IBM patents granted on 05 August 2008

100 US patents granted on 05 August 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,409,693 Method and system for providing version control of parameters in a command-based API using Java serialization
2 7,409,690 Application module for managing interactions of distributed modality components
3 7,409,688 System and method for workload balancing by resetting an average queue depth upon the start of the server instance
4 7,409,678 Compiler, compilation and storage
5 7,409,676 Systems, methods and computer programs for determining dependencies between logical components in a data processing system or network
6 7,409,662 Systems and methods involving designing shielding profiles for integrated circuits
7 7,409,651 Automated migration of analog and mixed-signal VLSI design
8 7,409,641 Method for replying to related messages
9 7,409,638 Web interface for providing system-status on-demand
10 7,409,634 Method and apparatus for end-to-end content publishing system using XML with an object dependency graph
11 7,409,614 Method, system and program product for boundary I/O testing employing a logic built-in self-test of an integrated circuit
12 7,409,613 Simultaneous AC logic self-test of multiple clock domains
13 7,409,600 Self-healing cache system
14 7,409,597 Processor bus for performance monitoring with digests
15 7,409,596 Apparatus and method for initializing diagnostic functions when specified run-time error criteria are satisfied
16 7,409,595 History-based prioritizing of suspected components
17 7,409,592 System for facilitating coverage feedback testcase generation reproducibility
18 7,409,589 Method and apparatus for reducing number of cycles required to checkpoint instructions in a multi-threaded processor
19 7,409,582 Low cost raid with seamless disk failure recovery
20 7,409,580 System and method for recovering from errors in a data processing system
21 7,409,574 Measuring elapsed time for a software routine
22 7,409,558 Low-latency data decryption interface
23 7,409,548 Maintaining confidentiality of personal information during E-commerce transactions
24 7,409,539 System design and code update strategy to implement a self-healing, self-verifying system
25 7,409,538 Update in-use flash memory without external interfaces
26 7,409,536 Computer systems with several operating systems coexisting thereon and swapping between these operating systems
27 7,409,535 Branch target prediction for multi-target branches by identifying a repeated pattern
28 7,409,532 Method and apparatus for extending operations of an application in a data processing system
29 7,409,520 Systems and methods for time division multiplex multithreading
30 7,409,519 Synchronizing logical systems
31 7,409,518 Method for improving disk space allocation
32 7,409,510 Instant virtual copy to a primary mirroring portion of data
33 7,409,504 Chained cache coherency states for sequential non-homogeneous access to a cache line with outstanding data response
34 7,409,488 Data processing system
35 7,409,481 Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric supporting destination data tagging
36 7,409,469 Multi-chip digital system having a plurality of controllers with input and output pins wherein self-identification signal are received and transmitted
37 7,409,468 Controlling flow of data between data processing systems via a memory
38 7,409,463 On-demand active role-based software provisioning
39 7,409,453 Method using two different programs to determine state of a network node to eliminate message response delays in system processing
40 7,409,448 Method, system, and storage medium for resolving contention issues during channel program execution
41 7,409,445 Method for facilitating monitoring and simultaneously analyzing of network events of multiple hosts via a single network interface
42 7,409,443 Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for tracking network socket usage in a data communication network
43 7,409,442 Method for communicating control messages between a first device and a second device
44 7,409,432 Efficient process for handover between subnet managers
45 7,409,429 Cooperative location based tasks
46 7,409,425 Selective transmission of an email attachment
47 7,409,413 Detecting granular data store changes
48 7,409,410 System and method of presenting multilingual metadata
49 7,409,408 Using ViewTypes for accessing instance data structured by a base model
50 7,409,406 Uniform search system and method for selectively sharing distributed access-controlled documents
51 7,409,404 Creating taxonomies and training data for document categorization
52 7,409,401 Method and system for supporting multivalue attributes in a database system
53 7,409,390 Access control system and methods
54 7,409,389 Managing access to objects of a computing environment
55 7,409,387 Materialized query table matching with query expansion
56 7,409,386 Method and apparatus for executing a query on dynamic properties of objects in a database
57 7,409,385 Method, system and program for executing a query having a UNION operator
58 7,409,377 Accelerated solution of constraint satisfaction problems by partitioning of the variable space
59 7,409,345 Methods for reducing spurious insertions in speech recognition
60 7,409,342 Speech recognition device using statistical language model
61 7,409,317 Diagnostic method and system
62 7,409,314 Method for first pass filtering of anomalies and providing a base confidence level for resource usage prediction in a utility computing environment
63 7,409,305 Pulsed ring oscillator circuit for storage cell read timing evaluation
64 7,409,149 Methods for improved autofocus in digital imaging systems
65 7,409,076 Methods and apparatus for automatically tracking moving entities entering and exiting a specified region
66 7,409,047 Personalized telephone directory and calling system
67 7,409,019 High Speed Multi-Mode Receiver with adaptive receiver equalization and controllable transmitter pre-distortion
68 7,408,984 Method and system for multiple pass video coding
69 7,408,957 Selective header field dispatch in a network processing system
70 7,408,945 Use of hardware to manage dependencies between groups of network data packets
71 7,408,875 System and program product for actively managing central queue buffer allocation
72 7,408,829 Methods and arrangements for enhancing power management systems in integrated circuits
73 7,408,800 Apparatus and method for improved SRAM device performance through double gate topology
74 7,408,798 3-dimensional integrated circuit architecture, structure and method for fabrication thereof
75 7,408,783 Method and apparatus for safely shipping tape drives while mounted inside a frame of an automated tape library
76 7,408,780 Compliant thermal interface structure utilizing spring elements with fins
77 7,408,778 Heat sinks for dissipating a thermal load
78 7,408,776 Conductive heat transport cooling system and method for a multi-component electronics system
79 7,408,774 Real time adaptive active fluid flow cooling
80 7,408,484 Method of doing PACK unicode zSeries instructions
81 7,408,465 Method of using RFID systems to help blind and visually-impaired individuals
82 7,408,421 Determining thermal absorption using ring oscillator
83 7,408,374 Systems and methods for controlling of electro-migration
84 7,408,373 Device for probe card power bus voltage drop reduction
85 7,408,372 Method and apparatus for measuring device mismatches
86 7,408,336 Importation of virtual signals into electronic test equipment to facilitate testing of an electronic component
87 7,408,269 Multi-level power supply system for a complementary metal oxide semiconductor circuit
88 7,408,264 SMT passive device noflow underfill methodology and structure
89 7,408,229 Structure and method for accurate deep trench resistance measurement
90 7,408,206 Method and structure for charge dissipation in integrated circuits
91 7,407,890 Patterning sub-lithographic features with variable widths
92 7,407,883 Electronic package with improved current carrying capability and method of forming the same
93 7,407,879 Chemical planarization performance for copper/low-k interconnect structures
94 7,407,875 Low resistance contact structure and fabrication thereof
95 7,407,736 Methods of improving single layer resist patterning scheme
96 7,407,605 Manufacturable CoWP metal cap process for copper interconnects
97 7,407,554 Development or removal of block copolymer or PMMA-b-S-based resist using polar supercritical solvent
98 7,407,415 Crosstalk reduction in dual inline memory module (DIMM) connectors
99 7,407,400 Methods and arrangements to attenuate an electrostatic charge on a cable prior to coupling the cable with an electronic system
100 7,407,089 System and method for determining packaging preference