IBM patents granted on 03 March 2015

175 US patents granted on 03 March 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,973,153 Creating audio-based annotations for audiobooks
2 8,973,134 Software vulnerability notification via icon decorations
3 8,973,131 Refinement-based security analysis
4 8,973,098 System and method for virtualized resource configuration
5 8,973,020 Generating a web service
6 8,973,018 Configuring and relaying events from a storage controller to a host server
7 8,973,013 Composing analytic solutions
8 8,973,012 Composing analytic solutions
9 8,973,007 Adaptive lock list searching of waiting threads
10 8,972,999 Method and system for detecting program deadlock
11 8,972,990 Providing a seamless transition for resizing virtual machines from a development environment to a production environment
12 8,972,987 Managing software content in virtual desktop environments
13 8,972,986 Locality-aware resource allocation for cloud computing
14 8,972,983 Efficient execution of jobs in a shared pool of resources
15 8,972,982 Geophysical virtual machine policy allocation using a GPS, atomic clock source or regional peering host
16 8,972,979 Configuration of virtual appliances
17 8,972,971 Image instance mapping
18 8,972,963 End-to-end patch automation and integration
19 8,972,961 Instruction scheduling approach to improve processor performance
20 8,972,960 Optimization of an application to reduce local memory usage
21 8,972,959 Method of converting program code of program running in multi-thread to program code causing less lock collisions, computer program and computer system for the same
22 8,972,957 Thermal-aware source code compilation
23 8,972,956 Application deployment in heterogeneous environments
24 8,972,946 Interactive semi-automatic test case maintenance
25 8,972,945 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with client-specific access control
26 8,972,942 Unit testing an Enterprise Javabeans (EJB) bean class
27 8,972,941 Integrated development environment-based workload testing in a networked computing environment
28 8,972,940 Systems and methods for identifying software performance influencers
29 8,972,938 Determining functional design/requirements coverage of a computer code
30 8,972,936 Version labeling in a version control system
31 8,972,932 Method, framework, and program product for formatting and serving web content
32 8,972,929 Generic user input for GUI framework
33 8,972,926 Peer-to-peer sharing in integrated development environment
34 8,972,921 Symmetric placement of components on a chip to reduce crosstalk induced by chip modes
35 8,972,917 System and method for generating a field effect transistor corner model
36 8,972,901 Fast cursor location
37 8,972,897 Information presentation in virtual 3D
38 8,972,873 Multi-environment widget assembly, generation, and operation
39 8,972,870 Providing alternative representations of virtual content in a virtual universe
40 8,972,857 Generating user help information for customized user interfaces
41 8,972,849 Method and system using heuristics in performing batch updates of records
42 8,972,848 Document renewal and translation
43 8,972,844 Dynamic digital document fields behavior
44 8,972,837 Read/write operations in solid-state storage devices
45 8,972,808 Controlling scan access to a scan chain
46 8,972,802 Providing high availability to a hybrid application server environment containing non-java containers
47 8,972,801 Motivating lazy RCU callbacks under out-of-memory conditions
48 8,972,794 Method and apparatus for diagnostic recording using transactional memory
49 8,972,789 Diagnostic systems for distributed network
50 8,972,788 Ticket consolidation
51 8,972,783 Systems and methods for fast detection and diagnosis of system outages
52 8,972,782 Exposed-pipeline processing element with rollback
53 8,972,778 Use of a virtual drive as a hot spare for a raid group
54 8,972,758 Charge recycling between power domains of integrated circuits
55 8,972,753 Determining suitability for disconnection from power outlet of a power distribution unit based on status of power supplies of a hardware device
56 8,972,745 Secure data handling in a computer system
57 8,972,706 Performance in predicting branches
58 8,972,704 Code section optimization by removing memory barrier instruction and enclosing within a transaction that employs hardware transaction memory
59 8,972,703 Multithreaded processor architecture with operational latency hiding
60 8,972,691 Addressing cross-allocated blocks in a file system
