IBM patents granted on 03 June 2014

147 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,745,726 Identity verification in virtual worlds using encoded data
2 8,745,720 Enhanced personal firewall for dynamic computing environments
3 8,745,712 Dynamically providing algorithm-based password/challenge authentication
4 8,745,642 Method and system for sharing data between portlets within a portal
5 8,745,637 Middleware for extracting aggregation statistics to enable light-weight management planners
6 8,745,630 Dynamically allocating meta-data repository resources
7 8,745,628 Execution order management of multiple processes on a data processing system by assigning constrained resources to the processes based on resource requirements and business impacts
8 8,745,622 Standalone software performance optimizer system for hybrid systems
9 8,745,620 Software tool and method for updating a virtual appliance
10 8,745,618 Cache partitioning with a partition table to effect allocation of ways and rows of the cache to virtual machine in virtualized environments
11 8,745,607 Reducing branch misprediction impact in nested loop code
12 8,745,597 Providing programming support to debuggers
13 8,745,588 Method for testing operation of software
14 8,745,587 System and method for testing computer programs
15 8,745,584 Dependency injection by static code generation
16 8,745,578 Eliminating false-positive reports resulting from static analysis of computer software
17 8,745,577 End to end automation of application deployment
18 8,745,575 Pattern based adminstration of an operation in a component based computing solution
19 8,745,571 Analysis of compensated layout shapes
20 8,745,519 User-customizable dialog box
21 8,745,510 Complex operation execution tool
22 8,745,492 Determining event patterns for monitored applications
23 8,745,491 Determining event patterns for monitored applications
24 8,745,483 Methods, systems and computer program products for facilitating visualization of interrelationships in a spreadsheet
25 8,745,438 Reducing impact of a switch failure in a switch fabric via switch cards
26 8,745,437 Reducing impact of repair actions following a switch failure in a switch fabric
27 8,745,414 Switching between unsecure system software and secure system software
28 8,745,389 Avoiding padding oracle attacks
29 8,745,387 Security management for an integrated console for applications associated with multiple user registries
30 8,745,375 Handling of the usage of software in a disconnected computing environment
31 8,745,362 Operating system aware branch predictor using a dynamically reconfigurable branch history table
32 8,745,350 Temporary VTOC locking during defragmentation
33 8,745,349 Consolidating control areas
34 8,745,345 Backup copy enhancements to reduce primary version access
35 8,745,340 Reduction of communication and efficient failover processing in distributed shared memory-based application
36 8,745,334 Sectored cache replacement algorithm for reducing memory writebacks
37 8,745,333 Systems and methods for backing up storage volumes in a storage system
38 8,745,332 Cache management of tracks in a first cache and a second cache for a storage
39 8,745,331 Technique for improving replication persistance in a caching applicance structure
40 8,745,330 Technique for improving replication persistance in a caching applicance structure
41 8,745,325 Using an attribute of a write request to determine where to cache data in a storage system having multiple caches including non-volatile storage cache in a sequential access storage device
42 8,745,324 Smart optimization of tracks for cloud computing
43 8,745,307 Multiple page size segment encoding
44 8,745,295 Device, method and computer program product for executing a migrated execution context by a storage controller
45 8,745,292 System and method for routing I/O expansion requests and responses in a PCIE architecture
46 8,745,279 Self-healing and reconfiguration in an integrated circuit
47 8,745,271 Recognizing multiple identities of sender and sending the multiple identities to recipient
48 8,745,263 System for high-speed low-latency inter-system communications via channel-to-channel adapters or similar devices
49 8,745,242 Cloud computing roaming services
50 8,745,233 Management of service application migration in a networked computing environment
51 8,745,196 Enabling co-existence of hosts or virtual machines with identical addresses
52 8,745,123 Completion processing for data communications instructions
53 8,745,118 Verifying floating point square root operation results
54 8,745,114 Adding entropy for improved random number generation in a computer system
55 8,745,103 Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
56 8,745,089 Migration of data from a legacy system
57 8,745,071 Delta language translation
58 8,745,062 Systems, methods, and computer program products for fast and scalable proximal search for search queries
59 8,745,039 Method and system for user guided search navigation
60 8,745,033 Database query optimization using index carryover to subset an index
61 8,745,021 Transformation of complex data source result sets to normalized sets for manipulation and presentation
62 8,745,016 Managing concurrent access to data in database system
63 8,745,013 Computer interface system
64 8,745,011 Method and system for scrubbing data within a data storage subsystem
65 8,745,009 Information processor, information processing system, data archiving method, and data deletion method
66 8,745,008 Propagating per-custodian preservation and collection requests between ediscovery management applications and content archives
67 8,745,000 Private database logging with minimal storage requirements
