IBM patents granted on 05 August 2014

198 US patents granted on 05 August 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,800,055 Node controller for an endpoint in a cloud computing environment
2 8,800,053 Executable content filtering
3 8,800,047 System, method and program product for dynamically performing an audit and security compliance validation in an operating environment
4 8,800,041 Antivirus scan during a data scrub operation
5 8,800,033 Rotation of web site content to prevent E-mail spam/phishing attacks
6 8,800,031 Controlling access to sensitive data based on changes in information classification
7 8,800,029 Gathering, storing and using reputation information
8 8,800,000 Link analysis tool for security information handling system
9 8,799,982 System and methods for efficiently classifying and selecting among security policy alternatives for outbound network communications
10 8,799,930 Event-driven component integration framework for implementing distributed systems
11 8,799,925 Managing contact list status notifications in collaboration systems to reduce network traffic
12 8,799,924 Applying timed operations to non-timed functions
13 8,799,923 Determining relationship data associated with application programs
14 8,799,919 Load balancing management of newly discovered data processing systems using peer control points
15 8,799,917 Balancing a data processing load among a plurality of compute nodes in a parallel computer
16 8,799,911 Managing job execution
17 8,799,908 Hardware-enabled lock mediation for controlling access to a contested resource
18 8,799,904 Scalable system call stack sampling
19 8,799,894 End-to-end mapping from operating system running on virtual machine to storage volume of storage-array network (SAN)
20 8,799,893 Method, system and computer program product for solution replication
21 8,799,892 Selective memory donation in virtual real memory environment
22 8,799,889 Application downloading
23 8,799,874 Static analysis of computer software applications
24 8,799,873 Collecting tracepoint data
25 8,799,872 Sampling with sample pacing
26 8,799,870 Method system and computer program for metering usage of software products based on real-time benchmarking of processing power
27 8,799,866 Automatic generation of user interfaces
28 8,799,860 System and method for expressing XML schema validation using java in a declarative manner
29 8,799,856 System and method for automatically declaring variables
30 8,799,855 Resource management method and system enabling identity mapping between resources and objects
31 8,799,854 Reusing software development assets
32 8,799,848 Methods for modeling of FinFET width quantization
33 8,799,846 Facilitating the design of a clock grid in an integrated circuit
34 8,799,844 Layout decomposition method and apparatus for multiple patterning lithography
35 8,799,837 Optimizing a netlist circuit representation by leveraging binary decision diagrams to perform rewriting
36 8,799,836 Yield optimization for design library elements at library element level or at product level
37 8,799,807 Organization and display of tabs and tab groups over hierarchical levels
38 8,799,787 Explicit use of user context objects in a virtual universe
39 8,799,785 Ability to scope awareness to your current task
40 8,799,780 Installation wizard with multidimensional views
41 8,799,774 Translatable annotated presentation of a computer program operation
42 8,799,772 System and method for gathering, indexing, and supplying publicly available data charts
43 8,799,759 Pre-rendering web content
44 8,799,732 Methodology for correlated memory fail estimations
45 8,799,720 Semi-automatic conversion and execution of functional manual tests
46 8,799,719 On demand tracing of application code execution
47 8,799,716 Heap dump occurrence detection
48 8,799,710 3-D stacked multiprocessor structures and methods to enable reliable operation of processors at speeds above specified limits
49 8,799,702 Cable redundancy and failover for multi-lane PCI express IO interconnections
50 8,799,696 Adaptive recovery for parallel reactive power throttling
51 8,799,694 Adaptive recovery for parallel reactive power throttling
52 8,799,690 Prioritized workload routing in a data center
53 8,799,651 Method and system for encrypted file access
54 8,799,635 Intelligent application recommendation feature
55 8,799,625 Fast remote communication and computation between processors using store and load operations on direct core-to-core memory
56 8,799,615 Organization of a small object area and a large object area in a java heap
57 8,799,612 Monitoring of extent of writing of unobscured data to improve erase performance on a magnetic medium
58 8,799,611 Managing allocation of memory pages
59 8,799,606 Computer memory subsystem for enhancing signal quality
60 8,799,602 Automated migration to a new target volume via merged bitmaps to maintain consistency
61 8,799,599 Transparent data migration within a computing environment
62 8,799,597 Data copying
63 8,799,596 Switching visibility between virtual data storage entities
64 8,799,594 Online volume migration using multi-path input/output masquerading
65 8,799,592 Direct memory access-like data transfer between guest operating systems
66 8,799,590 System enabling transactional memory and prediction-based transaction execution method