61 8,972,681 Enhanced copy-on-write operation for solid state drives
62 8,972,680 Data staging area
63 8,972,676 Assigning device adaptors and background tasks to use to copy source extents to target extents in a copy relationship
64 8,972,670 Use of test protection instruction in computing environments that support pageable guests
65 8,972,669 Page buffering in a virtualized, memory sharing configuration
66 8,972,667 Exchanging data between memory controllers
67 8,972,666 Mitigating conflicts for shared cache lines
68 8,972,665 Cache set selective power up
69 8,972,664 Multilevel cache hierarchy for finding a cache line on a remote node
70 8,972,662 Dynamically adjusted threshold for population of secondary cache
71 8,972,661 Dynamically adjusted threshold for population of secondary cache
72 8,972,654 Tape storage device and writing method therefor
73 8,972,648 Kernal memory locking for systems that allow over-commitment memory
74 8,972,647 Kernel memory locking for systems that allow over-commitment memory
75 8,972,622 Monitoring network performance and detecting network faults using round trip transmission times
76 8,972,615 Communication with input/output system devices
77 8,972,606 Channel subsystem server time protocol commands
78 8,972,577 Masterless slot allocation
79 8,972,547 Method and apparatus for dynamically configuring virtual internet protocol addresses
80 8,972,546 Apparatus system and method for booting a server from a storage system
81 8,972,542 Extending a DHCP relay to backup a DHCP server
82 8,972,538 Integration of heterogeneous computing systems into a hybrid computing system
83 8,972,534 Adjusting software settings
84 8,972,519 Optimization of multimedia service over an IMS network
85 8,972,510 Method and apparatus for detecting unauthorized bulk forwarding of sensitive data over a network
86 8,972,504 Forwarding un-responded to instant messages to electronic mail
87 8,972,499 Automated web conference presentation quality improvement
88 8,972,497 Automated encoding of field operators for absent fields
89 8,972,494 Scheduling calendar entries via an instant messaging interface
90 8,972,484 Method and apparatus for efficient and accurate analytics with cross-domain correlation
91 8,972,480 Enhanced barrier operator within a streaming environment
92 8,972,475 Network secure communications in a cluster computing environment
93 8,972,473 Efficient and reliable computation of results for mathematical functions
94 8,972,463 Method and apparatus for functional integration of metadata
95 8,972,454 Capturing image data
96 8,972,447 Persistent object linkage using ghosting
97 8,972,440 Method and process for semantic or faceted search over unstructured and annotated data
98 8,972,438 Database access for native applications in a virtualized environment
99 8,972,422 Management of log data in a networked system
100 8,972,407 Information processing method for determining weight of each feature in subjective hierarchical clustering
101 8,972,406 Generating epigenetic cohorts through clustering of epigenetic surprisal data based on parameters
102 8,972,403 Method of and apparatus for organizing data records in a relational database
103 8,972,389 Use of ontology to find a category of a selected keyword in a webpage
104 8,972,387 Smarter search
105 8,972,386 Dynamic routing of instant message
106 8,972,380 System and method for monitoring events against continual range queries
107 8,972,377 Efficient method of using XML value indexes without exact path information to filter XML documents for more specific XPath queries
108 8,972,374 Content acquisition system and method of implementation
109 8,972,360 Position invariant compression of files within a multi-level compression scheme
110 8,972,350 Preserving a state using snapshots with selective tuple versioning
111 8,972,346 Method and system for minimizing synchronization efforts of parallel database systems
112 8,972,338 Sampling transactions from multi-level log file records
113 8,972,334 Transparent data service suitable for modifying data storage capabilities in applications
114 8,972,331 Deciding an optimal action in consideration of risk
115 8,972,327 Transformation of a source model to a target model
116 8,972,321 Fact checking using and aiding probabilistic question answering
117 8,972,279 Matching audio advertisements to items on a shopping list in a mobile device
118 8,972,245 Text prediction using environment hints
119 8,972,172 Wireless sensor network traffic navigation analytics