68 8,744,994 Data filtering and optimization for ETL (extract, transform, load) processes
69 8,744,986 Effort estimation using text analysis
70 8,744,887 Service oriented architecture lifecycle organization change management
71 8,744,865 Apparatus and method for transportation and upselling of product
72 8,744,853 Speaker-adaptive synthesized voice
73 8,744,812 Computational fluid dynamics modeling of a bounded domain
74 8,744,766 Dynamic route recommendation based on pollution data
75 8,744,679 Tire pressure adjustment
76 8,744,488 Location restricted content delivery over a network
77 8,744,486 Location restricted content delivery over a network
78 8,744,432 Performance management for a telecommunication network
79 8,744,176 Object segmentation at a self-checkout
80 8,744,152 Echocardiogram view classification using edge filtered scale-invariant motion features
81 8,744,140 Reflexive iris template
82 8,744,123 Modeling of temporarily static objects in surveillance video data
83 8,744,077 Cryptographic encoding and decoding of secret data
84 8,743,894 Bridge port between hardware LAN and virtual switch
85 8,743,878 Path resolve in symmetric infiniband networks
86 8,743,685 Limiting transmission rate of data
87 8,743,680 Hierarchical network failure handling in a clustered node environment
88 8,743,599 Approach for phase change memory cells targeting different device specifications
89 8,743,596 Magnetoresistive random access memory
90 8,743,586 Method and structure for ultra-high density, high data rate ferroelectric storage disk technology using stabilization by a surface conducting layer
91 8,743,558 Reduced wiring requirements with signal slope manipulation
92 8,743,545 Thermal expansion-enhanced heat sink for an electronic assembly
93 8,743,536 Mechanical conversion sleeve
94 8,743,510 Shunt for magnetoresistive transducer heads for electrostatic discharge protection
95 8,743,508 Magnetically biased tilting roller bearing tape guidance
96 8,743,500 Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
97 8,743,499 Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
98 8,743,498 Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
99 8,743,492 Variable stopwrite threshold with variable smoothing factor
100 8,743,491 Variable stopwrite threshold
101 8,743,247 Low lag transfer gate device
102 8,743,204 Detecting and monitoring event occurrences using fiber optic sensors
103 8,743,134 Interactive comparative analysis of multiple object data visualizations
104 8,742,909 Vehicle-induced roadway debris monitoring
105 8,742,782 Noncontact electrical testing with optical techniques
106 8,742,778 Testing protection schemes of a power converter
107 8,742,766 Stacked via structure for metal fuse applications
108 8,742,748 Calibration of non-contact current sensors
109 8,742,594 Structure and method of making an offset-trench crackstop that forms an air gap adjacent to a passivated metal crackstop
110 8,742,581 Enhanced diffusion barrier for interconnect structures
111 8,742,578 Solder volume compensation with C4 process
112 8,742,565 Ball grid array with improved single-ended and differential signal performance
113 8,742,560 Anti-reflection structures for CMOS image sensors
114 8,742,511 Double gate planar field effect transistors
115 8,742,508 Three dimensional FET devices having different device widths
116 8,742,504 Fully-depleted son
117 8,742,503 Recessed single crystalline source and drain for semiconductor-on-insulator devices
118 8,742,485 Inversion mode varactor
119 8,742,475 Field effect transistor device and fabrication
120 8,741,804 Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field
121 8,741,782 Charging-free electron beam cure of dielectric material
122 8,741,780 Reduced corner leakage in SOI structure and method
123 8,741,773 Nickel-silicide formation with differential Pt composition
124 8,741,771 Reducing wire erosion during damascene processing
125 8,741,769 Semiconductor device having a copper plug
126 8,741,757 Replacement gate electrode with multi-thickness conductive metallic nitride layers
127 8,741,756 Contacts-first self-aligned carbon nanotube transistor with gate-all-around
128 8,741,753 Use of band edge gate metals as source drain contacts
129 8,741,752 Borderless contacts in semiconductor devices
130 8,741,751 Double contacts for carbon nanotubes thin film devices
131 8,741,739 High resistivity silicon-on-insulator substrate and method of forming
132 8,741,730 Bi-directional self-aligned FET capacitor
133 8,741,729 Dual contact trench resistor and capacitor in shallow trench isolation (STI) and methods of manufacture
134 8,741,725 Butted SOI junction isolation structures and devices and method of fabrication
135 8,741,722 Formation of dividers between gate ends of field effect transistor devices
136 8,741,718 Local interconnects compatible with replacement gate structures
137 8,741,713 Reliable physical unclonable function for device authentication
138 8,741,704 Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) device with locally thickened gate oxide
139 8,741,701 Fin structure formation including partial spacer removal
140 8,741,700 Non-volatile graphene nanomechanical switch
141 8,741,678 Transparent conductive electrode stack containing carbon-containing material
142 8,741,664 Magnetic tunnel junction self-alignment in magnetic domain wall shift register memory devices
143 8,741,545 Fluorine-free fused ring heteroaromatic photoacid generators and resist compositions containing the same
144 8,740,865 Ostomy appliance wear time prediction
145 8,740,639 Structure for removable processor socket
146 8,740,060 Mobile product advisor
147 8,739,406 Vapor condenser with three-dimensional folded structure