67 8,799,589 Forward progress mechanism for stores in the presence of load contention in a system favoring loads
68 8,799,588 Forward progress mechanism for stores in the presence of load contention in a system favoring loads by state alteration
69 8,799,587 Region coherence array for a mult-processor system having subregions and subregion prefetching
70 8,799,583 Atomic execution over accesses to multiple memory locations in a multiprocessor system
71 8,799,581 Cache coherence monitoring and feedback
72 8,799,578 Managing unmodified tracks maintained in both a first cache and a second cache
73 8,799,570 Implementing a redundant array of inexpensive drives
74 8,799,569 Multiple enhanced catalog sharing (ECS) cache structure for sharing catalogs in a multiprocessor system
75 8,799,566 Memory system with a programmable refresh cycle
76 8,799,564 Efficiently implementing a plurality of finite state machines
77 8,799,561 Valid page threshold based garbage collection for solid state drive
78 8,799,543 Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
79 8,799,522 Executing a start operator message command
80 8,799,491 Apparatus, methods and computer programs for metering and accounting for services accessed over a network
81 8,799,477 Hypervisor selection for hosting a virtual machine image
82 8,799,469 Subscriber message payload handling
83 8,799,465 Fake web addresses and hyperlinks
84 8,799,454 Behavior based client selection for disparate treatment
85 8,799,447 Notarizing packet traces
86 8,799,436 System and method for automated configuration control, audit verification and process analytics
87 8,799,424 Transparent heterogenous link pairing
88 8,799,389 Annotating and routing message content
89 8,799,376 Method, computer program, and device for processing e-mail addressed to multiple destination addresses
90 8,799,347 System and method for resolving a unit of work
91 8,799,335 Supporting coordinated access to a file system’s shared storage using automatic alignment of a parallel file access protocol and metadata management
92 8,799,333 Delayed deletion of extended attributes
93 8,799,330 Determining the value of an association between ontologies
94 8,799,315 Selective construction of data search result per search request specifying path information
95 8,799,301 Avoiding duplicate and equivalent data objects in service registries
96 8,799,294 Method for enhancing search and browsing in collaborative tagging systems through learned tag hierarchies
97 8,799,286 System and method for organizing and displaying of longitudinal multimodal medical records
98 8,799,282 Analysis of a system for matching data records
99 8,799,269 Optimizing map/reduce searches by using synthetic events
100 8,799,268 Consolidating tags
101 8,799,266 Method and system for managing operation of a user-defined function on a partitioned database
102 8,799,261 Incremental crawling of multiple content providers using aggregation
103 8,799,241 Dynamic partial uncompression of a database table
104 8,799,232 Method for generating copy of database
105 8,799,226 Prioritization of data items for backup in a computing environment
106 8,799,224 Enhancing data store backup times
107 8,799,217 Server replication at different sites
108 8,799,203 Method and system for encapsulation and re-use of models
109 8,799,202 Predicting states of subjects
110 8,799,199 Universal, online learning in multi-modal perception-action semilattices
111 8,799,193 Method for training and using a classification model with association rule models
112 8,799,188 Algorithm engine for use in a pattern matching accelerator
113 8,799,171 Secure online banking transaction apparatus and method
114 8,799,042 Distribution network maintenance planning
115 8,799,003 Dynamic binding of principal services in a cross-enterprise business process management system
116 8,798,994 Resource conservative transformation based unsupervised speaker adaptation
117 8,798,962 Virtualized abstraction with built-in data alignment and simultaneous event monitoring in performance counter based application characterization and tuning
118 8,798,910 Method, apparatus and computer program for estimating driver’s personality of route selection
119 8,798,897 Real-time traffic analysis through integration of road traffic prediction and traffic microsimulation models
120 8,798,797 Air pressure measurement based cooling
121 8,798,725 Method for determining a heart period from an ECG waveform using image representation of ECG
122 8,798,599 Content identification and retrieval based on device component proximity
123 8,798,484 Optical receiver using infinite impulse response decision feedback equalization
124 8,798,426 Planar waveguide prism lens
125 8,798,402 Using near-duplicate video frames to analyze, classify, track, and visualize evolution and fitness of videos
126 8,798,400 Using near-duplicate video frames to analyze, classify, track, and visualize evolution and fitness of videos
127 8,798,382 System and method for image storage and analysis
128 8,798,361 Mapping colors of an image
129 8,798,273 Extending credential type to group Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) clients
130 8,798,267 Virtualization of cryptographic keys
131 8,798,204 Serial link receiver for handling high speed transmissions
132 8,798,080 Distributed fabric protocol (DFP) switching network architecture
133 8,798,052 Relaying frames in a large layer 2 network fabric
