IBM patents granted on 04 October 2016

171 US patents granted on 04 October 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,462,729 Tile assemblies faciliating failover airflow into cold air containment aisle
2 9,462,703 Solder void reduction between electronic packages and printed circuit boards
3 9,462,570 Selectively sending notifications to mobile devices
4 9,462,454 Contact management and dialing using conditional flow logic
5 9,462,451 Mobility detection for edge applications in wireless communication networks
6 9,462,417 Information communication terminal and location estimation
7 9,462,335 Efficiently identifying television stations in a user friendly environment
8 9,462,316 Digital content retrieval utilizing dispersed storage
9 9,462,224 Guiding a desired outcome for an electronically hosted conference
10 9,462,133 Key code for a conference operation
11 9,462,126 Tracking individuals using voice verification
12 9,462,102 Call context metadata
13 9,462,077 System, method, and circuit for servicing a client data service request
14 9,462,068 Cross-domain inactivity tracking for integrated web applications
15 9,462,059 Live partition mobility with shared persistent reservations
16 9,462,058 Data locality in data integration applications
17 9,462,013 Managing security breaches in a networked computing environment
18 9,461,956 Adaptive guidance for managing a communications repository
19 9,461,944 Dynamic resource allocation for distributed cluster-storage network
20 9,461,938 Large distributed fabric-based switch using virtual switches and virtual controllers
21 9,461,935 Method and system for policy based lifecycle management of virtual software appliances
22 9,461,934 Network resources management by a cloud consumer
23 9,461,932 Visually depicting resource utilization in a cloud computing environment
24 9,461,929 Handling large frames in a virtualized fibre channel over ethernet (FCoE) data forwarder
25 9,461,874 Collective operation management in a parallel computer
26 9,461,867 Assigning communication paths among computing devices utilizing a multi-path communication protocol
27 9,461,843 Management of asynchronous and synchronous resource requests
28 9,461,835 Multicast bulk transfer system
29 9,461,817 Method and system for encrypting JavaScript object notation (JSON) messages
30 9,461,715 Physical server location identification
31 9,461,668 Decomposition of decimal floating point data
32 9,461,661 Third order harmonic distortion correction circuit using a reference analog digital converter
33 9,461,174 Method for the formation of silicon and silicon-germanium fin structures for FinFET devices
34 9,461,168 Channel strain and controlling lateral epitaxial growth of the source and drain in FinFET devices
35 9,461,146 Overhang hardmask to prevent parasitic epitaxial nodules at gate end during source drain epitaxy
36 9,461,052 Embedded dynamic random access memory field effect transistor device
37 9,460,969 Macro to monitor n-p bump
38 9,460,802 Maintaining versions of data in solid state memory
39 9,460,763 Holding by a memory controller multiple central processing unit memory access requests, and performing the multiple central processing unit memory request in one transfer cycle
40 9,460,623 Parking management
41 9,460,616 Management of mobile objects and service platform for mobile objects
42 9,460,599 School perimeter security system
43 9,460,562 Providing volume indicators based on received images of containers
44 9,460,554 Aerial video annotation
45 9,460,473 Content-sensitive notification icons
46 9,460,452 Pixel cluster transit monitoring for detecting click fraud
47 9,460,438 Authenticating a request for an electronic transaction
48 9,460,423 Task prioritization and optimization using interconnected data sources
49 9,460,420 Correlating messaging text to business objects for business object integration into messaging
50 9,460,418 Monitoring responses to changes to business process assets
51 9,460,408 Method and apparatus for generating test scenarios for a set of business rules
52 9,460,402 Condensing hierarchical data
53 9,460,393 Inference of anomalous behavior of members of cohorts and associate actors related to the anomalous behavior based on divergent movement from the cohort context centroid
54 9,460,386 Passage justification scoring for question answering
55 9,460,383 Reconfigurable and customizable general-purpose circuits for neural networks
56 9,460,361 Foreground analysis based on tracking information
57 9,460,349 Background understanding in video data
58 9,460,328 Extracting information from surface coatings
59 9,460,307 Managing sensitive data in cloud computing environments
60 9,460,295 Deleting information to maintain security level
61 9,460,291 Detecting stored cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in web applications
62 9,460,282 Static security analysis using a hybrid representation of string values
63 9,460,279 Variable image presentation for authenticating a user
64 9,460,277 Identity based auditing in a multi-product environment
65 9,460,273 Automatic generation of license terms for service application marketplaces
66 9,460,269 Communications security management
67 9,460,251 Formal verification driven power modeling and design verification
68 9,460,247 Memory frame architecture for instruction fetches in simulation
69 9,460,243 Selective importance sampling
70 9,460,236 Adaptive variable selection for data clustering
71 9,460,235 Supplementing a tuple with a derived value
72 9,460,223 System, method, and computer program product for management of web page links
73 9,460,200 Activity recommendation based on a context-based electronic files search
74 9,460,199 Application of text analytics to determine provenance of an object
75 9,460,192 Management of a database system
76 9,460,191 Access and presentation of files based on semantic proximity to current interests
77 9,460,182 Networking-assisted input/output order preservation for data replication
78 9,460,171 Processing data in data migration
79 9,460,169 Multi-tenant audit awareness in support of cloud environments
80 9,460,166 Presenting a combined search results summary in a graphical view
81 9,460,153 Method and system for estimating the size of a joined table
82 9,460,152 Dynamically indentifying and preventing skewed partitions in a shared-nothing database
83 9,460,148 Completing distribution of multi-media content to an accessing device
84 9,460,147 Partition-based index management in hadoop-like data stores
85 9,460,145 Transactional lock elision with delayed lock checking
86 9,460,138 Managing an index of a table of a database
