IBM patents granted on 04 March 2014

88 US patents granted on 04 March 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,667,606 Session-controlled-access of client data by support personnel
2 8,667,600 Trusted computing source code escrow and optimization
3 8,667,584 Formal analysis of the quality and conformance of information flow downgraders
4 8,667,567 Apparatus and method for managing access among devices
5 8,667,507 Deep copying objects in a collocated environment
6 8,667,502 Performing a local barrier operation
7 8,667,501 Performing a local barrier operation
8 8,667,498 Modifying virtual universe display quality of virtual objects according to encoded virtual object settings and fee payment status
9 8,667,497 Management of copy services relationships via policies specified on resource groups
10 8,667,469 Staged automated validation of work packets inputs and deliverables in a software factory
11 8,667,468 Software accessibility testing
12 8,667,458 System and method to produce business case metrics based on code inspection service results
13 8,667,448 Integrated circuit having local maximum operating voltage
14 8,667,441 Clock optimization with local clock buffer control optimization
15 8,667,431 Test coverage of integrated circuits with masking pattern selection
16 8,667,427 Method of optimization of a manufacturing process of an integrated circuit layout
17 8,667,416 User interface manipulation for coherent content presentation
18 8,667,411 Using style elements to copy and paste a selected area of a screen display
19 8,667,382 Configurable field definition document
20 8,667,379 Apparatus and method to generate, store, and read, a plurality of error correction coded data sets
21 8,667,373 Frame boundary detection and synchronization system for data stream received by ethernet forward error correction layer
22 8,667,326 Dual hard disk drive system and method for dropped write detection and recovery
23 8,667,287 Transaction auditing for data security devices
24 8,667,260 Building approximate data dependences with a moving window
25 8,667,258 High performance cache translation look-aside buffer (TLB) lookups using multiple page size prediction
26 8,667,255 Measuring runtime coverage of architectural events of a microprocessor
27 8,667,253 Initiating assist thread upon asynchronous event for processing simultaneously with controlling thread and updating its running status in status register
28 8,667,247 Volume record data set optimization apparatus and method
29 8,667,245 Spatial extent migration for tiered storage architecture
30 8,667,238 Selecting an input/output tape volume cache
31 8,667,237 Deleting relations in multi-target, point-in-time-copy architectures with data deduplication
32 8,667,231 Transactional memory system with efficient cache support
33 8,667,223 Shadow registers for least recently used data in cache
34 8,667,219 Optimizing locations of data accessed by client applications interacting with a storage system
35 8,667,205 Deadlock resolution in end-to-end credit protocol
36 8,667,180 Compression on thin provisioned volumes using extent based mapping
37 8,667,165 Dynamic modification of application behavior in response to changing environmental conditions
38 8,667,126 Dynamic rate heartbeating for inter-node status updating
39 8,667,049 Massively parallel supercomputer
40 8,667,041 Detection of potential need to use a larger data format in performing floating point operations
41 8,667,035 Method of converting a filesystem while the filesystem remains in an active state
42 8,667,024 Shared data management in software-as-a-service platform
43 8,667,011 Web service discovery via data abstraction model and condition creation
44 8,667,007 Hybrid and iterative keyword and category search technique
45 8,667,006 Rapid peer navigation in faceted search systems
46 8,666,998 Handling data sets
47 8,666,988 Configuring classifier trees and classifying data
48 8,666,981 Bottom-up optimistic latching method for index trees
49 8,666,972 System and method for content management and determination of search conditions
50 8,666,971 Intelligent adaptive index density in a database management system
51 8,666,969 Query rewrite for pre-joined tables
52 8,666,958 Approaches to reducing lock communications in a shared disk database
53 8,666,952 Optimized deletion and insertion for high-performance resizable RCU-protected hash tables
54 8,666,951 Managing multiple versions of enterprise meta-models using semantic based indexing
55 8,666,947 Ensuring partitioned dataset extended (PDSE) critical dataset redundancy (CDR)
56 8,666,943 File cloning across different filesets
57 8,666,934 System and method for managing activities in project management
58 8,666,903 System and method for leveraging procurement across companies and company groups
59 8,666,535 Fast-access self-repairing tape library using mobile robots
60 8,666,529 Controlling non-process of record (POR) process limiting yield (PLY) inspection work
61 8,666,167 Policy-based image management
62 8,666,051 Notification to users of events
63 8,666,049 Location based quality of session control in unified telephony
64 8,666,048 Location based quality of session control in unified telephony
65 8,666,040 Analyzing Speech Application Performance
66 8,665,876 Distributed overlay network data traffic management by a virtual server
67 8,665,723 Managing data on Infiniband (IB) networks
68 8,665,575 Solar module with overheat protection
69 8,665,560 Head with supplemental module for backward and/or cross-platform compatibility
70 8,665,542 Tape buffer used to reduce tape backhitches during writing operations
71 8,665,495 User defined associations of colors to cartridges for color printers
72 8,665,274 Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic view of bi-directional impact analysis results for multiply connected objects
73 8,665,271 System and method for iterative interactive ray tracing in a multiprocessor environment
74 8,665,034 Varactor tuning control using redundant numbering
75 8,664,911 Micro grid bridge structures
76 8,664,766 Interconnect structure containing non-damaged dielectric and a via gouging feature
77 8,664,721 FET with FUSI gate and reduced source/drain contact resistance
78 8,664,541 Modified 0402 footprint for a printed circuit board (`PCB`)
79 8,664,109 Advanced low k cap film formation process for nano electronic devices
80 8,664,102 Dual sidewall spacer for seam protection of a patterned structure
81 8,664,081 Method for fabricating 3D integrated circuit device using interface wafer as permanent carrier
82 8,664,075 High capacitance trench capacitor
83 8,664,059 Non-volatile memory device formed by dual floating gate deposit
84 8,664,058 Semiconductor device having silicon on stressed liner (SOL)
85 8,664,050 Structure and method to improve ETSOI MOSFETS with back gate
86 8,663,901 Fluorine-free fused ring heteroaromatic photoacid generators and resist compositions containing the same
87 8,662,931 Delayed contact action connector
88 8,661,664 Techniques for forming narrow copper filled vias having improved conductivity