IBM patents granted on 04 September 2007

96 US patents granted on 04 September 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,266,842 Control function implementing selective transparent data authentication within an integrated system
2 7,266,823 Apparatus and method of dynamically repartitioning a computer system in response to partition workloads
3 7,266,815 Automated control of a licensed internal code update on a storage controller
4 7,266,813 Determining how many class-type checks to inline
5 7,266,806 Portlet template based on a state design pattern
6 7,266,798 Designer’s intent tolerance bands for proximity correction and checking
7 7,266,797 Automated and electrically robust method for placing power gating switches in voltage islands
8 7,266,795 System and method for engine-controlled case splitting within multiple-engine based verification framework
9 7,266,789 Method and apparatus of optimizing the IO collar of a peripheral image
10 7,266,788 Via/BSM pattern optimization to reduce DC gradients and pin current density on single and multi-chip modules
11 7,266,785 Showing ancestors in tree view while scrolling
12 7,266,784 Method and apparatus for generating and managing parts-configuration information
13 7,266,774 Implementing a second computer system as an interface for first computer system
14 7,266,766 Method for developing a custom tagbean
15 7,266,762 Method and system for distributed autonomous maintenance of bidirectional hyperlink metadata on the web and similar hypermedia repository
16 7,266,737 Method for enabling scan of defective ram prior to repair
17 7,266,734 Generation of problem tickets for a computer system
18 7,266,733 Method for application event integration
19 7,266,727 Computer boot operation utilizing targeted boot diagnostics
20 7,266,721 Runtime repairable processor
21 7,266,707 Dynamic leakage control circuit
22 7,266,675 Processor including a register file and method for computing flush masks in a multi-threaded processing system
23 7,266,665 Method, system, and article of manufacture for remote copying of data
24 7,266,663 Automatic cache activation and deactivation for power reduction
25 7,266,658 System, method, and computer program product for prohibiting unauthorized access to protected memory regions
26 7,266,656 Minimizing system downtime through intelligent data caching in an appliance-based business continuance architecture
27 7,266,653 Remote data mirroring with acknowledgment upon writing copied data to volatile cache memory
28 7,266,650 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for implementing enhanced circular queue using loop counts
29 7,266,642 Cache residence prediction
30 7,266,636 Deferred writing of data to be synchronized on magnetic tape employing a non-volatile store
31 7,266,631 Isolation of input/output adapter traffic class/virtual channel and input/output ordering domains
32 7,266,622 Method, computer program product, and system for automatic application buffering
33 7,266,607 Quasi-high availability hosted applications
34 7,266,600 Programmatic management of software resources in a content framework environment
35 7,266,596 Dynamic storage space linking
36 7,266,584 Electronic mail distribution via a network of computer controlled display terminals with interactive display interfaces enabling senders/receivers to view sequences of only text from sequences of E-Mail having same headers
37 7,266,583 Method and system for providing contact management to chat session participants
38 7,266,580 Modular binary multiplier for signed and unsigned operands of variable widths
39 7,266,571 Method and system for scheduling a partial ordered transactions for event correlation
40 7,266,561 Method and apparatus for splitting and merging request and response data at runtime
41 7,266,557 File retrieval method and system
42 7,266,552 Accessing a dataset using an unsupported access method
43 7,266,547 Query meaning determination through a grid service
44 7,266,545 Methods and apparatus for indexing in a database and for retrieving data from a database in accordance with queries using example sets
45 7,266,543 System and method for accessing resources in a database
46 7,266,542 Enforcement of service terms through adaptive edge processing of application data
47 7,266,541 Adaptive edge processing of application data
48 7,266,540 Mechanism for dynamic workload rebalancing in a multi-nodal computer system
49 7,266,539 Managing attributed-tagged index entries
50 7,266,535 System and method for electronic communication management
51 7,266,534 System and method and product of manufacture for automated test generation via constraint satisfaction with duplicated sub-problems
52 7,266,522 Method and system in electronic commerce for uniquely identifying products to improve reliability and confidence in transactions initiated online
53 7,266,510 Method for graphically representing clickstream data of a shopping session on a network with a parallel coordinate system
54 7,266,503 System and method for generating a company group user profile
55 7,266,489 Method, system and program product for determining a configuration of a digital design by reference to an invertible configuration database
56 7,266,475 Trust evaluation
57 7,266,474 Ring oscillator structure and method of separating random and systematic tolerance values
58 7,266,463 Signal identification method and apparatus for analogue electrical systems
59 7,266,462 System, method and computer program product for configuring power supply apparatus
60 7,266,430 Medical applications in telematics
61 7,266,394 Full screen display of key entries
62 7,266,216 Inserting and detecting watermarks in images derived from a source image
63 7,266,200 Method and apparatus for encryption of data
64 7,266,191 Method for handling telephone calls directed to telephone numbers of terminated users that have been reassigned to new users
65 7,266,188 Apparatus and method for securing a conference call via personal user ID and passcode
66 7,266,182 Method and system for implementing a telephony services feature using voice XML
67 7,266,083 Method and apparatus for implementing queue pair connection protection over infiniband
68 7,265,977 Active liquid metal thermal spreader
69 7,265,968 Apparatus, system, and method for toolless installation and removal of an expansion card
70 7,265,935 Velocity adaptive compensator for a synchronous sampling time-based servo system
71 7,265,922 Asperity data storage system, method and medium
72 7,265,872 Error diffusion with averaged directional biases
73 7,265,854 Method and apparatus for managing complex presentation objects using globally-unique identifiers
74 7,265,850 Fortified, compensated and uncompensated process-sensitive scatterometry targets
75 7,265,696 Methods and apparatus for testing an integrated circuit
76 7,265,644 Ultra-broadband integrated balun
77 7,265,639 Methods and apparatus for ring oscillator based MOSFET gate capacitance measurements
78 7,265,630 Millimeter-wave unilateral low-noise amplifier
79 7,265,600 Level shifter system and method to minimize duty cycle error due to voltage differences across power domains
80 7,265,589 Independent gate control logic circuitry
81 7,265,561 Device burn in utilizing voltage control
82 7,265,437 Low k dielectric CVD film formation process with in-situ imbedded nanolayers to improve mechanical properties
83 7,265,433 On-pad broadband matching network
84 7,265,417 Method of fabricating semiconductor side wall fin
85 7,265,019 Elastomeric CMOS based micro electromechanical varactor
86 7,265,018 Method to build self-aligned NPN in advanced BiCMOS technology
87 7,265,013 Sidewall image transfer (SIT) technologies
88 7,265,010 High performance vertical PNP transistor method
89 7,265,005 Structure and method for dual-gate FET with SOI substrate
90 7,264,982 Trench photodetector
91 7,264,512 PCI express connector
92 7,264,415 Methods of forming alternating phase shift masks having improved phase-shift tolerance
93 7,264,163 On-line correction of check code line recognition in point-of-sale stations
94 7,264,041 Compliant thermal interface structure with vapor chamber
95 7,263,917 Open-ended spin tool
96 7,263,763 Planarization method for a structure having a first surface for etching and a second surface