134 8,797,981 Subscriber database for services at the edge of a mobile data network
135 8,797,905 Lawful interception in a mobile data network with data offload at the basestation
136 8,797,900 Automatic web conference presentation synchronizer
137 8,797,876 Identification of underutilized network devices
138 8,797,864 Adaptive traffic management via analytics based volume reduction
139 8,797,851 Locating traffic reduction utilities in communication networks
140 8,797,843 High availability distributed fabric protocol (DFP) switching network architecture
141 8,797,823 Implementing SDRAM having no RAS to CAS delay in write operation
142 8,797,789 Sense amplifier
143 8,797,764 Adjustable riser cage for varying length adapters
144 8,797,740 Multi-rack assembly method with shared cooling unit
145 8,797,687 Head with supplemental module for backward and/or cross-platform compatibility
146 8,797,683 Magnetic head and storage system having two inner and two outer arrays of writers
147 8,797,682 Quasi-statically tilted magnetic tape head having backward compatibility
148 8,797,670 Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
149 8,797,450 Real-time adjustment of illumination color temperature for digital imaging applications
150 8,797,379 Multipoint conference scalabilitiy for co-located participants
151 8,797,338 Platform agnostic screen capture tool
152 8,797,335 Platform agnostic screen capture tool
153 8,797,211 Millimeter-wave communications using a reflector
154 8,797,096 Crosstalk compensation for high speed, reduced swing circuits
155 8,797,084 Calibration schemes for charge-recycling stacked voltage domains
156 8,797,059 Implementing carbon nanotube based sensors for cryptographic applications
157 8,797,058 Solar cell characterization system with an automated continuous neutral density filter
158 8,796,854 Hybrid interconnect structure for performance improvement and reliability enhancement
159 8,796,853 Metallic capped interconnect structure with high electromigration resistance and low resistivity
160 8,796,812 Self-aligned trench over fin
161 8,796,784 Devices and methods to optimize materials and properties for replacement metal gate structures
162 8,796,783 Borderless contact structure employing dual etch stop layers
163 8,796,773 Metal gate and high-K dielectric devices with PFET channel SiGe
164 8,796,771 Creating anisotropically diffused junctions in field effect transistor devices
165 8,796,747 Photonics device and CMOS device having a common gate
166 8,796,742 Non-replacement gate nanomesh field effect transistor with epitixially grown source and drain
167 8,796,735 Fabrication of a vertical heterojunction tunnel-FET
168 8,796,733 Low voltage tunnel field-effect transistor (TFET) and method of making same
169 8,796,731 Low leakage, low capacitance electrostatic discharge (ESD) silicon controlled recitifer (SCR), methods of manufacture and design structure
170 8,796,668 Metal-free integrated circuits comprising graphene and carbon nanotubes
171 8,796,642 Carbon nanotubes with fluorescent surfactant
172 8,796,596 Heater and memory cell, memory device and recording head including the heater
173 8,796,578 Implementing selective rework for chip stacks and silicon carrier assemblies
174 8,796,150 Bilayer trench first hardmask structure and process for reduced defectivity
175 8,796,149 Collector-up bipolar junction transistors in BiCMOS technology
176 8,796,140 Hybrid conductor through-silicon-via for power distribution and signal transmission
177 8,796,134 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices using modified rectangular mask patterns to increase reliability of contacts to electrically conductive lines
178 8,796,133 Optimization metallization for prevention of dielectric cracking under controlled collapse chip connections
179 8,796,130 Diffusion barrier for oppositely doped portions of gate conductor
180 8,796,128 Dual metal fill and dual threshold voltage for replacement gate metal devices
181 8,796,120 High throughput epitaxial lift off for flexible electronics
182 8,796,108 Isolated zener diode, an integrated circuit incorporating multiple instances of the zener diode, a method of forming the zener diode and a design structure for the zener diode
183 8,796,099 Inducing channel strain via encapsulated silicide formation
184 8,796,096 Self-aligned double-gate graphene transistor
185 8,796,093 Doping of FinFET structures
186 8,796,058 Semiconductor structure
187 8,796,057 Isolation structures for global shutter imager pixel, methods of manufacture and design structures
188 8,796,049 Underfill adhesion measurements at a microscopic scale
189 8,796,047 Semiconductor chip repair by stacking of a base semiconductor chip and a repair semiconductor chip
190 8,796,045 Magnetoresistive random access memory
191 8,796,044 Ferroelectric random access memory with optimized hardmask
192 8,796,041 Pillar-based interconnects for magnetoresistive random access memory
193 8,795,987 Ribonucleic acid interference molecules of Oryza sativa
194 8,795,556 Self-aligned permanent on-chip interconnect structure formed by pitch splitting
195 8,795,502 Electrodeposition under illumination without electrical contacts
196 8,794,537 Additional encoding in conventional one-dimensional bar code symbologies
197 8,794,427 Multi-generational carrier platform
198 8,794,079 Determining magnitude of compressive loading