IBM patents granted on 04 October 2011

115 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,032,924 Access control method and a system for privacy protection
2 8,032,899 Providing policy-based operating system services in a hypervisor on a computing system
3 8,032,892 Message passing with a limited number of DMA byte counters
4 8,032,887 Method and apparatus for allowing restarted programs to use old process identification
5 8,032,877 Compiler neutral linking solution for C++ code
6 8,032,873 Computer program code size partitioning system for multiple memory multi-processing systems
7 8,032,871 Partitioning processor resources based on memory usage
8 8,032,868 Storing and restoring snapshots of a computer process
9 8,032,862 Dynamic configuration files
10 8,032,858 Method and system for navigationally displaying HTTP session entry and exit points
11 8,032,854 3-stack floorplan for floating point unit
12 8,032,851 Structure for an integrated circuit design for reducing coupling between wires of an electronic circuit
13 8,032,850 Structure for an absolute duty cycle measurement circuit
14 8,032,849 Integrated circuit chip with modular design
15 8,032,834 Context-based user assistance
16 8,032,826 Structure-position mapping of XML with fixed length data
17 8,032,825 Dynamically creating multimodal markup documents
18 8,032,816 Apparatus and method for distinguishing temporary and permanent errors in memory modules
19 8,032,814 Writing and reading of data in probe-based data storage devices
20 8,032,799 System and method for managing server performance degradation in a virtual universe
21 8,032,795 Method, system and computer program product for diagnosing communications
22 8,032,791 Diagnosis of and response to failure at reset in a data processing system
23 8,032,790 Testing of a system logging facility using randomized input and iteratively changed log parameters
24 8,032,782 System, method, and service for providing a generic RAID engine and optimizer
25 8,032,776 System for maximizing server utilization in a resource constrained environment
26 8,032,765 Secure database access through partial encryption
27 8,032,747 Comparison of documents possessed by two parties
28 8,032,745 Authentication of I.sup.2C bus transactions
29 8,032,740 Update in-use flash memory without external interfaces
30 8,032,736 Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture for regaining memory consistency after a trap via transactional memory
31 8,032,732 System and method for generating a cache-aware bloom filter
32 8,032,716 System, method and computer program product for providing a new quiesce state
33 8,032,713 Structure for handling data access
34 8,032,709 System, method and computer program product for handling shared cache lines in a multi-processor environment
35 8,032,702 Disk storage management of a tape library with data backup and recovery
36 8,032,643 Adaptive vicinity prefetching for filesystem metadata
37 8,032,636 Dynamically provisioning clusters of middleware appliances
38 8,032,633 Computer-implemented method for implementing a requester-side autonomic governor using feedback loop information to dynamically adjust a resource threshold of a resource pool scheme
39 8,032,627 Enabling and disabling byte code inserted probes based on transaction monitoring tokens
40 8,032,625 Method and system for a network management framework with redundant failover methodology
41 8,032,623 Context-based dynamic policy assignment in a distributed processing environment
42 8,032,603 Methods for sending an email and distributing an email and an email server
43 8,032,602 Prioritization of recipient email messages
44 8,032,601 System and method for client-based instant message monitoring for off-line users
45 8,032,588 System and method for hosting one or more versions of a service using a service proxy
46 8,032,587 Method and apparatus for client-side aggregation of asynchronous fragmented requests
47 8,032,586 Method and system for caching message fragments using an expansion attribute in a fragment link tag
48 8,032,581 Persistent information unit pacing
49 8,032,568 Method for performing memory leak analysis inside a virtual machine
50 8,032,539 Method and apparatus for semantic assisted rating of multimedia content
51 8,032,532 Efficient multifaceted search in information retrieval systems
52 8,032,531 Section identification and distribution system monitoring system, method and program product
53 8,032,523 Method and system for data migration
54 8,032,521 Managing structured content stored as a binary large object (BLOB)
55 8,032,514 SQL distinct optimization in a computer database system
56 8,032,513 System for providing multi-variable dynamic search results visualizations
57 8,032,497 Method and system providing extended and end-to-end data integrity through database and other system layers
