IBM patents granted on 04 November 2014

147 US patents granted on 04 November 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,881,300 Automated detection of flaws and incompatibility problems in information flow downgraders
2 8,881,298 System for preventing unauthorized acquisition of information and method thereof
3 8,881,244 Authorizing computing resource access based on calendar events in a networked computing environment
4 8,881,220 Managed video services at edge-of-the-network
5 8,881,168 Scheduling a parallel job in a system of virtual containers
6 8,881,167 Load balancing in network based telephony applications
7 8,881,166 Method, data processing program, and computer program product to compensate for coupling overhead in a distributed computing system, and corresponding overhead calculator for a distributed computing system and corresponding computer system
8 8,881,165 Methods, computer systems, and physical computer storage media for managing resources of a storage server
9 8,881,156 Apportioning summarized metrics based on unsummarized metrics in a computing system
10 8,881,155 Apportioning summarized metrics based on unsummarized metrics in a computing system
11 8,881,153 Speculative thread execution with hardware transactional memory
12 8,881,152 Working sets of sub-application programs of application programs currently running on computing system
13 8,881,151 Control of Java resource runtime usage
14 8,881,149 Control of java resource runtime usage
15 8,881,148 Hypervisor for administering to save unsaved user process data in one or more logical partitions of a computing system
16 8,881,136 Identifying optimal upgrade scenarios in a networked computing environment
17 8,881,134 Updating elements in data storage facility using predefined state machine over extended time period
18 8,881,131 Method and apparatus for populating a software catalogue with software knowledge gathering
19 8,881,125 Indirect software performance analysis
20 8,881,121 Processing an object-oriented query to retrieve data from a data source
21 8,881,115 Compiling source code for debugging with expanded snapshots
22 8,881,112 Quality measure tool for a composite application
23 8,881,103 Comparing component weights between builds
24 8,881,100 Automated generation of bridging code to augment a legacy application using an object-oriented language
25 8,881,091 Determining software complexity
26 8,881,089 Physical synthesis optimization with fast metric check
27 8,881,072 Method for compensating for variations in structures of an integrated circuit
28 8,881,063 Method and apparatus for virtual world based product design
29 8,881,035 Rendering dynamic contents with static file based graphical user interface form control
30 8,881,028 Reverse metadata viewing by multiple parties
31 8,881,026 Human-to-human collaborative session request queue processing
32 8,881,019 Dynamic de-identification of data
33 8,881,006 Managing digital signatures
34 8,880,997 Service registry policy aggregator
35 8,880,993 Handling unexpected responses to script executing in client-side application
36 8,880,962 Maintenance planning and failure prediction from data observed within a time window
37 8,880,959 Transaction diagnostic block
38 8,880,957 Facilitating processing in a communications environment using stop signaling
39 8,880,956 Facilitating processing in a communications environment using stop signaling
40 8,880,954 Temperature-profiled device fingerprint generation and authentication from power-up states of static cells
41 8,880,950 Method, apparatus or software for processing exceptions produced by an application program
42 8,880,944 Restarting event and alert analysis after a shutdown in a distributed processing system
43 8,880,943 Restarting event and alert analysis after a shutdown in a distributed processing system
44 8,880,938 Reducing impact of a repair action in a switch fabric
45 8,880,937 Reducing impact of a repair action in a switch fabric
46 8,880,935 Redundancy and load balancing in remote direct memory access communications
47 8,880,908 Computing system with power requirement evaluation
48 8,880,872 System, method and program product for consolidated authentication
49 8,880,858 Estimation of boot-time memory requirement
50 8,880,853 CAM-based wake-and-go snooping engine for waking a thread put to sleep for spinning on a target address lock
51 8,880,852 Detecting logically non-significant operation based on opcode and operand and setting flag to decode address specified in subsequent instruction as different address
52 8,880,843 Providing redundancy in a virtualized storage system for a computer system
53 8,880,841 Distributing data among data storage partitions based on a forecasted demand in a networked computing environment
54 8,880,840 Writing adjacent tracks to a stride, based on a comparison of a destaging of tracks to a defragmentation of the stride
55 8,880,839 Writing adjacent tracks to a stride, based on a comparison of a destaging of tracks to a defragmentation of the stride
56 8,880,837 Preemptively allocating extents to a data set
57 8,880,835 Adjusting location of tiered storage residence based on usage patterns
58 8,880,834 Low latency and persistent data storage
59 8,880,828 Preferential block recycling in a redirect-on-write filesystem
60 8,880,816 Reducing storage system power consumption in a remote copy configuration
61 8,880,806 Randomized page weights for optimizing buffer pool page reuse
62 8,880,805 Computer system having cache subsystem performing demote requests
63 8,880,757 RDMA resource leakage detection and reporting
64 8,880,740 Computing device location
65 8,880,711 Method and system for processing HTTP requests with multiple application instances
66 8,880,702 Provision of other than 1:1 resource mapping
67 8,880,692 Method of cascading transfer of authorization rights for file access
68 8,880,674 Infrastructure management operational workflows