120 8,972,163 Vehicle fuel efficiency optimization based on vehicle usage patterns
121 8,972,088 Location-based vehicle powertrain regulation system
122 8,972,072 Optimizing power consumption in planned projects
123 8,971,866 Automatically connecting to a best available calling device based on resource strength
124 8,971,862 Location based routing and advertising for streamed media and media blocking
125 8,971,678 Spacer resin pattern helping to reduce optical coupling loss in optical waveguide for light-emitting element or light-receiving element on semiconductor
126 8,971,670 Proof reading of text data generated through optical character recognition
127 8,971,580 Identifying spatial locations of events within video image data
128 8,971,527 Reliable physical unclonable function for device authentication
129 8,971,397 On-the-fly compensation of sampling frequency and phase offset in receiver performing ultra-high-speed wireless communication
130 8,971,192 Data breakout at the edge of a mobile data network
131 8,971,176 Fibre channel over Ethernet switch implicit logout
132 8,971,103 Thermally-assisted MRAM with ferromagnetic layers with temperature dependent magnetization
133 8,970,896 Printing quality determination based on text analysis
134 8,970,607 Run-time allocation of functions to a hardware accelerator
135 8,970,599 Data exhibition method and system based on ring angles
136 8,970,586 Building controllable clairvoyance device in virtual world
137 8,970,380 System and method for verifying patient compliance
138 8,970,239 Methods and systems for detecting ESD events in cabled devices
139 8,970,041 Co-axial restraint for connectors within flip-chip packages
140 8,970,018 Differential excitation of ports to control chip-mode mediated crosstalk
141 8,970,011 Method and structure of forming backside through silicon via connections
142 8,970,004 Electrostatic discharge devices for integrated circuits
143 8,969,992 Autonomous integrated circuits
144 8,969,969 High threshold voltage NMOS transistors for low power IC technology
145 8,969,966 Defective P-N junction for backgated fully depleted silicon on insulator MOSFET
146 8,969,965 Fin-last replacement metal gate FinFET
147 8,969,964 Embedded silicon germanium N-type field effect transistor for reduced floating body effect
148 8,969,963 Vertical source/drain junctions for a finFET including a plurality of fins
149 8,969,938 Method and structure for forming on-chip high quality capacitors with ETSOI transistors
150 8,969,934 Gate-all-around nanowire MOSFET and method of formation
151 8,969,933 Replacement gate MOSFET with a high performance gate electrode
152 8,969,931 Semiconductor devices with screening coating to inhibit dopant deactivation
153 8,969,213 Non-lithographic line pattern formation
154 8,969,197 Copper interconnect structure and its formation
155 8,969,195 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices and a semiconductor structure
156 8,969,189 Contact structure employing a self-aligned gate cap
157 8,969,187 Self-aligned contacts
158 8,969,179 Nanowire devices
159 8,969,174 Fixed curvature force loading of mechanically spalled films
160 8,969,163 Forming facet-less epitaxy with self-aligned isolation
161 8,969,155 Fin structure with varying isolation thickness
162 8,969,152 Field-effect transistor (FET) with source-drain contact over gate spacer
163 8,969,149 Stacked semiconductor nanowires with tunnel spacers
164 8,969,145 Wire-last integration method and structure for III-V nanowire devices
165 8,969,122 Processes for uniform metal semiconductor alloy formation for front side contact metallization and photovoltaic device formed therefrom
166 8,969,118 Integrated carbon nanotube field effect transistor and nanochannel for sequencing
167 8,969,115 Transparent conductive electrode stack containing carbon-containing material
168 8,969,109 Tunable light-emitting diode
169 8,969,104 Circuit technique to electrically characterize block mask shifts
170 8,968,987 Implementing enhanced optical mirror coupling and alignment utilizing two-photon resist
171 8,968,583 Cleaning process for microelectronic dielectric and metal structures
172 8,968,582 Device for electrical characterization of molecules using CNT-nanoparticle-molecule-nanoparticle-CNT structure
173 8,968,197 Directing a user to a medical resource
174 8,967,456 Method for tagging elements in a user interface
175 8,966,922 Air-side economizer facilitating liquid-based cooling of an electronics rack