
71 8,214,588 Parallel asynchronous order-preserving transaction processing
72 8,214,585 Enabling parallel access volumes in virtual machine environments
73 8,214,580 Solid state drive with adjustable drive life and capacity
74 8,214,577 Method of memory management for server-side scripting language runtime system
75 8,214,562 Processing of data to perform system changes in an input/output processing system
76 8,214,560 Communications support in a transactional memory
77 8,214,551 Using a storage controller to determine the cause of degraded I/O performance
78 8,214,535 Changing Ethernet MTU size on demand with no data loss
79 8,214,527 Fast algorithm for peer-to-peer shortest path problem
80 8,214,514 Auto-generation or auto-execution of web service description language call flow implementation
81 8,214,510 Maintaining state information on a client
82 8,214,485 Using SNMP as an RPC mechanism for exporting the data structures of a remote library
83 8,214,484 Method to predict edges in a non-cumulative graph
84 8,214,478 Path saturation for computer storage performance analysis
85 8,214,474 Autonomic computing system with model transfer
86 8,214,472 Registering a common information model provider to a common information model object manager
87 8,214,467 Migrating port-specific operating parameters during blade server failover
88 8,214,448 Optimized utilization of DMA buffers for incoming data packets in a network protocol
89 8,214,442 Facilitating an extended IM session in a secure way
90 8,214,440 Controlling the display of sensitive information and managing visual clutter in a live session display area system
91 8,214,433 System and method to provide context for an automated agent to service multiple avatars within a virtual universe
92 8,214,432 Differential dynamic content delivery to alternate display device locations
93 8,214,424 User level message broadcast mechanism in distributed computing environment
94 8,214,407 Configurable flat file data mapping to a database
95 8,214,391 Knowledge-based data mining system
96 8,214,389 Common architecture for administration of client side property settings in a distributed and heterogeneous environment
97 8,214,383 Mixed mode (mechanical process and english text) query building support for improving the process of building queries correctly
98 8,214,381 Expected future condition support in an abstract query environment
99 8,214,377 Method, system, and program for managing groups of objects when there are different group types
100 8,214,372 Determining configuration parameter dependencies via analysis of configuration data from multi-tiered enterprise applications
101 8,214,364 Modeling user access to computer resources
102 8,214,360 Browser context based search disambiguation using existing category taxonomy
103 8,214,353 Support for schema evolution in a multi-node peer-to-peer replication environment
104 8,214,351 Selecting rules engines for processing abstract rules based on functionality and cost
105 8,214,345 Custom constraints for faceted exploration
106 8,214,341 Determining when to apply writes received to data units being transferred to a secondary storage
107 8,214,339 Method and system for profile typing in batch loading documents into a service registry in a computing environment
108 8,214,337 Data management through decomposition and decay
109 8,214,336 Preservation of digital content
110 8,214,335 Controlling and using virtual universe wish lists
111 8,214,332 Data retention using logical objects
112 8,214,328 High-performance asynchronous peer-to-peer remote copy for databases
113 8,214,327 Optimization and staging method and system
114 8,214,326 Reducing data storage requirements on mail servers by storing a shared copy of a message
115 8,214,324 Generating extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs for loading data incrementally
116 8,214,310 Cross descriptor learning system, method and program product therefor
117 8,214,245 Method and system for synchronizing inclusive decision branches
118 8,214,242 Signaling correspondence between a meeting agenda and a meeting discussion
119 8,214,236 Developing and sustaining capabilities of a business
120 8,214,194 Performing dynamic simulations within virtualized environment
121 8,214,190 Methodology for correlated memory fail estimations
122 8,214,170 Test pattern compression
123 8,214,169 Circuits and methods for characterizing random variations in device characteristics in semiconductor integrated circuits
124 8,214,165 Apparatus, system, and method for precise early detection of AC power loss
125 8,213,938 Detection of failures in a telecommunication system
126 8,213,724 Apparatus and method for labeling a video, for modifying a video, and for video processing
127 8,213,580 Automated message conversion based on availability of bandwidth
128 8,213,434 Method and device for providing QoS control capability for a presence server and system thereof
129 8,213,428 Methods and apparatus for indexing memory of a network processor
130 8,213,334 Optimizing a physical data communications topology between a plurality of computing nodes
131 8,213,331 Managing data transfer in a network environment
132 8,213,297 Duplicate internet protocol address resolution in a fragmented switch stack environment
133 8,213,294 Mechanism for detecting and clearing I/O fabric lockup conditions for error recovery
134 8,213,249 Implementing low power data predicting local evaluation for double pumped arrays
135 8,213,224 High density low power nanowire phase change material memory device
136 8,213,184 Method of testing using a temporary chip attach carrier
137 8,213,134 Apparatus, system, and method to prevent smoke in a power supply powered by a current limited source
138 8,213,120 Flexible cable comprising liquid crystal polymer
139 8,213,119 Writing and reading multi-level patterned magnetic recording media
140 8,213,105 Cancellation of time-varying periodic disturbances in servo control systems
141 8,213,104 Apparatus and method for writing data onto a tape
142 8,213,038 Client call service
143 8,212,809 Floating transitions
144 8,212,651 Use of radio frequency identifier (RFID) tags for identification of an authentication status of an item
145 8,212,634 Vertical coplanar waveguide with tunable characteristic impedance design structure and method of fabricating the same
146 8,212,588 Opportunistic bus access latency
147 8,212,537 Integratable efficient switching down converter
148 8,212,388 Multi-capacity power supply for electronic devices
149 8,212,357 Combination via and pad structure for improved solder bump electromigration characteristics
150 8,212,341 Apparatus and methods for packaging integrated circuit chips with antennas formed from package lead wires
151 8,212,337 Advanced low k cap film formation process for nano electronic devices
152 8,212,332 Bias-controlled deep trench substrate noise isolation integrated circuit device structures
153 8,212,322 Techniques for enabling multiple V.sub.t devices using high-K metal gate stacks
154 8,212,269 Organic light emitting device, method for producing thereof and array of organic light emitting devices
155 8,212,218 Dosimeter powered by passive RF absorption
156 8,212,156 Plastic land grid array (PLGA) module and printed wiring board (PWB) with enhanced contact metallurgy construction
157 8,211,786 CMOS structure including non-planar hybrid orientation substrate with planar gate electrodes and method for fabrication
158 8,211,776 Integrated circuit line with electromigration barriers
159 8,211,759 Semiconductor structure and methods of manufacture
160 8,211,756 3D chip-stack with fuse-type through silicon via
161 8,211,741 Carbon nanotube based integrated semiconductor circuit
162 8,211,735 Nano/microwire solar cell fabricated by nano/microsphere lithography
163 8,211,728 Horizontal micro-electro-mechanical-system switch
164 8,211,717 SEM repair for sub-optimal features
165 8,210,992 Training method
166 8,210,904 Slurryless mechanical planarization for substrate reclamation
167 8,210,741 Apparatus for thermal characterization under non-uniform heat load
168 8,210,439 Merchandise security tag for an article of merchandise
169 8,210,243 Structure and apparatus for cooling integrated circuits using cooper microchannels
170 8,209,856 Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same