IBM patents granted on 03 May 2011

107 US patents granted on 03 May 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,937,728 Retrieving lost content for a scheduled program
2 7,937,716 Managing collections of appliances
3 7,937,715 Mechanism for generating dynamic content without a web server
4 7,937,714 Processing event notifications with an event sink
5 7,937,703 Stateless server-side automation of web service requests using dynamically generated web service interfaces
6 7,937,698 Extensible mechanism for automatically migrating resource adapter components in a development environment
7 7,937,697 Method, system and computer program for distributing software patches
8 7,937,696 Method, system and program product for adapting software applications for client devices
9 7,937,695 Reducing number of exception checks
10 7,937,691 Method and apparatus for counting execution of specific instructions and accesses to specific data locations
11 7,937,689 Method, apparatus and computer program product for determining a relative measure of build quality for a built system
12 7,937,675 Structure including transistor having gate and body in direct self-aligned contact
13 7,937,670 Data sharing system, method and software tool
14 7,937,657 User specific error analysis
15 7,937,632 Design structure and apparatus for a robust embedded interface
16 7,937,627 Error tracking method and system
17 7,937,622 Method and system for autonomic target testing
18 7,937,618 Distributed, fault-tolerant and highly available computing system
19 7,937,616 Cluster availability management
20 7,937,610 Fast node failure detection via disk based last gasp mechanism
21 7,937,609 Disaster recovery in a data processing system
22 7,937,604 Method for generating a skew schedule for a clock distribution network containing gating elements
23 7,937,602 System and method for thresholding system power loss notifications in a data processing system based on current distribution network configuration
24 7,937,589 Computer grid access management system
25 7,937,584 Method and system for key certification
26 7,937,570 Termination of in-flight asynchronous memory move
27 7,937,568 Adaptive execution cycle control method for enhanced instruction throughput
28 7,937,560 Processor pipeline architecture logic state retention systems and methods
29 7,937,555 Data processing system and computer program product to allow PCI host bridge (PHB) to handle pre-fetch read transactions on the PCI bus which access system memory through translation control entry (TCE) table
30 7,937,552 Cache line reservations
31 7,937,549 Storage system and subsystem to automatically detect hardware configuration changes
32 7,937,543 Determination of the frame age in a large real storage environment
33 7,937,541 Speed selective table scan operation
34 7,937,537 Memory switching data processing system
35 7,937,533 Structure for handling data requests
36 7,937,530 Method and apparatus for accessing a cache with an effective address
37 7,937,529 Detection of frequent improper removals of and changing writing policies to prevent data loss in memory sticks
38 7,937,518 Method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for migrating virtual adapters from source physical adapters to destination physical adapters
39 7,937,508 Method and apparatus for transferring data from a memory subsystem to a network adapter by extending data lengths to improve the memory subsystem and PCI bus efficiency
40 7,937,507 Extended measurement word determination at a channel subsystem of an I/O processing system
41 7,937,504 Transport control channel program message pairing
42 7,937,503 Apparatus for maintaining a limit value of a resource
43 7,937,500 Dynamic, real-time integration of software resources through services of a content framework
44 7,937,478 Apparatus, system, and method for cooperation between a browser and a server to package small objects in one or more archives
45 7,937,475 Method for fair sharing limited resources between multiple customers
46 7,937,462 Verification of correctness of networking aspects of an information technology system
47 7,937,457 Docking platform for developing portable packet processing applications in a network processor
48 7,937,445 Method for user-specified error correction in an instant messaging system
49 7,937,436 Validating routing of client requests to appropriate servers hosting specific stateful web service instances
50 7,937,428 System and method for generating and using a dynamic bloom filter
51 7,937,420 Method and system for intelligent storage management
52 7,937,413 Self-adaptive prefix encoding for stable node identifiers
53 7,937,400 Dynamic distribution of content
54 7,937,388 Probabilistic lossy counting
55 7,937,385 Obtaining a plan for executing a query in a relational database
56 7,937,384 Software and method for performing database operations
57 7,937,377 Dynamic cluster database architecture
58 7,937,371 Ordering compression and deduplication of data
59 7,937,366 Reconciliation of local and remote backup data
60 7,937,363 Calculation engine for use in OLAP environments
61 7,937,360 Transferring messages to a directory
62 7,937,355 Decision tree multi-field classification dynamic rules updating and rebuilding
63 7,937,353 Method and system for determining whether to alter a firewall configuration
64 7,937,350 Method, system and program product for determining a time for retraining a data mining model
65 7,937,347 Method and apparatus for component association inference, failure diagnosis and misconfiguration detection based on historical failure data
66 7,937,338 System and method for identifying document structure and associated metainformation
67 7,937,328 Digital rights management
68 7,937,295 Product purchasing method, apparatus, and computer program product
69 7,937,289 Method and apparatus for monitoring unit depletion in an independent real-time mass storage unit system by using an estimated tare mass of the item
70 7,937,269 Systems and methods for providing real-time classification of continuous data streams
71 7,937,250 Method and system for addressing non-functional concerns
72 7,937,177 Manufacturing work in process management system
73 7,937,176 Hybrid part installation process combining mass part installation techniques with discrete part number assembly activities
74 7,936,814 Cascaded output for an encoder system using multiple encoders
75 7,936,772 Enhancement of end-to-end network QoS
76 7,936,767 Systems and methods for monitoring high speed network traffic via sequentially multiplexed data streams
77 7,936,743 Method and system for determining a path between two points of an IP network over which datagrams are transmitted
78 7,936,670 System, method and program to control access to virtual LAN via a switch
79 7,936,638 Enhanced programmable pulsewidth modulating circuit for array clock generation
80 7,936,501 Contact microscope using point source illumination
81 7,936,412 Color filterless display device, optical element, and manufacture
82 7,936,356 Information processing method for information registration, and information processing method for information retrieval
83 7,936,250 Identifier device and method of identifying
84 7,936,208 Bias circuit for a MOS device
85 7,936,198 Progamable control clock circuit for arrays
86 7,936,153 On-chip adaptive voltage compensation
87 7,936,060 Reworkable electronic device assembly and method
88 7,936,042 Field effect transistor containing a wide band gap semiconductor material in a drain
89 7,936,041 Schottky barrier diodes for millimeter wave SiGe BICMOS applications
90 7,936,017 Reduced floating body effect without impact on performance-enhancing stress
91 7,935,998 Self-aligned body contact for a semiconductor-on-insulator trench device and method of fabricating same
92 7,935,993 Semiconductor device structure having enhanced performance FET device
93 7,935,986 Method for forming a bipolar transistor device with self-aligned raised extrinsic base
94 7,935,638 Methods and structures for enhancing perimeter-to-surface area homogeneity
95 7,935,637 Resist stripping methods using backfilling material layer
96 7,935,629 Semiconductor scheme for reduced circuit area in a simplified process
97 7,935,621 Anti-fuse device structure and electroplating circuit structure and method
98 7,935,613 Three-dimensional silicon on oxide device isolation
99 7,935,612 Layer transfer using boron-doped SiGe layer
100 7,935,609 Method for fabricating semiconductor device having radiation hardened insulators
101 7,935,604 Method of making small geometry features
102 7,935,593 Stress optimization in dual embedded epitaxially grown semiconductor processing
103 7,935,588 Enhanced transistor performance by non-conformal stressed layers
104 7,935,564 Self-converging bottom electrode ring
105 7,935,560 Imagers having electrically active optical elements
106 7,935,546 Method and apparatus for measurement and control of photomask to substrate alignment
107 7,935,408 Substrate anchor structure and method