IBM patents granted on 04 January 2011

188 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,865,951 Security enhancements for pervasive devices
2 7,865,950 System of assigning permissions to a user by password
3 7,865,913 Systems and methods for collaboration between computers
4 7,865,912 Method and system for managing tables that are used by network processors to control traffic through a network
5 7,865,909 Administering devices in dependence upon user metric vectors with multiple users
6 7,865,906 Resource management with active associations
7 7,865,905 Context-exchange mechanism for accumulating and propagating contextual information between applications
8 7,865,903 Processing messages of agents
9 7,865,902 Method and apparatus for optimizing web services binding
10 7,865,901 Managing memory resident objects to optimize a runtime environment
11 7,865,896 Facilitating scheduling of jobs by decoupling job scheduling algorithm from recorded resource usage and allowing independent manipulation of recorded resource usage space
12 7,865,895 Heuristic based affinity dispatching for shared processor partition dispatching
13 7,865,892 Program, recording medium, and device for installing software
14 7,865,882 Fast correctly rounding floating point conversion and identifying exceptional conversion
15 7,865,881 Validating function calls in source code
16 7,865,877 Computer method and apparatus for referencing files in a software configuration management system
17 7,865,870 Automatic content completion of valid values for method argument variables
18 7,865,869 Model driven portlet development system and program product
19 7,865,864 Electrically driven optical proximity correction
20 7,865,862 Design structure for dynamically selecting compiled instructions
21 7,865,861 Method of generating wiring routes with matching delay in the presence of process variation
22 7,865,859 Implementing APS voltage level activation with secondary chip in stacked-chip technology
23 7,865,855 Method and system for generating a layout for an integrated electronic circuit
24 7,865,854 Simultaneous parameter-driven and deterministic simulation with or without synchronization
25 7,865,853 Systems, methods, and media for block-based assertion generation, qualification and analysis
26 7,865,848 Layout optimization using parameterized cells
27 7,865,845 Chaining objects in a pointer drag path
28 7,865,844 Method and system for modifying properties of graphical user interface components
29 7,865,842 Instant messaging real-time buddy list lookup
30 7,865,838 Zoom-capable scrollbar
31 7,865,825 Standard text method, system, and program product for configuring and publishing text to multiple applications
32 7,865,815 Integration and presentation of current and historic versions of document and annotations thereon
33 7,865,798 Redundant storage of computer data
34 7,865,793 Test case generation with backward propagation of predefined results and operand dependencies
35 7,865,789 System and method for system-on-chip interconnect verification
36 7,865,786 Scanned memory testing of multi-port memory arrays
37 7,865,783 Automated microcode detected error index generation
38 7,865,781 Automated diagnostic service
39 7,865,779 Server side logic unit testing
40 7,865,778 Method and system for detecting synchronization errors in programs
41 7,865,776 Adaptive prevention of data loss during continuous event tracing with limited buffer size
42 7,865,769 In situ register state error recovery and restart mechanism
43 7,865,766 Providing increased availability of I/O drawers during concurrent I/O hub repair
44 7,865,765 Grid licensing server and fault tolerant grid system and method of use
45 7,865,760 Use of T4 timestamps to calculate clock offset and skew
46 7,865,758 Fault tolerant time synchronization mechanism in a scaleable multi-processor computer
47 7,865,757 Capacity on demand using signaling bus control
48 7,865,750 Fan speed control from adaptive voltage supply
49 7,865,749 Method and apparatus for dynamic system-level frequency scaling
50 7,865,747 Adaptive issue queue for reduced power at high performance
51 7,865,746 Power state control for a desktop blade in a blade server system
52 7,865,736 System and method for enhancing environment variable and process option invocation
53 7,865,726 Method and system for dynamic adjustment of computer security based on network activity of users
54 7,865,721 Method and system for configuring highly available online certificate status protocol
55 7,865,708 Consistent data storage subsystem configuration replication in accordance with sequence information
56 7,865,707 Gathering configuration settings from a source system to apply to a target system
57 7,865,705 Branch target address cache including address type tag bit
58 7,865,703 Method and apparatus for executing instrumentation code within alternative processor resources
59 7,865,700 System and method for prioritizing store instructions
60 7,865,699 Method and apparatus to extend the number of instruction bits in processors with fixed length instructions, in a manner compatible with existing code
61 7,865,697 Apparatus for and method of processor to processor communication for coprocessor functionality activation
62 7,865,694 Three-dimensional networking structure
63 7,865,693 Aligning precision converted vector data using mask indicating offset relative to element boundary corresponding to precision type
