IBM patents granted on 04 December 2007

79 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,305,678 Method and system for reducing synchronization waits when allocating sequenced identifiers in a multi-threaded server
2 7,305,674 Method and apparatus to manage multi-computer supply
3 7,305,672 Dynamic software update system, method and program product
4 7,305,665 Compiler register allocation and compilation
5 7,305,660 Method to generate a formatted trace for an embedded device
6 7,305,653 Standard application development framework
7 7,305,652 Standard application development template
8 7,305,644 Negative slack recoverability factor–a net weight to enhance timing closure behavior
9 7,305,641 Method and system to redistribute white space for minimizing wire length
10 7,305,639 Method and apparatus for specifying multiple voltage domains and validating physical implementation and interconnections in a processor chip
11 7,305,636 Method and system for formal unidirectional bus verification using synthesizing constrained drivers
12 7,305,629 Consolidation of computer documentation
13 7,305,627 Apparatus and method for correcting previously sent messages in a real-time messaging system
14 7,305,614 Interoperable retrieval and deposit using annotated schema to interface between industrial document specification languages
15 7,305,602 Merged MISR and output register without performance impact for circuits under test
16 7,305,600 Partial good integrated circuit and method of testing same
17 7,305,595 Method, system, and product for isolating memory system defects to a particular memory system component
18 7,305,591 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing data path optimization
19 7,305,586 Accessing and manipulating microprocessor state
20 7,305,583 Command initiated logical dumping facility
21 7,305,574 System, method and storage medium for bus calibration in a memory subsystem
22 7,305,571 Power network reconfiguration using MEM switches
23 7,305,564 System and method to proactively detect software tampering
24 7,305,557 Management and recovery of data object annotations using digital fingerprinting
25 7,305,526 Method, system, and program for transferring data directed to virtual memory addresses to a device memory
26 7,305,524 Snoop filter directory mechanism in coherency shared memory system
27 7,305,523 Cache memory direct intervention
28 7,305,522 Victim cache using direct intervention
29 7,305,517 Structure of sequencers that perform initial and periodic calibrations in a memory system
30 7,305,515 Performance optimizing compiler for building a compiled DRAM
31 7,305,487 Optimized scalable network switch
32 7,305,485 Method and system for network management with per-endpoint adaptive data communication based on application life cycle
33 7,305,482 Assignable director authority for control of streaming digital content
34 7,305,461 Method and system for network management with backup status gathering
35 7,305,455 Interfacing objects and markup language messages
36 7,305,446 Method and system for processing ingress messages for a state based application associated with a network processor
37 7,305,444 Method and system for controlling delivery of information in a forum
38 7,305,443 System and method for tailoring of electronic messages
39 7,305,441 Time-sensitive messages and events
40 7,305,438 Method and system for voice on demand private message chat
41 7,305,431 Automatic enforcement of service-level agreements for providing services over a network
42 7,305,430 Reducing data storage requirements on mail servers
43 7,305,418 Selecting and showing copy pairs in a storage subsystem copy services graphical user interface
44 7,305,412 System and method for conversion from graphical business process representations to structural text-based business process representations
45 7,305,406 Computer aided authoring, electronic document browsing, retrieving, and subscribing and publishing
46 7,305,402 Adaptive indexing technique for use with electronic objects
47 7,305,393 Mounted filesystem integrity checking and salvage
48 7,305,379 System for automated storage management for databases
49 7,305,378 System and method for distributed privacy preserving data mining
50 7,305,374 Method, system and program product for automated testing of changes to externalized rules
51 7,305,339 Restoration of high-order Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients
52 7,305,334 Methodology for image fidelity verification
53 7,305,325 Method to improve requirements, design manufacturing, and transportation in mass manufacturing industries through analysis of defect data
54 7,305,320 Metrology tool recipe validator using best known methods
55 7,305,278 Enterprise factory control method and system
56 7,305,276 Method, system, and computer program product for controlling the flow of material in a manufacturing facility using an extended zone of control
57 7,305,031 Method and system for the error resilient transmission of predictively encoded signals
58 7,305,011 Periodic broadcast and location of evolving media content with application to seminar and stroke media
59 7,304,991 Minimizing memory accesses for a network implementing differential services over multi-protocol label switching
60 7,304,982 Method and system for message routing based on privacy policies
61 7,304,956 Extended wrap mode with source/destination wrap
62 7,304,949 Scalable link-level flow-control for a switching device
63 7,304,941 Switchover system and method in a data packet switching network
64 7,304,901 Enabling memory redundancy during testing
65 7,304,895 Bitline variable methods and circuits for evaluating static memory cell dynamic stability
66 7,304,849 Compliant thermal cap for an electronic device
67 7,304,493 FPGA powerup to known functional state
68 7,304,352 Alignment insensitive D-cache cell
69 7,304,328 Use of hydrogen implantation to improve material properties of silicon-germanium-on-insulator material made by thermal diffusion
70 7,304,000 Photoresist trimming process
71 7,303,994 Process for interfacial adhesion in laminate structures through patterned roughing of a surface
72 7,303,972 Integrated thin-film resistor with direct contact
73 7,303,968 Semiconductor device and method having multiple subcollectors formed on a common wafer
74 7,303,952 Method for fabricating doped polysilicon lines
75 7,303,949 High performance stress-enhanced MOSFETs using Si:C and SiGe epitaxial source/drain and method of manufacture
76 7,303,639 Method for producing Z-axis interconnection assembly of printed wiring board elements
77 7,303,443 Socket and method for compensating for differing coefficients of thermal expansion
78 7,303,113 Method and structure for controlled impedance wire bonds using co-dispensing of dielectric spacers
79 7,302,757 Micro-bumps to enhance LGA interconnections