69 8,880,671 Releasing computing infrastructure components in a networked computing environment
70 8,880,638 Distributed image cache for servicing virtual resource requests in the cloud
71 8,880,634 Cache sharing among branch proxy servers via a master proxy server at a data center
72 8,880,628 Smarter mechanism to implement push email on handheld devices
73 8,880,622 Message thread management using dynamic pointers
74 8,880,615 Managing a workflow using an instant messaging system to gather task status information
75 8,880,610 Managing locally initiated electronic mail attached documents
76 8,880,604 Determination of a spammer through social network characterization
77 8,880,567 Discovery and management of configuration data contained within mashups
78 8,880,558 Cloud services creation based on graph mapping
79 8,880,557 Method, program, and system for dividing tree structure of structured document
80 8,880,553 Redistribute native XML index key shipping
81 8,880,549 Concurrent database access by production and prototype applications
82 8,880,532 Interestingness of data
83 8,880,526 Phrase clustering
84 8,880,519 Determination of a service description most closely matching a specified service name
85 8,880,502 Searching a range in a set of values in a network with distributed storage entities
86 8,880,482 Replication of deduplicated data
87 8,880,478 Scan-free archiving
88 8,880,476 Low-overhead enhancement of reliability of journaled file system using solid state storage and de-duplication
89 8,880,475 Reusing snapshots in a network data management protocol backup operation
90 8,880,419 Accommodating unforeseen events using an electronic calendar
91 8,880,418 Workflow process consolidation
92 8,880,388 Predicting lexical answer types in open domain question and answering (QA) systems
93 8,880,382 Analyzing a patterning process using a model of yield
94 8,880,330 Route planning using location/time encoded data from location aware snowplows
95 8,880,329 Route planning using location/time encoded data from location aware snowplows
96 8,880,327 Method, apparatus and computer program for determining the location of a user in an area
97 8,880,237 Intelligent road signs
98 8,880,225 Data center cooling control
99 8,880,213 Apparatus and method to store information
100 8,880,108 Short message processing method and apparatus
101 8,880,030 Serving time critical information to mobile devices
102 8,879,927 Optical receiver based on a decision feedback equalizer
103 8,879,837 Method for identifying pairs of derivative and original images
104 8,879,833 Generating an image of a seal impression
105 8,879,716 Intelligently routing calls and creating a supporting computer interface
106 8,879,704 Notification to users of events
107 8,879,562 Cached routing table management
108 8,879,553 Multicast bandwidth multiplication for a unified distributed switch
109 8,879,551 Collection of subscriber information for data breakout in a mobile data network
110 8,879,488 Multi-device monitoring and control using intelligent device channel sharing
111 8,879,483 Multi-device monitoring and control using intelligent device channel sharing
112 8,879,390 Method, communication network and datacenter for traffic management in a communication network
113 8,879,295 Electronic circuit for remapping faulty memory arrays of variable size
114 8,879,275 Anti-corrosion conformal coating comprising modified porous silica fillers for metal conductors electrically connecting an electronic component
115 8,879,257 Combined power and cooling rack supporting an electronics rack(s)
116 8,879,252 Adaptive cooling device positioning for electronic components
117 8,879,247 Computer chassis cooling sidecar
118 8,879,209 Device select system for multi-device electronic system
119 8,879,016 Color filterless display device, optical element, and manufacture
120 8,878,877 Rescaling for interoperability in virtual environments
121 8,878,873 Enhanced visibility of avatars satisfying a profile
122 8,878,818 Multi-touch optical touch panel
123 8,878,326 Imager microlens structure having interfacial region for adhesion of protective layer
124 8,878,315 Horizontal coplanar switches and methods of manufacture
125 8,878,311 Integrated circuit having raised source drains devices with reduced silicide contact resistance and methods to fabricate same
126 8,878,298 Multiple Vt field-effect transistor devices
127 8,878,260 Devices with gate-to-gate isolation structures and methods of manufacture
128 8,878,259 Super lattice/quantum well nanowires
129 8,878,193 Graphene channel-based devices and methods for fabrication thereof
130 8,878,071 Integrated device with defined heat flow
131 8,878,055 Efficient nanoscale solar cell and fabrication method
132 8,877,650 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices and optical proximity correction
133 8,877,645 Integrated circuit structure having selectively formed metal cap
134 8,877,615 Methods of manufacturing finFET devices
135 8,877,606 Low cost fabrication of double box back gate silicon-on-insulator wafers with subsequent self aligned shallow trench isolation
136 8,877,604 Device structure with increased contact area and reduced gate capacitance
137 8,877,603 Semiconductor-on-oxide structure and method of forming
138 8,877,596 Semiconductor devices with asymmetric halo implantation and method of manufacture
139 8,877,593 Semiconductor device including an asymmetric feature, and method of making the same
140 8,877,574 Elemental semiconductor material contact for high electron mobility transistor
141 8,877,566 Curvilinear heat spreader/lid with improved heat dissipation
142 8,877,556 Copper post solder bumps on substrates
143 8,877,552 Method and apparatus for manufacturing electronic integrated circuit chip
144 8,877,525 Low cost secure chip identification
145 8,877,340 Graphene growth on a non-hexagonal lattice
146 8,875,996 Biometrically activated radio frequency identification tag
147 8,875,978 Forming constant diameter spherical metal balls