64 7,865,690 Method, apparatus, and product for prohibiting unauthorized access of data stored on storage drives
65 7,865,689 Parallel installation of logical partitions
66 7,865,674 System for enhancing the memory bandwidth available through a memory module
67 7,865,668 Two-sided, dynamic cache injection control
68 7,865,650 Processor with coherent bus controller at perpendicularly intersecting axial bus layout for communication among SMP compute elements and off-chip I/O elements
69 7,865,644 Method and apparatus for attaching multiple slave devices to a single bus controller interface while supporting command pipelining
70 7,865,631 Dynamic logical data channel assignment using time-grouped allocations
71 7,865,626 Raid storage subsystem using read connection information command to request WWN information for server table and adapter connection table
72 7,865,625 Data storage system with shared cache address space
73 7,865,614 Method and apparatus for load balancing with server state change awareness
74 7,865,609 Method and apparatus for failure resilient forwarding of data over a computer network
75 7,865,604 System and program for access control
76 7,865,595 Processing call requests with respect to objects
77 7,865,592 Using semantic networks to develop a social network
78 7,865,562 Selecting email signatures
79 7,865,560 System for summarization of threads in electronic mail
80 7,865,556 Failover processing for automatic responder in mixed server environment
81 7,865,550 Message processing control in a publish/subscribe system
82 7,865,548 Email recovery method and system
83 7,865,545 System and method for independent room security management
84 7,865,544 Method and system for providing XML-based asynchronous and interactive feeds for web applications
85 7,865,540 Apparatus and method of semantic-based publish-subscribe system
86 7,865,535 Apparatus, system, and method for a data server-managed web services runtime
87 7,865,530 Constructing and maintaining a personalized category tree, displaying documents by category and personalized categorization system
88 7,865,521 Access control for elements in a database object
89 7,865,516 Associative temporal search of electronic files
90 7,865,509 Creating profiling indices
91 7,865,502 Optimization of extensible markup language path language (XPATH) expressions in a database management system configured to accept extensible markup language (XML) queries
92 7,865,501 Method and apparatus for locating and retrieving data content stored in a compressed digital format
93 7,865,494 Personalized indexing and searching for information in a distributed data processing system
94 7,865,491 Model entity operations in query results
95 7,865,489 System and computer program product for discovering design documents
96 7,865,488 Method for discovering design documents
97 7,865,486 Providing storage control in a network of storage controllers
98 7,865,481 Changing documents to include changes made to schemas
99 7,865,478 Based on repeated experience, system for modification of expression and negating overload from media and optimizing referential efficiency
100 7,865,473 Generating and indicating incremental backup copies from virtual copies of a data set
101 7,865,468 Prefetching remote files on local disk space
102 7,865,466 Method and system to synchronize account names across a plurality of security systems
103 7,865,465 Controlling model editing and merging
104 7,865,460 Method and system for data dispatch
105 7,865,458 Enforcing rule selection on user inboxes
106 7,865,457 Knowledge management system automatically allocating expert resources
107 7,865,441 Switching between multiple versions of a software program
108 7,865,440 Method, system, and program for securely providing keys to encode and decode data in a storage cartridge
109 7,865,436 Using visual images transferred from wireless computing device display screens
110 7,865,407 System and method for automating association of retail items to support shopping proposals
111 7,865,403 Method, system, and program for translating and interfacing between data pools and product information management (PIM) systems
112 7,865,384 System and method for identifying and reducing costs of information technology actions in real time
113 7,865,381 Method and system for objectively optimizing manufacturing sourcing
114 7,865,380 Automated information technology management system
115 7,865,367 System for enhancing live speech with information accessed from the world wide web
116 7,865,354 Extracting and grouping opinions from text documents
117 7,865,346 Instruction encoding in a hardware simulation accelerator
118 7,865,340 Probabilistic regression suites for functional verification
119 7,865,335 System and methods for integrating authoring with complexity analysis for computing system operation procedures
120 7,865,332 Scaled exponential smoothing for real time histogram
121 7,865,313 Methods and systems for conservative extraction of over-represented extensible motifs
122 7,865,300 System and method for providing turn-by-turn directions to a moving waypoint
123 7,865,253 System and method for detecting shakes and percussive impacts and for protecting portable electronic devices when pre-specified shake patterns and percussive impact levels are detected
