IBM patents granted on 03 October 2006

86 US patents granted on 03 October 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,117,501 Application-level access to kernel input/output state
2 7,117,491 Method, system, and program for determining whether data has been modified
3 7,117,484 Recursive use of model based test generation for middleware validation
4 7,117,466 System and method for correlated process pessimism removal for static timing analysis
5 7,117,456 Circuit area minimization using scaling
6 7,117,455 System and method for derivative-free optimization of electrical circuits
7 7,117,452 System and method for customizing workspace
8 7,117,451 Method and apparatus in a data processing system for list ordering with multiple selection
9 7,117,448 System and method for determining desktop functionality based on workstation and user roles
10 7,117,442 Efficient presentation of database query results through audio user interfaces
11 7,117,434 Graphical web browsing interface for spatial data navigation and method of navigating data blocks
12 7,117,433 HTML mapping substitution graphical user interface for display of elements mapped to HTML files
13 7,117,428 Redundancy register architecture for soft-error tolerance and methods of making the same
14 7,117,415 Automated BIST test pattern sequence generator software system and method
15 7,117,400 Memory device with data line steering and bitline redundancy
16 7,117,389 Multiple processor core device having shareable functional units for self-repairing capability
17 7,117,388 Dynamic, Non-invasive detection of hot-pluggable problem components and re-active re-allocation of system resources from problem components
18 7,117,385 Method and apparatus for recovery of partitions in a logical partitioned data processing system
19 7,117,380 Apparatus, system, and method for autonomic power adjustment in an electronic device
20 7,117,367 Method of authenticating a plurality of files linked to a text document
21 7,117,366 Public key based authentication method for transaction delegation in service-based computing environments
22 7,117,361 Method of transmitting information data from a sender to a receiver via a transcoder
23 7,117,357 Method, system, and product for pre-encrypting static information transmitted by secure web sites
24 7,117,354 Method and apparatus for allowing restarted programs to use old process identification
25 7,117,349 Method and system for restricting DHCP servers
26 7,117,337 Apparatus and method for providing pre-translated segments for page translations in segmented operating systems
27 7,117,334 Dynamic node partitioning utilizing sleep state
28 7,117,333 Apparatus, system, and method to estimate memory for recovering data
29 7,117,325 Recording device and recording system using recording disk, and backup, method for the same
30 7,117,324 Simultaneous data backup in a computer system
31 7,117,322 Method, system, and program for retention management and protection of stored objects
32 7,117,320 Maintaining data access during failure of a controller
33 7,117,319 Managing processor architected state upon an interrupt
34 7,117,264 Method and system for peer to peer communication in a network environment
35 7,117,259 Server time window for multiple selectable servers in a graphical user interface
36 7,117,231 Method and system for the automatic generation of multi-lingual synchronized sub-titles for audiovisual data
37 7,117,222 Pre-formatted column-level caching to improve client performance
38 7,117,221 Replication of changed information in a multi-master environment
39 7,117,213 Primary-backup group with backup resources failover handler
40 7,117,209 Record trimming method, apparatus, and system to improve processing in a sort utility
41 7,117,204 Transparent content addressable data storage and compression for a file system
42 7,117,203 Content addressable data storage and compression for semi-persistent computer memory for a database management system
43 7,117,200 Synthesizing information-bearing content from multiple channels
44 7,117,196 Method and system for optimizing leaf comparisons from a tree search
45 7,117,182 Method for disaggregating customer data in online transactions to preserve privacy
46 7,117,130 Method for solving stochastic control problems of linear systems in high dimension
47 7,117,126 Data processing system and method with dynamic idle for tunable interface calibration
48 7,117,118 Efficient accumulation of performance statistics in a multi-port network
49 7,117,060 Method of improving production through cost of yield measurement
50 7,116,971 Configuring and maintaining network node device
51 7,116,939 Wireless provision of audio content
52 7,116,886 Devices and methods for side-coupling optical fibers to optoelectronic components
53 7,116,865 Apparatus and methods for remakeable connections to optical waveguides
54 7,116,736 Method, system, and program for synchronization and resynchronization of a data stream
55 7,116,673 Queue pair resolution in infiniband fabrics
56 7,116,664 Lookups by collisionless direct tables and CAMs
57 7,116,639 System and method for determining network discrete utilization
58 7,116,594 Sense amplifier circuits and high speed latch circuits using gated diodes
59 7,116,569 Method and apparatus for selecting operating characteristics of a content addressable memory by using a compare mask
60 7,116,555 Acoustic and thermal energy management system
61 7,116,526 Lead overlay sensor with improved current path
62 7,116,519 Patterning of integrated closure for implementing pads connected to lapping elements
63 7,116,506 Automated data storage library magnetic tape diagnostic
64 7,116,314 Method for distribution wear for a touch entry display
65 7,116,223 Systems, methods, and apparatus for monitoring a container associated with an item
66 7,116,142 Apparatus and method for accurately tuning the speed of an integrated circuit
67 7,116,094 Apparatus and method for transmission and remote sensing of signals from integrated circuit devices
68 7,116,092 Integrated spectrum analyzer circuits and methods for providing on-chip diagnostics
69 7,115,997 Seedless wirebond pad plating
70 7,115,996 Method to selectively cap interconnects with indium or tin bronzes and/or oxides thereof and the interconnect so capped
71 7,115,968 Method of closing an antifuse using laser energy
72 7,115,965 Vertical bipolar transistor with a majority carrier accumulation layer as a subcollector for SOI BiCMOS with reduced buried oxide thickness for low-substrate bias operation
73 7,115,959 Method of forming metal/high-k gate stacks with high mobility
74 7,115,955 Semiconductor device having a strained raised source/drain
75 7,115,947 Multiple dielectric finfet structure and method
76 7,115,934 Method and structure for enhancing trench capacitance
77 7,115,921 Nano-scaled gate structure with self-interconnect capabilities
78 7,115,920 FinFET transistor and circuit
79 7,115,916 System and method for molecular optical emission
80 7,115,912 Device for defeating reverse engineering of integrated circuits by optical means
81 7,115,463 Patterning SOI with silicon mask to create box at different depths
82 7,115,343 Pliant SRAF for improved performance and manufacturability
83 7,115,210 Measurement to determine plasma leakage
84 7,115,020 Lapping system with mutually stabilized lapping carriers
85 7,114,863 Method and system for performing large scale distributed printing using a relational database
86 7,114,611 Methods and apparatus for improved self-checkout system