IBM patents granted on 04 August 2015

108 US patents granted on 04 August 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,101,078 Data center cooling with an air-side economizer and liquid-cooled electronics rack(s)
2 9,100,987 Formation and rearrangement of lender devices that perform multiplexing functions
3 9,100,784 Location-based conference call dial-in number retrieval and inclusion
4 9,100,683 Optimizing video recorder power usage for DVR network
5 9,100,502 Dual layer authentication for electronic payment request in online transactions
6 9,100,445 Method and device for user management in presence system and presence system
7 9,100,443 Communication protocol for virtual input/output server (VIOS) cluster communication
8 9,100,435 Preferred name presentation in online environments
9 9,100,421 Enterprise application session control and monitoring in a large distributed environment
10 9,100,399 Portable virtual systems for composite solutions
11 9,100,398 Enhancing directory service authentication and authorization using contextual information
12 9,100,395 Method and system for using a vibration signature as an authentication key
13 9,100,373 System and method for temporary obfuscation during collaborative communications
14 9,100,372 System for determining whether or not automaton satisfies context-free grammar
15 9,100,363 Automatically recommending firewall rules during enterprise information technology transformation
16 9,100,321 Dynamic network traffic management in response to non-network conditions input
17 9,100,309 Identification and classification of web traffic inside encrypted network tunnels
18 9,100,306 Managing cloud services
19 9,100,300 Mitigating network connection problems using supporting devices
20 9,100,219 Instant message response message
21 9,100,042 High throughput decoding of variable length data symbols
22 9,099,982 Method of manufacturing switching filters and design structures
23 9,099,664 Transferable transparent conductive oxide
24 9,099,596 Heterojunction photovoltaic device and fabrication method
25 9,099,585 Method of stabilizing hydrogenated amorphous silicon and amorphous hydrogenated silicon alloys
26 9,099,542 Transistors from vertical stacking of carbon nanotube thin films
27 9,099,537 Selective nanotube growth inside vias using an ion beam
28 9,099,533 Semiconductor device with distinct multiple-patterned conductive tracks on a same level
29 9,099,493 Semiconductor device with raised source/drain and replacement metal gate
30 9,099,471 Semiconductor device channels
31 9,099,468 Electronic fuse vias in interconnect structures
32 9,099,462 Signal path and method of manufacturing a multiple-patterned semiconductor device
33 9,099,461 Method of manufacturing scaled equivalent oxide thickness gate stacks in semiconductor devices and related design structure
34 9,099,458 Construction of reliable stacked via in electronic substrates–vertical stiffness control method
35 9,099,427 Thermal energy dissipation using backside thermoelectric devices
36 9,099,412 Selective laser anneal on semiconductor material
37 9,099,401 Sidewall image transfer with a spin-on hardmask
38 9,099,394 Non-volatile memory structure employing high-k gate dielectric and metal gate
39 9,099,393 Enabling enhanced reliability and mobility for replacement gate planar and FinFET structures
40 9,099,381 Selective gallium nitride regrowth on (100) silicon
41 9,099,327 Multigate structure formed with electroless metal deposition
42 9,099,315 Mounting structure and mounting structure manufacturing method
43 9,099,200 SRAM restore tracking circuit and method
44 9,099,164 Capacitor backup for SRAM
45 9,099,121 Current-perpendicular-to-plane magnetoresistive read sensor with grooved contact and free layers
46 9,098,940 Method, apparatus and system for processing graphic objects
47 9,098,880 Method for optimizing power consumption in planned projects
48 9,098,821 Analytic solution integration
49 9,098,820 Conservation modeling engine framework
50 9,098,799 Tooling for implementing business processes using web services
51 9,098,717 System for selectively performing a secure data erase to ensure timely erasure
52 9,098,709 Protection of user data in hosted application environments
53 9,098,707 Mobile device application interaction reputation risk assessment
54 9,098,671 Power delivery network analysis
55 9,098,669 Boundary latch and logic placement to satisfy timing constraints
56 9,098,659 Advanced array local clock buffer base block circuit
57 9,098,653 Verifying processor-sparing functionality in a simulation environment
58 9,098,630 Data selection
59 9,098,628 Memory system with multiple block write control to control state data
60 9,098,625 Viral trace
61 9,098,623 Static analysis of validator routines
62 9,098,616 Analyzing computer programs to identify errors
63 9,098,607 Writing and analyzing logs in a distributed information system
64 9,098,600 Deriving dynamic consumer defined product attributes from input queries
65 9,098,592 Session completion through co-browsing
66 9,098,583 Semantic analysis driven service creation within a multi-level business process
67 9,098,560 Client message distribution in a distributed directory based on language and character sets
68 9,098,532 Generating alternative descriptions for images
69 9,098,478 Warning track interruption facility
70 9,098,466 Switching between mirrored volumes
71 9,098,460 Matrix calculation method, program, and system
72 9,098,456 System and method for reducing latency time with cloud services
73 9,098,454 Speculative recovery using storage snapshot in a clustered database
74 9,098,453 Speculative recovery using storage snapshot in a clustered database
75 9,098,452 Selecting files to backup in a block level backup
76 9,098,442 Secure object having protected region, integrity tree, and unprotected region
77 9,098,439 Providing a fault tolerant system in a loosely-coupled cluster environment using application checkpoints and logs
78 9,098,425 Implementing user mode foreign device attachment to memory channel
79 9,098,424 Enhancing data processing performance by cache management of fingerprint index
80 9,098,413 Read and write requests to partially cached files
81 9,098,408 Ticket consolidation for multi-tiered applications
82 9,098,400 Dynamic tuning of internal parameters for solid-state disk based on workload access patterns
83 9,098,397 Extending cache for an external storage system into individual servers
84 9,098,379 Computing reusable image components to minimize network bandwidth usage
85 9,098,378 Computing reusable image components to minimize network bandwidth usage
86 9,098,358 Use of a warning track interruption facility by a program
87 9,098,354 Management of application to I/O device communication requests between data processing systems
88 9,098,351 Energy-aware job scheduling for cluster environments
89 9,098,350 Adaptive auto-pipelining for stream processing applications
90 9,098,327 Method and apparatus for implementing a transactional store system using a helper thread
91 9,098,319 Code conversion method, program, and system for garbage collection
92 9,098,316 Routing function calls to specific-function dynamic link libraries in a general-function environment
93 9,098,310 Constructing and deploying patterns of flows
94 9,098,228 Determining content rendering capabilities for web browser optimization
95 9,098,215 Migration between model elements of different types in a modeling environment
96 9,098,208 Transforming data objects and queuing the transformed data objects for storage
97 9,098,207 Transforming logical data objected for storage includes identifying multiple write request to the same logical object and grouping transformed data chunks
98 9,098,149 Group radio control
99 9,097,989 Target and method for mask-to-wafer CD, pattern placement and overlay measurement and control
100 9,097,765 Performance screen ring oscillator formed from multi-dimensional pairings of scan chains
101 9,097,760 Probe-able voltage contrast test structures
102 9,097,698 Nanogap device with capped nanowire structures
103 9,097,658 Carbon based biosensors and processes of manufacturing the same
104 9,097,590 Tracing thermal data via performance monitoring
105 9,096,784 Method and system for allignment of graphite nanofibers for enhanced thermal interface material performance
106 9,096,050 Wafer scale epitaxial graphene transfer
107 9,095,942 Wicking and coupling element(s) facilitating evaporative cooling of component(s)
108 9,095,889 Thermoelectric-enhanced air and liquid cooling of an electronic system