124 7,865,176 Alerts based on significance of fixed format SMS text messages
125 7,864,953 Adding an additional level of indirection to title key encryption
126 7,864,713 Method and apparatus for self-configuring routing devices in a network
127 7,864,707 Determination of network topology using flow-based traffic information
128 7,864,670 Dynamic cable assignment on Gigabit infrastructure
129 7,864,653 Probe storage device
130 7,864,625 Optimizing SRAM performance over extended voltage or process range using self-timed calibration of local clock generator
131 7,864,566 Phase change memory programming method without reset over-write
132 7,864,502 In situ monitoring of wafer charge distribution in plasma processing
133 7,864,487 Head design for writing servo patterns on magnetic tape
134 7,864,479 Apparatus, system, and method for optimizing fast access data storage on segmented tape media
135 7,864,478 Verification of a tape data storage cartridge
136 7,864,467 Gain control for data-dependent detection in magnetic storage read channels
137 7,864,349 Immediate verification of printed copy
138 7,864,210 System and methods for video conferencing
139 7,864,193 RGB color conversion palettes
140 7,864,187 System and method for cache optimized data formatting
141 7,864,174 Methods and systems for reducing the number of rays passed between processing elements in a distributed ray tracing system
142 7,864,081 Fast implementation of decoding function for variable length encoding
143 7,864,072 System and method for automatically adjusting traffic light
144 7,864,046 System for automatic notification in a sequential process
145 7,864,037 Pattern-driven communication architecture
146 7,863,960 Three-dimensional chip-stack synchronization
147 7,863,958 High speed clock signal duty cycle adjustment
148 7,863,952 Method and circuit for controlling clock frequency of an electronic circuit with noise mitigation
149 7,863,949 Circuit and design structure for synchronizing multiple digital signals
150 7,863,918 Disposable built-in self-test devices, systems and methods for testing three dimensional integrated circuits
151 7,863,749 Electronic structures utilizing etch resistant boron and phosphorus materials and methods to form same
152 7,863,734 Dual-sided chip attached modules
153 7,863,724 Circuit substrate having post-fed die side power supply connections
154 7,863,712 Hybrid orientation semiconductor structure with reduced boundary defects and method of forming same
155 7,863,693 Forming conductive stud for semiconductive devices
156 7,863,691 Merged field effect transistor cells for switching
157 7,863,653 Method of enhancing hole mobility
158 7,863,646 Dual oxide stress liner
159 7,863,610 Integrated circuit including silicide region to inhibit parasitic currents
160 7,863,563 Carbon tube for electron beam application
161 7,863,526 High performance chip carrier substrate
162 7,863,201 Methods of forming field effect transistors having silicided source/drain contacts with low contact resistance
163 7,863,197 Method of forming a cross-section hourglass shaped channel region for charge carrier mobility modification
164 7,863,189 Methods for fabricating silicon carriers with conductive through-vias with low stress and low defect density
165 7,863,186 Fully and uniformly silicided gate structure and method for forming same
166 7,863,183 Method for fabricating last level copper-to-C4 connection with interfacial cap structure
167 7,863,180 Through substrate via including variable sidewall profile
168 7,863,169 Lithography for printing constant line width features
169 7,863,150 Method to generate airgaps with a template first scheme and a self aligned blockout mask
170 7,863,143 High performance schottky-barrier-source asymmetric MOSFETs
171 7,863,126 Fabrication of a CMOS structure with a high-k dielectric layer oxidizing an aluminum layer in PFET region
172 7,863,124 Residue free patterned layer formation method applicable to CMOS structures
173 7,863,123 Direct contact between high-.kappa./metal gate and wiring process flow
174 7,863,122 Bulk FinFET device
175 7,863,117 Multilayer silicon over insulator device
176 7,863,112 Method and structure to protect FETs from plasma damage during FEOL processing
177 7,863,106 Silicon interposer testing for three dimensional chip stack
178 7,863,091 Planar array contact memory cards
179 7,863,089 Planar array contact memory cards
180 7,863,083 High temperature processing compatible metal gate electrode for pFETS and methods for fabrication
181 7,863,070 Methods for encapsulating microelectromechanical (MEM) devices on a wafer scale
182 7,862,989 Method for fabricating dual damascene structures using photo-imprint lithography, methods for fabricating imprint lithography molds for dual damascene structures, materials for imprintable dielectrics and equipment for photo-imprint lithography used in dual damascene patterning
183 7,862,987 Method for forming an electrical structure comprising multiple photosensitive materials
184 7,862,982 Chemical trim of photoresist lines by means of a tuned overcoat material
185 7,862,860 Materials and methods for immobilization of catalysts on surfaces and for selective electroless metallization
186 7,862,858 Scanning probe-based lithography method
187 7,862,248 Pen retention apparatus
188 7,862,233 Self heating monitor for SiGe and SOI CMOS devices