87 9,460,137 Handling an increase in transactional data without requiring relocation of preexisting data between shards
88 9,460,134 Table organization using one or more queries
89 9,460,131 Data stream quality management for analytic environments
90 9,460,108 Filename-based inference of repository actions
91 9,460,107 Filename-based inference of repository actions
92 9,460,101 Management of file cache
93 9,460,085 Testing and training a question-answering system
94 9,460,083 Interactive dashboard based on real-time sentiment analysis for synchronous communication
95 9,460,082 Management of language usage to facilitate effective communication
96 9,460,075 Solving and answering arithmetic and algebraic problems using natural language processing
97 9,460,072 Enhanced screen capture for form manipulation
98 9,460,069 Generation of test data using text analytics
99 9,460,065 Generating caption based computer data
100 9,460,055 Computing polychoric and polyserial correlations between random variables using norta
101 9,460,047 Estimating the time until a reply email will be received using a recipient behavior model
102 9,460,023 Storing a system-absolute address (SAA) in a first level translation look-aside buffer (TLB)
103 9,460,020 Diagnostics for transactional execution errors in reliable transactions
104 9,460,011 Memory reference estimation method and device based on improved cache
105 9,460,003 Using an alias volume name for a volume to allocate space to a data set
106 9,459,999 Memory control method for a computer system
107 9,459,998 Operations interlock under dynamic relocation of storage
108 9,459,997 Error injection and error counting during memory scrubbing operations
109 9,459,993 Performance testing of web components using identity information
110 9,459,991 Heap dump object identification in a heap dump analysis tool
111 9,459,990 Automatic and transparent application logging
112 9,459,988 Dynamic code switching in debugging process
113 9,459,986 Automatic generation of analysis-equivalent application constructs
114 9,459,982 Bus interface optimization by selecting bit-lanes having best performance margins
115 9,459,979 Detection of hardware errors using redundant transactions for system test
116 9,459,974 Recovery mechanisms across storage nodes that reduce the impact on host input and output operations
117 9,459,972 Alternative port error recovery with limited system impact
118 9,459,967 Cascade ordering
119 9,459,963 Safely rolling back transactions in a transactional memory system with concurrent readers
120 9,459,951 Dynamic cache row fail accumulation due to catastrophic failure
121 9,459,950 Leveraging user-to-tool interactions to automatically analyze defects in IT services delivery
122 9,459,946 Personalizing error messages based on user behavior
123 9,459,934 Improving efficiency of a global barrier operation in a parallel computer
124 9,459,932 Administering a lock for resources in a distributed computing environment
125 9,459,931 Administering a lock for resources in a distributed computing environment
126 9,459,924 Locating service endpoints from a service registry
127 9,459,923 Dynamic run time allocation of distributed jobs with application specific metrics
128 9,459,922 Assigning a first portion of physical computing resources to a first logical partition and a second portion of the physical computing resources to a second logical portion
129 9,459,918 Scheduling threads
130 9,459,917 Thread selection according to power characteristics during context switching on compute nodes
131 9,459,912 Installing virtual machines within different communication pathways to access protected resources
132 9,459,911 Dynamically adjusting a log level of a transaction
133 9,459,909 Performing collective operations in a distributed processing system
134 9,459,908 Implementing dynamic SRIOV virtual function resizing
135 9,459,905 Implementing dynamic SRIOV virtual function resizing
136 9,459,894 Active control of memory for java virtual machines and other application runtime environments
137 9,459,892 Optimization of virtual machines
138 9,459,888 Implementing browser based hypertext transfer protocol session storage
139 9,459,884 Self-healing using an alternate boot partition
140 9,459,878 Verifying forwarding paths in pipelines
141 9,459,875 Dynamic enablement of multithreading
142 9,459,873 Run-time instrumentation monitoring of processor characteristics
143 9,459,872 High-word facility for extending the number of general purpose registers available to instructions
144 9,459,868 Instruction to load data up to a dynamically determined memory boundary
145 9,459,867 Instruction to load data up to a specified memory boundary indicated by the instruction
146 9,459,864 Vector string range compare
147 9,459,858 Selectively hotpatching only a selection of processes of a running instance of an application that match a selection criteria
148 9,459,856 Effective migration and upgrade of virtual machines in cloud environments
149 9,459,851 Arranging binary code based on call graph partitioning
150 9,459,850 Adaptive cloud aware just-in-time (JIT) compilation
151 9,459,849 Adaptive cloud aware just-in-time (JIT) compilation
152 9,459,848 Obtaining correct compile results by absorbing mismatches between data types representations
153 9,459,814 Data writing in a file system
154 9,459,808 Automatically preventing large block writes from starving small block writes in a storage device
155 9,459,806 Combining virtual mapping metadata and physical space mapping metadata
156 9,459,800 Storage region metadata management
157 9,459,796 Ordering logical units in a subgroup of a consistency group
158 9,459,769 Browser bookmarking for multiple environments
159 9,459,757 Processing element placement tool
160 9,459,676 Data storage device control with power hazard mode
161 9,459,672 Capacitance management
162 9,459,633 Managing workload distribution among computing systems to optimize heat dissipation by computing systems
163 9,459,599 Dynamic adjustment of operational parameters to compensate for sensor based measurements of circuit degradation
164 9,459,405 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device for use in an optical application
165 9,459,108 Hedging risk in journey planning
166 9,458,713 Generating hydrocarbon reservoir scenarios from limited target hydrocarbon reservoir information
167 9,458,353 Additives for orientation control of block copolymers
168 9,458,299 Polyhemiaminal and polyhexahydrotriazine materials from 1,4 conjugate addition reactions
169 9,458,268 Lactide-functionalized polymer
170 9,457,797 Location-based vehicle powertrain regulation system
171 9,457,665 Adaptive, automatically-reconfigurable, vehicle instrument display