58 8,032,488 System using virtual replicated tables in a cluster database management system
59 8,032,484 Creation of generic hierarchies
60 8,032,475 Ruleset optimization through blocked and concurrent rule dispatch
61 8,032,454 Import declaration/foreign supplier invoice payment reconciliation process
62 8,032,430 Method and apparatus for mapping content descriptions to reusable containers
63 8,032,417 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for tracking inventory values within a plant
64 8,032,408 Contract association method and system
65 8,032,407 Application of brokering methods to scalability characteristics
66 8,032,404 Method and system for estimating financial benefits of packaged application service projects
67 8,032,403 Method and system for assigning staff as a service in a service network within a component business model architecture
68 8,032,392 Business enablement system
69 8,032,391 Dynamic bulk packing and casing
70 8,032,379 Creating and editing web 2.0 entries including voice enabled ones using a voice only interface
71 8,032,352 Device, system, and method of storage controller simulating data mirroring
72 8,032,349 Efficient methodology for the accurate generation of customized compact model parameters from electrical test data
73 8,032,334 Sensor subset selection for reduced bandwidth and computation requirements
74 8,032,331 Detection of airflow anomalies in electronic equipment
75 8,032,305 Base sequence cluster generating system, base sequence cluster generating method, program for performing cluster generating method, and computer readable recording medium on which program is recorded and system for providing base sequence information
76 8,031,943 Automatic natural language translation of embedded text regions in images during information transfer
77 8,031,852 Method for increasing ease of doing business through use of an access point model
78 8,031,845 System for viewing information underlying lists and other contexts
79 8,031,713 General multi-link interface for networking environments
80 8,031,639 Efficient probabilistic duplicate packet detector in computer networks
81 8,031,637 Ineligible group member status
82 8,031,625 Automatic configuration of network for monitoring
83 8,031,614 Method and apparatus for routing data in an inter-nodal communications lattice of a massively parallel computer system by dynamic global mapping of contended links
84 8,031,595 Future location determination using social networks
85 8,031,425 Writing and reading multi-layer continuous magnetic recording media, with more than two recording layers
86 8,031,398 Optical spectral filtering and dispersion compensation using semiconductor optical amplifiers
87 8,031,330 Mixed polarization state monitoring
88 8,031,272 System and method of adjusting viewing angle for display
89 8,031,114 Infrastructure and method for geography based vehicle alert
90 8,030,971 High-density logic techniques with reduced-stack multi-gate field effect transistors
91 8,030,736 Fin anti-fuse with reduced programming voltage
92 8,030,716 Self-aligned CMOS structure with dual workfunction
93 8,030,709 Metal gate stack and semiconductor gate stack for CMOS devices
94 8,030,707 Semiconductor structure
95 8,030,687 Field effect transistor incorporating at least one structure for imparting temperature-dependent strain on the channel region and associated method of forming the transistor
96 8,030,649 Scan testing in single-chip multicore systems
97 8,030,635 Polysilicon plug bipolar transistor for phase change memory
98 8,030,634 Memory array with diode driver and method for fabricating the same
99 8,030,202 Temporary etchable liner for forming air gap
100 8,030,196 Transistor formation using capping layer
101 8,030,167 Varied impurity profile region formation for varying breakdown voltage of devices
102 8,030,157 Liner protection in deep trench etching
103 8,030,154 Method for forming a protection layer over metal semiconductor contact and structure formed thereon
104 8,030,145 Back-gated fully depleted SOI transistor
105 8,030,130 Phase change memory device with plated phase change material
106 8,030,113 Thermoelectric 3D cooling
107 8,029,975 Fused aromatic structures and methods for photolithographic applications
108 8,029,971 Photopatternable dielectric materials for BEOL applications and methods for use
109 8,029,716 Amorphous nitride release layers for imprint lithography, and method of use
110 8,029,186 Method for thermal characterization under non-uniform heat load
111 8,028,924 Device and method for providing an integrated circuit with a unique identification
112 8,028,793 Noise attenuating inserts for electronic equipment cabinets
113 8,028,726 Automatic venting of refillable bulk liquid canisters
114 8,028,621 Three-dimensional structures and methods of fabricating the same using a printing plate
115 8,028,406 Methods of fabricating coplanar waveguide structures